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Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution - Template

We, the members of this organization, in line and in correspondence with it's
Constitution and By-laws, imploring the aid of almighty God and united under one goal,
swore our loyalty and allegiance to this unified URR2 Constitution and By-Laws, as the
embodiment of our willful and solemn desire to establish a God fearing and a helpful
origination towards our brothers in wheels. We swore to uphold Friendship and Justice
above all else in implementing all the articles promulgated by the organization.


Section 1. The official name of the organization is United Riders of Region 2

(referred to as URR2).


Section 1. The Board of Officers is the highest policy making and implementing body of
the club.

Section 2. The Board of Officers shall be elected by the General Assembly of Members
secret balloting, or depending on the process being agreed upon the assembly. They
shall serve the term of not more than two(2) years, depending on the circumstances

Section 3. Officers qualifications are as follows:

3.1. Official Member of the Organization

3.2. Shall be physically present at the General Assembly
3.3. Nominated by official members of the organization

Section 4. The General Assembly shall appoint Election Officers immediately to facilitate
the election process.

Section 5. The following shall be the compositions and functions of the Officers:

5.1. The President is the highest presiding officer of the organization. He/She
shall be the presiding officer when the General Assembly is convened. He
shall also represent the organization on any official functions and
transaction unless he/she declines and/or appoints other leaders of the

5.2. The Vice-president is the second highest officer and the immediate
representative of the organization in the absence of the President. He/She
shall act as the organizations officer-in-charge of planning and logistical
preparation of the events organized by the group.

Note: If the president and vice-president are absent from a meeting or unwilling to act,
the members present at the meeting may elect one of their number to act as

5.3 The secretary must ensure that records of the business of the association
including the rules, register of members, minutes of all general and
committee meetings and a file of correspondence are kept. These records
must be available for inspection by any member and must be held in the
custody of the secretary.

5.4. The treasurer must ensure that all money received by the association is
paid into an account in the association's name. Payments must be made
through a petty cash system or by cheque signed by two signatories
authorised by the committee. Major or unusual expenditures must be
authorised in advance by the committee or a general meeting.

5.5. Sgt. At Arms The Sgt at Arms shall promote safety throughout the Club.
His duties include maintaining order during all Club meetings, events and
functions, and to protect the rights of the Club and its members. It is also
his duty to manage all complaints and to bring them to the attention of the
President. The Sgt. At Arms will also keep an up to date record of all
members to make sure that each members motorcycle drivers license,
motorcycle insurance, bike registration and inspection are all current.

Section 6. The rules of succession between offices will not be practiced within the
organization. (Example: If the Club Treasurer were to quit, or not be able to perform his
duties, the Sgt. At Arms would not automatically move up into that position because he
might not be qualified for or want that position.) If an officer does not, or is unable to
perform his duties, or quits his office, it will be the responsibility of the President to
appoint someone to that position until the regular scheduled election.

Section 7. Retiring committee members are eligible for re-election.

Section 8. The organization, through its General Assembly shall also appoint at least
two (2) Area Coordinators from each municipality that will represent such area where the
organization is active and visible.

Section 9. The Officers shall meet at least once a month to talk, create,
plan and all the affairs of the organization.


Section 1. Any person who agrees to bind himself under this By-Laws and to all the
rules and regulations of the organization after duly signing and accomplishing the
Membership Form providing his/her true identity and details, may be admitted as a
member of this organization. Provided further that the following requisites are present:

1.1. Necessary legal documents for the motorcycle.

1.2. Safety Gears and Safety motorcycle accessories.

Section 2. The whole membership comprising the organization may determine whether
or not to accept an application for membership.

Note: The whole membership comprising the organization may not be required
to supply reasons for accepting or rejecting an application for membership.

Section 3. A register of members must be kept by the association showing the name,
address and date of commencement of membership for each member. Provision for
noting the date of cessation of membership must also be contained in the register.


Section 1. Members are required to pay such fees as are determined by the association
at a general meeting.
Note: Membership will cease upon resignation, expulsion, or failure to pay
outstanding membership fees within three months of the due date.

Section 2. Upon joining the organization, the member is free to donate whenever he
wants, for as much as want and for how many times he wants in aid to the organizations
operational costs.

Section 3. A chip-in/pass the hat system shall be implemented in some cases which the
organization is incapacitated to support a certain financial requirement of the
Section 4. Other sources of funds can be generated though fund raising, other fund
generating activities and solicitation from donors.

Section 5. The members of the organization will have no liability to contribute towards
the payment of debts and liabilities of the organization or the costs, charges and
expenses of the winding up of the organization except to the amount of any unpaid
membership fees.


Section 1. No member shall be given punishment or disciplinary action without due

process or given a chance to be heard.

Section 2. A disciplinary action, upon valid resolution by the Board of Officers shall be
imposed upon those who knowingly and willfully violated the constitution of the
organization and other approved policies/laws/resolutions/mandates and such other acts
which are detrimental to the interests, name and reputation of the organization.

Section 3. Disciplinary actions will be from a stern warning and reprimand, suspension
of rights and privileges of a member to expulsion of membership. The gravity of
punishment depends on the violation committed thereof.

Section 4. Complaints against person who committed the violation will be forwarded
immediately to any of the officers, investigation shall be immediately ensue upon receipt
of such complaint.

Section 5. Then parties, accused and the complainant can appeal the decisions
rendered to the Board of Officers, to review and reconsider the result or the decision
Section 6. Disputes between members - In the event of a dispute arising between
members or between a member and the organization, or a member and the Board of
Officers, the following procedure will apply:

6.1. Each side of the dispute must nominate a representative who is not directly
involved in the dispute. Those representatives must then attempt to settle
the dispute by negotiation.
6.2. Should the nominated representatives be unable to resolve the dispute
within 14 days (or such other period as they may agree upon) the dispute
must be referred to a person mutually agreed upon for mediation.


Section 1. The General Assembly is the highest policy making body of the organization.

Section 2. An annual general meeting of the association must be held each year within
six months from the end of the financial year of the association.

Section 3. The Board of Officers may, whenever it thinks fit, convene a general meeting
of the organization. A general meeting must be convened by the Board within three
months of receiving a request to do so from at least five per cent of the membership of
the Organization.

Section 4. At least 14 days' notice of all general meetings and notices of motion must
be given to members. In the case of general meetings where a special resolution is to be
proposed, notice of the resolution must be given to members at least 21 days before the
meeting. In the case of the annual general meeting the following business must be

4.1. Collectively formulate the general plan of action and programs

of the organization
4.2. Confirmation of the minutes of the last annual general meeting and any
recent special general meeting;
4.3. Receipt of the committee's report upon the activities of the association in the
last financial year;
4.4. Election of the Board of Officers;
4.5. Receipt and consideration of a statement from the committee which is not
misleading and gives a true and fair view for the last financial year of the
association's, income and expenditure, assets and liabilities, mortgages, charges
and other securities, trust properties.

Section 5. The quorum for a general meeting is at least half of the members of the
organization present and voting. If within half an hour of the time appointed for a general
meeting a quorum is not present the meeting must be dissolved.

Section 6. Voting at general meetings will be by a show of hands unless a secret ballot
is demanded. Decisions will be made by a simple majority vote except for those matters
which must be decided by special resolution.

Section 7. All votes must be given personally and there will be no voting by proxy.

Section 8. In the case of an equality of votes, the person appointed to chair the general
meeting may have a second or casting vote.

Section 9. Nominations of candidates for election as officers may be made at the annual
general meeting or in such other ways as may be determined by the association at a
general meeting.

Section 10. Notice of all general meetings must be given to members either thru sms
messages, Facebook messages or by a post.
Section 11. Members who have items of business they wish considered at a general
meeting may give notice of such business to the secretary. The secretary must include
that business in the next notice calling a general meeting.

Section 12. The treasurer must ensure that correct books and accounts are kept
showing the financial affairs of the association. These records must be available for
inspection by any official member of the organization.

Section 13. Special resolutions - A special resolution must be passed by a general

meeting of the association to effect the following changes:
13.1. a change of the association's name;
13.2. a change of the association's rules;
13.3. a change of the association's objects;
13.4. an amalgamation with another incorporated association;
13.5. to voluntarily wind up the association and distribute its property;


Section 1. In the event that the association should be wound up or have its
incorporation cancelled, any surplus property must be distributed in accordance with the
provisions of the Corporation Code of the Philippines.

Section 2. Service of documents on the association is effected by serving them on the

Board of Officers.

Section 3. Notices sent thru sms messages, Facebook messages and by post will be
deemed to have been received two days after the date of posting.
Section 4. The income and property of the association must be used only for promotion
of the objects of the association and must not be paid or transferred to members by way
of dividend, bonus or profit.


Section 1. This Constitution and By-Laws will only be subject to change/amendments
and addition by majority vote of the members/delegates of the General Assembly
present and voting.

Signed and approved on this ___________on the organizations first General Assembly.