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Together We are Stronger!

Growth Assessment

Maria Jimenez

Azusa Pacific University

History of Course Work

Course Professor Key Learnings

EDTC 511: Foundations in Dr. Kathleen Bacer In this course, I learned how to
Together We are Stronger!

Educational Technology. utilize Acrobat DC. Voice tread,

Fall I 2016 and Diigo a live binder that helps
me organize my websites.
EDTC 527: Special Topics in Professor Barry Betner I attained knowledge on wikis,
Educational Technology. virtual fieldtrips, and how to
Fall I 2016 evaluate a website.
EDTC 517: Digital Professor Kristi Hernandez I learned, how to create surveys
Communications. with Google Forms. I also created a
Fall II 2016 personal website on Weebly.
EDTC 518: Global Learning/Cross- Professor Barbara McMillan I develop a better understanding of
Cultural Classrooms. what Global Learning is all about. I
Fall II 2016 evaluated various GLPs, and that
helped me generate ideas for my
own GLP.
EDTC 521: Digital Imagery of Professor Torrence Temple This is the course that brought me
Learning Environments. the most inquiry. I learned: video
Spring I 2017 production, Green Screen, Movie
Creation, Photography, Magazine
Creation, iMovie, Photo Shop, and
Video Converter.
EDTC 523: Information Design & Professor Kathryn Price There were three key learning
Hypermedia. outcomes. Web design, evaluating
Spring I 2017 web design, and the process of web
EDTC 520: Manage Tech- Professor Elizabeth Silver This course required field work and
Supported Curriculum because of the exposure. I was able
Spring II 2017 to learn first-hand how school
districts develop and implement
technology plans. I also learned
how to critique, evaluate, and make
meaning of district technology
EDTC 524: Instructional Design & Professor Kathryn Price Due to the nature of the course
Development. assignments. There was little to no
Spring II 2017 learning outcomes.
EDTC 515: Emerging Trends in Dr. Jim Brown There ae two learning keys that
Technology. resonate with me. The first one is
Summer 2017 FOMO. It was very interesting to
learn about this new psychological
disorder. The second one was
MOOC. Massive Online Open
Courses. I took a course on
Emotions: a Philosophical

EDTC 526: Practicum in Dr. Kathleen Bacer This is the culminating course of
Educational Application the Master of Arts in Educational
Summer 2017 Technology. In this course I
evaluated my journey in the
program. I also reflected on how I
grew personally, professionally,
and technically.

Personal Growth

I have always considered myself to be the type of person who is continuously seeking
Together We are Stronger!

ways to grow professionally, academically, and most importantly personally. Im always

looking for opportunities in which I can be able to diversify all of my talents and further expand

my skills. Pursuing my Masters of Arts in Educational Technology at Azusa Pacific University,

has giving me the opportunity to develop analytical, technical, and interpersonal skills. I have

learned the importance of working with others, sharing decisions, and becoming part of a

supporting group.

Knowing that I was going to be part of a Cadre for the duration of the program, helped

me realize that, there I was going to require a higher level of professionalism, work, and

participation. Being part of a cadre was also going to demand patience, understanding, and

prayers. Putting all of these in practice sometimes became a real challenge, especially, when I

had to step out my comfort zone to be able to share decisions. However, thru the course of the

program, I learned how to be more open minded and how to evaluate,value, and embrace others

perspectives and their realities. I also made it my personal goal to stay connected by being

present by expressing empathy, and being an active listener.

Because I was required to do collaborative work with the cadre, I grasped every

opportunity to learn from their vast educational knowledge. With all of the insightful resources

and the enrichment I received, I was able to apply it to my professional and personal life. I can

definitely can say that I realized I was personally growing when I started applying a higher level

of interpersonal, professional, and analytical skills to my daily life. At work, I started leading

group meetings, and organizing major events. I also collaborated using Google docs, Google,

slides, and Google forms with every co-worker to implement a summer program that turned out

to be a great success!
Together We are Stronger!

Without a doubt, coming into the program and learning that I was going to be part of a

cadre made me a little uneasy at first. Now, I can say that I feel so blessed to have joined the

journey accompanied with a team of people with a strong focus and mindset, passionate to

perform and excel, and determined to do whatever it takes. My journey with the cadre, helped

me realized that some things in life may take longer to accomplish but it's always worth it in the

end because of the challenges Ive faced, the people whom Ive meet, and the experiences Ive


Professional Growth

Once I was accepted onto the Masters in Digital and Learning, I knew that my

technology bug and journey was just about to take off! This degree was going to give me the

confidence and the voice to advocate for technology in both K-12 and higher education.

Needless to say, my previous technology experiences and the new concepts have fused so well

together. My technology knowledge has surpassed my own expectations, I have become more

knowledgeable, resourceful, and my technology inquiry has been ignited.

In addition, to acquiring many technology skills in each of the courses, I decided to

further my technology knowledge and attend two professional development conferences. I

attended the Google Summit for Educators and Staff Development for Educators. I walked away

from both conferences with a vast amount of knowledge and resources. I can say that thanks to

the previous courses and the professional development, I am able to expand and apply many of

my resources and learned skills. For instance, I was able to assist two kindergarten teachers who

had no knowledge on how to utilize 2.0 Web Tools. According to Mrs. Zavala and Mrs. Keegan,

they have heard of other kindergarten teachers using technology, but their district has not
Together We are Stronger!

provided any technology training. (personal communication April 10, 2017.) Yet, they wished to

create two projects using technology. The first project consisted of creating a QR that opens up a

Mothers Day YouTube video. The second one, was to create a QR for an end of the year video

using Animoto.

Similarly, during a professional network event, I met Daniel Ramos, an entrepreneur who

is starting to develop his own health/nutrition business. During our network event, I shared my

technology skills with him and how Im looking forward to becoming a technology consultant.

Mr. Ramos, shared with me that he had some web design concerns. He asked if I would take a

look at his website and offer some feedback (personal communication May 1, 2017.) I kindly

accepted to do so and was able to provide him some web design tips. I also introduced him to

various social media applications that would help connect and expand his business.

All in all, with every experience and by networking with other like-minded professionals,

I have gained professional exposure. Other entrepreneurs have made connections with me for

website design consultations. At my work I have teamed up with the technology department to

work on all the technology assignments. I definitely feel that Im flourishing professionally and

am becoming closer to my career goal of being a technology consultant.

Technical Growth

I vividly remember the time when I had to decide between pursuing a Master of Arts in

Education or a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology. Without hesitation, I choose the


Master of Arts in Educational Technology. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and have

had the technology bug for quite some time. I worked for a company that used tablets to conduct

intervention session with students. During my undergrad, I created lessons where I used
Together We are Stronger!

technology as an extension to the lessons. I was the first one in my undergrad class to offer to

create an eportfolio. Although the suggestion was debatable because there was a preference for

an actual paper binder portfolio, I demonstrated the benefits of making it digital and how it could

be sharable with others, even with potential employers.

Little did I know, my technology inquiry was really challenged by professor Torrance

Temple. EDTC 521 Digital Imagery of Learning Environments, was a course in where I felt

most of my digital and technical growth happened. I learned how to use various technologies

that I had never used before; and all of the assignments kept me engaged and challenged. Some

of the technologies that developed my technical growth were: video production, green screen,

movie creation, photography, magazine creation, iMovie, photoshop, and video converter.

Moreover, as a result of my courses, professional development, assisting the kindergarten

teachers, and the entrepreneur, my technology abilities have broadened and I have become more

skillful. At my current employer, I have taken the role of technology assistant. I provide training

to students and employees in the following; Smartboard, educational apps, ipad, 3D printing,

coding, VR, Soundtrap, digital citizenship, hardware and software, typing skills, Google apps,

and computer shortcuts. Ive also aided with setting up computers, projectors, speakers, and

sound systems for cultural presentations.

As shown above, my technology growth has upsurged since my undergrad program. I

have gained numerous technical skills that have advanced me to a professional level. My

professional level makes me feel confident in taking up any new technology project. I am also

looking forward in amplifying my technology skills by continuing collaborating with other

technology gurus.
Together We are Stronger!

Lifelong Learning Plan

Kauchack, Eggen (2014) state, progressivists believe the purpose of schooling is to

develop students as complete as possible physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

(p.157.) I identify myself as a progressivist and I know that I have a social responsibility with

students. As a lifelong learner, I will continue polishing my technology skills. I also

I want to be known for my gumption. Therefore, I will continue attending professional

development conferences, advocating for technology immersion in schools and will strive to earn

certification with Google Ed, Apple teacher, and Microsoft, as well as continue networking with

other tech gurus. Lastly, my hope is to one day pursue my dream of teaching abroad. I would

like to know how other educators are utilizing 2.0 Web Tools in their classrooms. Learning from

international educators on how they implement 2.0 Web Tools will broaden my technology skills

and open new doors of opportunities.


Without a doubt, life brings us to a crossroad; in where we have to make a decision on

which path to take. I am glad that I opted to earn my Master of Arts in Educational Technology.

I feel confident in pursuing a professional career in the digital field. I also know that this is the

beginning to many other professional opportunities. I look forward to continuing my higher

education as I am considering pursuing a Ph.D. program.



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Together We are Stronger!

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