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Centre for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia

Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Honours)

Subject (Code) : MANAGEMENT SCIENCE (QSB 2413)

Project type: Group

Deadline: 12pm, 6th July 2017 (week 13)

Mark: 30%

After 10 years of working in the construction industry, you and 4 of your friends want to
start up a construction company with RM 1 million as capital.

Task 1: List your Vision and Mission statement. Also include your long term, midterm
and short term goals. Create an organisation chart and list down the job scope /
responsibilities for each position in your company. (You can add Value statement,
Strategic planning, SWOT analysis, Organizational culture, etc. under task 1.)

Task 2: Your Company wishes to train 3 management trainees as part of the development
plan. List the selection criterion.

Then suggest at least three (3) interview activities to test if the candidates fit in to the
criterion. Also include the reasoning behind the activities as reference. i.e.: How are you
going to interview the interviewee and explain the reason why you do so.

Task 3: Suggest and explain how your company is going to utilise information
technology and information management skills to create competitive advantages to your
company. Or other than IT, what is your company competitive advantage? Is your
competitive advantage is sustainable in this industry? Explain.

The report should emphasize on the utilization of the theories learnt in lecture or from
personal reading. Marks will be given to analysis, elaborations and explanations of the
theories on the scenario, not the elaboration on the theories itself. Additional information
can be included in Appendix for reference.