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Bachelor of Quantity Surveying


Construction Supply Chain

Management (QSB 2433)

Name: Tan Vin Nie

Student ID: 0323706
Intake: Semester 3 March Intake 2017
Tutorial Session: Session 1
Lecturer: Ms Tay Shir Men
- Create a sense of freshness and greenness to you and me -


Create a healthy and pleasant living environment to everyone.


To bring a sense of green to the customer living in the busiest city.

To provide a clean and comfortable spaces for interaction.

To satisfy the customer needs through luxury accommodation and well-equipped



Build a life-long relationship with the customer.

Perform work professionally and with continuous improvement.

Motivate citizens to develop a healthy lifestyle.

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1. Company Profile 4

2. Land Detail 5-7

3. Market Segmentation 8-9

4. Market Opportunity 10-11

5. Value Advantages 12-13

6. Proposed Project Detail 14

7. The Reason of Proposed Project 15-16

8. Findings and Analysis 17-21

Data Analysis 1
Data Analysis 2
9. Development of project 22-24

10. Profit and Earnings 25-26

11. Market Strategies 27-31

12. Constraints and future development 32-33

13. Conclusion 34

14. Reference 35

Company Profile

TU Property Development was established in 1990. For years, TU has established a strong
brand presence in Malaysia as well as overseas, a brand synonymous with quality, reliability and
value creation. It has been a pioneer in coining the renowned Green the City concept which is
the aim to create a healthy environment for the clients, making it a highly regarded brand in the
industry. TU makes fabulous works and contribution in delivering high quality products and
services as well as always being sensitivity to the customers needs and aspirations.

TU holds 15 major projects in total that include integrated townships, commercial

developments, residential and condominium developments and recreation parks. These projects
was spread across several main key economic regions in Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
and Johor. T-Condo, a luxury high-rise condominium located in Kuala Lumpur, is one the well-
known major project of TU in Malaysia. Its innovative exterior design structure and comfortable
green living environment has attracted numerous customers from different regions to purchase
the units. It also makes a huge success in achieving its mission of creating a living environment
which is eco-friendly and less pollutant. TU Property Development will also assess its
performance every year in order to develop continuous improvement to reach their customers

In current years, TU has extended its development to different countries, such as United
Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan.

TU emphasizes on environmental-friendly. It believes that a clean and healthy

environment is the basic need for every customer. Fuelled by passion to be one of the premier
property developers, TU Property Development will continue to deliver to their customers
products that are intrinsically healthy and unpolluted. Embodied by the core essence of
innovation, creativity, quality and excellence, TU strive to redefine the art of living.

Land Detail

(i) Location

The land is located in Bandar Utama. Bandar Utama is a small suburb located about 15km to the
west of central Kuala Lumpur. It is now an affluent residential township located within the
Damansara subdivision of the Petaling District, Selangor, Malaysia. The land is located opposite
One Utama shopping complex which opened in 1995 and has nearly 500,000 m2 floor space.

(ii) Size

The land is approximately 10 acres in size.

(iii) Population

In 2017, it is estimated that there are 65,000 people residing in Bandar Utama Damansara. The
primary residents appear to be Chinese followed by Indian and Malay.

(iv) Surrounding Facilities

Commercial Complex

One Utama Shopping Complex IKEA

The Curve


SMK Bandar Utama KBU International College


One World Hotel

Market Segmentation

Target Market Preferred lifestyle

Sector Segment Cinema Library Caf/ Theme Sports Shopping Karaoke Traveling
Restaurant Park



Marital Married no
Status kids

Married and


Commerce Office


Education Secondary

Tourists International

9 7 8 11 5 10 6 6

Market Segmentation Analysis

Market segmentation provides businesses with the possibility of customizing a unique set
of elements known as the 4Ps (product, price, place, and promotion) for specific target markets.
Therefore, it allows them to satisfy their customers needs in a more effective way. A market
segmentation is a process of defining and breaking down a wide market into clearly identifiable
and homogeneous groups of consumers with similar characteristics, wants, and needs.

TU group has carried out market segmentation in order to identify the demand and
interest of the customer. The targeted customers are formed up by the population of Bandar
Utama. TU group then splits the total demand into several sectors and segments. It helps TU
marketing team to select the segments that they are best equipped to handle. Due to the
existence of education institution, residential and commercial building, retails and hotel, the
populations are categorized into 4 sectors which are marital status, commerce, education and

A market segmentation is developed based on the characteristics of customers which are

demographics and behavior. TU group utilizes market segmentation to identify the customers
preferred lifestyle. Different type of popular activities have been listed out in order to find which
activities are the most preferable in Bandar Utama.

Based on the tabulation above, the result shows that large portion of people in Bandar
Utama prefer to visit theme park during weekends. It is then followed by shopping, visit to
Cinema and visit to Caf and Restaurant. The least favourable activity for the population is sports

In conclusion, TU Property Development found that theme park development can be a

good proposal for its new project on the land in Bandar Utama. Before implement the proposal,
TU group has developed some research and analysis based on the market segmentation in order
to understand the customers needs and demand more clearly and accurately.

Market Opportunities

Bandar Utama is considered one of the large and complex city with higher population
which is about 65,000 people staying in Bandar Utama. Bandar Utama possess all the basic
facilities and numerous of commercial complexes which attracts many customers from different
areas crowding the city every year. Recently, development of residential houses, condominiums
and apartments has been carried out intrusively in Bandar Utama. A research has been taken and
the result shows that the population of Bandar Utama will be increased to 75,000 after two years.
The market will become more competitive as the demand of the users are increasing. It creates
a huge market opportunity for all the companies because of the large population in Bandar

Bandar Utama is located in a strategic geographical area where infrastructure is well

developed which allows people with easy access to the surrounding areas. As such, two major
routes in service are Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) and the New Klang Valley Expresway
(NKVE). Besides, buses and shuttle services are also available by connecting Bandar Utama with
other areas such as Kelana Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Mont Kiara, Cyberjaya. Furthermore, there is a
transportation hub located at One Utama Shopping Mall which is adjacent to the proposed
project location. The buses cater people from long distance such as Singapore and Penang into
the area. In addition, the Phase One of MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line is estimated to operate by
the end of 2016. It provides transportation convenience for people who staying in Klang Valley
region to enter Bandar Utama. With the high convenience and efficiency of transportation system,
people from different areas can access to Bandar Utama easily. It creates high traffic and large
crowd of people in the city as well as the market opportunity to operate a business.

Bandar Utama is also considered a strategic location to develop a project because there
are many popular and famous commercial complexes located in the city. For example, One
Utama Shopping Complex is known as the Worlds 4th Largest Mall recognized by Forbes and SNN
Travel 1 whereas it is also the current largest shopping mall in Malaysia. Besides, Ikea, the world-
wide furniture store also located 700m away from One Utama Shopping Complex. Several
numbers of commercial complexes have gathered large amount of people from different areas
to visit Bandar Utama. Therefore, a huge project in Bandar Utama will definitely attract the
curiosity and interest of the people. It tends to create an opportunity for the company to gain its

Bandar Utama is occupied with high amount of residential areas. As such, there are
approximately thousands of families living in the city. A family probably will consist different ages
of people such as grandparents, adults, youngsters and kids. Every ages group will require
different kind of demand. For example, youngsters will request to have stationary, bags, video
games and so on. Therefore, it creates various demands in the market. When there are high
demand in the market, it tends to create high market opportunity for different industries.

TU considers the trends and advantages that offers lots of market opportunities in Bandar
Utama before developing a proposed project. It helps them to understand the current market in
the city and analyze whether a project is worthable to be carried through.

Value Advantages

After analyzing the market segmentation and market opportunity of Bandar Utama, TU
Property Development starts to plan and organize the ways to make the 10 acres land more
valuable. Land values will increase when demand for land exceeds the supply of available land.
Since most of the lands in Bandar Utama have been developed and occupied, therefore the value
of the land become more unique and special. With its strategic location, TU can easily create
value advantages among the other competitors.

TU group has decided to make Bandar Utama as one of the tourist attraction in Malaysia.
Tourism is regarded as the leading industries that can influence the development of theme parks
in the future. In addition, Malaysia's national tourism administration has proposed the ideal of
the theme park location must be near two commercial concentration areas. One Utama Shopping
Complex, one of the largest shopping center in Malaysia has been the attractive place for both
local and international customers. One Utama receives roughly 60,000 to 90,000 visitors every
weekday, and as many as 120,000 on weekends according to the management. TU group intends
to cooperate with Bandar Utama City Centre Sdn Bhd in order to make Bandar Utama as one of
the tourist attraction, which similar to Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon. A tourist attraction
can increase the number of visitors enormously and create large beneficial profit for both

The development of theme park as a tourist spot can boost the growth of economy in
Bandar Utama. A tourist attraction will attract large amount of visitors from different regions and
countries. Meantime, the demand of services will sharply increase such as accommodation,
transportation and catering. It creates market opportunities due to the large demands from the
customers. More hotels and restaurants will be developed to reach the demands in the market.
It then creates high rate of market flow and man flow in Bandar Utama. All these facilities have
created advantages to the theme park.

TU Property Development not only creates values to the land, meanwhile create values
to the customers as well. A tourist attraction tends to create large working opportunities for the
people who staying in Bandar Utama. Constructing a theme park will require large number of
workers such as architects, engineers, technicians and project managers. Other than that,
development of hotels and restaurants will also needs numerous workers from different aspects
in order to run their business. Therefore, it helps to reduce unemployment rate in Bandar Utama
and increase the quality of their lifestyle. When their employment rate is high, the attendance of
the theme park will also increase.

Several value advantages can bring huge changes to Bandar Utama. These values assist
the TU Property Development to gain high beneficial opportunities and also increase the
popularity of its name.

Proposed Project Detail

1. Company TU Property Development

2. Name of Proposed Project One Utama Adventure Park

3. Location of the Project Bandar Utama

4. Size of the Project 10 Acres

5. Estimated Project Cost RM350 Million

6. Construction Date 1st May 2017

7. Construction Period 3 years

8. Estimated Opening Date 1st May 2020

The reason of proposed One Utama Adventure Theme Park

After analyzing through the market segmentation, market opportunity and value
advantage, TU Property Development finally make a huge decision to build a theme park. It is an
adventure themed recreational park with no age limit. Nowadays, the long hours of studying and
working give no time for people to enjoy their leisure time. According to the needs of market
constantly TU decides to develop new series of theme park. Adventure series of games and rides
may give a sense of excitement and satisfaction to the customers. TU group decides to name it
as One Utama Adventure Theme Park because this name represents the city, Bandar Utama
where it is located. TU believes that it may become a significant attraction for the city in the

The convenience of transportation, accommodation and the strategic location of

Bandar Utama are considered one of the reason for TU to build a theme park. For example,
theme parks cannot function without transportation possibilities to bring the visitor to the park,
or food supply or accommodation to support the visitors stay. Since the facilities in Bandar
Utama are all well-developed, TU can save large amount of the construction cost. TU does not
need to worry about the accessibility of customers into their theme park and also the
accommodation problem. Besides, theme park will be the best choice for developing a tourist
attraction. TU decides to increase the land value by making the land as a tourist attraction, so
that TU can obtain high beneficial opportunity in the market. From the market segmentation, we
can see that theme park is the most preferable activity among the population. Therefore, to
satisfy their demands and interests, TU make a decision to build a theme park on its land. Limited
recreation areas is considered as an advantage for TU because TU does not need to compete
intensively with other competitors.

TU Property Development always focus on the issue of creating a space which is eco-
friendly and less pollution to the customers. It is because expose to nature helps to improve
psychological and social health. TU group also emphasize on giving a healthy lifestyle to the
citizens. TU group found that there are limited recreational areas in Bandar Utama. The biggest

recreation area is a golf and recreation club, called The Club located at Bukit Utama. It is a
membership-based golf and recreation club that has a 9-Hole golf course with night golfing
facilities. It also offers a lot of sport facilities to the residents who living in Bandar Utama.
However, not all the people are affordable to join the membership. Therefore, theme park will
be the prior choice for the residents to enjoy their recreational activities. It is affordable for all
the families and students with reasonable price.

One Utama Adventure Theme Park is different from the other theme park. It focus more
on sport activities which can helps the customers to regain their fitness. One Utama Adventure
Park is definitely an area of natural for human enjoyment and recreation. At the same time, it is
also the protection of natural habitats. TU guarantees that all the customers will obtain a lot of
benefits and experiences before they leaves the theme park. TU group feels pleasant as they can
contribute their efforts on creating a beautiful future for their customers.

Findings and Analysis

Valuing a theme park property is to use some multiple of research and analysis, adjusting
for the age and condition of the park, income and demographic trends in the region, its potential
for expansion, its ability to raise prices or per capita spending, and its location relative to
transportation facilities and other similar destinations.

There are multiple factors that weigh on its performance, such as the region in which it is
located, weather patterns, the number of days it can operate, local demographics and incomes,
and the amount of capital invested.

Two data was collected from the information on as many of theme parks as possible. The
data shows the ages of the people who visit to theme park and also the amount of visitors for
every year. These data help TU group to understand more about the theme park development
and market.

Data Analysis 1

Different Ages Group visit to theme park

Below 11 years old

11 to 20 years old
50 and above
41 to 50 years old

31 to 40 years old

21 to 30 years old
11 to 20 years old 21 to 30 years old 31 to 40 years old
41 to 50 years old 50 and above Below 11 years old

Based on the market segmentation, TU marketing team starts to analyze the segments
based on their ages. TU intends to find out the right targeted customers before making plans and

The pie chart shows the percentage of each ages group who makes a visit to theme park.
As you can see, people who is aged between 21 to 30 occupied large percentage in the pie chart.
Besides, people who is aged between 11 to 20 occupied the second large of percentage which is
30%. These two types of people are mostly teenagers, college students and young adults. They
are strong, energetic, adventurism and also an explorer. They love to visit theme park as they like
to have fun and accept new challenges. Kids who aged below 11 years old mostly are
accompanied with their parents who approximately aged between 31 to 40 years old. Therefore,
they occupied in total 35 percent in the pie chart. While the people aged between 41 and above
seldom visit to theme park as the excited rides and games are not suitable for them.

According to the data analysis, TU group finally found their targeted customers who have
potential to provide high beneficial opportunities for their theme park. They found that the
targeted customers are normally teenagers, students, young adults and also parents and kids.
Therefore, market strategies and plans can be carried out by paying more attention on how to
attract their targeted customers.

Data Analysis 2

Amount of the customer visit to theme park


Number of local customers Number of international customers

Second data analysis has been carried out by TU group based on the amount of the
customers visit to theme park. This analysis helps TU to identify which period of time will the best
ticket selling season be. TU marketing team can plan and develop the promotion in order to
attract more visitors from both local and international.

Based on the line graph, most of the local customers visit theme park on March, June,
November and December. It is because there are one or two weeks of school holidays within the
months of March and June. In November, the amount of customers reaches 40,000 people which
is the highest among the other months. It is because the long term school holiday starts on
November. Most of the parents decides to bring their children to theme park as a reward for
their hard works and good performances in school. Other than that, most of the university and
college students are having their semester break on June, July, December, January and February.
Therefore, the business of theme park on June, July and December will become very intensive
due to large crowd of visitors during their holidays.

International customers are apparently lesser compared to local customers. It is because
international customers are most likely to visit other interesting tourist attractions such as
beaches, tropical islands and hiking mountains compared to theme park. From the line graph, we
can see that the amount of international visitors are constantly high within July to September
due to long summer break. Most of them prefer to have vacation in Asian countries as it is
reasonably economic for them, meanwhile the weather is suitable for them to have a relaxing
holiday trip.

After analyzing the graph, TU marketing group can focus on certain period of time in order
to maximize the beneficial profit of the company. TU group also can find a solution to overcome
the problem of getting lesser visitors within the months which have low amount of customers.

Development of the Project

The ideal of One Utama Adventure Theme Park is inspired by the Escape Adventure
Theme Park, located in Pulau Pinang. Escape group re-introduces the play and values of
yesteryear so to inject reality into a world overdependent on an isolation-inducing electronic
lifestyle. They believe that through fun activities with an emphasis on self-directed and self-
powered play, the visitor can truly experience Low Tech, High Fun. TU group proposed to build
One Utama Adventure Theme Park as the purpose and mission of Escape has inspired them.

This park combines the beautiful nature environment with a lot of adventure activities
such as high ropes course, zip lines, slides, a climbing tower and kid-friendly attractions. Based
on the market segmentation, the targeted customers are mostly teenagers, college students and
adults. They have broader energy level, abilities and power to explore new activities and accept
different challenges. To meet their satisfaction, TU has developed an Extreme Park which is
suitable for the explorer and adventurer to challenge their limitation. Extreme Park offers a
serious of activities such as canopy zip-line, bungee jump and so on. They can experience thrilling
zip lines including a 1280-foot super zip, meantime enjoy the beautiful view in the park.

Canopy Zip-Line Bungee Jump

TU also targets on the families with kids. One Utama Adventure Theme Park offers a pretty
platform for parents to spend their precious time with their children. To encourage the parents
bringing their children to the park, TU has establish a Family Park with different kinds of family
rides such as swam boats, Ferris wheel, bicycle adventure, small zoo and Tree-to-tree adventure.
Children have the chances to move from "Tree to Tree" using platforms and obstacles in an aerial
playground of wobbly bridges, tight ropes, balance beams, and over 19 interspersed zip lines set
high in the trees. These activities will be guarded with professional workers in order to provide
high safety protection and security. Therefore, parents can feel ease and relax to enjoy the
adventures with their children.

Swan Boat Tree-to-tree Adventure

In addition, TU has built a modern designed building in the center of the park for the
customer to rest and relax when they feel tired and exhausted after having a lot of fun. The
building is built with large clear glass walls in order to provide 360 degree of the scenery view. In
the building, there are cafs, restaurants, sauna room, restroom, theater, outdoor water
playground and shops. For some old ages, they can enjoy the breathtaking views while enjoying
their teas and coffees. For those who like movies, they can spend their time in the theater. After
a tiring journey in the theme park, customers can choose to have a refreshing bath in restroom
or relax their bodies in the sauna room. Kids can also enjoy their fun moment of splashing and
spraying water at the outdoor water playground.

Caf Sauna Room

TU Property Development emphasizes on eco-friendly and the satisfaction of giving the
customers a sense of fresh and green away from the busiest city. One Utama Adventure Theme
Park meets the requirement of the customers as well as its vision and mission. It provides a green
environment for the citizens to catch a fresh air and exercises their bodies. TU insists to provide
high quality of services in order to create a healthy lifestyle among the citizens and also a
competitive advantage in the market industry.

Profit and Earnings

One Utama Adventure theme park mainly earns profit from the selling tickets. The more
the ticket are sold out, the more the profit it earned. The prices of the ticket that set by the TU
group are reasonable and affordable for all the visitors from either locals or internationals as they
have done several investigation and analysis based on the customers income and the location
facilities. They make sure that the prices are favourable for the customers and also TU property
in order to achieve win-win situation. Market strategies are also an important procedure to
increase the attendance of the visitors, so that TU can gain maximum profit.

Visitor Malaysian International

Child (12 years old and below) RM 90 RM 110
Adult (13 years old and above) RM 110 RM 130

Other than that, TU group has created their own merchandise items. The merchandise
items will become their main attraction to promote the sales of the theme park. All the
merchandises will have the theme parks logo in order to impress the customers about the theme
park. TUs designing team has created different beautiful designs for the merchandise items. The
merchandizes are mostly toys, stationaries, watches, T-shirts and umbrellas which can attract the
interest of the buyers. The customers are pleased to visit the merchandise shop before they leave.
Marketing team will assign some workers to promote their products at the shop. Therefore, TU
can earn additional profit from the business of the merchandise items.

Besides, there are several facilities provided to the customers. The facilities are charging
additional expenses before they can enjoy the services. Lockers are provided for the customers
to store their belongings before they start to explore the park. This gives convenience and assures
the safety of customers belongings while they are having fun in the park. The locker is charged
about RM5 per hour. In addition, customers may need some rest after an exhausting exploration
in the park. Customers will spend money to buy their meals and drinks from the cafes and
restaurants. TU can also earn money from the services provided in the building located in the
center of the park. The services includes sauna room, restroom and theater. Those facilities are
charged respectively.

Lockers Cafes/ Restaurants

Market Strategies

Market strategies is an organization's strategy that combines all of its marketing goals
into one comprehensive plan. A good marketing strategy should be drawn from market research
and focus on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain
the business. The marketing strategy is the foundation of a marketing plan.

TU Property Development has set its goal to make Bandar Utama as one of the tourism
town in Malaysia. To achieve its goal, TU has proposed to build a theme park which named One
Utama Adventure Theme Park. This theme park is aimed to give a recreational spaces for the
residents to have a break after long hours of working. It also offers an opportunity to the
customers to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Before starting to operate the theme park, market
strategies are needed in order to create awareness among the people. The research found by the
TU teams assist the marketing team to develop their plans and strategies.

Market strategies have been developed based on the data analysis. According to the data
analysis, most of customers are aged between 11 to 30 years old. There are also large number of
families visit to the theme park. Therefore, TU has targeted the people who aged 11 to 30 years
old and also parents and kids. TU marketing team utilizes rebate and promotion to increase the
interest of the targeted customers.

Other than that, promotion and festival decoration can be implemented based on the
peak season of the business. There will be large amount of visitors during the peak season such
as school holidays and festivals. To obtain maximum profits, market strategies may help to attract
large group of people.

There are some market strategies used in order to promote and organize the theme park
more effectively and efficiently :-

(i) Rebate

Rebates, widely known as refunds, are a popular tool used by businesses to promote their
products and services. Unlike discount, rebate is given after the payment of full invoice amount.
Rebates are highly attractive to most consumers, for they provide a partial cash reimbursement
for their purchases. A study conducted by United Marketing Services (UMS) found that rebates
are an effective means of establishing product or service awareness with consumers. Therefore,
TU group boost company sales and visibility with different type of rebates. Advantages are given
to certain customers in order to attract the interests of the customers. Most of the time, discount
are given to those who have large potential to be the targeted customers of One Utama
Adventure Theme Park.

Category Discount Condition

Student Student will get 10% discount Student card must be present when
on every Friday. purchasing the ticket.
Online ticketing is not entitled to this
Not valid for public and school
Family Each of the family members Parents and children must be present

will get 5% discount on when purchasing the ticket.

weekends. Online ticketing is not entitled to this
Member of One Member of One Utama Member card must be present when
Utama Adventure Theme Park can purchasing the ticket.
Adventure enjoy 20% discount after Each member card is only valid to one
Theme Park joining the membership. person.
Online ticketing is not entitled to this

One Utama Staff Staffs working in One Utama One Utama staff must present staff
shopping mall are entitled to identity card when purchasing the
5% discount on every ticket.
Early Bird Enjoy 30% discount for every Ticket must be purchase through
first 50 customers daily. counter

(ii) Promotion

Promotion within a year should be conducted to increase the number of visitors in

different period of time. Promotion and sales is a strategic method to maintain a business as the
number of customers always changes by the time. According to the research, TU marketing team
found that different group of ages visit theme park on different time periods. In order to create
maximum revenue for every month, different type of promotion can be adopted to attract the

During Malaysia Festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali,
most of the people will go back to their hometown, therefore there are fewer customers during
this time frame. TU offers Buy One Get One Free promotion during festivals in order to regain
the number of customers. It is to minimum the profit loss due to less visitors in that period.
Besides, school holidays is the peak business season for a theme park. To gain highest beneficial
profit, One Utama Adventure Theme Park offers A Present for You promotion by giving out one
of its limited-edition merchandise item with every purchase of a ticket. Other than attract the
interest of the students, this activity helps to promote its merchandise as well.

(iii) Advertising

Advertising is an essential part of promoting the business. TU group has invested large
amount of money in order to create awareness from the population. Advertising offers an

opportunity to introduce a new product in the market and promote the sales. Since One Utama
Adventure Theme Park is located in a lush forest, TU marketing team can introduce it as a healthy
recreation place for all the citizens to have a short break away from the busiest city. A creative
and unique aadvertising idea will definitely make a huge contribution to increase the sales. In the
effort of promoting the theme park, TU Group will advertise the business in various ways.
Advertisement can be made through:

Social Media
Word of Mouth

(v) Festival Decoration

In Malaysia, we have a lot of festivals such Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri,
Deepavali, Wesak, Christmas and so on. In order to assort with the festival ambience, TU group
decided to decorate the theme park during special festivals in order to attract more visitors. TU
group also will change the decoration of the theme park every year to eliminate the feeling of
boredom and old-fashioned. So that, customers will feel amazed with different decoration
designs when they visit the park every year. The decorations will definitely bring out a different
type of atmosphere.

(vi) Sponsorship

Receiving the sponsorship helps TU to benefit enormously from both financial support
and other forms of backing from an established partner, provided that both parties have agreed
a set of common objectives to underpin the sponsorship. TU marketing team has communicated
with some companies such as sport brands, fast food industries and toys companies in order to
get sponsorship for One Utama Adventure Theme Park. With wide sponsorship, customers can
enjoy the advantages and benefits from the sponsors such as free vouchers for sport attire, food,
toys and also a cup of free coffee. Meanwhile, sponsors can also enjoy wide range of benefits as
they can raise their brand awareness among the customers.

Constraints and future development

Since Bandar Utama is a strategic geographical location with all the well-equipped
facilities, development of theme park will definitely attract large number of tourist from different
areas. When the amount of tourist increases uncontrollably, accommodation problem will rise
up. Even though there is One World Hotel which is just a stones throw away from One Utama
Adventure Theme Park, the rooms will probably not enough to accommodate large amount of
tourists. Most of the rooms will be overbooked during the peak season such as school holidays.
It becomes an important issue to TU because it may affect the business of the One Utama
Adventure Theme Park.

To solve this problem, TU Property Development team decides to spare 3 acres of land to
build a middle-sized 4 stars hotel for their future development. The hotel will have
approximately 200 rooms and several facilities such as swimming pool, gym room, hot spring and
restaurants. It is to satisfy the customers who prefer to stay in theme park after a long exhausting
journey. Therefore, with the convenience of hotel in One Utama Adventure Theme Park, visitors
do not need to worry about their accommodation problems.

Hotel development will also help TU to earn additional beneficial profit. It provides
market opportunity for TU because the number of hotel in Bandar Sunway are limited. Therefore,
hotel development can satisfy the high demands in the market.

There are certain factors that are hindering the growth of theme parks such as the time-
consuming manufacturing and installation process of advanced rides installed in theme parks.
Moreover, the high maintenance cost of electrical and mechanically driven rides are further
limiting the growth of this market, especially for the new entrants in the business. To construct
a hotel, it requires large capital amount and man power. Therefore, these factors become a
constraint for TU as theme park construction has spent large number of expenses. Constructing
a hotel at the same time may go over budget to the company. Therefore, hotel development can

be a future development for the theme park when the theme park has gained large enough of
popularity and profit.


In conclusion, TU Property Development proposed to build a theme park in Bandar Utama

due to its market opportunity and market demand. TU has developed a market segmentation in
order to identify and target the distinct customer segments in Bandar Utama. Once TU team
identified the potential segments or customer types, they started to decide which market to
target. After doing some research and analysis, TU group found that theme park are having the
largest potential in the market. TU group also decides to make Bandar Utama as one of the
tourism town due to well-equipped facilities in Bandar Utama. One Utama Shopping Complex
has also create a well-known reputation among the population. It attracts large amount of tourist
from different areas to visit One Utama. All these facilities provide a huge potential for the
development of theme park.

One Utama Adventure Theme Park aims to create a recreational area which is eco-friendly
and less pollution. It meets the mission of TU which emphasizes on developing a healthy lifestyle
among the people. Other than that, it is also a platform for family members to get closer.

After identifying all the objectives and goals, market strategies are implemented by TU
marketing team. Market strategies are planned based on the ages group and the peak season of
the theme park. These analysis helps enormously in creating an effective strategy and plan.

The whole process requires few months of research and analysis before getting to know
whether the proposal is reliable and succeedable. It is important to find the targeted customer
before implementing all the plans and strategies. TU ensures that the project can add values to
the land and make the land more valuable than it was. TU Property Development believes that
one day One Utama Adventure Theme Park will be the main tourist attraction in Bandar Utama
which can boost the growth of the economy of Malaysia.


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