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Starts with Human Ranger (me) and A human werewolf (Michael) as the sole survivors of a bloody battle

fighting the last of the enemy forces: a behemoth (think Goliath), an orc, and a goblin. Battle continues a
while. I manage to stab the goblin with an arrow through the chin out its head then jump and stab the
behemoth in the back with two arrows, severing a major artery. The orc runs away in fear. We see a
large fire in the distance. Orders were to finish off the enemy forces and report back to Castle City (no
town names). We walk back and stop at a small fishing village, have some food and rest in the local
barracks. We have exactly 24 hours to eat, rest, and leave. Speak to a man dressed all in black, standing
in the middle of town asking for help to retrieve his two dogs. We (I) decide that our orders are more
important than helping an old man find his dogs, but Michael assures him we will help after we report
in. Man says we have 4 days to return if we want the great reward he is offering. We continue down
road and end up walking into the night. Our stats decrease from exhaustion. All reduced by half, but +1
to perception (*not an actual stat). We see a torch approaching us on the road. We jump to either side
into bushes. It is just a little girl walking down the lane holding a torch and wearing an amulet that glows
blue. We leave her be. Soon we see 3 men in black running down the path in the direction the girl went.
We suspect they may be bandits, but are too weary and pressed for time to help. I suspect there is more
to the girl than meets the eye to be walking around so late all by herself. We come to a clearing and I
build a fire then take first watch. A rabbit hops into the clearing before I shoot it and skin/cook it. After
my 4 hour watch, I go to sleep. Bandits see our fire and come to rob us. Michael tries to sneak attack the
leader while they creep up to the campfire, and misses. I hear the commotion and wake up reaching for
my bow, but the bandits see me. One of them charges me. I let loose an arrow missing my attacker, but
catching the leader in the shoulder, dropping him. Michael fights the other bandit as I shoot the one
who ran at me point blank. I think I blew his head up or a hole in his chest; something like that. We loot
their bodies, I gain a short sword. I interrogate the leader to see if there are other bandits. No, just those
three. I order him to give us all his goods; apparently I was very intimidating because he strips naked and
runs away. I get a leather chest piece, Michael gets the blue amulet they stole from the girl. A low
rumble and trees being broken and pushed out of the way; a giant black house cat shows bursts out of
the trees. It lopes over and starts swatting at us. I shoot at its eyes, but miss both times. It throws
Michael aside then goes after me. Batting me into a tree, the tree snaps in half; I have the breath
knocked out of me, but am not seriously injured. After several ineffective jabs, Michael throws his only
spear, but misses and it breaks upon hitting another tree. He is disarmed. Michael begins to look for
something the cat might be interested in playing with. While the giant feline is occupied and facing
away, I nock an arrow and aim for its asshole; the only soft spot I can think of beside its eyes (every
blow has bounced off so far). The shot veers off. After being unable to find something for the cat to play
with, Michael runs off to find any sort of help he can. The cat turns and picks me up and starts throwing
me up and catching me over and over. The leather armor I took saves me from being bit badly when it
finally catches me and bites down. I am dropped, and hurt my legs very badly (slightly crippled -2 to Dex,
walk with a limp from now on). Michael comes across a small orc encampment where the Orc that ran
away from our initial combat is their warchief. He and about 30 orcs run after Michael screaming. The
giant black cat sprays acidic urine all over the clearing. I am able to dodge under its belly where it cant
seem to find me. After loosing another arrow directly into its stomach, to no apparent effect, it
becomes bored and tired. The cat lays down and I narrowly miss being crushed, though am trapped in a
pocket of its furry coat. The orcs burst onto the scene whereon the great cat jumps up and proceeds to
kill all of them. It grows weary of this place and wanders off. We we make it back to our encampment to
give a report, but the who place has been burnt down and there are dead bodies everywhere.
Dogs, red and black collar. We head west taking horses. We come to a large circular crevasse with an
island intact in the center. A small ball is rolling around in the center. The hole is from the back of geek
world to the highway (approx. 250 ft irl) we arent allowed to go around because woods are too thick for
horses. We tie up horses and decide to jump across. Michael fumbles and breaks both arms going down
and gets stuck. I stumble a bit but safely catch myself on way down. I then climb up to center. The small
orb speedily rolls away off the other side. I hear a splat. I jump back across to get rope. Horses all
managed to untie themselves and have run away except for one which is dead. Something killed it. I
take the rope, tie to tree, rapell down, magic bandage Michael so his arms are fixed. We climb up, him
with much difficulty. (he had to roll to grab the rope, took 4 tries) I start to cut some horse meat off for
later while mike grabs useful items from pack. We hear a huge rolling thing in the crevasse that is two
stories talls and covered in spikes. Probably the little ball creatures parent. We run away back down the
road. It get dark we set up camp immediately and I start a fire. A huge (10 story high ) red down bursts
out of the trees. Two little girls in amulet (after destroyed in fire) combine to become giant (10 story tall)
red dog. I climb up and put collar that magically expands. Dog shrinks to normal sized rotweiller. Dog
shows us way to mountain where other dog is. Dog goes giant and puts us up top. Blue and red orb
flying around fighting each other. Little girl and dog at the peak. Little girl threatens us that we must
fight the red orb if we want the dog. She shoots electric bolt at Michael. I agree to fight orb. Shoot
arrow, it goes between them. They fly to me and ask why I did that. Little girl said I had to for me to
have the dog. They vaporize the girl. Dog goes giant, crushes mountain. Michael killed in the desolation.
Giant black dog stands still. I am able to climb and put collar on. Old man in black shows up and thanks
me for helping him. I suddenly find myself in a tavern in Castle city with no memory of the last few days.
All those events have basically been erased from happening, all the dead are alive again, but I still have
xp and gear. A man walks up and says he doesnt like my face. I tell him I am sorry and must be going, he
stops me and challenges me to card duel. I draw a behemoth, a dwarf, and a leprechaun. I play
behemoth, he plays dwarf. My behemoth rips off dwarfs arm. His arm is ripped off too. Dwarf cuts the
behemoth, I am cut. Behemoth crushes dwarfs head. His head implodes. Barkeep tells me no mage card
duels in bar.

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