Foldables™ are three-dimensional graphic organizers developed by Dinah Zike.

Foldables™ incorporate many critical thinking skills such as comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, and similarities and differences (Zike, 2007). Teachers also use these creative and interactive study guides for defining vocabulary or summarizing information. Many of the resources available target academic classes such as Math and Science; however, World Language teachers can easily implement this effective tool in their classrooms! Below are project ideas ready for use. Now, a Foldables™ resource for the other half of the teaching community! Layered Book Ideas

#of Sheets of Paper
5 4 5

Interrogatives Commands Present Tense Verbs or Verb Tenses in general Subject Pronouns

Students write the question on top and a question with the interrogative word underneath the tab. The command form goes on top and explanation on how to form the command with examples underneath. Write the subject pronoun on top and endings with sentences underneath OR verb tenses on top and conjugations underneath. Subject pronoun on top and examples underneath!

6 3-Tab Foldable Ideas

Stem-changing Verbs

Tab Headers
o ue, ei, eie

Students write the verbs that fall under each category. Students categorize infinitives. Students analyze or describe the characters.

Infinitives Character Analysis

-ar, -er, -ir Name of the 3 main characters

Accordion Books

Matchbox Books

Sentence Structure Daily Routine Personal Timeline (events in preterit tense) Childhood memories

Subject Pronouns Articles Character Descriptions

Hot Dog and Hamburger Foldables: Used to summarize movies, videos, or episodes of series such as Extra and Destinos.
Kristen Thomas-Lorenzo, M.Ed.

Shutter Foldables Gender of Nouns (Masculine/Feminine) Ser vs. Estar Saber vs. Conocer Comparing and contrasting 2 different items

Four Door Foldable Categories of nouns, adjectives, and articles Movies and Videos with 4 main categories

Kristen Thomas-Lorenzo, M.Ed.

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