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Looking around, the sun is so bright illuminating the golden farm that is telling that

its ready for the harvest time.

Yes, it is harvesting time!
I feel that it will be a bountiful harvest for all farmers.
They have waited a quarter year for the grains to ripe.
Their sickle, stitched gloves, and ragged jacket are prepared.
No more boiled sweet potatoes, cassava, maize or saba on our table.
Were going to have a bountiful harvest.
Sumptuous food again will be served on top of the table.
No more worries if well skip for dinner.
Even Bantay will wiggle his tail for the morsel that will be offered in his bucket.
Yes, I am a farm guy.
I live in the farm.
Our kubo is in the middle of a vast palayan.
Our neighbors are the creatures living in the taguling.
To be honest, I dont deny we are poor.
Imagine only animals like carabao, cats, dogs, chicken would dare to live and
survive in our kubo.
No contention, even I am living in a simple life without cellphones, ipad, flat
television, internet connection and fridge, I am enjoying my life.
Every morning nanay, Aida, is preparing the boiled egg and tomatoes from our
Its an awesome feeling to eat my favorite food before attending school.
I enjoy going to school even though I have to walk miles away from our house
overcoming the obstacles before reaching school.
I like the company of my classmates.
We share snacks to one another though most of the time we bring boiled cassava
and saba.
I have to tell you something do you like your teacher?
You know, every day I am terrified and to answer all of her questions.
It is not because I dont know the answer, but because of her roaring voice even
though shes gorgeous.
I like her anyway but not during recitation.
Its lunch time!
I love having lunch at school.
Usually, we take our food under the big mango tree facing the big kamalig.
This is also the shelter of other students who want to enjoy the cold breeze
propelled by the tip of the palay.
Anna my classmate usually share her food to me saying
Hey Berto, how are you?
I would like to share a half of my food for you.
And I would always tell her
No thanks, I am done.
My tummy is full.
Nanay has prepared my favorite food.
But she will always remind me
Dont ever refuse this Berto.
She would rapidly pour half of her rice to my plate.
Then she would add
I have noticed youve not taken your snacks.
Besides, if you will not accept this, we will not be friends.
We always come home at first quarter in the afternoon.
There is always an excitement in coming home.
As a matter of fact, five minutes before the antique school bell rings, weve already
packed our stuff ready to walk miles away from my home.
I walk with Anna and Marlou.
Marlou is my classmate but hes older than I.
Were not neighbors for he lives near our Barangays Hall.
They have been there of a year.
When we were young, he used to live near to our farm.
But when his father died, his father died because of pneumonia, they transferred to
the house of his Aunt.
Then, his mother decided to work abroad, leaving him with his sister, Antonia in his
Aunts custody.
Despite of that, very weekends, I usually pave a visit.
We play basketball and tumbang preso together with other children in the vicinity.
But commonly, we are just wasting our time fishing in the pond catching catfish and
I am finally home.
It is nice to come home after the long and enjoying day in the school.
Our dog, Puloy, is always waiting for me at the roadside.
He is always welcoming me with his adorable face and waggling tail.
He had been doing that since I adopted him from my cousin, Louie.
He likes to lick and kiss me while I am passing through the pilapil.
There are times that I would see tatay waving his hands at me.
I would run to him and pay respect through mano.
My tatay is the most industrious farmer in our barangay.
He works before the sun breaks in the east and come home before the sun sets in
the west.
His face was already burned because of the hot sun in the afternoon.
I love my father very much.
He provides everything that we need.
He doesnt go to sabungan nor drink lambanog.
But oftentimes I see him with smoking with his big rolled tobacco which my uncle in
Ilocos used to give him as pasalubong.
I could see now our little bahay kubo.
It is the most beautiful house in our place.
Its not because of its looks but because I helped tatay when he built it.
Nanay is there at the entrance of our house.
She is milling the palay that tatay harvested in the last quarter of the year.
Chicken and ducks are flocking at nanay waiting for the bigas to fall in the
I could not wait for supper.
I know she prepared fried galunggong and ginataang kalabasa tonight.
My tummy will be filled with food nanay will be preparing.
I love my life in the farm.
Though we dont have the luxury of modern gadgets, we are contented with the life
we have.
I wont exchange it to rural life that my cousin in Manila is telling me.
I am contented with whatever we have.
Even though most often we dont have money, the comfort of farm satisfies
whatever things we dont have.
I am proud that I was raised here.
I appreciate my life in the farm.