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Angela Garza #8

Strategy Matrix
Organizing Needs & Strategies for Intervention Purposes
Disability: Autism Spectrum Disorder Strengths: Great memory, honest, logical

Common Disability Characteristic Evidence-based Instructional or Behavioral Strategies the student

can learn to find school success
Academic a) Chaining- one step at a time and then repeating the steps
1) Processes concrete well, abstract allows for the comprehension of more abstract ideas
ideas are difficult for students with b) Graphic Organizers-translates the concept into a visual,
autism to grasp visuals make it easier to understand
2) Comprehension difficulty, a) Color Overlays- decreases sensory perceptions
understanding reading is a challenge b) Sticky Notes- Lends to understanding small portions of the
for students with autism text to comprehend the whole

Social / School (Skills) a) CAI- can teach communication skills as well as provide an
outlet for response
1) Communication difficulties-
b) Movement- doing activities where students use their body to
incomplete sentences and emotion
respond would provide more engagement and response
2) Treats people like objects, they a) Music and Rhythm- allows for social cues to develop
socialization skills
are unable to process emotional cues
b) Cooperative Learning Groups- provides students with the
opportunity to collaborate to accomplish a task
Behavior / Organization a) Behavior Specific Praise Statements - provides students with
approval of their actions to aid in the reduction of the negative
1) Repetitive object use/intense
behavior(prolonged use)
focused interest, students with autism
b) Visual Schedules- reminds students they have to move on to
perseverate on one thing another task
2) Tantrums with disrupted routines, a) Self- Monitoring- to reduce the occurrence of tantrums and be
more self aware
along with their repetitive behaviors,
b) Behavior Contracts- reduces antisocial behavior and
students with autism are used to
increases direction following
following the same routine everyday