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Hudson~Litchfield News
Volume 28 Number 54 July 28, 2017 12 Pages

New Thompson Center at PMA

Cant be Seen from Lowell Road, but Wait til Fall

While the 1927 building still is majestic and powerful, the new center is four stories tall, but, as it starts at field level, it reaches the 2nd floor of the school with a new elevator going to the top floor of the school.

Steel structure for the elevator

and walkways from the school

Mezzanine overlooking the gym,

Entrance to the Thompson Center top of 300-seat bleachers starts
Staff photos by Len Lathrop

from a new driveway at the top of wall

Front wall will be glass

Granite matching the schools foundation is being used for walkways and walls around the
Looking into the steel, you can see the stage at the back wall. The center of the gym is the darker area at the center of the picture.
front of the Thompson Center.

by Len Lathrop Corporation is the mechanical contractor. While BPS

With all of the summer leaves in full bloom, readers has GIS as their on-site inspectors and materials testing,
cant see that the progress on the Thompson Center for Dave Herbert is the building inspector for the town
Athletics and Performing Arts at Presentation of Mary of Hudson, who was at PMA Tuesday to check some
Academy is 60 percent completed. While the pictures plumbing connection that will be under the gym floor
show what you cant see from Lowell Road, a meeting when the building is complete.
with Tim Burke, construction superintendent from While the gym itself is over four stories tall, its roof
Bonnette, Page & Stone of Laconia, confirmed precisely line is at the second-floor level. This allows access to
what progress has been made. new bathrooms and concession stands from the athletic
While it is still just the steel superstructure, the rubber field on up a very small grade. There are walkways
roof was being installed Tuesday morning; it is beige in from every floor to the new elevator, which is large
color to reflect the sun for better heating and cooling enough from all public safety needs that might arise in
of the build. Burke mentioned that all the concrete for either building.
the floors will be poured in the next couple of weeks, A new driveway and pathways are taking shape, and
and the blocking will most likely be completed before extra care has been taken to match the bricks on the
school starts. While the glass front of the building will upper sections of the school and the granite blocks that
be the last to be installed, the building will be closed in formed the foundation.
before winter arrives in Hudson. PMA Principal Sister Maria Rosa commented, I am
Burke mentioned that, once the exterior was done, extremely pleased with the progress of the project and
the interior walls and mechanical system would go in anticipate that we are on schedule for opening the
very fast. BPS uses local contractors when possible complex in November in time for the basketball season
at the PMA project. Steel work is being done by and our first Christmas Concert in December

August 10 - 13th Chasse, while Longchamp is on electrical and LDG

If only Tree Branches could Talk
The Hills House grounds,
211 Derry Road
(Route 102 - across from
Alvirne High School) in
Hudson, NH
Thursday, August 10th
5PM to 10PM
Courtesy photo

Friday, August 11th

5PM to 11PM
Saturday, August 12th
12PM to 11PM
Sunday, August 13th
12PM to 5PM
Kurt Schaefer was surprised to find a baseball lodged in this tree branch from Corning Field.

courtesy of Kurt Schaefer, Litchfield Baseball Association

A tree branch fell from behind the backstop at Corning Field last winter. I cut the branch down and kept it for
firewood to use in my wood stove. Imagine my surprise, while splitting wood the other day, when I found a baseball
lodged in the branch. How long has it been there? Did it get placed there or was it a foul ball? It has a story to tell;
its too bad that trees cant talk.
2 - July 28, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Happy Birthday to an Inspiring Man

courtesy of Marybeth Francoeur Siding Model Railroad Club where he helps
In life, you run across some great people, but build layouts for their numerous train shows
every once in a while, if youre paying attention, throughout the year.
you run across an extraordinary individual. Since 2013, Fred has been volunteering
Someone who does not telegraph the good at St. John XXIII Food Pantry. One day he
deeds they do; someone quiet, humble and showed up at the pantry during the Christmas

kind. Fred Kearns is one of those people. With season asking if there was anything he could
his beloved wife, Mildred, they shared 69 years do. Pauline Boisvert, director of the Food
of marriage and had seven children. Sadly, Pantry, quickly took him under her wing. There
Mildred recently passed away. Fred can be found carrying boxes and bags of
Ryan Daniel Donovan of Hudson graduated with a Bachelor of Among his many accolades, Fred served with donations, stocking shelves, and sorting food for
Science/Business Administration degree in Supply Chain Management the National Guard at Camp Drum in New distribution. He also brings recycled boxes from

Courtesy photo
from the University of Rhode Island. York where he was an excellent marksman. He the pantry to the NHSPCA where they use them
Congratulations Darien Randolph of Litchfield for being elected as has previously been employed at MIT, Digital for cat litter boxes. In addition, Fred participates
the University at Albany Student Associations Director of Marketing. Equipment Corp and Sanders, and was a local in the offertory collections at St. John XXIII
The Director of Marketing is responsible for Student Affairs marketing DJ for WHOB. Church.
campaigns and strategies. This position is also responsible for the While his daughters were young, Fred These things alone would be something most
development and distribution of Student Affairs promotional items as volunteered as the business manager for people would aspire to, but the amazing thing
well as oversight over social media and graphic design. the Suburbanettes, an All Girl Drum and is that Fred Kearns recently celebrated his 90th
Gretchen Gamrat of Hudson graduated from Hofstra University in Bugle Corps. In addition to that role, he also birthday! He is truly an inspiration. Happy
May earning a Master of Science degree in Finance. transported equipment to shows and parades Birthday, Fred!
or helped out wherever he was needed. Fred
Send your Accolades to with a photo Fred Kearns is a long standing member of the Pepperell

Jack Gasdia Becomes an Eagle Scout at only 14

courtesy of Troop 20 Hudson said, Jacks project was an excellent representation of who Jack is;
At the age of 14, Jack Gasdia is one of, if not the youngest of the artistic, compassionate and wise beyond his years. Identifying a
now 51 Eagle Scouts in the history of Troop 20 dating back to 1971. way to express himself by creating a tribute for his grandfather then
He reached his goal of Eagle on May 24 and recently received his recognizing others might be feeling the same way and having the
Eagle badge during a court of honor ceremony on July 8 held at St. same need - I dont know many adults that are that confident and
Kathryns Parish. comfortable with themselves, let
Jack has been involved with Courtesy photos alone compassionate and patient
Scouting since he was 6 years to deal with 40 other people to
old, starting as a Tiger Cub with make the beautiful kiosk outside
Pack 20 and crossing over to Boy the church.
Scouts at the age of 10. Over The ceremony was led by
the years, Jack earned 27 merit Troop 20 Assistant Scoutmaster
badges covering a vast array Bill Zaharcuk. He spoke of
of topics including first aid, Jacks time in Scouting and how
communication, music, chess significant an achievement it is
and public speaking. While for a young man to earn the rank
attending summer camp, at of Eagle. Those in attendance
Camp Wanocksett in Dublin, were given the opportunity to
N.H., he also earned a special speak about Jack as well. Many
award, the Mile Swim. He has spoke of his determination, love
held several positions within for learning, and his natural
Troop 20, including a long ability to lead others. In an
tenure as a patrol leader. In our emotional speech, former Troop
community he has been actively 20 Scoutmaster, Steve Quinn had
involved in several community several personal words for Jack
service projects, peer tutoring Mary Joy, Jacks mom, puts the Eagle Scout pin on her son. before the presentation of the
Former Scoutmaster Steve Quinn presents the Eagle rank. at Hudson Memorial School, Eagle badge. Jacks mother, Mary
playing piano at the Hudson Joy, had the honor of pinning her
Senior Center and serving as a lector in his parish. son with the Eagle Scout badge as the crowd of almost 70 family,
This spring, Jack completed his Eagle Service project: the friends and fellow Scouts looked on.
Childrens Remembrance Memorial at St. Kathryns Parish. This As the ceremony drew to a close, Jack had an opportunity to
project idea, sparked from the loss of Jacks grandfather, offered address the audience. He spoke about what Scouting has meant to
youth in the parish the opportunity to create personalized artwork in him and then proceeded to thank his family, fellow Scouts, Father
memory of a loved one that had passed. Ceramic tiles were created Joseph Cooper from St. Kathryns and all of the Scouting leaders
from the artwork, then arranged and preserved in a weatherproof he had over the years, especially his Eagle adviser, Tim Cunniff,
kiosk that now stands as a memorial outside of St. Kathryns. and former assistant Scoutmaster Joe Undercofler. Finally, in one
Included in the memorial are tiles with the original artwork of of the most emotional moments of the evening, Jack presented his
Nicole Jacques, Mackenzie Lowe and Zachary Tompkins, three former Scoutmaster, Steve Quinn, with a mentor pin, thanking him
Hudson youth whose loss deeply impacted so many in the Hudson specifically for all of his support and guidance on Jacks path to
community. Eagle. Troop 20 is proud to recognize and congratulate Jack on this
Speaking about the project, Tim Cunniff, Jacks Eagle adviser, great accomplishment.

State to Return $30M to Towns and Cities

for Bridge and Highway Repairs
courtesy of the Office of New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu critical to ensure safety on our roads, said Gov. Chris Sununu.
On Monday, July 24, Governor Chris Sununu announced the This is a key first step in rebuilding our states infrastructure and
return of $30 million to towns and cities for road improvements as a reducing property tax obligations for every citizen in the state.
result of signing SB 38, making an appropriation to the department Were sending cash back to towns so that localities can provide
of transportation for local highway aid and aid for municipal relief on their tax base a home run for taxpayers. For years we
bridges. The money is earmarked for road maintenance as well as have heard how the state cannot control local property taxes, but
bridges that have been red listed by the state. what we can do is use infrastructure grants to give our towns more
Addressing New Hampshires infrastructure needs is financial flexibility and target key areas of need to our communities,
which will revitalize New Hampshires
Improve the value of your home with a Tate Brothers Driveway aging infrastructure, and reinvigorate

Tate Bros. Paving

our local economies.
Receiving the most aid from SB 38
are Manchester with $1,735,513.41
and Nashua with $1,363,049.37 with

Actual Patients 1969 2017 48 the least amount of funding going to

Harts Location with $1,792.47.
Years Modernizing our states roadway
and bridge infrastructure is a priority for
New Hampshire. Due to responsible
budgeting in FY 16-17, our state
produced significant surplus that has
Residential - Commercial
PAVING CO. Fax: 603-598-6786 for over 40 years!
not only grown the rainy day fund, but
Guaranteed Quality Work allowed our state to return millions of
taxpayer dollars to our communities,
Specializing in Braces and Invisalign for Children and Adults Hudson, NH DRIVEWAYS - PARKING LOTS said Senate President Chuck Morse

(R-Salem). Nearly $30 million will
Simply Orthodontics is Excavation - Grading - Screener Rental be returned to cities and towns to
directly support critical infrastructure
proud to offer you: improvements that will benefit our
144 Charles Bancroft Hwy. citizens across the state.
Lifetime Guarantee Speaker Shawn Jasper said of the
Caring and Knowledgeable Team
Litchfield, NH 03052 announcement, This year, Governor

Flexible In-House Payment Plans 603-882-5551 Sununu and the legislature have
made it a priority to send money back
Retainers for Life Program to cities and towns. We are proud
we can make local needs a priority.
State-of-the-Art Technology The distribution of these dollars
demonstrates our commitment to
Two Convenient Locations! improving our states infrastructure in
each corner of our state. The health of
49 Derry Rd Hudson 132 E. Brodway Derry our roads and bridges is an important
investment for our communities and
603-889-1100 603-437-0331 We Have Our Own Blueberries local economies. Also from our fields: Zucchini, Baby Spinach, Beet Greens, The amount of anticipated additional
SB 38 block grant funding going to
Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Lettuces, Radishes, Green & Yellow Beans
Hudson, Litchfield and neighboring
& More Produce Coming Every Week
Area News Group
communities is as follows:
15% Senior & Military Discount Hudson - $465,327.21
Litchfield - $172,648.92
Your Green Light to Every Wednesday and Thursday Bedford - $487, 073.81

Derry - $578,085.30
Open 7 Days 8am-6pm Gift Cards Available Hollis - $192,344.55
Londonderry - $519,823.38
CSA Available Full & 1/2 Shares Merrimack - $499,328.45
Save hundreds of dollars every week CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and refers to Pelham - $272,071.37
with coupons and discounts from a partnership with your local farmer (Wilson Farm) where the public Salem - $552,996.47
our local advertisements! Windham - $285,146.34
is able to buy shares of the harvest.
Hudson - Litchfield News | July 28, 2017 - 3

Remember Hudson When ... Sudoku

A Four-Generation Dairy Farm at 98 Old Derry Road
by Ruth Parker in Hudson with the exception of the farm in operation at 2 7 1
Do you have memories of the Nadeau Dairy Farm at 98 Old Derry Road? Alvirne High School. Working the farm was hard work

3 9 4 1
Perhaps you stopped by and visited the cows; taking pictures while they done by the entire family with help from neighbors during
grazed in the field or lay resting while they chewed their cud to take digestion haying and harvest time.
to the next level! The Lambert/
Perhaps you
drove past and
Nadeau farm
operated for nearly 4 8 7
saw the tractor 100 years, from
and hay baler
getting the crop
1902 until 2000.
Within a short
2 5 1 6
8 4
ready for winter time, machinery,
storage. One of livestock and
my memories property were sold.

1 2 7 6
is intentionally The homestead
driving past and farm buildings
the farm near on the south side

5 4 8
Halloween to see of the road were
the numerous purchased by
Jack-O-Lanterns Keven Slattery.
positioned along
the side of the
Using much of
the old farm 8 3 6 4
road, gazing out buildings it is the
of a barn window,
or perched and
location of Nadeau
Industrial Park.
2 7 8
lighted from the
top of the blue silo.
An early view of Nadeau Farm The farmhouse
has had many
Puzzle 30 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.53)
Generated by
This was a local improvements and
tradition prepared for us by the Nadeau family with help from friends and is now a two-unit rental. The acreage on the north side of Answers on page 9
neighbors. the road is under development as Senter Estates. Sponsoredby:
This four-generation dairy farm had its beginning in 1902 when Joseph In 2009, following his avocation for the dairy farm, the
Lambert and his wife, Mary, were living in Nashua but looking to move to
a dairy farm. In July of that year they purchased this home and farm from
younger Emery was hired as the Alvirne farm manager.
His mother, Shirley, remains active, working at Checkers Dumont - Sullivan
the heirs of Jackson Greeley. Joseph ran a milk route into Nashua. He later
added chickens and pigs while the remainder of the farm was used for grazing
Restaurant within the culinary department of Alvirne.
This past month, as part of the Second Annual Historical Funeral Homes &
Cremation Services
and growing feed Society Gala,
for the cows. Emery Nadeau,
Joseph and his mother
Mary raised a Shirley, sisters
family of six. Lori and 50FERRYST. 370MAINST.
Their daughter, Elizabeth, and HUDSON,NH NASHUA,NH
Marion, married their families
Emery Henry were awarded
Nadeau in 1935. the Community
They lived on Service Award
and worked for their work
the farm with to make the Alvirne School farm a
her parents; valued resource in Hudson.
purchasing from The house at 98 Old Derry
them in 1941. dates to 1793. Jackson Greeley,
For another two the youngest son of Moses and
generations Mary (Darby) Greeley was born in
and most of 70 Hudson in November 1815. Moses
years the farm Greeley was born in Haverhill,
continued, first Mass., in 1787. By 1793, he had
with Marions moved to Nottingham West and
son Emery E. was a single father with two young
and later with her The farmhouse in 2017 daughters. His first wife, Mary
grandson, Emery Greeley, had recently passed, and
E., Jr. The senior he was (or soon would be) married
Emery E. was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the farm since the to Mary Darby. It was Moses Greeley who was responsible for building this
water slides
age of 14 when his dad, Emery Henry, took a job in Nashua. By 1961, Emery farmhouse. He and his wife, Mary, had 10 children of their own; plus Moses
E. and Shirley (Craig) were married. They raised a family of three children; daughters from his first marriage. Moses lived in this farmhouse until his
Lori, Emery E. Jr., and Elizabeth. The younger Emery joined the family death in 1848 at the age of 83. Ownership of the farm passed to Jackson Bounce houses
business upon graduation from Alvirne High School in 1982. Greeley who likewise resided here until his passing in 1894. It has been said Face painting
By 1995, Emery E., then age 50, was working a herd of 75 milkers that that this home was used as a tavern because of the location on the roadway
produced about 205 gallons a day! The electronic milking machines between Nashua and Derry. This may have been the case, but, based upon Snacks & Drinks
delivered the milk directly into a storage tank where it was cooled and kept what I have read to date, I cannot state it as a fact.
at temperature until drained by a milk hauling truck in the small hours of the Goodie Bags
following morning. At that time, this farm was the last commercial dairy farm
and MORE!

Hudson Memorial School News

courtesy of Hudson Memorial School students schedule and will have an opportunity to meet their
As the new school year starts, the Hudson Memorial School students teachers and learn about academic expectations. Teachers
would like to make parents aware of some important upcoming will not discuss individual student progress during this time. Parent/
events for the 2017-2018 school year. Teacher conferences will be held in November.
Guidance Tours Important E-Mail Update Information
Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 22 and 23. First tour begins at 10 The Hudson Memorial School uses parent e-mail addresses
a.m. and second tour begins at 1 p.m. each day. to send home school-wide information. We e-mail an on-line
Sixth Grade Orientation and Schedules form home for parents to update their students home/emergency
Memorial will hold an orientation night for new sixth grade information and submit that form back for us to upload into our
students on Monday, Aug. 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Students database.
and parents will have an opportunity to meet their teachers and It is very important that we have accurate parent e-mail addresses.
administrators and find out what the expectations are for sixth grade. We are requesting that you e-mail Sue Piper (
On the first day of school, sixth grade students will meet in the or Sue Landry at (, with your name and your
cafeteria. Students will then move to homerooms at 7:35 a.m. and
receive a copy of their schedule.
students first and last name, so that we may accurately capture your
e-mail address and paste it into our database. Thank you for your
First Day of School immediate attention to this matter.
The first day of school is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 29. All of us at Memorial are
School Hours of Operation excited about the start of a new

Student Day: 7:45 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. Late bell is 7:45 a.m. school year and look forward to
Student supervision begins at 7:30 a.m. Please do not drop off meeting with you. If you have
your student before then. any question or concerns, please Hi friends! Stanley suggested Well, both Wally (who will tell you
Main Office: Hours are 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. feel free to call us at 886-1240. that if I want to be adopted, a little about himself in a
Teacher Day: 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. that I should tell you a little moment) and I stopped by for a
about myself with honesty. So short stay, here at the Adoption
Pick Up/Drop off is in front that Ill do. Like all my friends at Inn, to visit some other friends
parking lot only. There is the Humane Society Ive been
Do You Have the Right Plan?
who we have things in common
no parking or stopping on fixed, update to date on all of with. Not a bad place J. They sure
Memorial Drive. my vaccines, and have a do work hard here. Let me tell you
microchip. Im a 9 year old gray a few things about me in hopes
Picture Day LIFE - HEALTH - MEDICARE and white cat that absolutely that youll come meet me: Im just

School pictures will be taken loves to purr and be loved. They one and a half yrs old. Im a black
for all students on Thursday, Aug. all think Im so affectionate and
its true that I am, but Im very
Wally Stanley lab mix of medium stature
31. Picture forms will be mailed weighing in at 70 lbs., but my
home to each student. shy at first. Im fine with other Humane Society Hours gosh, am I strong as a bull, but
Insurance Solutions Provided cats and I even spent a good Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri...Noon to 5:00 p.m. sweet as a calf. Im house trained
Open House part of my life with another pet Wenesday.....Closed and I know how to sit pretty, wait,
Open House for parents Karen A. Archer 603-553-9040 an 8 yr. old Great Pyrenees Sat & Sun.... 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and walk nicely (if you use an easy
of HMS seventh and eighth Independent Licensed Agent 877-728-9593 dog but, we got along fine. And check us out at WWW.HSFN.ORG walk harness). A home with older
grade students will be held on Londonderry, NH Hows that for compatibility? children and a dog-experienced
You can learn more about me home would be ideal. A few folks
Wednesday, Sept. 6 from 6 to Life / Health / Dental / Long Term Care / Medicare / Disability and all of my friends for
8 p.m. Parents will follow their tell me that I think that Im a lap
adoption at dog. Im clear that Im not. I
simply appreciate being loved, so
play with me, walk with me, show
Your Best Friend Can Still Have Fun While You Work: me attention and Ill sit on your
lap in appreciation.

24 Ferry Rd., Nashua


Knives, Scissors, Lawn & Garden Tools ...........
Canine Center We SHARPEN Anything!
New England
Beginner Obedience I- For dogs 4 months old and older.
Beginner Obedience II- This class is for dogs and handlers
Vantage Point 1
who have completed Beginner I or equivalent course. 28 Charron Ave., Unit 14, Nashua, NH 603-880-1776
Puppy Kindergarten- For Puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks.
Agility Level I & II (I) Basic obstacle familiarization,
i.e.: climb ramps, go through tire, etc. (II) Target training,
10% off
any service with this coupon.
obstacle discrimination and simple sequences. Not valid with other offers. Exp 8/31/17
48 BRIDGE STREET, NASHUA, NH (603) 889-9800 visitusonlineat
4 - July 28, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor
Northeast Heat Blue Girls are Winners take the ball and see what happened. There were some exciting wins along the road
but some losses that I truly thought would get them down. That never happened;
As I stepped aside last year, hung up my coaching hat and finally put on my
softball Dad hat, I was not quite sure what to expect. Are softball parents really
they had an enthusiasm and excitement about them that as a coach is awesome to
see. There was never any finger pointing and they never got after each other. The
The Skies and
the Roads are
as nutty as I had heard? Are the coaches as off the rails intense as I had heard? coaches were able to keep them engaged which was key as the weather got hotter
Could my daughter, who had played only baseball for the last eight years make the and days got longer.
transition to softball? I mean, how hard could it be? The ball is twice as big and As parents and coaches we always try to teach our kids its not about the trophies
comes in underhand! The most important question of all though would be will she
be accepted by an organization and group of girls that had been together for many
or awards. Its about learning the game, loving the game, respecting your opponent
and having fun. After all, its just a game, thats all it ever has been and all it ever
years? will be. The record doesnt show it but these girls are winners in every sense of the The second date did not happen. I am
Fast forward 10 months and all of those questions were answered in spades. Not word and the wins on the field will absolutely come. The biggest victory of all is not giving up hope. I have just increased
only was she accepted by the girls and the coaches, I am happy to say she was also the fact that they are going to be lifelong friends and there is no scorebook for that. the number of guys that I talk to at once,
welcomed by the parents like one of their own daughters. Just so we are clear, yes, the parents are nutty (present company included), the so that way I am bound to eventually meet
I say all of that to get to this. Despite a disappointing record, which really was coaches are over the top and I think Liz did pretty good ... a guy who will hang out with me a second
to be expected given their inexperience and youth, the girls gave all they had every The Northeast Heat Blue team this year was made up of Alyssa Abbott, Skye time. I shouldnt use the term date because
game and never lost faith. They played a second year 12 year old schedule even Merrow, Maddie Bradish, Liz Huggins, Lilian Welburne, Natalie Camarano, that is too strong of a word for most men.
though the majority of the girls are 11 years old. They also had girls who were Courtney Peaslee, Elizabeth Rugg, Olivia Rock, Kaylie Disco, Kate Vowels and I will continue to keep everyone posted
eligible to play on 10 year old teams which is astonishing when the overwhelming Faith Cestrone. They were coached by Jimmy Cestrone, Marty Vowels, Glenn because I know everyone cares deeply.
number of teams they played were fielding much older and bigger girls. By bigger Bradish and Brian Rock. Last week I went on a business trip. I
I mean, bigger! We gave up an average of 4-5 inches per girl to most teams; that is had to take a 45-minute plane ride to my
insane. That would be like a team of Shaquille ONeals playing a team of Isaiah Charlie Huggins, Hudson conference. Forty-five minutes. So I take
Thomass every week. This never fazed these girls and they were always happy to my seat and a woman sits down next to me.
The plane was pretty full. A man asked a
flight attendant if he could sit next to his
girlfriend. She told him that he has to wait
A snuffly sort of growl goes out from the Fox noting that July is just about for that. Maybe it is the Foxs poor hearing, but sometimes too many words until everyone is seated before making
done, only three days left after this Friday. just get in the way. Do you talk just to hear yourself talk? seat arrangements and reminded him that
According to Ralph Parker, president of the Senior Golf League at Whip- Now onto the second question. A paw up to the selectman for asking the flight was only 45 minutes. He started
Poor-Will, the article on Alvirne Ice and looking into granting tax abatements flipping out. Its like five in the morning.
Hockey Supporters Take to the Links and checking the situation out. But, from Too early for people to start screaming. I

needed some clarification. Some of the what was said, can property values be set just got up and said he could have my seat.
terminology was wrong. based on a purchase and sale agreement? Who am I to stand in between true love for
A best ball format tournament is Lets watch what happens in two weeks
when each member of the foursome at the next selectmens meeting or do we
plays his own ball to the end and all need a real estate comp (comparable
then the best score of the foursome properties) on our den to get your taxes

is recorded for each hole separately. lowered.
A scramble format is when the best Thinking of property reassessments, have
All About

shot of the foursome is selected and they come to your house yet? Will you let
played for each shot until the hole is them in or not? And maybe, for the 11th
completed, and one score is recorded time, why does Hudson spend so much
for the group. It should have been a money doing these assessments because
Shotgun Start Tournament in which the thats the law? Well, do you always drive
field starts from different holes at the

F o x S a y ? the speed limit? 45 minutes? I dont know how they survive

same time rather than queuing up at In closing this week, yes, it is still in life if they cant spend 45 minute away
the first tee. summer. Our delegation is still working in from each other. They must work in the
Thank you, Ralph, for the help, never Washington to bring money to our state. same department at the same job during the
have played the game; the Fox always Just this week a bill was passed to spend same shifts. God, that is way too much time
tries to be correct. A paw down to $25 million to build a 20-acre greenhouse with one person.
the Fox, but the question is could we in Berlin to provide lettuce and tomatoes Anyways, here are two PSAs for everyone.
covert the scoring to a Stableford Point scoring competition? One point for to the community form the USDA Rural Development loan to the North Parents Snapchat has this new feature where
a bogey, two points for a par, three for a birdie, four for an eagle and five for Country Growers. your childs friends can see exactly where
an albatross. they are and vice versa. I am not a parent,
Psithurism (noun)- the sound of the wind through trees. Wow, you must but I suggest turning that off because its a
be thinking the Fox has been chasing his tail too much this past week and bit creepy.
you might be right, but then again, there is a lot of wind in the world and The second PSA is for people to please
it can be described with many different words. The one that is in the Foxs follow the basic rules of the road. This
head today is hot. summer I have seen so many people
Hudson selectmen just went into non-public with their Tuesday night brazenly disregard these basic rules. We
meeting. While it was a quick public session in the 40-minute range, it left all went to middle school. If there is a
two questions to think about: why, when someone wants to volunteer to sidewalk, walk on it. I have seen runners
serve the town, does a person get the fifth degree or does it just seem that running on a busy street when there is a
way? It seems important to know why when someone wants to give up his perfectly good sidewalk not being used right
time to help his community. On Tuesday, the gentleman, Mark Boulger, there. I saw a man riding his bike on windy
gave a nice answer to why do you want to be on the Benson Committee? back roads, texting, and going against the
With an open seat and only one volunteer asking to be appointed, the Fox flow during rush hour. Why? Do you know
believes the next sentence should be welcome aboard, glad to have you, how hard it is to text while biking? Really
not a diatribe of rhetorical statements about his goals and objects. He hard. I have tried it. Dont do it. The
did not say that he had a wish to take over the park and have a Fox hunt worst is when there is a child or a group of
(hounds, horses and all); at least one selectwoman would most likely vote children on their bikes riding in the middle
of the road against traffic. Ive seen this
happen on a main road. I am pretty sure
they go over bike safety rules in elementary

Hudson, Litchfield High School Graduates Awarded

school. I am so tired of people disregarding
the rules of the road. They are there for a
reason. One of these days a car is going to
Cumberland Farms Believe & Achieve Scholarship crash into a person riding a bike, and its
going to be the bikers fault.
I dont know if the Hudson Police need
Cumberland Farms announced on Wednesday of critical financial assistance to over 1,100 area have attended a wide range of colleges to do more bike safety classes for everyone,
that 130 talented high school seniors have been college-bound young adults to help them realize and universities, including Harvard University, not just children, but something needs to be
awarded Believe & Achieve scholarships to their dreams of achieving a college education. Yale, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Purdue, University done. I know that the schools are all about
help them attend college in the fall of 2017. As part of the companys commitment to of Massachusetts, Clemson, Florida State, the drug prevention, but I think they need
Among the winners are Alvirne High School nurturing the future of young people, the University of Michigan, Princeton, University to focus more on bike safety because the
graduate Benjamin Desrochers of Hudson, Believe & Achieve program provides $1,000 of Florida, Rochester Institute of Technology, amount of kids I see in Hudson and Nashua
and Campbell High School graduate David scholarships annually to 130 eligible graduating New York University, University of Miami, and just not following the rules of the road is
Simoneau of Litchfield. Both Desrochers and high school seniors across its service area. more. To learn more about Cumberland Farms way too many.
Simoneau will attend the University of New This year Cumberland Farms has awarded Believe & Achieve program, and this years As always, email nicole@areanewsgroup.
Hampshire. $130,000 in Believe & Achieve Scholarships recipients, click here. com.
Since the launch of Cumberland Farms to 48 students in Massachusetts, 24 in Florida, Giving back to the communities we serve
popular scholarship program over a decade ago, 11 in New York, 13 in New Hampshire, 12 is a critical part of our company mission; we
the company has provided more than $1 million in Connecticut, five in Maine, eight in New had this in mind when we started the Believe
Jersey/Pennsylvania, six & Achieve Scholarship Program back in 2006,

Early Start Learning Academy in Vermont, and three in

Rhode Island.
with the goal of helping hard-working and
ambitious young people, said Ari Haseotes,
to be inspired by them every step of the way.
The program is open to students entering a full-time
and Child Care Previous Believe & CEO of Cumberland Farms. After eleven years undergraduate course of study at an accredited college,
Achieve Scholarship and over 1,100 students, and more than $1.1 university or vocational-technical school in the fall
recipients from million in scholarships awarded, we are truly of 2017 who live within 30 miles of any Cumberland
Cumberland Farms service proud of the difference we are able to make Farms store. Scholarships are awarded based on a
for these students academic performance and financial need, as
~ the Building Blocks to social, emotional & academic acheivement ~ deserving well as involvement in extracurricular activities such
Ages 13 months to 6yrs - Open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm young as community service and athletics. The application
Private Country Setting, DERRY FEED men and process for next years scholarship program will open in
Innovative, age appropriate curriculum
Kathy Nolan, Sherry St. George
& SUPPLY CO. women, October.
141 Kimball Hill Rd. Hudson, NH and we
& Karen Richards EVERYDAY
880-ESCC (3722) continue
Poulin Grain
Proudly serving:
Granite Hudson, Litchfield, Pelham, Layer Pellets New England Tim's &Turf
Distributor of
State Windham, Londonderry, Derry, Wood Pellets
Landscaping Materials, LLC

Roofing Nashua, Amherst and Hollis.
Deliveries Available 424-1210

603-765-0555 JULY 31st - AUGUST4th

Distributor for Tuckahoe Turf, Turf,
And Yard Products
At Granite State Roofing, we welcome the opportu- Stone Sand Compost Stonedust
Brick Pavers
nity to earn your trust and deliver you the best Turfgrass Sod
Playground Mulch
5 Types of Bark Mulches
product and service in the industry! Our Knowledge, 50 lb. bag / $11.99 (Kids Cushion)
Grass Seed - Fertilizers
experience and commitment is second to none. Family Owned & Operated since 1945
Screened Loam - Lime Black Mulch
visit: WWW.DERRYFEEDBIZ.COM 5 Step Fertilizer Program Hydro Seeding
Residential Siding Chimney or Products
Roofing Masonry DERRY FEED & SUPPLY CO.
weed+feed+crabgrass+grub control
Installation and Repairs 3 Martin St., Derry 432-2921 Hours: Mon-Sat 7am - 5pm, Sun 8am - 2pm Open: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. til 4:00, Sunday 9-1
Hudson - Litchfield News | July 28, 2017 - 5

Good for the Community

Your Hometown Community Calendar
Fridays thru August 25 Wednesday, August 2 discussed, including the only brewery owned President Abraham Lincoln enters at the end of her
Free Friday Film Festival. Come to the Rodgers
Memorial Library in Hudson on Friday afternoons 2nd Bring a beach blanket or chairs and
enjoy the sound of the tropics as Aaron
and operated by a woman before the modern era.
Illustrations present evidence of societys changing
tale to read his 1863 Thanksgiving proclamation.
Sharon Wood portrays Hale and Steve Wood
at 3:30 p.m. for films you may have missed in Cutler Memorial Library hosts a free attitudes towards beer and alcohol consumption portrays Lincoln in a living history presentation
the theatre. See hit movies on our big screen in concert with the popular steel drum group over the years. Whether youre a beer connoisseur following background about their characters and
air conditioned comfort, snacks will be served. Tropical Sensations on, at 6:30 p.m. on the library or a tea-totaler, this lecture will be enjoyed by the times. Sponsored by the Hudson Historical
On July 21 join us for an award winning modern lawn. In the event of inclement weather, the adults of all ages. Society.
homage to the classic Hollywood Musical. Come concert will be held in the Campbell High School
Monday, August 28
early, and enjoy a concert of hits of the 50s & 60s
before the film. On July 28 see the story of an
Auditorium. For more information, contact Alex
Robinson at 424-4044. 2 8th First day of school for Litchfield School Happenings Across
Army medic who refuses to kill people and wins
the Medal of Honor without firing a shot. Check
Saturday August 5
the River
5th Household Hazardous Waste Collection,
Tuesday, August 29
and Through the Woods
our movie line for more information on upcoming
titles, 816-4535. Sponsored by the Friends of the
8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Nashua Public Works 29th First day of school for Hudson School
Garage, 9 Stadium Dr., Nashua, for
residents of Hudson and Litchfield. $10 user September 2 thru Tuesday, September 5 Wednesday, August 2
Saturdays thru August 26
The Aaron Cutler Memorial Library will be
fee per vehicle, additional charges for quantities
exceeding 10 gallons or 20 pounds. No latex 2nd Aaron Cutler Memorial Library closed
for Labor Day Holiday weekend
2nd Londonderry Concerts on the Common
features The Delta Generators featuring
closed. paint, no electronics, no medications. For more Brian Templeton from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Brian
information and a complete list of accepted items, Monday, September 4 is one our all-time favorite performers. And,

Monday, July 31 thru Friday, August 4
Save the Dates! Looking for kids, ages 5
visit or call 424-2240. 4th Rodgers Memorial Library closed for
Labor Day
from our concerts goers enthusiastic response,
31 to 12, who want to have some fun! Open Thursday, August 10 thru
we know that you love him, too! Brian always
seems to get everyone on their feet and clapping
Monday, September 25
Doors Christian Fellowship Church, 359
1 0th Sunday, August 13
their hands. His brand of R+B, blues and country
Charles Bancroft Hwy., Litchfield, 10 a.m.
to 12:30 p.m. Games, Bible stories, crafts and fun!
Hudson Old Home Days, happening at
Hills House Field, 211 Derry Rd. (Route
25th Eighth Annual Zachary M. Tompkins
Golf Tournament (ZacharyTompkins. is simply unstoppable. Brians barrel-house
org), Green Meadow Golf Club, Hudson. belting style of singing, hot harmonica playing
Check out our website to see pictures and to sign 102).
6:30 a.m., registration opens; 8 a.m., and exuberant onstage persona has garnered him
up - See you then!
Sunday, August 13 & Thursday, August 17 shotgun starts; 1 p.m., lunch and raffles. For a legion of fans in the U.S., Europe and beyond.

Tuesday, August 1
Hudson Board of Selectmen and Benson 1 3th The Friends of the Library of Hudsons
Second Hand Prose Used Book Sale will
additional information e-mail Bob McCarthy at Brian is bringing a full band, including horns
this year. Anyone who has seen him perform in
1 Committee Workshop, 7 p.m., Buxton be held on Aug. 13 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
previous summers will tell you theyve never left
Conference Room. Purpose: to discuss and Aug. 17 from 5 to 8 p.m., in the lower September 29 & 30 his show unsatisfied. For a complete schedule and
goals, projects, plans and responsibilities. level of the Hills Memorial Library Building at 18 2 9th Fourth Annual Lumberjack Show at Hills
House, Derry Road, Hudson. Sponsored
more details visit www.ConcertsOnTheCommon.
Public welcome to attend. Library St. org.
by the Hudson Historical Society. Keep
Wednesday, August 23 tune for more information. Saturday, August 12
Tuesday, August 1, Wednesday, August 2 &
Saturday, August 5 2 3rd Brewing in NH: an informal History
of Beer in the Granite State Saturday, October 21 1 2th Cars & Cans Car Show, St. Patrick
Church, 12 Main St., Pelham. All
2018 Northeast Heat Softball Tryouts for 10U,
12U, 14U, 16U and 18U. Open tryouts will be
from Colonial Times to the Present, 2 1st Cemetery Tours, 10 a.m. Back again!
Join the Hudson Historical Society for a
proceeds will benefit Pelham Food Pantry.
7 p.m., Hills House, Derry Road, Hudson. For more information, e-mail carsandcans@
conducted at Nashua South High School July 25- guided tour of the cemeteries of Hudson.
Sponsored by the Hudson Historical Society.
26 from 6 to 8 p.m. and on Aug.1-2 at Alvirne You provide the transportation, we provide
Glenn Knoblock explores the fascinating history of
High School from 6 to 8 p.m. We will also have the expertise!
New Hampshires beer and ale brewing industry
one additional day of open try outs on Aug. 5 at
from Colonial days, when it was home- and tavern- Thursday, November 16
Hudson Memorial Schools Hank Center Field.
Private tryouts can be arranged upon request.
based, to todays modern breweries and brew
pubs. Unusual and rare photos and advertisements 1 6th Our National Thanksgiving: With
Thanks to President Lincoln and Mrs.
Blood Drive Opportunities
Contact Mike Soby at Hudson
document this changing industry and the states Hale, 7 p.m., Hills House, Derry Road,
Come out to be part of this very competitive and Aug. 15: 1-6 p.m., White Birch Banquet Hall,
earliest brewers, including the renowned Frank Hudson. Sarah Josepha Hale, a Newport,
exciting program. 222 Central St.
Jones. A number of lesser-known brewers and NH native, tells the story of her 30 year effort to
breweries that operated in the state are also have Thanksgiving declared a national holiday.

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Northeast Heat Softball Tropical Sensations Brings

Team Holding the Sounds of the Caribbean
Open Tryouts to Aaron Cutler Library
The Northeast Heat Organization is a very competitive and courtesy of Aaron Cutler Memorial Library mix of music including calypso, reggae, blues and rumbas. Musicians
successful USA Junior Olympic and NSA fast pitch tournament softball Bring a beach blanket or chairs and enjoy the sounds of the tropics from southwest New Hampshire and Massachusetts play four-part
organization. We have teams in the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and as Aaron Cutler Memorial Library hosts a free concert with the harmonies on steel drums ranging from a single lead pan to a full
18+U Divisions. Open tryouts will be conducted Aug. 1 and 2, 8 and popular steel drum group Tropical Sensations on Wednesday, Aug. 2, set of six bass pans. The band has recorded six CDs, including two
9 at Alvirne High School, 200 Derry Road, Hudson. at 6:30 p.m., on the library lawn. Christmas albums.
Come out to be part of this very competitive and exciting Tropical Sensations has been bringing the music of the Caribbean In the event of inclement weather, the concert will be held in the
organization. The teams and organization has very seasoned, to southern New Hampshire and beyond since 2003. Under the Campbell High School auditorium. For more information, contact
successful and knowledgeable coaching staff that is dedicated to direction of founder Elaine Merrifield, the group performs an eclectic Alex Robinson at 424-4044 or
preparing players and teams to play at a very competitive level. Each
team has a very competitive tournament schedule setup for the season.
Our tournament season starts in mid-May and will go into August or
September. We also conduct winter practices within indoor facilities Bradley Tree & Landscape
to prepare the players/teams for the upcoming middle, high school,
college and tournament softball season play. You also will find that Tree Removal
our registration fees for the season are very accommodating to your
For additional information contact Michael Soby at NortheastHeat@ Stump Grinding
Storm Damage Removal
ac il Prices Beat Most Comp Hedge & Shrub Care
y Baq ors Call 603-886-1550 THRILL RIDES, KIDS RIDES,



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Find discount
Hudson Pool & Spa Care Dentistry coupons at
participating McDonalds,
Market Basket, 7-Eleven/
603-886-1789 Everyday Low Prices Tedeschi Food Shops and
Rite Aid locations while supplies last.

76 Derry Road (Route 102 Plaza) Hudson, NH

Wed - Fri 10:00 - 6:00, Sat 10 - 3:00 Children See for info.

! We are all ears! At Collins Dentistry for Children we

believe in prevention and early treatment
Are you looking for a church home?
Visit us and feel the warm welcome.
Send us your ComprehensivePreventive&RestorativeCare Sunday Worship Services- 10:30 AM
comments and let inaKidFriendlyEnvironment On the First Sunday of each month we serve communion and
us know how we have a time of fellowship and refreshments after Worship Service.
Saturday Appointments Emergency Appointments Food Pantry for Hudson residents
are doing! QR
Digital X-Rays Nitrous Oxide Available Hospital Dentistry Hours: Tues & Thur 10am to 12pm
Write or Email us at: "Best kept secret that is right See us on Comcast Cable ch. 20 Sundays at 9AM and 6PM
Find 100 Bridge St. Pelham, NH 635-1166 in plain sight." 236 Central St., Hudson, NH 882-6116
Us On
516 One Campbelle Avenue | Hudson, NH 03051 | 603.880.1516 Facebook 76 Allds Street Nashua, NH 718-8587 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF HUDSON
6 - July 28, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News |

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner As Always, the Locals Know Best!

Our Favorite Neighborhood

t o D i n e !
c e s
Cookies Chuck Wagon Welcome to
Under new ownership as Cookies Caf RESTAURANT

Cookies Cafe Happy to announce that we took over the restaurant Cookies
Chuck Wagon, a very well known and established breakfast place
for over 20 years.
Its been a dream come true, the feeling of finally being able to
Come in and meet us! practice our passion. It is truly a blessing.
Cookies offers 10 percent discounts for Senior Day every Tuesday 222 Central St, Hudson, NH
BRING IN THIS AD and Veterans every Wednesday. Ask your server about our rewards 603-882-1911


Its been about three months since we took over Cookies, and
we are very happy with this commitment and even happier with
Buy One Buffet- Get One FREE!*
Hours: M,T,W,Th,F,Sun 7-1 and Sat 6-1 all the support our customers have been giving us. We are still in
Can be used for any of our Buffets.
the process of cleaning up and remodeling a bit to finally feel like
222 Central St. Hudson, NH home. *Purchase Two Buffets and Two Drinks, Gratuity Added before Deduction
603-880-3424 Cookies Cafe supports local photographers, and we cant wait to Cannot be combined with any other offer, Expires July 31, 2017
receive our pictures to finally decorate the walls.
Cookies would like to invite you all to our new life adventure,
and please dont hesitate to come try our Crepe Special for this
Cookies Caf - 222 Central St. Hudson - 603-880-3424

Japanesefood. American style comfort food and
NowopenforLUNCH affordable prices.
&DINNERserving Weekly specials and outdoor seating.
FULLLIQUOR Give us a try!
DeliveryandCateringAvailable Join
Our Hours: (603) 417-5197
30 Lowell Rd Hudson NH
Reward Tues-Sat 11:30-9
Sundays 9am-2pm 57 Palm Street (Square) Nashua, NH

~ Your Restaurant ~
Mon -Thur 11:30AM to 9PM (Diningroom) 10 PM (Lounge)

Fri & Sat 11:30AM - 10PM (Diningrm) 11PM (Lounge) ~ Sun 11:30AM - 8:30PM (Diningrm) 9:30 (Lounge)

Valentinos Restaurant
SERV I N On Our Brunch/Lunch Page
$50 per week includes:
Wedding Season is here!
Do you need a place for your rehearsal dinner? 3 x 2 column ad
A Bridal Shower? PLUS a rotating story
Our Function room holds up to 90 people
about your business
Give us a call Let us serve you
Call Sandy or Sheila
&American Dining
Function and Banquet Hall with seating up to 90
Come in and pick up a Catering Menu
Italian 603-880-1516
142 Lowell Rd. Hudson 889-9900

Litchfield Police Log

Tuesday, July 4: 1:37 a.m. Road hazard, Pinecrest Road. 3:37 a.m. Complaint, Liberty Way. 6:41 p.m. Suspicious person, Century Tuesday, July 11: 12:25 a.m. Suspicious person, Brenton Street.
Noise complaint, Charles Bancroft Highway. 10:20 a.m. Criminal Lane. 3:47 a.m. Medical emergency, Watts Landing. 5:27 a.m. Road
mischief, Pinecrest Road and Nathan Drive. Thursday, July 6: 12:01 a.m. Suspicious vehicle, Derry Road. hazard, Albuquerque Avenue and Newstead Street. 7:58 a.m.
Wednesday, July 5: 6:33 a.m. Motor vehicle complaint, Charles 12:21 a.m. Disabled motor vehicle, Charles Bancroft Highway. Found/lost property, Liberty Way. 8:28 a.m. Assist citizen, Liberty
Bancroft Highway. 8:33 a.m. Paperwork service, Horseshoe Drive. 10:38 a.m. Medical emergency, Dixon Drive. 2:41 p.m. Way. 10:12 a.m. Follow up, Liberty Way. 1:36 p.m. Assist citizen,
9:57 a.m. Medical emergency, Charles Bancroft Highway. 10:40 Complaint, Albuquerque Avenue and Hillcrest Road. 3:20 p.m. Liberty Way. 1:59 p.m. Assist citizen, Whidden Lane. 3:27 p.m.
a.m. Complaint, Horseshoe Drive. 12:56 p.m. Disabled motor Motor vehicle complaint, Derry Road. 3:57 p.m. Motor vehicle Complaint, Woodhawk Way. 3:32 p.m. Assist other agency,
vehicle, Derry Road and Horseshoe Drive. 1:17 p.m. Animal complaint, Charles Bancroft Highway and Forest Lane. 4:54 Liberty Way. 5:29 p.m. Motor vehicle complaint, Charles Bancroft
involved incident, Hillcrest Road. 1:22 p.m. Road hazard, Hillcrest p.m. Paperwork service, Lance Avenue. 9:32 p.m. Motor vehicle Highway. 8:58 p.m. Animal involved incident, Woodhawk Way.
Road. 3:22 p.m. Telephone scam, Trolley Road. 4:02 p.m. Assist accident, Charles Bancroft Highway and Temple Drive. 9:53 p.m. Assist other agency, Liberty Way. 10:18 p.m. Assist other
citizen, Liberty Way. 4:16 p.m. Animal involved incident, Talent Friday, July 7: 3:09 a.m. Suspicious person, Charles Bancroft agency, Page Road.
Road. 4:36 p.m. Assist other agency, Liberty Way. 5:28 p.m. Highway and Temple Drive. 10:21 a.m. Police service, Liberty Way. Wednesday, July 12: 5:01 a.m. Animal involved incident,
11:19 a.m. Assist other agency, Liberty Way. 12:32 p.m. Welfare Woodhawk Way. 5:46 a.m. Theft, Oak Drive. 6:46 a.m. Suspicious
check, Woodburn Drive. 1:59 p.m. Disabled motor vehicle, activity, Garden Drive and Century Lane. 7:02 a.m. Suspicious

P a n o s R o a s t B e f
Charles Bancroft Highway and Temple Drive. 3:56 p.m. Follow up, activity, Oak Drive. 8:24 a.m. Theft, Oak Street. 8:59 a.m. Theft,
Temple Drive. 4:13 p.m. Follow up, Charles Bancroft Highway and Oak Drive. 9:28 a.m. Alarm, Colby Road. 9:54 a.m. Criminal
Watts Landing. 4:19 p.m. Suspicious activity, Sybil Lane. 5:19 p.m. mischief, Charles Bancroft Highway. 10:52 a.m. Theft, Pearson
Suspicions person, Louise Drive. 6:18 p.m. Follow up, Liberty Way. Street. 10:44 a.m. Complaint, Nesmith Court. 11:00 a.m. Assist
Located across from 7:54 p.m. Disturbance, Bixby Road, arrested Daniel Lea Anderson, other agency, Liberty Way. 12:21 p.m. Motor vehicle complaint,
Goodwill and 20, of Litchfield, for Criminal Mischief (vandalism) and Reckless Charles Bancroft Highway. 12:52 p.m. Assist other agency, Charles
Dunkin Donuts Conduct - Place Another in Danger. 9:16 p.m. Disturbance, Bixby Bancroft Highway. 1:03 p.m. Fingerprinting, Liberty Way. 2:38
M Basket New Goodwill Road. 9:50 p.m. Unwanted subject, Jamesway Drive. p.m. Animal involved incident, Hillcrest Road. 5:25 p.m. Follow
Saturday, July 8: 5:17 p.m. Motor vehicle accident, Winter Circle. up, Charles Bancroft Highway. 5:29 p.m. Follow up, Charles
Donuts *Panos 6:02 p.m. Colby Road, arrested on a warrant, Troy Robert Estabrook, Bancroft Highway. 5:37 p.m. Welfare check, Moose Hollow Road.
225 Lowell Road 26, of Litchfield. 6:00 p.m. Theft, Acorn Way. 6:46 p.m. Complaint, Campbell
(603)595-7827 Open Mon-Sat Closed Sundays Sunday, July 9: 12:13 a.m. Noise complaint, Nesmith Court. 12:22 Drive. 6:53 p.m. Abandoned motor vehicle, Pinecrest Road and
a.m. Suspicious person, Charles Bancroft Highway. 10:39 a.m. Charles Bancroft Highway. 11:18 p.m. Animal involved incident,
Medical emergency, Woodburn Hillcrest Road.
Drive. 11:34 a.m. Disturbance, Thursday, July 13: 5:50 a.m. Animal involved incident, Hillcrest
Kokokehas Circle. 1:29 p.m. Road. 7:45 a.m. Alarm, Charles Bancroft Highway. 10:47 a.m.
Department assist, Page Road. Abandoned motor vehicle. 1:23 p.m. VIN check, Hopkins Street.
11:50 p.m. Disabled motor 1:30 p.m. Paperwork service, Moose Hollow Road. 2:59 p.m.
vehicle, Albuquerque Avenue Follow up, Liberty Way. 3:16 p.m. Animal involved incident,
and Woodhawk Way. Naticook Avenue. 4:22 p.m. Motor vehicle complaint, Corning
Monday, July 10: 3:28 a.m. Road. 6:29 p.m. Suspicious activity, Derry Road. 11:13 p.m.
Suspicions vehicle, Derry Road. Animal involved incident, Hillcrest Road.
Family Owned 10:09 a.m. Found/lost property, Friday, July 14: 6:29 a.m. Animal involved incident, Hillcrest
Old Fashioned Butcher Shop & Specialty Market Woodhawk Way. 10:23 a.m.
Found/lost property, Charles
Road. 10:14 a.m. VIN check, Page Road. 2:13 p.m. Motor vehicle
complaint, Albuquerque Avenue and Hillcrest Road. 4:56 p.m.
We carry the finest selection of: For For
Bancroft Highway. 3:41 p.m.
Follow up, Kinney Towing. 4:02
Animal involved incident, Hillcrest Road. 4:57 p.m. Assist other
agency, Derry Road. 5:30 p.m. Service warrant, Bixby Road. 6:53
Hudson-Litchfield Hudson-Litchfield
Marinaded Meats and Hand Cut Steaks Residents Residents p.m. Follow up, Liberty Way. p.m. Animal involved incident, Pinecrest Road. 7:38 p.m. Medical
4:30 p.m. VIN check, Page emergency, Page Road. 9:49 p.m. Motor vehicle complaint, Charles
Boar's Head Deli Meats/Cheese
Farm Fresh Produce
Receive Receive
Road. 5:27 p.m. VIN check,
Liberty Way. 6:01 p.m. Sex
Bancroft Highway.
Saturday, July 15: 12:38 a.m. Animal involved incident, Hillcrest
Specialty Salads $5 OFF $10 OFF
offender registration, Liberty
Way. 7:22 p.m. Suspicious
Road. 2:59 a.m. Suspicious vehicle, Derry Road. 6:33 a.m.
Animal involved incident, Hillcrest Road. 6:41 a.m. Daniel Lea
Fine Wines & Specially Craft Beers A $25 A $50
person, Ledgewood Drive.
8:37 p.m. Found/lost property,
Anderson, 20, of Litchfield, was arrested on a warrant. 11:42
a.m. Missing person, Lance Avenue. 12:27 p.m. Animal involved
Largest Selection of K-Cups Available Order Order
Temple Drive. 9:52 p.m. incident, Hillcrest Road. 2:10 p.m. VIN check, Sybil Lane. 2:34
with this coupon with this coupon Suspicious vehicle, St. Francis p.m. Follow up, Lance Avenue. 5:46 p.m. Alarm, Juniper Court.
Superior Customer Service Way. 9:54 p.m. Alarm, Brenton 10:52 p.m. Motor vehicle accident, Page Road and Cutler Road.
8 Spit Brook Rd, Nashua (603) 809-4180
Hudson - Litchfield News | July 28, 2017 - 7

Campbell Hosts Cutting-Edge Teaching Seminar from Google

courtesy photos
Nottingham School District staff members were happy to attend the Google seminar at Campbell High School. Campbell student volunteers help attendees get checked in.

by Len Lathrop
Usually when our travels take us to Litchfield, you hear about
rounding the bend on the Charles Bancroft and going back in time.
we maybe cant define today. During the two days, the participants
saw innovations in learning and were allowed to interact with other
teaching professionals on a face-to-face basis.
First Month FREE
Summer Special Valid June 21 - September 22
Not this time. The situation on Wednesday and Thursday of last Joe Marquez had two quotes on Twitter with an account of the
week was just the opposite. summit:
The parking We have to allow all Climate Address
22 Brady Drive
lot was full for learners a voice to become Control Hudson, NH
the event, which invested in their learning.
was hosted by From California, he RV & Boat Office Phone
Campbell High continued about G Suite, Parking 603-943-7424
School. You would Digital natives dont want to Office Hours
24 Hour Access
think it was the first use tech in class, they expect Mon-Fri 10-5
week in September, to use it. Dont fight them, 7 Days a Week Sat 10-2
but it wasnt. It was they will still use it.
a summit about G It seems the tools that were
Suite for Education. worked with at Campbell
G Suite was High School last week supply
formerly known cutting-edge technology.
as Google Apps. This allows educators to
The bottom line focus not on ways to provide
goal was to Help instruction, but rather on
prepare students to supplying the students with
create the future. the tools to teach themselves.
The best of Google, These high-tech tools get
for education. students excited about
The AppsEvents learning and transform their
New Hampshire way of thinking. By taking
Summit featuring advantage of the tools,
Google for the students advocate for
Education offered Joe Marquez presents to the group. themselves instead of relying
concurrent on others to guide them.
sessions that taught
the attendees ServingSouthernNewHampshire'sPlumbingandHeatingneedsSince1994
practical, pedagogical uses of all the tools included with G Suite for
Education. G Suite evolves on a daily basis in the academic world.
The workshops are led by practicing educators, certified trainers and
others who are leaders in the Google for Education community.
Summit attendees came from all over new England, and the
certified trainers were from all over the world and also travel all over
Residential and Commercial - Affordable Rates - Free Estimates
the world where similar summits are held. Air Conditioning
Dr. Andrea Ange, organizer and host of the event in Litchfield, New installation and Repair of Boilers & Hot Water Tanks
spoke with the paper several times before, during and after the
New Construction or Repairs Combustion and Efciency Testing
event. If you dont work in education and use these types of tools,
this will open your mind about the future of learning in a world. As Complete Remodeling Services Licensed Gas Pipe Fitter
Dr. Ange mentioned, we need to prepare our students for jobs that 603-883-0707


Its a Fun
and Easy Way Your Locally Owned,
to Keep in Touch Independent Dental Office
with your Serving New Hampshire
All Week. for over 30 Years

Over 20 Years
Fully Licensed
Quality Dental Care For Your Entire Family
& Insured

Where Excellence
Talbot Roofing & Contracting is a Habit
Residential, Commercial & Condominium Roofing Solutions not the Exception
Asphalt, Cedar & Composite Shingles Rubber Roofs & Repairs
Siding & Carpentry Ice & Snow Removal
High Level of Workmanship & Service Operating Year Round
(603) 880-4040
(603)755.1535 Toll Free 1.888.755.1535 New Patients Always Welcome
Bob Talbot, Owner 262 Derry Road (Rt. 102) Litchfield, NH 03052
8 - July 28, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Volunteering As An Older Adult:

How to Find the Right Fit for your New Lifestyle
Paula Obuchon, ACC Many parents feel involving their children
volunteer are varied, but in its 2014 survey consideration to your experience. Older
Vacation Specialist in volunteering at an early age can have a
the AARPs Experience Corps found that 97 adults who have retired or are on the cusp of
Certified in Special Needs Travel - Especially Cruising profound, long-lasting impact on their kids.
percent of its volunteers indicated that their retirement have a lifetime of experience they
But youngsters are not the only ones who volunteer work with the organization gave can use to help others. Imparting wisdom
Seniors discounts available on most cruises. can reap great rewards from volunteering,them a sense of purpose. learned in your professional life can provide
(781) 454-7959 as studies show that men and women at, Older adults who want to volunteer but a sense of purpose and even make you feel beyond or approaching retirement age alsohave little or no history with volunteering as though you are still actively involved
benefit greatly from volunteer work. might not know where to begin with regard in the industry where you built your Research from the Corporation for to finding the right opportunity. The right fit professional reputation. But life experience
National and Community Service found can make all the difference for volunteers can also prove invaluable in volunteering
that more than 20 million older adults and the people they help, and the following opportunities.
Like Hudson~Litchfield News on contributed in excess of three billion hours
tips might help older adults as they look for Dont downplay the significance
of community service time each year from an opportunity that best utilizes their skills of certain opportunities. Volunteering
2011 to 2013. The reasons why older adults
and experience. opportunities come in many variations, and
3.5 x 2 Know your schedule. each is significant in its own right. Coaching


Older adults who are a grandchilds soccer team can have as
still working but want to significant an impact on the people you
Lisa Walker, AAMS volunteer may have a firm help as other volunteering opportunities.
Financial Advisor
Wills, Trusts grasp on their schedules, Volunteers offer their time because they
. Powers of Attorney but even retirees should have a passion to help others, and that help
33 Indian Rock Rd Suite 4c Divorce not overestimate how can be given in a myriad of ways.
Windham, NH 03087 Child Care much time they have to Leave time for the rest of your life.
603-426-5283 Support Issues volunteer. Before you Volunteering is a selfless act, and volunteers
begin to look for an are the backbone of many successful
opportunity, write down charitable organizations. But older men and
your commitments and women should leave time for the rest of their
238 Central St, Unit 4 603.821.9052 daily schedule, using this lives as well. Retirement should be fulfilling
Hudson, NH list to determine how but also include time for recreation, so dont
much free time you downplay how important hobbies are to you
have to volunteer. in an attempt to find more time to volunteer.
START RIGHT. START HERE. A Smoother You Some opportunities
require greater time
No retiree wants to grow resentful of his or
her volunteer work because it leaves little
Maureen Robidoux, RN BSN commitments than time for other pursuits, so do your best to
Certified Aesthetic Nurse others, so make balance your charitable endeavors with the
Nashua Location Botox - Fillers sure you know just other things in life that matter to you.
8/1/17 Skin Rejuvenation how much time you Finding the right volunteer opportunity
can devote to an can make all the difference for older men
Propane 10% Off for Seniors Katherine Pettengill, MSN
Certified Nurse Practitioner
opportunity before
signing up.
and women who want to give back to their
Refills Serving all your hardware needs since 1975. Micro-needling - VI Peel Give due
114 Derry Rd. Hudson, NH 03051 603-860-3893 Hair Restoration
p:603.883.3100 f: 603.883.8878
Did You Know?
According to the Centers for Disease Control
Extra, Extra Auto Homeowners Business Life and Prevention, regular physical activity is one
of the most important things older adults can
send us the QUOTES BY PHONE - CALL TODAY do to promote their long-term health. The CDC
recommends that men and women age 65 or
latest news! Providing you with friendly service Book your Land or Cruise Vacation by August 31st older who are generally fit and have no limiting
health conditions need at least two hours and 30
*Receive 10% off your trip and $25 Visa after your
and the best possible rates! booking of 5 days or more.
minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity,

such as brisk walking, each week. In addition,
***** Book a group and receive up to $100 credit
such people should perform strength-training
towards group activities that work all major muscle groups at
least two days per week. While many fit older
men and women with no preexisting health
conditions are capable of these activities, those
able to push themselves a little further can opt
for 75 minutes per week of vigorous-intensity
12 Derry Rd. aerobic activity, such as jogging or running,
Contact us at Lucy and Chris Chesna
Hudson, NH Travel Consultants, Owners
combined with the same strength-training
880-1516 or visit regimen. A combination of moderate- and 39B Boyd Road vigorous-intensity aerobic activity coupled with
Hudson, NH 03051 strength training may also provide adequate

One Community....
physical activity for aging men and women.
Tel: (603) 505-8390 Before beginning a new exercise regimen, men
and women should consult with their physicians
to discuss any limitations they may have and how
to manage those risks while still being physically

Free estimates!!
Rehabilitation 603-595-2970
Private suites
Full Electric & Generator
State-of-the-art rehab gym Service Company
203 Lowell Road, Hudson NH 03051 Flexible Payment
24-Hr Emergency Service

Memory Care Assisted

Service Upgrades
Building Rewiring
Options Now Available!
12-months Same-As-Cash
Specialized programs Swimming Pools
Or 6.99% for 5-years
Open concept, feeling of home Hot Tubs/Spa On any Project over
Recessed Lighting
Under-cabinet Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Traditional Assisted Living Generator Systems
All your Electrical Needs GENERAC


Worry-free living Payment Options. (12-M SAC for projects over $1,000.00 and 6.99% 5-year Reduced Interest Option for projects over $3,500.00, credit approval required and cash deposits may be
required. Subject to change.) **Loans provided by EnerBank USA (1245 Brickyard Rd. Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106} on approved credit, for a limited time Repayment terms
vary from 18 to 126 months (On Same-as-cash Option, interest waived if repaid in 365 days.) (On 6.99% Rl Option. Repayment term of 60-months. 6.99% fixed APR, effective as of
2/6/17, subject to change. Minimum loan amounts apply. The first monthly payment will be due 30 days after loan close.

Long Term Care

Compassionate & dedicated staff
Safe & caring environment DUMONT - SULLIVAN
Fairview offers a continuum FUNERAL HOME & CREMATION SERVICES
Fairview Healthcare is an established member of care that is unlike any other
of the healthcare community since 1951. community in the area. Plan for the Inevitable
Pre-planning your funeral should be a natural part of
life, because it provides you with time to make end-of-
Laurel PlaceAssistedLiving
life decisions in a calm and rational atmosphere. Start
the online planning process now, or meet with one of
our pre-planning advisors. It just makes sense.
Fairview Healthcare 603-882-5261
203 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH
50 Ferry Street Hudson, NH 03051
370 Main Street Nashua , NH 03060
(603) 882-9431
Hudson - Litchfield News | July 28, 2017 - 9
Scoops got your
Classified Ad Rates: 1 week: $20.00 for 20 words or less. 4 weeks: $74.00 for 20 words or less. Additional words: .100 per word per week. (Maximum of 60 words). Lost and Found and
Free Bee ads run for one week at no charge. Deadline for placement is Tuesday at noon of the week you would like the ad to run. You may pay by cash, check (made out to Area News Group),
or credit card (Master Card or Visa, name, address, phone & card info. required) no refunds. Ads paid by credit card can be faxed to 603-879-9707 or e-mailed to
All other ads can be mailed or delivered to: Hudson~Litchfield News, 1 Campbell Avenue, Hudson, NH 03051. Call 603-880-1516 for more information.
Buyer Be Aware: The Area News Group supplies advertising space in good faith for our customers. However, occasionally an advertiser will require up front investment from the consumer.
We do not endorse or guarantee these or any advertisers claim. We encourage you to be a good consumer and do your homework before you invest/purchase any products or goods.

AUTO/MOTORCYCLE SERVICES: Interior Commercial/Residential, ~Advanced - 45 Adam Drive, Hudson
painting, windows, doors, Interior/Exterior, Free Landscape & Design~ PHLEBOTOMY COURSE: 5
- 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
WE BUY junk cars and Weeks, $800.00. Register
trucks. Call Pat at Jean-
decks, basements, and Estimates. No job too SPRING CLEAN UPS now for August classes. Coffee/end tables, rocker,
general home repairs. small. All work guaranteed. Complete Landscape Provider Wed and Fri., 6p.m.-8p.m. monitor, easels, framed
Guys in Pelham, a N.H.
Licensed and insured. Free Reasonable rates. 603-438- Complete Fertilizing Programs Phlebotomy and Safety posters, miscellaneous
Certified Green Yard, at
estimates. References 8744 Training Center, Litchfield,
603-635-7171. Low Cost Lawn Mowing
available. 603-486-1310. NH. 603-883-0306. Yard Sale to benefit
Low Cost Spring Clean Ups
Mulch InstallationDethatching
Cooperstown trip
Deborah: Home and office
Fully Insured. Discount for SPRING SPECIALS TREE SERVICES August 5th and 6th 8 am
ALL PHASES OF all military. Call Virginia, FREE Fertilizing Program with to 3 pm rain or shine, at 21
cleaning. Weekly, bi-weekly,
REMODELING AND HOME 603-339-4023 7/28 Mowing Contract
BOUTIN TREE REMOVAL. Blueberry Lane, Hudson.
monthly. Honest, reliable, 20% Off Any Hardscape and
REPAIR - Both interior Specializing in hazardous Multi donators, toys, home
excellent references, 21 Retaining Wall Installations
and exterior - ROOFING / Pauls PED CARPENTRY tree removal and storm goods and many other
years experience. Call 603-
CARPENTRY / PAINTING AND REMODELING All types Well Meet or Beat Any items.
440-9665. damage. Fully insured. Free
. ALSO, bathrooms - from of home improvement. Competitors Price by 10%
estimates. Call Daryl at
FOR SALE faucet replacements to Doors, windows, decks,
603-635-1378 603-321-8768.
full renovations. All work sheet rock and all types of
performed by owner, interior or exterior homne HIGH VIEW TREE SERVICE:
Beautiful 5 pc Martha
Stewart outdoor dining
Thomas Jablonski. 27+
years experience. Call
repairs . Licensed and
Insured. Call 594 8377 for a
E.D.K. Landscaping Lawn
mowing service, fair price
Fully insured, free We want you
set with large glass table estimates, 24-hour service.
(lazy susan built in) &
today, 603-440-9530. Free free estimate. 7/28 and quality work, young Specializing in all aspects of to send us
estimates, fully insured entrepreneur, serving
matching lounge chair
all items have new COLLINS BROS. PAINTING JUNK REMOVAL Litchfield and Hudson only,
tree service. Call Brownie,
603-546-3079. 8/25
the story.
please call 603-341-2496.
deep seated cushions Top Quality Work ALL ABOUT JUNK
included. Originally paid
Interior & Exterior REMOVAL. Call Us For All Hardscape Construction MOVING SALE
$800.00. $200 or BO.
Affordable Your Junk Removal Needs. - Specializing in patios,
Call Louise at 603 493 5309
Fully Insured We Take It All. 10% Off for walkways, steps, custom Moving Sale Saturday
Free Estimates Seniors and Veterans. Call stone & block retaining 7/29, 8 Kokokehas Dr.,
Cordwood, green, semi Excellent references John, 603-490-9190 or 978- walls, stone veneer, Litchfield. 9-3, 35 years of
seasoned clean hardwood.
758-8371. 7/28 landscape design & yard STUFF something for
Grapple loads $600. Call 603-886-0668 maintenance. 603-341-1317
Bradley Tree and Landscape everyone.
Service 603-886-1550. LANDSCAPE
Insured Master Electrician.
HANDYMAN Fair prices, Fast response
SERVICES and Free estimates. Call Landscaping Complete Teachers Yard Sale Sat.
& Sun. July 29 & 30. 92
Call 880-1516 or visit us at
Lawn Mowing Property Maintenance
Dana at 603-880-3768/ Speare Rd., Hudson, 9am
Man: Specializing in jobs
603-759-9876. Spring Clean-Ups Spring Cleanup 10% OFF to 2pm. 1st and 2nd grade
Mulch Installation
too small for remodelers or Thatching Power Raking material, Bulletin Boards,
contractors. Husband to-do
dumpster Walkways
Landscape Design Stickers, Stamps and more.
list. Big + small, inside and rentals Walls
Walkways, Walls & Patios Car seat, kids clothing,
outside. Yardwork spring & Dumpster Rentals Trees Mulch Shrubs games.
fall clean-ups. Replacement Clean Up/Out Services FULLY INSUREED Loaming Hydro Seeding Get The Scoop!
Hudson Litchfield News Classifieds
Construction Debris, FREE ESTIMATES
door + windows. Painting Brush, Trash
Irrigation Tree Removal
603-759-4591 Weekly Mowing
inside + outside. Fully YOU NAME IT
WELL TAKE IT Office: 603-883-1028
Working For You
insured. Dan, 603-365-
Pelham, NH
Free Online Classified Ad *
Area News Group, Tel# 880-1516
Paper: Hudson Litchfield News
From: Area News Group at 603-880-1516
*with Purchase of Print Classified $20.00
6.5 Sunday, July 16: 1:08 a.m. Assist citizen, Brody Lane. 2:30Please email
Medical aid, Hampshire Court. 10:24 a.m. Medical aid,
if required Wednesday July 19: 12:19 a.m. Assist citizen, commercial
Fire Log

a.m. Fire call, mutual aid engine to Londonderry. 3:47 a.m. Cedar Street. 4:07 p.m. Medical aid, Coventry Court. 6:30 business lockout. 9:16 a.m. Medical aid, Lowell Road. 9:50
Medical aid, Lowell Road. 11:33 a.m. Fire call, Derry Road, p.m. Medical aid, Melba Drive. 7 p.m. Medical aid, Sams a.m. Medical aid, Riviera Road. 1:18 p.m. Medical aid,
barbecue grill too close to building extinguished. 1:39 p.m. Club. Lowell Road. 1:38 p.m. Medical aid, Lowell Road. 2:45 p.m.
7 & 7/28/17 Medical aid, Mobile Drive. 4:06 p.m. Fire call, Merrill Park, Tuesday, July 18: 4:31 a.m. Medical aid, Central Street. 6:53 Medical aid, Lowell Road. 6:49 p.m. Assist citizen, Tamarack
unauthorized campfire extinguished. 7:30 p.m. Fire call/ a.m. Medical aid, Westchester Court. 12:06 p.m. Medical aid, Street. 9:39 p.m. Medical aid, Kimball Hill Road.
medical aid, Central Street at Lawrence Road, motor vehicle Robinson Road. 12:47 p.m. Fire call, Park Avenue, problem Thursday, July 20: 3:24 a.m. System trouble, Webster Street,
accident. 10:22 p.m. MedicalAttn: AndreaRoad.
aid, Lowell Baril with HVAC unit. 1:17 p.m. Medical aid, Bond Street. 5:42 From:
faulty fire alarm panel. 10:08 a.m. Medical aid, Barretts Hill
Please email
Monday, me 2:32
July 17: if changes Email/Fax:
a.m. Fire needed:
Avenue, alarms in p.m. Fire call/medical aid, Wason Road, car versus motorcycle AreaRoad.
Group, Tel#Medical
p.m. 880-1516
aid, Commercial Street. 1:50 p.m.
building. 3:16 a.m. Assist citizen, Rena Avenue, reset faulty accident. 10:07 p.m. Fire call/medical aid, Lowell Road, car Paper: Hudson~Litchfield
Medical aid, Derry Road. News
1:58 p.m. Fire call, Wentworth
Total Column
smoke detectors. 8:27 a.m. Medical Inches:
aid, Pelham 2 col
Road. x 5.5 (11)
8:57 versus motorcycle accident. PO#_______________
Drive, accidental alarm activation. 2:50 p.m. Fire call/
Cost: $ 134.75 medical
Please email aid,
PO#Kimball Hill Road, car versus utility pole. 6:23
if required
p.m. Medical aid, Central Street. 6:44 p.m. Medical aid,

- STATE Run date(s): 728/17
OF VERMONT- Central Street. 7:14 p.m. Medical aid, Cross Street. 8:04 p.m.
Medical aid, Belknap Road. 10:11 p.m. Medical aid, Parker
Washington Unit Docket No. 138-3-17 Wncv Please email me with your approval of the following ad proof: Drive.
NS161, LLC,
Plaintiff Friday, July 21: 8:46 a.m. Medical aid, Sousa Boulevard. 9:18
a.m. Fire call/medical aid, Central Street at Library Street,
motor vehicle accident. 9:44 a.m. Medical aid, Winnhaven
-Town of Litchfield- Drive. 11:31 a.m. Medical aid, Lowell Road. 12:58 p.m. Fire
Richard W. Olson, Kristina Olson,
call/medical aid, Lowell Road, motor vehicle accident. 5:05
Bank of America, N.A.
and Occupants residing at
OPEN POSITION p.m. Medical aid, River Road.
124 Winter Street, Northfield, Vermont, The Litchfield Police Department is accepting applications for a full Saturday, July 22: 12:47 p.m. Medical aid, Derry Road.
time Patrol Officer position. The Town of Litchfield offers a com- 1:29 p.m. Medical aid, Glasgow Circle. 1:46 p.m. Fire call,
SUMMONS & ORDER FOR PUBLICATION petitive starting salary ranging from $48,880.00 to $68,307.00 with Highland Street, odor of smoke investigated finding legal burn.
THIS SUMMONS IS DIRECTED TO: Kristina Olson an excellent benefits package including health, disability, dental 2:21 p.m. Medical aid, Sams Club. 6:49 p.m. Medical aid,
1. YOU ARE BEING SUED. The Plaintiff has started a lawsuit against you. A copy of the Plaintiffs Complaint against
you is on file and may be obtained at the office of the clerk of this court, Vermont Superior Court, Civil Division,
coverage and state retirement. The Local Police Union members Clifton Street. 7:07 p.m. Fire call, Cardinal Drive, suspicious
Washington Unit, 65 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont. Do not throw this paper away. It is an official paper that
affects your rights.
also receive a match for participating in a 457 deferred packages in mailbox, no hazard found. 8:35 p.m. Medical aid,
2. PLAINTIFFS CLAIM. Plaintiffs claim is a Complaint in Foreclosure which alleges that you have breached the
compensation plan. Webster Street. 9:39 p.m. Fire call, odor of propane outside
terms of a Promissory Note and Mortgage Deed dated January 14, 2005. Plaintiffs action may effect your interest in
the property described in the Land Records of the Town of Northfield at Volume 158, Page 793. The Complaint also
seeks relief on the Promissory Note executed by you. A copy of the Complaint is on file and may be obtained at the Applicants will undergo a written test, physical agility test, oral
Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court for the County of Washington, State of Vermont.
board, psychological exam, and an extensive background investi-
3. YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN 41 DAYS TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. You must give or mail the Plaintiff a written
response called an Answer within 41 days after the date on which this Summons was first published in the Hudson- gation to include a polygraph examination. Applications can be

Litchfield News, which is August 25, 2017 and after the date on which this Summons was first published in the Times
Argus, which is August 25, 2017. You must send a copy of your answer to the Plaintiff or the Plaintiffs attorney, Grant downloaded from our website or picked up
C. Rees, located at 30 Kimball Avenue, Suite 307, South Burlington, Vermont 05403. You must also give or mail your
Answer to the Court located at 65 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602.
at 2 Liberty Way, Litchfield, NH.

4. YOU MUST RESPOND TO EACH CLAIM. The Answer is your written response to the Plaintiffs Complaint. In
your Answer you must state whether you agree or disagree with each paragraph of the Complaint. If you believe the
Plaintiff should not be given everything asked for in the Complaint, you must say so in your Answer.
The following are instructions to apply with the Litchfield Police
Answer within 41 days after the date on which this Summons was first published and file it with the Court, you will
lose this case. You will not get to tell your side of the story, and the Court may decide against you and award the Plain-
tiff everything asked for in the complaint. You will need to download the application, physical fitness
6. YOU MUST MAKE ANY CLAIMS AGAINST THE PLAINTIFF IN YOUR REPLY. Your Answer must state any related requirements and testing process details. Return your completed
legal claims you have against the Plaintiff. Your claims against the Plaintiff are called Counterclaims. If you do not
application to our office by August 18th, 2017. There is no fee to
2 9 4 7 3 1 6 8 5
Area News
make your Counterclaims in writing in your answer you may not be able to bring them up at all. Even if you have

Area News
insurance and the insurance company will defend you, you must still file any Counterclaims you may have. participate in the test however if your application is not received by
7. LEGAL ASSISTANCE. You may wish to get legal help from a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you should ask the deadline, you will not be eligible to test for the position. 7 8 3 5 2 6 9 4 1

the court clerk for information about places where you can get free legal help. Even if you cannot get legal help, you

Group 6 5 1 4 8 9 2 3 7
must still give the court a written Answer to protect your rights or you may lose the case.
The testing date will be Saturday, September 9th, 2017 at 9:00
am at Campbell High School, 1 Highlander Court, Litchfield, NH 3 4 8 9 7 2 5 1 6
03052. This will start with a written test (NHDelivering
The Affidavit duly filed in this action shows that service cannot be made with due diligence by any of the methods
provided in Rules 4(d)-(f), (k), or (l) of the Vermont Rules of Civil Procedure. Accordingly, it is ORDERED that service
of the Summons set forth above shall be made upon the Defendant, Kristina Olson, by publication as provided in
Certified Officers are Delivering 9 6 5 8 1 4 7 2 3
EXEMPT) and physical agility testing will follow for those scor-
Rule[s] [4(d)(l) and] 4(g) of those Rules.
13,500 copies weekly in
ing a 70 or above. The clothing of the day will be PT gear (shorts, 13,500 copies weekly in 1 2 7 6 5 3 8 9 4
This order shall be published once a week for 3 weeks beginning on July 14, 2017 in the Hudson-
Litchfield News, a newspaper of general circulation in Hillsborough County, and beginning on July 14, 2017 in the
Times Argus, a newspaper of general circulation in Washington County, and a copy of this summons and order as
t-shirts, running shoes). Hudson & Litchfield. Hudson & Litchfield. 5 7 2 3 4 8 1 6 9
published shall be mailed to the Defendant, Kristina Olson, at her last known address.

Dated at Montpelier, Vermont this 30th day of June, 2017.

8 3 6 1 9 5 4 7 2
If you have any questions contact Captain Benjamin Sargent at
Hon. Mary Miles Teachout (603) 424-4047 4 1 9 2 6 7 3 5 8
Vermont Superior Court
Civil Division, Washington Unit
Puzzle 30 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.53)
Generated by
10 - July 28, 2017 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage
readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

Thumbs up to the thumbs comment about Maybe I will, LOL. Thumbs Residential-Commercial answer any
Serving the Southern New
Nicole! I missed her last week as well. Happy down to the
T,W,F 9-5, Thrs 9-8, Sat 9-3 Hampshire area for over 20 Years!
questions or

to see you back this week, Nicole. Good luck on Thumbs up, right back at ya! To the neighbor reader who concerns from
the second date. I am a senior citizen who loves that thanked God for answering her prayers that wants to repeal FLOORING a citizen of
your column. we are moving. I cant wait to say goodbye to you Obamacare Hudson, nor
either. I am so tired of living next to this spiteful without a ever return a
Thumbs up to Fairview Rehab, Hudson. My and two-faced person. Go ahead and continue replacement. SPECIALISTS call. I have
husband, Bob, had open heart surgery at CMC in living your Martha Stewart wanna be life. And as called three
May. He was in the hospital for three weeks as far as prayers go, you dont even go to church but Thumbs Carpets Vinyl Ceramic Hardwood times in the
he had a hard recovery. Then he was transferred I do, so leave the praying to me. Ill say an extra down to the Laminates Window Treatments Area Rugs past couple of
to Fairview Nursing and Rehab, Hudson, for four one for you this weekend. women in years politely
weeks. Slowly he got better at Fairview as the a bathing 30 Lowell Rd, Brook Plaza, Hudson, NH with questions
nursing was excellent and consistent. The nurses
were on top of everything at all times. The Rehab
Thumbs up. Nice to see the changes in the
planning boards decisions and Hudson becoming
suit walking
her two
603-886-3411 and concerns.
Never will
people were more business dogs down they pick up
excellent and friendly. Albuquerque near Neneskeag on approximately the phone nor return the call. Dont you work for
worked with
Bob within his
SPRING Oil Burner Tune Up Special $125 Thumbs
Sunday, July 23, at 4:45 p.m. Why would you not
clean up after your dog, especially when its all
the people of Hudson?

capacity every S Tune-up your furnace or boiler NOW O down for the
IL excess sand over the walk way? Really! Thumbs down. Sad to see all the empty
day. The food GA and SAVE on next winters fuel bills buildings in the Sagamore Park, especially the
choices were
wonderful and
lawns during
Thumbs down to liberals. You know a lot of
Americans are really fed up with you. If they
medical company gone to another town that must
have treated them better.
tasty, and, they
even made
Dave Chadwick Home Heating Services last winter. Im
still trying to
disagree with you they call you names like racist,
homophobe, misogynist, they will tell you want
up a dish for SERVICE REPAIR INSTALLATION 24 HOURS/7 DAYS get rid of it. to ruin the environment. Socialism doesnt work Thank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs
me when I Over 30 years of experience - Fully Insured Perhaps the because it defies human nature. up or down, are anonymous and not written by the
was visiting
at mealtime.
High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers , Furnaces & Water Heaters Available department
All Brands
public works
Thumbs up to the All About Me column.
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with. Everyone was cheerful and friendly from the lawns. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments
laundry girls to the nursing home patients. I said Thumbs down to certain town administrators should be kept to 100 words or less.
one time that I would love to live there someday. at town hall that never pick up the phone and

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Police Investigating Gun-Related Incidents
by David S. Morin Flynn at 886-6011. An anonymous tip can
Reports of guns used in two Hudson also be left at the Crime Line (603) 594-
incidents kept Hudson Police busy. The first 1150.
incident took place on July 20, just before The second incident took place on July 21
5 p.m., on Lowell Road near the Sagamore at 12:30 a.m. when police received a report
Bridge. The Hudson Police Department took of a man pointing a gun at patrons entering
a report of a road rage incident involving a the Circle K site on Derry Road. On arrival
Photo by David S. Morin

2006 green Volkswagen Passat and a gray at the scene the white SUV had left the area.
2000 Chevy Pickup where a firearm was A short time later a Hudson officer spotted
displayed. the vehicle pass by him on Derry Road.
Several police units converged on both Officers searched area businesses and found
vehicles on Library Street in front of St. John the vehicle at the 7-Eleven store in Litchfield.
Church. Both drivers were interviewed, and Police questioned the operator of the SUV,
police are looking to speak to any witnesses Brian Bell, 36, of Finch Court, Litchfield,
to this incident which occurred during the and arrested him. Bell refused to take a field
Hudson police officers speak with two drivers involved in a road rage incident that took place on Lowell Road. heavy afternoon commute. Anyone with sobriety test and was charged with driving
information about while intoxicated, criminal threatening
this event should and driving after suspension or revocation.

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Hudson - Litchfield News | July 28, 2017 - 11

Getting Sweaty Single Car Crash Closes

at Summer Lacrosse Camp Kimball Hill Road
by David S. Morin
Hudson Police and Fire
units responded to the area of
Kimball Hill Road in the area of
Speare Road for a single-vehicle
crash involving a telephone pole
on July 20 just before 3 p.m.
On arrival crews found a
2008 Kia operated by 73-year-

Photo by David S. Morin

old Charles Grossman of
Miramar Beach, Fla. While
traveling east on Kimball Hill
Road near Speare Road, the Kia
went off the road to the right
and struck a utility pole. The
utility pole was broken at the
base. The vehicle came to stop
at Clement Road.
Grossman was uninjured and
refused any further medical
treatment at scene. The Kia had
to be towed from the scene.
Eversource responded out to the
scene to assess the damage.
The road remained closed
from Speare Road to Clement
Road for several hours as utility
Staff photo by Len Lathrop crews work to restore power
and repair the damaged pole.
The boys of summer in grades first through sixth grade, play at Presentation of Mary Academy Lacrosse The cause of the crash remains
Summer Camp. under investigation.

Newly Created Position of Land Use Director Expands

on Town Planners Duties
On Aug. 30, George Thebarge will mark his first day on the job Hudson Board of Selectmen on July 25 as the towns first land use In his capacity as town planner, Thebarge will advise the planning
as the land use director for the Town of Hudson, a newly created director. board, citizens, board of selectmen, town administrator and town
position. Thebarge replaces Town Planner John Cashell, who As land use director, Thebarge will supervise and coordinate the staff regarding land use planning issues. Additionally, he will serve
worked for the town for 14 years, leaving in February to take over daily operations of the Land Use Division through coordination of as the lead person for the towns economic development efforts;
the planning directors position in Georgetown, Mass. Thebarge, the planning, engineering, zoning, code enforcement and economic supervise the processing of all applications for planning board
with a starting salary of $98,500, will gain added responsibilities development activities of the town. He will also serve as the town review; supervise the management of the towns master plan and
beyond the previous town planners position. Thebarge was one planner. Under the direction of Town Administrator Steve Malizia, capital improvements programs; prepare the budgets; coordinate the
of three candidates being considered by the selectmen for the land Thebarge will provide supervision to employees in the planning, technical activities of the departments; and answer public inquiries
use director position. Thebarge was unanimously accepted by the engineering and zoning/code enforcement departments. and complaints as needed.

Who Doesnt Like Pizza? Drug Abuse Prevention Forum

Networking with Kendall Pond Pizza
courtesy of the Greater Learn how to
Protect your Children
Hudson Chamber
of Commerce
On Tuesday, June 27,
the Greater Hudson Saturday, July 29
Chamber of Commerce
held a PM Networking All are invited from 5:30 to 7 p.m. for a Drug Abuse Prevention Forum with a panel consisting
event. A huge thank of representatives from the State Police Narcotics Division, Hudson Police Department, Hudson
you to Kendall Pond Fire Department, the Greater Nashua Drug Abuse Prevention coordinator and others at St.
Pizza owner Pat Kathryn Parish Hall, 4 Dracut Road, Hudson. Learn the danger signs and how to protect your
McDermot and his children from drug abuse and misuse. This forum is being sponsored by St. Kathryn Veterans
team for a wonderful Committee.
event. Visit them at
35 Lowell Road in
Did you know they
also have two other
locations at 81 Main
St. in Dover and 7
Mammoth Road in





Courtesy photo

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12 - July 28, 2017

Kn w Y ur Car Monthly AUTOSECTION

A Well-Received British Invasion Takes over the Hills House

by Lynne Ober
The grounds of Hills House

Kn w Y ur Car
were covered with British cars last
Saturday. It almost looked like
an invasion, but it was, in reality,
the much-anticipated 2017 British
Car Show, which was enjoyed by
many. Cars filled the grounds -
organized in rows by class. It was
hard to know where to start.
Row after row of MGs of various
sizes and ages were on display.
Most had been meticulously
restored but some were actually
in the parking lot while their
owners were at the show viewing
the display. Look this MG has no
door handles, said a father to his
son. Do you know how they got
in? After a bit of examination,
it was explained that this car
had no glass windows and there
was a slot in the plastic window The backseat was roomy for passengers who road in the 1964 Winchester London Taxi. An antique MG for onlookers to enjoy
covering that opened so you could
reach inside and pull the string built, but these three saloon cars are credited with saving Triumph the cars cabin.
that opened the door. The son was intrigued and kept leaning over from oblivion after the companys factories were ruined during There was also a section for non-British cars. Here sat a large
to view the mechanism. World War II. Renowns were built from 1949 until 1954. On truck with its passenger cabin tilted up. This Ford 1941 truck has its
Many people know about Triumphs from the TR2 through TR7 display was a beautiful 1954 Renown. Total Renown production engine mounted under the passenger cabin so the cabin had to tilt
and the Spitfires, but few have ever seen a Triumph Renown. On of this hand-built car from 1949 until
display was a gorgeous Renown (only one of seven that are known 1954 was 9,301 and fewer than 200 are
to exist in America), which is owned by the Polenchers in Hudson. known to have survived today. Triumph,
This vehicle resembles a Bentley or Rolls Royce and has little to do originally started by a German, is no longer
with the TR line so everyone was surprised to learn it is a Triumph. in existence, but BMW, another German car
Many have called the Renown and its cousins, the Roadster and maker, owns the rights to the Triumph name.
Mayflower, as the least sporty and clearly the slowest Triumphs ever If you preferred the sportier line that
Triumph manufactured, there were plenty of
Staff photos by Lynne Ober opportunities to view those.
But the Triumph Renown wasnt the only
interesting vehicle. In fact it was hard to
choose from the hundreds on display. The
1964 Winchester London Taxi, last years
best in show, drew a crowd of admirers.
Winchester London Taxis were made from
1963 through 1972. There used to be very
strict taxi rules in London. One expectation
was that the roof had to be high enough,
so a man wearing a top hat could sit
comfortably without removing his hat. Each
taxi had to reach a 25-foot turning radius,
and have a limousine configuration. This The cab of a 1941 Coca Cola Ford delivery truck tilted to give mechanics access to the engine
taxi was complete with its meter and had installed beneath the drivers compartment.
been meticulously restored.

up for the mechanic to work on this truck. The

owner had a photo album done of the before-
and-after restoration as well as a photo of the
truck delivering Coca Cola to stores back in
1941. Although the freight cabin was gone, the
rest of the truck had been carefully restored. Lots
of conversation rolled around finding the rusted
hulk of this truck abandoned in a field, getting
permission to move and then the months to
The Land Rover dealer in Bedford brought a
This 1964 Winchester London Taxi was best of show in the 2016 bevy of cars to display, including a bright orange
British Car Show. Land Rover convertible. Did you know Land
Rover made a convertible?
By the time we had looked at all the cars, I
dont think I was the only one wishing that MGs,
Triumphs and Austin Healeys would again be
made. Beautiful driving machines.

A picture of the 1941 truck when it was outfitted to deliver Coca Cola

As well as antique British cars, there were newer British cars. The
row of Lotus vehicles parked together drew much interest. Next to
a 2011 Lotus Evora sat the owner enjoying an ice cream cone. You
must have great knees, said a viewer who noticed that the Evora
had little ground clearance. Will a tennis ball even roll under that
car? The owner laughed and said that once the door was opened,
there was a small platform for
a person to sit on and then
maneuver one leg at a time into

Junk Car
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