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[:file GRAPHIC print DO NOT PROCESS [As Filed bata] DIN; 9349307805106] 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax owe ne 1545-0047 Form . Une scion 4), 5270 4947.1 of th tern even Cle xn ate 2014 Foundations) Do not enter social secunty numbers on this form as st may be made public Or name Sovee painters Information about Form 990 and its instructions 1s at www [RS gov/form990 1X For the 2014 calendar year, or tax 0530-2555, Phas change 94-2681706 ee = toga tum 1 renvtemnated (415) 585-3206 TF amended rtm TF Appteaton pening 6 Goss rents $28,595,726 F Name and aduress of prineipaloficer THCa) Te this a group return for RANDY SHAW. suborainates? P ves no 226 HYDE STREET SAN FRANCISCO,CA 94102 H(b) Are all subordinates [ves No Summary 5 Se |e epee was pie es spose dscsremed ie suns o caresst wees anew cas ete 7 $Y | 3 Number of voting members of the governing body (PartVI,lineia) . . . . ew ee 3 8 & | 4 number ot independent voting members of the governing bady (Part Vi,lne1b) . . . se 4 3 | 5 totarnumberot indus employed in colenceryeer 2014 (Perv,tmez8) - see > LS 307 a a 3 | 9 Programservice revenve (Pert VIII, line29) - 2 se ee 9,406,655) 9.566.686 10 investment income (Part VIII, column (A), lines 3,4,and74) . . so 164 536 © }11 other revenue (Part VIIL, column (A), lines 5, 6d, 8c, 9c, 10c, and 11e) 59,103] 26,812 z eee ce Zz | 22 _ Net assets or fund balances Subtract line 21 from line 20 10,381,956] 9,691,956 ture Block Under penalties of penury, declare that Nave examined this return, including accompanying achedules and statements, and to the best of my knowledge and belie, ti true, corect, and complete. Declaration of preparer (other than office) is based on al information of which preparer has any knowledge bz Treas oD areeeceeee a Here » RANDY SHAW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR al a LL Paid irae FER Saae ses Preparer Ceara | rmesiterb aman sero on oo faba fon Rootes a cae Tay rem 580 BH} Form 990 (2014) Page 2 EEIEMT Statement of Program Service Accomplishments Check # Schedule O contains a response or note to any line in this Part ITT & 1 Snefly desenbe the organization's mission TO PREVENT TENANT DISPLACEMENT, PRESERVE AND EXPAND THE CITYS LOW COST HOUSING STOCK AND TO PROVIDE PROVIDING FREE LEGAL SERVICES, SECURING SRO UNITS THROUGH THE MASTER LEASE PROGRAM AND OFFERING 2__Didthe organization undertake any significant program services during the year which were nat listed on he pnorForm 990 0r990-E27 vy ts ee se et et et te see Yes FF NO 1f"¥e5," describe these new services on Schedule 0 3 Did the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes in how t conducts, any program Ch a ees er ata If "Yas," dascnbe these changes on Schedule © 4 Describe the organzation’s program service accomplishments for each ofits three largest program services, as measured by expenses Section 501(c)(3) and 503(c)(4) organizations are requires to report the amount of prants ang allocstions to athers, the total expenses, and revenue, Fany, for each program service reported ae (coue 7 (exprses$ 2308558 wauang gant ors 7 (Revere s ‘776833) SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY (SRO) HOUSING. THIS PROGRAM HAS PROVIDED SUPPORTIVE HOUSING TO HOMELESS TENANTS THROUGH ASTER LEASE RUSiDUns NAINTADY HOUSING, ERRICH THEIR SEL-RESPECT, CONFIDENCE ARD AUARENESS, PROVE QUALITY OF LIF, MINDEZE ARD’OR RESOLUE ISSUES SERVICES AGENCY OF THE CITY AD COUNTY OF SAH FRANCISCO (HSADAND SHELTER PLUS CARE FUNDING a (cove Veeperees 380,054 waka aan oF Theverie 7 ae (Cote Tperen Wire waeng or oF Tikeverae $ 380) IoW:INcoMe, exon ANO/OR DIsAuED Sat FRANCISCO TENANTS FACING EVICTION UNDER THE euis ACT ACOMMUNIY DEVELOPMENT LOCK GRANT (C36) ALS0 Funds A PORTION OF THE PROGRAM. THE PROGRAM WAS ADC OF REVENUE AD NOM REVENUE GENERATING LIGATION, aS WELL ASA See Adaiional Data ‘4d_ Other program services (Desenbe m Schedule O ) (expenses $ 41,380,920 including grants of § (Revenue $ 443,444) ‘de__Total program service expenses 26,258,478) eee. 10 a 16 y Fy Form 950 (2014) Page 3 MEM checiiist of Required Schedules ve Le rs the organzationgasenbed i section $01(6)3) or 4947(0() (other than a pnvate foundation)? 1 "es," ves pues cece eee eee eee aeeege gear eee pega =: Tetheorganzation required to complete Schedule & Schecter cantbutos (ee instractonsy? > 2 [ves Did he organzation engage indirect or ndrect plies eampaig acai on behalf orm opposition We Candidates for pubic ofce? If "es,"conplete SheduleG Pat es ee we nee 2 Sertion301(6)(3)ongntzatons, Othe erganzation engage n obbying ates, orhave a section $04(h) Ye Sisctonm est dong he ton year? He sconplete saeduee wet “ Ts the ergamzation section 501(e), 502 (eV) or 501(e6) organization that receives membership dus, Uttam, ocoumisramoatts Go acined Revenue Procedom bt 80 If Yen seonplat sohedlec, Fa en earns ee ET epee SS Lg z Di the erganzationmaintan any donor advise fds or any sma funds oF accounts for which donor have the funtte prove ygace onthe astnbuton oxmeestmentofomreunts in such fins or accounts Tes, *comelte he Schedule D, Pat IH. 6 Did he organzation receive or hold conservation easement, cling easements to preserve gpen space, = the envronment hatone lng ares, nntoe structures? f"Yen "comple sncaued, ov B's |? Di he erganzation mamta otectone of works fa stones ensures, orater sma assets? 1 "es, ; i oe ee ie cen Tn s z Dideneerganzaton repertan aroun i are X, lnc 21 for escrower custodial account laity, serve asa Cistaionfor amounts net hotadm Pre, af powaecredecounceing, dot menosemens rede enor edt | — | yas Sepotivonseroas? 1 Yan Sconpate hdl rare 1VA asa meeoemenweeresureneserseit Tg Did he organzation, director trough a elated organization hold assets mtempgrarirestnctedendewments,| 20 wo permanent endowments, or auasi-endowments? If "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part VHB... oo {the arganzatons aver to any ofthe fllowng questone i “Yes, then complete Schedule, Parts VI VI itt icorx ae epoeae Dd the erganation report an amoung friend, bung, and eaupment in Part, ine 107 : If "Yes," complete Schedule 0, PatvI@. . . . - . 1 eseaee Sees creat oe Did aneorganaation operon smoun for iavasiente~other secon in Partin 12 tate S04 oF more of its total assets reported in Part X, line 167 If "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part VII)... ww 1b No Di he erganzation report an ameurtfrinvestments~pogram related n Par Xe 13 thats Se or mor of "stot asset reported n Part line 18” If "Yo compete schol, PRT see en ue No Od he ergamzation report an amount for oher arate m Par Xn £5 that 5 ormore of taal acts i reporedim Per kine 18°10 Yoo complatesenedule, PDA sss ne ns ne (Ad e Did the organization report an amount fr other lables in Part X, ine 252 IF Yes," complet Schedule 0, Pat #3) as. T ya, Od the organzation’s separate or conslted financial statements othe tox yenr clude a fotnate that addresses the organization's liability for uncertain tax positions under FIN 48 (ASC 740)? If "Yes," complete all Eile eben a Mame cece ae ae eres tedaecnear etnies cere ee are Did he ergamzation oan separate, dependant aude financial statement forte fax yen? Hes: complee Scneduted ete Kime NT@ es ee ee ee nn se ee (A No Mas te oganaton cluded consolidated, dependent auded nancial statements arte tox yee? Tang ye "Ye,"und the pancaton nsveed Moto line se then comoltng Sees Put Xtand Mt pce 1s the organzation a schol dercrbedin section 270(0K4NA Nu? Hf Ye,complete Schedule = ss + Pay 2 Di he organzation maintain anofie, employees, or agents outside ofthe Untedstates? ss [ae No Od he organzation have aggregate revenues or expenses ofmare than $30,000 fom grentaking, indrasing Business investnent ond roam service aes outelde te Und States, oF ogureaete oer mvestnens Valued s¢'$200,000 se move? If "Yees copie Schedule PceT andiV se as 1 No Didsheorganzaton report on Part, column (A, ne 3, more than $5,000 of grants arate assistance oor a forany regh organisation 17 Ye, “comple Schedule Fs If and 15 2 Did she orgamzatonrepert on Parti, calm (A, ine 3, more than $5,000 ofagprgate grants or ather i Sosstonce too for reign mass TfYoa complete Snenle Pets ITF ane Tvs a Did he organsation report atl of more than $25,000 of expenses fr preeesiona undrting services on Par) ay we Pu cele ah inee Sand Lies 1 -fost canpte Sonate Rae (eee netuctone) Did the erganzation reper mre than $25,000 total of findrasing event gross mcome and conbitons an Part ; ittrnes ean a9 10s complete SoesuleG Pat ft nen ans some en cont i he ovganzation report mere then $25,000 of gross income fom gaming tutes on Port Vth ne 83717 |-ap wo ene ee id the erganzation operate one ormore hsp facie? 1 Yes, "comple Schedule # a We 11°ves" to ine 208, di the organzation attach a copy ofits audited franca statements to ts return? = See ae BRE g ” ee ee ee Form 990 (2014) Page 4 EEREM Checklist of Required Schedules (continued) Did the organization report more then $5,000 of grants or other assistance to any domestic organization or a Wo domestic government on Part IX, column (A), ine 1? If Yes,"complete Schedule, Pats Tand If. Did the organization report more than $5000 of grants or other assistance to or for domestic individuals on Part | 99 Y 1%, column (A), line 27 If "Yes," complete Schedule , Parts Land tll +s «+ + Z Did the organization answer "Yes" to Part VII, Section A, line 3,4, or 5 about compensation ofthe organization's ie current and former officers, directors, trustees, Key employees, and highest compensates employees? 1? “Yes,” | 23 (cine Schade Jct eee id the organization have a tax-exempt bond issue with an outstanding principal amount of more than $100,000 as ofthe last day of the year, that was issued ater December 32, 2002? If “Yes, answer lines 240 through 24d : and complete ScheduleK.TF"Nie,"gotoline258 5 st ss ee te te ts 2a le Did the organization invest any proceeds of tax-exempt bonds beyond a temporary period exception? 3 YF f porary p a ab id the organization maintain an escrow account ather than a refunding escrow at any time dunng the yar tadefeose ony tox-exempt bonds? ve se ee te tee tet ee et oo BME id the organization act az an "on behalf of issuer for bonds outstanding at any time during the year? . «| 2a ‘Section 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), and 501(c)(29) organizations. 01d the organization engage in an excess benefit transaction with @ disqualified person during the year? If "Yes,"complete Schedule, Part? s+ + 250 No 1s the organization aware that it engaged in an excess benefit transaction with @diequalifed person in a prior year, and that the transaction has not been reported on any of the organization's prior Forms 930 or 980-E27 1f | 256 No "Yes,"complete Schedulel, Parte ee et tt et Did the organization report any amount on Part X, line 5, 6, oF 22 for receivables from or payables to any current or former oficers, directors, trustees, key employees, highest compensated employees, or disqualified persons? | 26 ne 11 "Yes," complete Schedule , Par It Did the organization provide a grant or other assistance to an officer, sirector, trustee, key employee, substantial Cntributor or employee therect, a grant selection committee member, or toa 35% controlled entity rami | 27 No ‘member of any of these persons? If "Yes," complete Schedule, Pat TIT. + vt tte \Wae the organization 2 party to 2 business transaction with one ofthe following partes (see Schedule L, Parc1V Instructions for applicable fing threshelds, conditions, and exceptions} | current or former officer, director, trustee, or key employee? If "Yes,"complete Schedule L, Part wv 2ea No | family member of a current or former officer, director, trustee, or key employee? If "Yes," 7 complete Schedulel, Part IV. es ee te te te te ee 28 ° An entity of which a current or former officer director, trustee, or key employee (or 3 family member thereof) was x fan officer, director, tristee, or direct or indirect owner? If "Yes, "complete Schedule Part IV" +» 26 ° id the organization receive more than $25,000 innon-cash contnbutions? If "Yes,"complete Schedule . . | 2g No id the organization receive contnbutions of ar, historical treasures, or other similar assets, or qualified : conservation contributions? If "Yes,"complete Schedule vv ve vt tw ts 30 e Did the organization liquidate, terminate, or dissolve and cease operations? If "Yes," complete Schedule N, part? a No Did the organization sell, exchange, dispose of, or transfer more than 25% of ts net assets? If "Yes," complete Z Scheduien,PatI vv se we es te te te te 2 re Did the organization own 100% of an entity disregarded as separate rom the organization under Regulations = Sections 301 7701-2 and 301 7701-3? If "Yes,"complete Schedule, Part. ss ses 33 Was the organization relates to any tax-exempt or taxable entity? If “Yee,” complete Schedule R, Prt 11, ITT, 1¥, = and Peeve ee ee et eB Le id the organization have @ controlled entity within the mesning of section $12(DK3) a ee 1fYes'to ine 35a, dd the organization receive any payment from or engage in any transaction with a controlled | 555 tetity within the meaning of section 512(b)(13)? 1f "Yes," complete Schedule R, Part V,line2 «= ‘Section 501(c)(3) organizations. Did the organization make any transfers to an exempt non-chantable relate i. organization? If "Yes," complete Schedule R, PotV,Ne2 = ve tv et wt ee 26 : Did the organization conduct more than 5% ofits activities through an entity that is nat a related organization iz and thats treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes? Jf "Yes," complete Schedule, Pat Vi 3) | 37 id the organization complete Schedule O and provide explanations in Schedule O for Pert VI, lines 11b and 197 y. Note. All Form 990 filers are requiredto complete ScheduleO-. = - s+ es 7 ss 3a | vee eae rane. Form 990 (2014) Page 5 Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance Ye [ve tn Enterthe number reported in Box 3 of Form 1096 Enter-O- fnot applicable . «| ta ey b Enterthe numberof Forms W-26 included inne 4a Enter-0: fot applicable [Hb € id the organization comply with backup wthholding rules for eportable payments to vendors and reportable Sasa Gamba aiianes es ce emerge ar nea vee ene cee earners | aes ve 2a Enter the number of employees reported on Form W3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements, ed forthe colander yeer ending wth or tn the Year covered Hetero ieee ae aroma LP 307 brat tect one 1s rportad on ne 20, i the orpenantion fl ll required federal arployment tx turn? | Note. If the sum of lines 12 and 2a 1s greater than 250, you may be required to e-file (see instructions) Ee 32 Did the organization have unrelated business gross income of$3,000 or more during the year? « = No b 1f°Ye6,"hae i fled a Form 990-1 forth year "ho"toline 3b, proviean explanation n Schedule... 3b dis Atany ume during te calandar year, did the organization have an interest in ora signature or other authonty i eee neta uine site wage came) See instructions for fng requirements or # CEH Form 174, Repor of Foreign Bank ond Finavciai Recounts ‘roan Se Wins the organcatn a party tea profited ax shear transaction at any tne during th tax yaar? & we Did any taxable party notify the organization that twas oris a party to a prohibited tx shelter transaction? — gy No se 2 oes the organization have annua goss receipts that are normaly greater than $100,000, and did the rs Ne crpanzntion sei any contnbutons that wore not tex deductbe as chantable centnbuton? es b 1f-Ves7 did the organzation mciude wth every solicitation an express statement that such contrbutions or gis ttre otto Seduce & 7 Orgeniations that ray receive dedutiie cont ibtions under section 170(¢). 2 id the organcation receive a payment n excess of§75 mace partly asa coninbution and party forgoods and | 7a No famcespondedtothepyer Cnn ten tt ee en nn enn ee b 1f-Ves7 did the organization noty the donor ofthe value ofthe goods arservces povided? ss. € Dud the organcation sel, exchange, orothermse dispose of tangible personal property for which it was required to hl eregzeng ese ere ee ee [ioe No 4 1f-Ves7 indieate the number ofForins 6282 fied dunng the yenr ss 4 idtheorpanaation racene any fnds, directly or mdirecty to pay premiums on a persons benefit f bid the orgenaation, dunng the year, pay premiums, directv or maectv, on a personal benef contact?” . [7 No 4. ifthe organczation received a contnbution of qualified intellectual property, ci the organtaton file Form 8899 a6 fequred 10 bh Ifthe organization racervad contnbuton of cas, boss, aplanes or ether vehicle, dd the erpancaton Sl & 8 Soonsorng orpanizations meintlning donor advied funds. Sida donaracrised find mantaned bythe sponconng organization have excess business holdings a any me 9% id the sponsonng orgmiation make any taxable distributions under section 49667... 35 b Did the sponsonng organcation make a distribution toa doner, donor advisor orrelted person?» Ob 10 Section 501(6)(7) organizations. Enter 4 Iniuation fees and ceptal contributions included on Part VINI, tine 12... = [400 b Gross receipts, ncled on Form 990, Part VIII ine 12, for publ use ofctub [0b Seamer 14 section 501(6)12) omanzations. Enter Grose ncomefrommenbersorsharaholders 2 2 se [tn b Gross mncome rom ather sources (Do not net amounts due or pad other sources Sunmstamounte ue orrecervedtomthem) re et essen ee [Ab 125 Section 4947(a)(1) non-exempt charitable trusts {s the organization ing Form $80 in leu of Form 10417 | az Wb Uf-Ye5 enter the amount of taxcexempt interest received or accrued during the oe 22 13. Section 501(0(29) qualified nonprofit health insurance eters Te the organzaton heansed to sua qualiied henth plans n move than one state? Note. See the instructions for additional information the organization must report on Schedule O satel b enter the amount ofreseres the ergemznton is rured to maintain by the states tnvmch te orgormaionehcensed to eaue quated heath pane =e ne | 30 € Enterthe amountofreserves onmand sv ee es Late 1a Did th orgarzntion racrve any payments for mdsor fanning services unng the tax yaar? - sss No b_1f*Ves7 has i fled a Form 720 to resortthese payments? If No" prewde an explanation m Schedule.» | 3b eee. Form 990 (2014) Page 6 [ERY Governance, Management, and Disclosure For each "Yes" response to Ines 2 through 7b below, and fora ‘ho response to lines 82, 8b, oF 10b below, describe the circumstances, processes, or changes in Schedule ©, See instructions, Check Schedule 0 contains a response or note to any line n this Part VI F ‘Section A. Governing Body and Management Yes | No 4s Entarthe number voting members ofthe governg body attheendotthetae | | If there are materaldiferences in voting nghts among members ofthe governing body, orf the governing body delegated broad authonty to an executive committee ‘or similar committee, explain in Schedule O bb Enter the number of voting members included in ine 12, above, who are independent. eet et te ee » 8 2. Didany officer, rector, trustee, or key employee have a family relationship ora business relationship mth any other oficer, director, trustee, orkey employee? ve ve er ee ee ee et ee LR No 3. Didthe organization delegate control over management duties customarily performed by or under the direct 5 i supervision of eficers, directors or trustees, or key employees to a management company or ether person? 4 Did the organization make any significant changes to its governing documents since the prior Form 990 was ede see eee eee saree 4 No 5. Didthe organization become aware dunng the year ofa significant diversion ofthe organization's assets? 3 No 6 Didthe organization have members orstockholéers? . . 2 se ve ee ee ee LB No 7a Did the organization have members, stockholders, or other persons who had the power to elect or appoint one or mare members ofthe governingbody? ve ee ev eet ee ee ee eee | TO No bb Are any governance decisions of the organization reserved to (or subject to approval by) members, stockholders, | 7b No for persons other than the governing body? 8 Didthe organization contemporaneously document the meetings held or wntten actions undertaken during the year By he following iy ita covering beds seg eg | eal tres bb Each committee with authonty to act on behalfofthe governing body? - - . - . - . . - + [ab | Yes 9 Is there any officer, director, trustee, or key employee listed n Part VII, Section A, who cannot be reached atthe organization’ mailing address? If "Yee," provide the names and addressez in Schedule ws ss >| 8 No Section B. Policies (This Section B requests information about policies not required by the Internal Revenue Code.) Yes | No 108 1d the organization have local chapters, branches, orafiiates? . 2. es ee ee [my No bb 1f"Ves," aid the organization have wntten policies and procedures governing the activities of such chapters, atfiiates, and bronches to ensure their operations are consistent withthe organization's exempt purposes? 0b 4a Has the organization provided a complete copy of tis Form 990 to all members ofits governing body before filing the form? sa | es bb Deseribe in Schedule O the process, any, used by the organization to reviewthis Form 990... + 42a Did the organization have a wnitten conflict of interest policy? If No,"gotoline 13... + 2 es aaa | Yes b Were oficers, directors, or trustees, and key employees required to disclose annually nterests that could give nea Ko cnficka eee a see ciche gece sat rah aga eee eames | able € Did the organization regularly and consistently monitor and enforce compliance with the policy? If "Yes,"descnbe ImSchedule Ohow thie was done 2 sv et vt te tt te tte te ee of B26] Yes 43. Did the organization have a wnitten whistleblower policy? vs se + ve vee ee + [aa | Yer. 44 Did the organization have a wntten document ratention and destruction policy? . . . ss . . « « [aa] Yes 15. Did the process for determining compensation ofthe folloming persons include ® review end approval by Independent persons, comparability data, and contemporaneous substantiation of the delizeration and decision? 1 The organization's CEO, Executive Director, oF top management official ase| yes b Other officers or key employees ofthe organization © 2 ee we ee 150 | Yes If"Ve5" to line 15a or 15b, descnbe the process in Schedule O (see instructions) 46a. 1d the organszation invest in, contribute assets to, or participate in a joint venture or similar arrangement with 2 tieabfa encey dni tha yoarge 1 ci ese wie epee eet ceo eae | aaa No bb 1f"Ve5," aid the organtzation follow a written policy or procedure requinng the organization to evaluate ts Dartiepation in int venture arrangements under epplicable federal tex law, and take steps to safeguard the organization's exempt status withrespect to such arrangements? ee st ts te ss | 6 ‘Section C. Disclosure ¥7 List the States with which e copy of this Form 980 w required to be NledmCA 48 Section 6104 requires an organization to make ts Form 1023 (or 1024 \fapplicable), 990, and 990-1 (SOi(e) Gisonly) avaliable for public inspection Undieate how you made these avaiiable Check ali that apply Townwebsite F Another's website F Upon request I” Other (explain in Schedule 0) 19 Describe in Schedule 0 whether (and f so, how) the organization made its governing documents, conflict of Interest policy, and financial statements available to the public dunng the tax year 20 State the name, address, and telephone number ofthe person who possesses the organization's books and records PUNY TANG: 126 HYDE STREET SAN FRANCISCO,CA 94102 (415) 885-3286 aerate Form 990 (2014) Page 7 [REIEWE Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors Check Schedule O contains a response ornote to any lineinthis Part. + 1 + + + + ee ee ee Section A. Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees Ta Complete this table forall persons required tobe listed Report compensation for the calendar year ending wth or within the organization '¢ List al of the organization’ current officers, rectors, trustees (whether individuals or organizations), regardless of amount ‘of compensation Enter -0~ in columns (D),(E), and (F) ne compensation was paid ‘¢List al ofthe organization’ eurrent key employees, f any See instructions for definition of “key employes” ‘List the organization’ five eurrent highest compensated employees (other than an officer, director, trustee or key employee) whe received reportable compensation (Box 5 of Farm W-2 and/or Box 7 of Form 1099-MISC) af more than $100,000 Fem the ‘organization end any related organizations {List al of the organization’ Former oficers, key employees, or highest compensated employees who received more than $100,000, of feportable compensation rom the organization and any related organizations ‘List all ofthe organization’ Former directors or trustees that received, in the capacity as a former director or trustee ofthe organization, more than $10,000 of reportable compensation from the organization and any related organzations List persons in the following order individual trustees or directors, institutional trustees, officers, Key employees, highest ‘compensated employees, and former such persons T Check this box ifneither the organization nor any related organization compensated any current officer, director, or trustee @ © @ © © Nome'sve Tie verge | postion Genat check | reporabie | Reporabie | cstimnted feurper_ |mavethen one bescuniess | compencaton | compensation | smeuntet west (iet | "porsomeotvanomeer | “°nomtne.” | ‘tomreteted’ | “eter frees be we} ue'ayzosa: | (weanioss: |“ nomtne omemorcens (92) 1818 Bala| wise) | wise) | omemmeon Below es 218 Is Oz |z ‘and related wtavine [EBLE TF AB ES a ae 3 FZ i t : Tamera i rave Day i. Capea ETO i OT WT Te Cyne Soar cd (a ERE CET i ta ms ST = Coren Te 7 (ise aL = caesar Form 990 (2014) Page 8 [EER section a orricers, Directors, Wustaes, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees conamueD) @ © © © © amend Tie averase | Postion aonotcheck | Reportasie | Reportable | estimated tours per |morethanone boys uness | compensation | compensation | amount of eter tek (ist | "persons both an ofier fromthe.” | “tomrelsted’ | ‘compensation inytous | “inde directornreste) | oxgenzntion (w- | orgenzauons w-| “irom the Ce Ta] 2it099-Mise) |2/2093-MISC) | organeaton ona cnenmtone|@2 [3 [2B fe |e reites veiw (2e 1218 le (Eg [2 ergenatons aateaine, [88 [8 |* § BE lk 8/2] ig eeele | ies FUE 3 é E hese eae aa Total from continuation sheetstoPartVII,SectionA ss =P etal (eed nasa ag) | aa 7 J 2 Tota numberof navidots (cluding But not ied to tose Ista above) who recewed more han $100,000 a reportable campensation fom the organization Yes [No 3 oid the oranzation st any former ofice, director or trustee key employee, orhghestcompensetedemplovee Online a7 It Yens complete Schale tersuchindvidual sn se ss wesw state |g a 4 Forany indvicual sted on ne 19,15 the um of reportable compensation and other compensation fromthe orgenitaton and late orgamzationsgreter than $180,500" 17 "Yes" compete Schedule Yor such 5 Didany person sted online 18 rece or accrue compensation rom ay unrelated organization or individual for services randeradto the orgenization” I "es, "complte Schedule Yorsuch pewot srw te sss | g ‘A Section B. Independent Contactors 7 Complete ths table or your hve highest compensated independent contactor tha aceved nove than #100,000 of ompensation fom the organization Report compensation forthe calendar year ending wth or thin te organization's x year @ @ © ae on Ns times exrgatsavees | conitnon 2 Total number of ndependent contractors (including but not imiked fo U {$100,000 of compensation fom the organization PO hose Tasted above) who received more than eee. Form 990 (2014) Page® ‘Statement of Revenue Check if Schedule O contains a response or note to any line inthis Part VItL c yy Total revenue @), exemot function ‘O. Unrelated business o excluded from sections jar Amounts Contributions, Gifts, Grants = a & ie Federated compaians 1 Membership dues... sab Fundraising events... de Related orgenizations . . . ad ovement grants (conrtutors) te 19730457 tomer cotmbutors, ais, gaes, and af 51258 "mar amounts nt cluded above wire Total Add lines 2 v Program Sernce Revere see Business Code [Ailother program service revenue Total. Adggiines 2-27. ss 1 7 Other Revenue 7m 108 Tnvestment income (including dividends, interest, fandother similar amounts) vs ee we come tom wvestmet of tax-exempt bord proceeds || Royalties» 2 ee See (Real (Personal Gross rents rte Net rental income or(loss) sss (secuntes (Woter, ‘am or (oss) Net gamor(loss)- 7 = 7 ee Gross income from funeraising events (not ielusing 5 of Zontnibutions reported on line 1) SeePartiV,line18. Less directexpenses . 6. | Net income or (loss) from fundraising events ~~ GGross income from gaming actiities SeePoreiv,linelS ss Less directexpenses . . = Net income oF (loss) from gaming activities > Gross sales of inventory, less retume and allowances Less costofgoods sold». b Net income or (loss) from sales of inventory - => Miscellaneous Revenue Busmens Code Tie MISCELLANEOUS INCOME 37005 Ailetherrevenue Total, Add lines 112-214 Total revenue. See Instructions» ss. sof eee: > pe cue amounts reported on ins ee mes eee] aos 7M, 9, and 10b of Part VET. Idisatanaieutl expenses | generalexpenses | expenses. reported in column (B) joint costs froma combined educational campaign and fundraising solicitation Check here ® [-iffellowng SOP 96-2 (ASC 958-720) eee. Form 990 (2014) TEESE Balance Sheet Page a4 Eenaseco nese eyee cn aynenustns w ® aegimingotyear| | _endotyesr 2 Gestcnonnbenstbeng sss ys se 2osns6s| a S085 2 Savings andtamporarycashimvestmeats ot 2 5 ee 3 5 Loans and other acevabis tor current and formar fcr, actors, trustees, key tmployees, and nghest compensated employees ‘Complste Part It of i 5 6 Loans and other recevabes ftom other disqualited persons (as defined under section 1550(nta)y persons describes mn section 4950(¢\SN), ond contnbutng employers thd sponsonng argentine of section 5019) welumary employees beneheary - Stgemaatons (see instructions) Complete Pari of Schedule L z ‘ g Notes and loans receivable, net 7 198,300 = 8 Inventories for sale or use Seeeeee iereeu eerste termite 8 ; en aa 9 ma 300 Land, buldngs, and equpment costo other basis Complete Part VI of Schedule D 10a 9,937,208) [ Scns soe[—azcowro] ——serares| oe | sera a1 tnvestments-publiely traded secunies rn 32 tnvestmentomothersecuntes SeePartIV,lnei1 ss ss Taal 42 7 as gee pared Sere Winei | a . oe ry 36 _ Total mots. AGd ies 1 thragh 15 (mustequeliie 34) = vs ss ‘eas oe] a6 | Tasers 7 Account payabe ed accra expensce tr areaeneencaerae ‘zao| a7 Treot . oe 38 one 2. 2S Vane 20 ag |2t Escrow orcustodal account habilty Complete Part IV of Schedule D. - Taare] a Tar 2 22 Loans and other payables to current and former officers, directors, trustees, H |” Keycmpioyess: mpbent componcated crployees, ond Gsqlond 2 ee 2 Fi Jas secured mortgages ond notes peyble to unaates third parte. wea 25 reas 24 Unsecured notes andlouns payable to mated Whrdparoes oss 28 25 Otherhiabites(ncuding federal come tax, payables to elated td partes, nd other tabiites not cluded on ines 17-24) Complete Par X of Schedule Hee ate ra sere a) ale cake senonel 25 1408 26 _ Tota iabltien dines 17 ough 25, Toeaos0| a6 0100 e Orsenzations that follow SFAS 117 (ASCO58), chock have PF and opt 3 lines 27 though 29, and lines 32 and 38 & |27 Unrestricted net assets 10,381,956] 27 9,691,956, BH |2 Temporary reatnetsdnetesses 28 ee 2 2 Orgenzatons that dno follow SFAS 117 (ASC 958), check here B [and . Complete lines 30 through 34 S |20 capital stock ortrust principal, or current funds 2. 2 ws 20 Bla seer enc ie ume st 3 [sa ketamed esrngs, endowment, accumulated income, or other hinds 32 |x Toralastossets ormnabslences se ee ee ee Tassie 33 rey = |34 Total habilties and net assets/fund balances... fees 14,026,008] 34 14,192,976 ey TET Form 990 (2014) Page 12 EERIEST Reconciliation of Net Assets Check t Schedule © contain &Fespense oF note te any nen ths Par XT r 1 Total revenue (must equal ParVII,column(A)/me22) ev ee 2 Totalexpenses (must equal PartTX, column (AI,lne25) «ve we ee 2 29,069,407 3 Revenueloss expenses Subtract ine 2 Fomine se ee 3 693,581 4. Netassetsorfund balances a beginning of ear (must equal Par X, ne 33, column (A)) 4 10,363,956 5 Netunresized gams (losses) onimvestments 6 6 ve ee 5 301 6 Donatadserices andre offclites 6 s Pivemcenm 8 Procpenad ssustments ® 9 otherchanges in net assets orfund balances (explain nSeheduleO) ©. ve we ° a 10 Nat assats or fund balances at and of year Combine ines 3 through 9 (must equal Part, he 33, Slur (8) 10 9691,956 [EEG Financia Statements and Reporting Cheek SeneduleO contains a response ornate tony line mthis PartXIE ss ss vs ee Yes [No 1. Accounting method used to prepare the Form 990 [Cash FF Accrual Mother {ihe organization changed ts method of accounting fom @ anor year or checked “Other expN TO Scheele 2a Were the organzatin’s nance statements complied or reviewed by an independent accountant? 2 No 1f'¥es,"check a box below te indicate whether the financial statements for the year were compiled or reviewed on a separate basis, consolidated basis, or both F separate basis Consolidated basis [Both consolidated and separate basis 1b Were the organization's hnenciel stetements audited by en independent accountant? 2» | ves 1f-Yes,"check a box below to indicate whether the financial statements forthe year were audited on a separate basis, consolidate basis, orboth Fseporate basis Consolidated basis” Both consolidated and separate besis € If*Ve5," to line 22 oF 2b, does the organization have a committee that assumes responsibility for oversight ofthe| ‘audit, review, or compilation of ts nancial statements end selection af an independent eccauntant? 2e | ves Ifthe organrzation changed either its oversight process or selection process dunng the tax year, explain in Senedule 0 ‘38 As a result ofa federal aviard, vas the organization required to undergo an audit or audits as set forth in the Single AuditActandOMBCWeularA‘1337 vt es et et ee te ee 3a | ves bb 1f"¥es," aid the organvzation undergo the required audit or audits? Ifthe organvzation didnot undergo the 3b | Yes required auditor suc, explain why in Schedule O and desenbe any steps taken to undergo such audits eee reer! Additional Data 94-2681706 TENDERLOIN HOUSING CLINIC INC Form 990, Part I1T - Line 4c: Program Service Accomplishments (See the Instructions) (cous VExpenses § ___6s076 Treluaing grants of § ViRevenue $ 7 JcomMUNITY ORGANIZING AND OUTREACH THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES THE CENTRAL CITY SRO COLLABORATIVE (COLLABORATIVE), CODE ENFORCEMENT OUTREACH PROGRAM (CEOP), LA VOZ LATINA OE LA CIUDAD CENTRAL (LA VOZ), JAND RESIDENTIAL RENT STABILIZATION & ARBITRATION BOARD OUTREACH (RENT BOARD) FUNDING FOR THIS PROGRAM IS FROM CONTRACTS AND GRANTS FROM LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. THE FOLLOWING CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO AGENCIES FUND THIS PROGRAM. DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING INSPECTION, MAYOR'S OFFICE OF HOUSING AND JComMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND THE SAN FRANCISCO RENT BOARD THE COLLABORATIVE, CEOP AND RENT BOARD PROGRAMS PROVIDE COMMUNITY OUTREACH, COUNSELING AND TENANT ORGANIZING TO SRO AND LOW-INCOME RESIDENTS OF SAN FRANCISCO THE COLLABORATIVE OPERATES & TENANT REPRESENTATIVE PROGRAM AT VARIOUS SRO MOTELS TO ENHANCE STABILITY IN THE HOTELS AND ADDRESS RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY CONCERNS TENANT REPRESENTATIVES, WITH THE HELP OF THE ORGANIZATION’S COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS, CONDUCT REGULAR MEETINGS AND RESPOND TO TENANT CONCERNS LA VO2 ENGAGES AND EDUCATES LATINO AND IMMIGRANT FAMILIES LIVING IN THE [TENDERLOIN COMMUNITY OF SAN FRANCISCO (Code ViEspenses § 20,760 Tneluding arante of ViFevenue $ seeae) JcALVIN APARTMENTS THE ORGANIZATION OWNS AND MANAGES A STUDIO APARTMENT BUILDING NAMED IN HONOR OF JSiSTER SERNIE GALVIN OF RELIGIOUS WITNESS WITH HOMELESS PEOPLE Form 990, Part III - Line 4c: Program Service Accomplishments (See the Instructions) (cous VExpenses $6900 Tneluing grants of § )iRevense $ 7 RELATED TO SAN FRANCISCO (coe VExpenses $__maisee Treluaing grants oF& VRevenue ores) IrRANSITIONAL HOUSING SERVICES THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES THE NEW ROADS SUBSIDY PROGRAM (NEW ROADS),NEW HORIZONS TRANSITIONAL HOUSING PROGRAM (NEW HORIZONS) AND COLLABORATIVE COURTS PROGRAM FUNDING FOR [THis PROGRAM 1S FROM CONTRACTS WITH THE APD ANO SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF JsaN FRANCISCO NEW ROADS PROVIDES RENTAL SUBSIDIES, FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND/OR SUPPORTIVE SERVICES TO HOMELESS PAROLEES IN ORDER TO OBTAIN AND RETAIN PERMANENT HOUSING NEW HORIZONS PROVIDES UP TO 12 MONTHS OF CLEAN AND SOBER TRANSITIONAL HOUSING AND HOUSING PLANNING ASSISTANCE TO PAROLES THE JcoLLABORATIVE COURTS PROGRAM PROVIDES SHORT-TERM STABILIZATION HOUSING AND HOUSING PLANNING JASSISTANCE TO SAN FRANCISCO SUPERIOR COURT CLIENTS [efile GRAPHIC print DO NOT PROCESS [As Filed Data — | ‘DLN: 93493078005106] : - % fone Ne 1545-0087 SCHEDULE A Public Charity Status and Public Support (Form 980 oF $8062) | complete it the organization i section 501(0)(3) organization ors section 4947(2)(1) onexempt chaitsble trast > attach to Form 990 or Form 990-2, > information about Schedule A (rorm 990 or 990-£2) ants instructions i at en rs. forms90 ‘Namo of the organization Employer Wentification number 94:2681706 MEEEIEA_Reason for Public Charity Status (All organwatons must complete ths part.) See instructons. ‘The organdation fs not a private foundation Because tie (Forlines | trough 11, check only one Bor ) 1 [7 Acchuren, convention of churches, or association of churches described in section 170(6)(3)(A)(H). 2 TA schoo! described in section 170(b)(2)(A)(H) (Attach Sehedule E ) 3 TA hospital ora cooperative hospital service organization described in section 170(B)(4)(A)(Hi)- 4 FA medical research organization operated in conunction witha hospital described in section 170(b)(1)(A)(U). Enter the hospitals name, city, and state —_ 5 [7 Anorganization operated forthe Benefitofa college or university owed or operated By @ governmental unl descnbed Ih section 170(6)(2)(A)(Wv). (Complete Pert It) 6 TA tederal, state, or lncat government or governmental unit described in section 170(b)(2)(A)(W)- 7 F Anerganization that normally receives @ substantial part of ts support from @ governmental unt or from the general public eseribed in section 170(B)(4)(A)(vi). (Complete Part II) @ [A community rust described in section 70(b)(4)(A)(ui) (Complete Part 11 ) 9 7 Anerganzation that normally receives. (1) more than 331/3% of ts support from contributions, membership fees, and gross receipts from activites related to its exempt functions —subyect to certain exceptions, and (2) no more than 331/3% of Ite support from gross investment income and unrelated business taxable income (less section $11 tax) from businesses acquired by the organization after June 30, 1975 See section 505(a)(2). (Complete Part 111 ) 10 Anorganzation organized and operated exclusively to test for pubic safety See section 509(a)(4). 11 F_ Anorganzation organized and operated exclusively for the benef of, to perform the functions of, oF to carry out the purposes of tone or more publicly supported organizations described in section $09(a)(1) or saction S09(a)(2) See section 509(a)(3). Check. the Box in lines Ta through 116 that describes the type of Supporting arganization and complete ines Tle, 11f, and 119 2 PF _ Type L.A supporang organization operated, supervised, or controled by its supported organization(s), typically by giving the stpported organization(s) the power to regularly appoint or elect a majority of the directors or trustees of the supporting organization You must complete Part IV, Sections A and b [Type it. A supporting organization supervised or controlled m connection wath its supported organization(s), by having control or management of the supporting organization vested in the same persons that control or manage the supported organization(s) You ‘must complete Part IV, Sections A and C ¢ [7 Type 111 Functionally integrated. A supporting organization operated in connection with, and functionally integrated with, ts stpparted organization(s) (see instructions) You must complete Part IV, Sections A, D, and E 4 [Type TIT non-unctionally integrated. A supporting organization operated m connection mth its supported organization(s) that 1s not functionally integrated The organization generally must satisty a distribution requirement and an attentiveness requirement (see instructions) You must complete Part IV, Sections A and D, and Part V- ¢ F_ Check this box i the organzation received a written determination from the IRS that it a Type I, Type IL, Type ILI functionally integrated, o Type It non fnetnay iterated supperingorgezation Enter the number of supported organizations == sve eee ee ee ee eee ° Provide the following information about the supported orgenzation(s) ‘(ivame of supported Ew Gli) Type of —_] (WW) Te the organization (wAmount of] _(w) Amount at frganization organization | listed in your governing | monetary support | other support (see (described on ines document? (See nstructions) | ~ instructions) B-8 above or IRC section (see instructions) Yes No Totar For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 990 or 990EZ. Cat No 11205F ‘Sehedule A orm 6007 soz) 2014 ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-€Z) 2014 Page 2 (EETINTE Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Sections 170(b)(4)(A)(iv) and 170(b)(4)(A)(vi) (Complete only if you checked the box on line 5, 7, or 8 of Part I or if the organization failed to qualify under Part IIT. If the organwzation fails to qualify under the tests listed below, please complete Part IIT.) Section A. Public Support ‘alendar year (or fical year beginning i> 1 Gis, grants, contabutions, and membership fees received (D0 hotinelude any "unusual grants") 2 Tax revenues levied forthe organization's Benefit and either paldto or expended on its behalf 3. Thevalue of services or facies furnished by a governmental unit te the organization without charge 4 Total, Add ines 2 through 3 Taras] aera] irae] tans] tava] aoe 5. The portion of total contributions by each person (other than a governmentsl unt or publicly Supported organization) included fn line 1 that exceeds 2% ofthe ‘mount shovin an line 11, column © 6 Public support. Subtract line 5 Section 6. Total Support ‘alendar year (or fiscal year aS: (@2010 | (ey2011 (2012 (2013 | (ey2014 (Total 7 Amounts from line 4 Tarneed race] —_i7seaisa| tapas] ravenna] oo.a207 8 Gross income from interest, dividends, payments received on Secunties loans, rents, royalties aa764 25,194 sa,sr 2,59 s9,703 201,796 {nd income from simier 9 Netincome from unrelated business activities, whether oF not the business is regularly, carried on 10 Other income Do not include {gain or loss from the sale of aso] | co. soo ro. 205.622 capital assets (Explain in Part es e vn) 11 Total support Ad lines 7 through 10 12 Gross receipts from related activities, ate (eee instructions) 2 46,651,199 33 Fist five years. If the Form 990 1s forthe organvzation’s frst, second, third, fourth, or fifth tax year as a section SOI(ET) organization, check this box ond stop here cece es psa ee ae TaSeE ait ‘Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage Ta Public eupport percentage for 2014 (ine 6, column (f) divided by line 21, colurnn (fH) ™ 99 540% 45 Public support percentage for 2013 Schedule A, Part II, ime 14 roy 99 560% 362 331/34% support test—2014. Ifthe organization did not check the box on line 13, and line 14 12 23 1/39% or more, check ths Box: ‘and stop hore. The organization qualifies as 9 publicly supported organization > bb 33:1/2% support test—2013. Ifthe organization did not check a box on ine 13 or 16a, and lie 15 v= 23 1/3% or more, check ths box and stop here. The organization qualifies as a publicly eupparted organization > 17a 10%facts-and-circumstances tast—2014. If the organization didnot chack a box on line 13, 16a, or 16b, and line 14 's 10% or more, andifthe organization meets the Tacts-and-eircumstences” test, check this box ond stop here. Explain tn Pare VI howthe organization mests the “facts-and-circumstances” test Tha organrzation qualifies as 3 publicly supported organization a bb 10%-facts-and-circumstances test—2013. Ifthe organization did not check a box online 13, 16a, 166, or 17a, and line 1516 109% or more, and ifthe organization meets the “Toets-and-eircumstances” test, check this box ond stop here. Explain m Part VI how the organization meets the "acts-and-circumstances” test The organization qualifies a= 8 publicly t 2010 | q2011 | c@z012_ | 2013 | cerz01¢ | cntotal ar supported organization ae 48 Private foundation. 11 the organization did nat check a box on line 13, 162, 16b, 172, or 17b, check this box and see instructions Ae ieee eae ‘Schedule A (Form 990 oF 990-EZ) 2014 Page 3 WEENEMEE Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Section 509(a)(2) (Complete only if you checked the box on line 9 of Part or if the organization failed to qualify under Part II. If the organization fails to qualify under the tests listed below, please complete Part II.) ‘Section A, Public Support ‘alendar year (or fiscal year beginning i> 4 Gifts, grants, contnbutions, and membership fees received (Do not Include eny "unusual grants *) 2. Gross receipts from admissions, merchandise sold or services, Performed, or facies furnished in fny activity that i related to the organization's tax-exempt 3. Gross receipts from activities that fare not an unrelated trace or business under section $13 4 Tax revenues levied for the organization's Benefit and ether paid to or expended on its behalf 5 The value of services or facilities furnished by 2 governmental unit to the orgenation without charge 6 Total. Add ines 4 through S 7a Amounts included on lines 2, 2, and 3 received from disqualited Bersons bb Amounts included on nes 2 and 3 feceived from other than Gisqualifed persons that exceed the greater of $5,000 oF 1% of the amount online 13 forthe year © Add ines 72 and 7 8 Public support (Subtract line 7¢ fom line ‘Section 8. Total Support Calendar year (or fecal year beginning i> 9 Amounts from ine 6 108 Gross income from interest, dividends, payments received on secunties loans, rents, royalties, land income from similar b Unrelated business taxable Income (less section 511 taxes) from businesses sequired afer Sune 30, 1975 ‘Ada ines 102 and 10 11 Net income from unrelated business activities not included Inline 106, whether ornot the business 15 regulary cared on 12. Otherincome Do not include gain or lass from the sale of eapital assets (Explain in Part vy 13 Total support. (Ade lines 9, 10¢, iiandt2) 414 First ive years. 11 the Form 980 1s forthe organization's fst, Second, Hid, fourth, oF fh tax year as & Section BOA(e}(3) organization, check thie box and stop here > ‘Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage 2010 | 2011 | ceozor2 | c@2013 | ce2oia | ery total (2010 | 2011 | ce20rz_ | cay 2013_ | cerz014 | any totel TS Public support percentage for 2014 (line 8, column (F) divided by ne 13, column () 6 16 Public support percentage from 2013 Schedule A, Part III, line 25 16 ‘Section D. Computation of Investment Income Percentage T7 Investment income percentage for 2084 (ine 10c, column (f divided by line 13, column (7) 7 18 Investment income percentage from 2013 Schedule A, Part tt], lne 17 18 198 331/34% support tests—2014, If the organization dd not check the box on line 14, and line 15 1s more than 33 1/306, and ine 47 ye not ‘more than 33 1/3%, check this box and stop here. The organization qualifies as a publicly supported organization > b 331/30 support tests~2013. 1" the organization dis nat check a box on line 14 of line 19a, and line 16 is more than 33 1/3% and line 16 re not more than 23 4/3%, check this box and stop here, The organization qualifies az a publicly supported organization >r 20 Private foundation. Ifthe organvzation did not check a box on line 14, 198, or 13b, check this Box and see instructions > cee race ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-€2) 2014 Page & Supporting Organizations (Complete oniptyou checked. box online 12 of Part If you checked 11a of Pa, complete Sections A and 8 you checked Tabet Portt, compete Sections A and € Ii you checked 13¢ ofPert 1, complete Sections AD, and Ifyou checked 11d of Part, Lcomplate Sactons © and, and comglete Part mn A. All Supporting Organizations Yes [| No 1 Areaall of the organization's supported organizations listed by name inthe organization's governing documents? 17," descnbe in Part VI how the supported ergantzatins are designated. IF designated by class or purpose, describe the designation. If historic and continuing relationship, expla. 2 2 Did the organization have any supported organization that does not have an IRS determination of status under ‘ection $09(a)(1) or (2)? If "es," explain in Part VI how the organization determined thatthe supported ‘organizotion ies descnbed In section 509(aN 1) oF (2). 2 ‘38 Did the organization have 2 supported organization desenbed in section S01(c)(4), (5), or (6)? If "Yes," anzwer (&) and (c) baton a b Did the organvzation confirm that each supported organvzation qualified under section 501 (c)4), (5), or (6) and Satished the public suppor tests under section 509(a)(2)? If "Yes," describe in Part VI when and how the organization made the determination. {Did the organization ensure that all support to such organizations vas used exclusively for section 170(¢)(2B) purposes? If "Yes," explain m Part VE what controls the organization put m place fo ensure such use. 44a Was any supported organization nat organized in the United States ("foreign supported organization")? If "Yes ‘and if you checked 119.or 11b in Part I, ansver (8) and (e) Below. bb Did the organization have ultimate control and discretion in deciding whether to make grants tothe foreign Supported organization? If "Yeo," describe in Fart VI how the organ2ation had such control and discrtion despite being controlled or supervised by or connection with res supported organizations. + «¢ Did the organization support any foreign supported organzation that does not have an IRS determination under sections 504 (c)(3) and 509(a)(t) or (2)? IF "Ves, "explain n Part VE what controls the organization used to ensure {hae al Suppart tothe foragn supported organization was used exclusvaly for section 170(¢\2)(8) purpeses ‘58 Did the organization add, substitute, or remove any supported organizations during the tax year? I Yes, answer (©) and (c) below (if applicable). Also, provide deta! m Part VI, including (i) the names and EIN mumbers of the Supported organizations added, substituted, or removed, (y) the reasons foreach such action, (i) the authority under the organisations organizing document authorizing such action, and (iv) how the action was accomplished (zuch 2: By amendment tothe organizing document). 50 bb Type Tor Type IT only. Was any added or substituted supported organization part ofa class already designated in the organization's arganizing document? «¢ Substitutions only. Was the substitution the result of an event beyond the organization's control? 5 * 16 Did the organization provide support (whether inthe form of grants oF the provision of services oF feiities) to anyone other than (a) its supported organizations, (b) incividuals that are part ofthe charitable class benefited b ‘one or more ofits supported organizations, or (c) other supporting organtzations that also support or benefit one fr more ofthe fling organization's supported organizations? JF "Yes," provide detail n Part VI. 6 7 Did the organization provide a grant, oan, compensation, or other similar payment toa substantial contnbutor (defined in IRC 4958(c)(3)(C)), a famuly member ofa substantial contnbutor, ora 35-percent controlled entity ‘th regard to a substantial contnbutor? If “Yas, complete Part I of Schedule L (Form 990) z 8 Didthe organization make a loan to a disqualified person (as defined n section 4958) not described inline 77 IF "Yes," complete Far II of Schedule L (Form 990). a 98 Was the organization controlled directly or indirectly at any time during the tax year by one or more disqualified persons 22 defined in section 4946 (other than foundation managers and organvzations described in section S09 (o)(1) or (2))? 1F "Yes," provide deta m Pare VE. o bb Did one or more disqualified persons (as defined inline 9(a)) hold a controlling interest in any entity n which the supporting organization had an interest? If "Yes," provide detail in Pat VE. Dida disqualified person (as defined inline 9(a)) have an ownership interest in, or denve any personal benefit from, assets in which the supporting organization also had an interest? If "Yes,"provide detain Part VI. 200 wos the organization subyect to the excess business holdings rules of IRC 4943 because of IRC 4943(0) (regarding certain Type II supporting organzations, and all Type III non-functionally integrated supporting organizations)? 1f “Yes,” answer D below. 109 b Did the organvzation have any excess business holdings in the tax year? (Use Schedule C, Form 4720, to determine lhether the organization had excess business holdings). s0b 11 Has the organization accepted & git or contribution rom any of the following persons? 12 A person who directly or indirectly controls, ether alone or together with persons deseribed in (b) and (c) below, the governing body of @ supported organization? PH 1 & family member of a person described in (a) above? rT <¢ A 35% controlled entity ofa person described in (a) or (b) above? 1f"Yes"to., b, or, provide detain Fare vt. [Ate cee race