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Name _______________________

Skill Module Number: 3.4 X

Subject: CDI 3 Injector Control

Objective: At the conclusion of this module, you will be able to:

Describe location of injector code needed for adaptation.

Operate SDS to perform testing.
Perform actual value checks of smooth running.

Vehicle and tools required:

Model 211 with 648 Engine
SDS equipment

Required material:
Handout material from classroom

1. Follow the instructions and answer the questions.

2. Ask your instructor if assistance is needed.
3. Stop at all instructor check points

331 Mod 3.4 Injector Control (Steed,C) 02-09-04.doc 1

Control Unit Adaptation

1. Enter into CDI control unit (N3/9) and then Control Unit Adaptation. Under

version coding how many items are displayed after the note screen? ______

2. Under SCN coding, read coding for this vehicle and record.


3. Under Control Unit Adaptation go to adjustment of injector injection

quantities. What is injector coding for cylinder #2 on this vehicle?

_____________________________________________________ _

4. Now looking at injector #2 on the vehicle, does the coding match what you

recorded above? YES NO

5. If vehicle had a new injector installed, after entering the proper injector code,

you would then select Injector injection quantity adjustment from same

screen as above to set new injector code in N3/9.

6. Back out of Adjustment of injector injection quantities and enter into reset

quantity mean value adaptation data. After replacing what components does

DAS say you need to perform this reset of adaptation?

a. _______________________________________________________

b. _______________________________________________________

c. _______________________________________________________

7. Continue into reset quantity mean value adaptation data. Notice the system

reset and went back to Control Unit Adaptation main screen.

Instructor check point _______________

331 Mod 3.4 Injector Control (Steed,C) 02-09-04.doc 2

Smooth running

1. Go to smooth running in the actual value section. What other test requirement is

listed besides engine at idle?


2. On the actual value screen, what is the limit for the quantity correction value of a

cylinder? ________________________________________________________

3. Should the injector be replace if over the above value? YES NO

4. Looking at WIS, what input component is used to determine smooth running

values? _________________________________________________________

5. With engine at idle record actual value for cylinder #2 _____________________

6. Next unplug injector #2. Does the value go over 5mm3/HUB? YES NO

7. Plug back in injector #2. Check for fault codes. Did unplugging the injector leave

a fault code? YES NO

8. Clear all CDI fault codes.

Instructor check point _______________

If you have noticed any parts that need to be replaced on this vehicle, please inform
your instructor now.

331 Mod 3.4 Injector Control (Steed,C) 02-09-04.doc 3