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Flow Diagram Flow of Argument

Detail about Argument

Plumbing for bowels Frank Lloyd Wright Electric wiring to a nervous system
Heating + Fireplace system compares a house with a Interior to a stomach
to arteries & heart human body Bones to the structure of the house

Houses seems to accept and The house must respect the

change according to the He emphasise that a house ground, the surrounding
machinery should be part of the nature and the terrain its
House occupied by humans external environment.
erected on
shouldnt be machines to live in

They look like machines

Wright sees that the Aesthetic He argues that modernistic
of Modern houses try to claim houses look like cardboard
French painting as their parent boxes

He argues that machines should be He stresses out that

used to build the building in such a simplicity of nature
way that the machine may build it isnt something which
naturally & build it well may easily read.

Building shouldnt be a Unlike the cardboard houses

machine or like one

He propose that organic simplicity is

the only simplicity that can response
for the Americans confusing question
He argues that everything now what architecture
is machinery
He saw rooms as boxes
next to each other,
sleeping boxes
He changed the interior, He designed in his style
created a more liveable
space. Open Plan He wanted Organic

Whatever the climate he

gave broad protecting roof He addressed nine motives
for his new designs Form Follow Function

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