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Designing and
Fabricate a
Hybrid Vehicle
Department of Mechanical Engineering
1. Introduction
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Imperial Society Of Innovative Engineers are well known Society of India for organizing Motorsports
events, live projects based on Industrial training and research and publication. ISIE provides platform to
the students and the professional foe development and enhancement of their technical as well as
managerial skills. We are developing platform especially for engineering students where they can easily
face real time engineering problems and find the best solutions.
The Society has a very strong Placement and consultancy wing that has an excellent network with the top
companies of the corporate world. ISIE is committed for the development in the field of renewable
source of energy; these are the best solutions to save our environment and development for our country.
HVC an abbreviation for Hybrid Vehicle Challenge by ISIE is one of the platform to give the chance to
students to demonstrate and prove their creativity and their engineering skills in comparison to teams of
other universities or colleges around the Asia.
The objective of the competition is to design and fabricate a hybrid vehicle under ISIE design restriction.
This will help them real-world engineering design projects and other related challenges. ISIE focus to
develop interest among the engineering student towards alternative power sources, those which are the
futures of Automobiles.

The project will be conducted under the supervision of,

Mr. Amardeep
( Assistant Professor)
(Deptt. Of Mecanical Engg.)

2. Project Goal

As engineering undergraduates of IEC-CET, Our goal is to conduct a study on Hybrid technology

and ultimately design and manufacture a cost effective working model, using the knowledge
and skills of the finest undergraduate talent.

3. Objectives
To design and build a Hybrid vehicle to be presented at the event of ISIE.
To identify potential research areas related to hybrid technology and implement
upon completion of the project.
To introduce an energy-efficient way of travelling and search for other utilities of
implementing this technology.
To understand the applications of basic engineering principles learnt as a
mechanical engineering student and to improve professional and teamwork
To get hands on experience with various manufacturing methods and
engineering tools.
4. Why a Hybrid vehicle?
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The Hybrid vehicle is internationally renowned for its ability to travel on diverse terrains. As a
vehicle which can be effectively deployed on land, and marsh lands, the Hybrid Vehicle is a true
masterpiece of engineering technology. They are now used throughout the world as specialized
transport as well as for sport or passenger service.

The design and development of the hybrid vehicle will be carried out in such a way that it best
adapts and addresses the applications unique to our region.

5. About The Progress Of Project

In the month of June and July we form our team and decide our faculty advisor. After that each
of the team member decided their own topic related to our project, And also search for
sponsorship for our project. In present scenario we have qualified for virtual round after
qualifying the pre-virtual round which was being held in UPES Dehradun.
Presently we are focusing on the virtual round for that we are finalizing the CAD model and
focusing on the best technology which we can adopt in our vehicle.
7. Project Outline

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June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan.
Sponsorship gathering and
2D sketches and dimensions
CAD design and drawing finalization
3D model simulation
Purchasing the selected components
Testing and evaluation
- Land & Marshy Land
- Final Testing
- Event
About The Team 04
Team Name: Demons
Team ID: HVC041
Email:, Contact no. :9993155575

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Amardeep

Assistant Professor
(Deptt. Of Mechanical Engg.)
IEC College Of Engineering And Technology

Team Members
1. Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh (Team Captain) ME 4th Year
2. Mr. Sandeep Singh ME 4th Year
3. Mr. Shubham Choudhary ME 4th Year
4. Mr. Utkarsh Sharma ME 4th Year
5. Mr. Sukrit Singh Negi ME 4th Year
6. Ms. Ritu Pradhan ME 4th Year
7. Ms. Sripuja Mishra ME 4th Year
8. Mr. Prateek Yadav ME 4th Year
9. Mr. Saurabh Kumar ME 4th Year