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2H November. 1987 Pale3
by Lex luthor
and The Legion â| Hackers
IBM mainframe computers make up over 50
prcent of the mainframes used today in the
United States These systems are traditionally
used In Industries such as insurance, banking,
universities, and so on. For some reason, IBM
systems as a whole have not been very popular
"Ith hackers. This may be due to the complexity
0Í the operating systems run on IBM systems
compared to others such as UNIX or VMS.
Another (eClSOn may be tha t there is much varlet y
|l0| shop to shop. I BM systems are more
commonly llIodlfled and customized to f i t d0
inclviduil corpora lon's Ileeds ind the lack of
.¡¹`.t|Sdll!y for commands, files. programs,
and oHler procedures makes it difficult to attempt
to use wltilout any type of speclf! c
documentati on The lack of detailed orHlne help
also hinders the hacker. I believe tilat Hle
\M/CMS Operating System is by far the best ar1d
easily leamed of the IBM systems. But cOll1pared
¦0 0¡00l Operatlllg Systems like UNIX 0 VMS.
VlICMS is cumbersome and harder to leal1,
OCÍ0¦0 I even attel1pt to start this Jrtl cle. I
wili lS! the iBM specific ac' 00yms wC Will he
.Sl0 and sore others thJt you may find on
various IBM systems, Ilist ll1Ü'` '0l030 | wlll 'OI
'ìa\e '000 '!tilrougiOut the artiCle. If you (c·0¯0
kno,y wl1at one of them means later, just refer
back l0 íllS list
'M/SP: Virtual Machine/System Product
|Í` Control Program
eMS: Converstional Monitoring System
hÍÜ. Hiä| |erormanc Option
VSE: Virual Storage Extende
MVS: Multiple Virtual Storage
TSO: Time Sharing Option
JES: Job Enlry System
CICS: Customer Information Control System
VBAN. Virual Storage Accss Method
VTAN. V|da1l TtlttãTTaº|t1l|ãºtAuttt Met|od
IX: Interactiv Eecutive
IPL: Initial Program Load
IVP: Installation Verification Program

mote Spooling DãTTaº|t1l|ãºt Subsystem
DASD: Direct Aces Storage Device
Iayc 4 ªovcmbcr, 1987 26((
EREP: Environmental Recording Editing and Printing
SNA: Systems Netork Architecture
NCCF: Netork Communictions Control Facility
R EXX: Restructured Etended Executer lnguage
VDC: Volume Table U Contents
DOCS: Display Operator Consle System
JCL: Job Control lnguage
ACF: Advncd Communictions Functions
SQL/DS: Structured Query language/Data System
DBA: Data Bs Administrator
GCS: Group Control System
SCP: System Control Program
FOP: Field Development Program
CNA: Communictions Netork Appliction
ÍOF. Programm10le Oper1tor Facilit
ÍSW: Írogram Sttus Word
SSCP: Subsstem Srvices Control Point
IPCS: Interactiv Problem Control System
[CSS: Disontiguous Shared Segments
ICF: Virtual Machine Communicalians Facilit
FIFO: First In First Out
LIFO: lst In First Out
AP: Atched Procsr
MP: Multi-Procesor
R/D: Red/Only
R/W: Red/Write
Logging In
TYPically. wilen you cOllle across a systen1
''¦l1l1I|\0 an older version (If CMS. '' will respond
ThiS message IS somewhat of 3 con|radict' on.
|Ìt majorl ty 0ÍVM/CMS systems are rarely run
UÍJ actual o:U systems but on other processors,
such as the +OA³ series and the 30 AA series
file penod . prompt is ttle surest way of
velfYlllg that you Ilave indeed ¯Ollnect0d to J
V"¹Ll¯ system, aside lror the "VMi370
ÜÍ¡ÌÍÍ message which 'S usually printed. fhis
prompt should not be co0Íus00 Wil| Jl|s
TOPS-10 system, Wilich also '3S 'l!Fprompt 0l ò
pnod. Newer versions will OI\u yCu ¦|IS '6ñL
Enter one of the following commands:
LOGON usrid (Example: LOGON VMUSER 11
DIAL usrid (Example: DIAL VMUSER21
MSG usrid messge (Eample: MSG VMUSER3
Thi s menu may vary f rom system to system,
s i n ce syst em manager s may opt to omi t
commands from the menu o r add others. When
hacki ng a system, t hi s menu wi l l appear before
you can attempt to l ogi n, thus becomi ng very
tedi ous and t i me consumi ng especi al l y at 300
baud as you have to wai t an etemi t y for each
l ogon attemat .
"Compar ed to other
operati ng systems ...
V M / C ÀÒis cumbersome
and harder to learn."
Other responses after connect i ng are "Ready
to Host" , " Press break key to begi n sessi on" and
" I nval i d Swi tch Characters" . The l ast response i s
commonl y found on Tel enet and other packet
swi tched networks, i n whi ch you may have to
spci fy "VM" for a VM/ CMS system, or "TSO" for
an MVSITSO system. There may be other I BM
sysleills l0 select from. or "VM" may not be a
'lalla ·y·le( You may al s0 have to S0CIÍv
iUo0¦ VM' ·| | u¯t 'LOGON" before the port
~l¹!Ü C0|lCC!S you l0 the host syste
'¹LUÍ 'dl JC abbreviated u: ju:!. /
u:c¦I0 |o|\ CC Ì!¹`¯1O cliaracters |I length. �u!
''5l ||l3IuC¡Cl I!·í :0 o '0\¡Cl .:n i1!''`·
�.!'''T y0u |0|C JC¦SS |lIS wiIl cC í|ut:. 0u¹
!uC '· .··¹0|J17u¹ìC|ì 0Í ¨y¯!6'o 'Ic
�|lISo|).0| '¦Uocllaldctel 0dSSW0|u 'Il¹l!'cy
'C -xit·Je0) / lV0lC3l logon olay |00K l i ke:

'S ll0 SySlu| prompt, L |S l|c .UCUl
.0:iJu0. c¹M'' · Ht J¨t¡1¹1
·YouuLoo S ¦lC u¦C \í¦I| 'S ''C
C0lCC|¹ í uSCl |3| O·0¡ .0| ||)c|i0u| |ì
the ·v¯lu· ¯0l ||0 whole system (in Inosl
cases ) . NOI'L woul d be used when a syste
dumps you i nt o a program whi ch al l ows you l i t t l e
or no mobi l i ty such as a restricted menu of
opt i ons ( i . e., a system backup ut i l i t y) and l ogs
you off wi thout gai ni ng access to CMS. NOI PL
wi l l prevent t hi s program f rom running if it i s
l i sted i n your automat i c I PL entry wi t hi n the CP
di rectory. Thi s shoul d al l ow you access to the
system. Otheri se the progra was spei fi ed to
nn wi thi n your PROFI LE EXEC whi ch l i sts things
to be done upon l ogon . NOI PL i s somewhat
si mi l ar but not i dent i cal to the l ogi n qual i fi er
"/ NOCOMMAND" for DEC' s VAXIVMS systes.
I f t h e Password Su ppres s i on Faci l i t y i s
i nstal l ed o n the system, you wi l l reeive an
i nval i d format message whenever the usrid and
password are entered on the sae l i ne. Tis i s
obvi ousl y a securi ty measure to prevent users
from enteri ng t hei r password in ful l vi ew of
anyone who may be watchi ng as the password i s
not "masked". Thus, you wi l l have to enter your
password on a separate l i ne when the syste
prompt s you f or i t. The advantage of enteri ng the
useri d and password on one l i ne ( especial ly at
300 baud) i s that you can try more userids and
passwords i n a shorter peri od of t i me whi l e st i l i
avail ing yourself (1f the system's generosity 0!
infofing you whef an rnvalid userid ¯¹· ¯cc|
Error mesges
'¨c.? .¯c various error messages u¦° Mdy
0|C0ul!Cl while loggi ng into a VM 'lYoSyS!Cû
!0C ones v0u Shoul0 be most concered ¹c0u!
Isrid 00l |0 DP 1ire.'1n. Wilen an nvö|iU
usc||U ¯u: 'uc¯ ¨¦l·i.0, y0u will receive t hi s
messa�e This |lCIC¨lion gives the hacker d
0ì°Il0C! ¨0Vc|¹30t Í0| 03l0I00 00!| to the
system. t�le largest security hole in any
:ystern ´0|.·C '¦|` tel l ing the user when a val i d
'¦''·�¯u�OClentered. After al l . obtai ning a
\¨I·u u | 0dl! the battl e. The olher hal f i s
C``'3'í¹` d valid password. Even the weakest
´·C|u!l·¹J systems '0 ionqer give u| uJ·c¹Il0¯0l
`�` ¯ ·3ì'0 |Í '¹ 0tf -¯¦:n V0v 'ÍM ´3:
`¹ l`'S '' :·v'-·v '( ¦�I�
V¦·! J ·:'·U .·`¯·· '` enteredyp,.1 *|ll �-
´ ´·�´ '�¹ c|�� � �¹ �uu �l` :'¦-.·v �
uC 'C |� '' '··'í!, liCSyS!C1¹¹ V'l

¹ | '·\ v0uW''i '|C�''0|C
c lWu messages'
2600 ·Ovcmhcr, Iº87 lay� ¬
US S·c:aJ S÷c·r1*¸ l:÷!::÷s
from The Disk ôccìe¸
001-003 Ne¥ Hampshire 440-448 Oklahoma
004-007 Maine 449-467 Texas
008-009 Vermont 468-477 Minnesota
010-034 Massachusetts 478-485 IO¥a
035-039 Rhode Island 486-500 Missouri
040-049 Connecticut 501-502 North Dakota
050-134 Ne¥ York 503-504 South Dakota
135-158 Ne¥ Jersey 505-508 Nebraska
159-211 Pennsylvania 509-515 Kansas
212-220 Maryland 516-517 Montana
221-222 Dela¥are 518-519 Idaho
223-231 Virginia 520- Vycm1nq
232-236 West Virgina
�¯]¬".4 CcI·t ado
232-232 North Carolina 525 Ne¥ Mexico
237-246 North Carolina 585 Ne" Mexico
247-251 South Carolina 526-527 Arizona
252-260 Georgia
600-601 Arizona
261-267 Florida 528-529 Utah
589-595 Florida 530 Nevada
268-302 Ohio 531-539 Washington
303-317 Indiana 540-544 Oregon
318-361 Illinois 545-573 California
362-386 Michigan 602-626 California
387-399 Wisconsin 574 Alaska
400-407 Kentucky 575-576 Ha"aii
408-415 Tennessee 577-579 Vest1n¬t¢n DC
416-424 Alabama 580-584 Puerto Rico
425-428 Mississippi 596-599 Virgin Islands
587-588 Mississippi 586 Guam, Samoa
429-432 Arkansas 700-728 Railroad
433-439 Louisiana
Some numers are sho"n more than once because they have been
transferred from one state to another or have been divided
for use among certain geographical locations. No ne" 700-
series railroad nuers have been issued since July 1, 1963.
These are used by credit agencies and other services "hen
verifing birthplace, tracking do"n individials, or for use
in creating ne" identification.
Page 0 November, 1987 260
listening in: catch me i you can!
b The LNA Master
Are you ti red of watchi ng scrambl ed vi deo
f rom H BO and the Movi e Channel , etc.? And you
don't want to watch Dr. Gene Scott or Jerry
Fal wel l or any of the other T preachers? Do you
fel your satel l i te di sh is goi ng to waste? Wel l ,
here's somethi ng fun you can do wi th i t.
In addi t i on to reei vi ng vi deo and audi o
si gnal s, your satel l i te di sh can be used as a
wi retappi ng devi ce. Yes, some of you can
actual l y wi retap from your own l i vi ng room-a
fact you probabl y di dn't know. Wi retappi ng is
i l l egal , but as the t i t l e of thi s art i cl e says, catch
me if you can. I t's vi rtual l y i mpossi bl e to detect
thi s parti cul ar brand of l i steni ng i n.
Al l you need for thi s project i s your basi c home
stel l i te di sh antenna, al so known as TRO or
tel evi son recei ve onl y. What you need to do i s
tum to the AT&T satel l i te known as Tel star 301.
You' l l noti ce between Channel 20 and 23 (that i s,
Channel 21 and 22) you' l l see a bl ank screen as i f
there were a stat i on there. You won' t hear
anything except maybe an occasi onal garbl ed
Thi s is what you do to l i sten i n on phone cal l s.
Take a general ' coverage shortwave reei ver
(covering between AM broadcast band and 30
megacycl es) . Connect the antenna i nput of your
shortwave to the vi deo out termi nal on your
stel l i te recei ver . Tune the shortwave recei ver on
l ower si de band ( LSB) anywhere between the
broadcast band (1.6 megahertz) and 7.5
megahert z. Make sure your satel l i te reei ver i s
ei ther on Channel 21 or 22. You wi l l pi ck up more
cal l s to Hawai i , Puerto Ri co, Al aska, and the
Cari bbean than you ever thought possi bl e. Who
woul d have dreamed there woul d have been that
many phone cal l s to l i sten to? About every 312
ki l ohertz there i s a phone conversati on. If you do
not hear a phone conversati on, you wi l l hear a
cont i nuous t one of 2600 hert z. Tune your
recei ver to where you bel i eve 2600 i s comi ng i n
perectl y, then l isten for a cl i ck f ol l owed by MF
( bl ue box) tones f ol l owed by a ri ng. You wi l l then
be abl e to I i sten i n on A T& T call s to area code
808, 809, and 907.
For frequenci es above 4.1 megahertz, swi tch
to upper si de band ( USB). Al so, you can tune i n
Channel 8 of Tel star 301. I t appears that Channel
8 on your standard satel l i te recei ver box swi tches
to the US Spri nt servi ce from the mai nl and to
Hawai i . Spri nt codes can be (and have been)
gotten successf ul l y by l i steni ng to the cal l s.
I nteresti ng conversat i ons are all over the pl ace,
such as the man from Long I sl and who has two
wi ves and was promi si ng the seond wi fe over
the phone that she could stay in hi s house i n
Hawai i unt i l he "got r i d of" wi fe number one.
Tel star 301 can be found at Ub W on the
stel l i te di sh. Spacenet 2, whi ch i s l ocated at bU
W is al l US Spri nt. Domesti c cal l s as wel l as
overseas cal ls can be moni tord.
Ot her i nterest i ng satel l i tes are ASC1 at
128 W, Westar 2 at 79 W, and Comstar 04 at
76 W. On these, si mpl y tune across unt i l you hi t a
bl ank channel that looks li ke i t's carryi ng a
si gnal . Then t une t he short wave recei ver
anywhere beten |.band 7.5 meahertz. I f the
conversati on doesn't strai ghten up, swi tch to
LSB or USB on the shorwave.
1HÏ `¯ÜV bLLBË1'
25 T0 �?0 X
A Reie ä| ¨W 'Top æm` Ristr
0Í U.8 Gll nt Rdio Frll ies"
b 8|.1æ
Scanner l i steni ng ses to have a cerai n
myst i que amoung phr eaks and hackers,
p a r t i c u l a r l y i n r e g ard s t o li s t e n i n g t o
mobi l e/ cordl ess/ ce l l u l ar phones, and cert ai n
goverment agenci es. However, unli ke mobi le
phones, whose frequenci es are wel l known, the
feds' frequenci es appear to be hi dden away from
(.on¡inucdtÍ JuPc??)
26( November,1987 Page 7
the telecom informer
r[ hey've done it again. This time,
after repeatedly and aggressively
promoting their 550 talk line
numbers (phone numbers beginning with
550 that connect callers to total
strangel)), New England Telephone has
devised a plan to block access to these
numbers from your home for a
monthly charge. This is supposed to
benefit those people who listened the
first time and called all those numbers in
the advertisements, winding up with an
incredible bill. Now that they've been
given a taste of what kind of "accidents"
their phones can have, a dollar or two
for "insurance" isn't so unreasonable.
Where have we seen this before? ... New
Jersey may soon have talking yellow
pages. Using a touch tone phone,
subscribers will be able to call a
computerized system, enter a four-igit
number, and listen to a recorded
message containing theater events, stock
market reports, and anything else you
could possibly want. The service will be
free to customers. To advertise on it will
cost about S80 a month ... .In Annapolis,
Maryland, a man pleaded guilty to
stealing long distance telephone service
using his home computer, which the
b Ül0KIn0 ÜðWICð
A Î1 8 D0W WÎC0 ÎOt Ñ08lO0DC0 CU8V w wM ||m l0 D CWl
lm îD0¡f o 10Î0DDO08 !O tWK ¡lD08. D1WK ßD • mCU81OÆ mæ
CODDÞ16 to moCOÆ81WD•. Nm �Iw ¼M Þ 0OD1N
WO Dl¡¡lDg lor ÎO CWÎ o tm¬tækÑO æmmm
w Þlw m OtOf omm
w W ÎB WÕKKlDQ æ¬ DÎDÇ 0!!ðmT
A ÎD omt l0 ææ•• COD¡WD18 \m �1B wæCDÎRÆ m w ummlw
Dl¡l8 mCB¡ÎDQ 1&ÎK ¡ÎD0a lm DmÞl m Þu UIΡÎ1!W |Þe1m1M Nm LÞgl&
¼¡0DDOD0 to ~¤D ••0WCB mæ wMuwm�xmm
lo lm æ æ tm lÞt o >
o MO oa W Ü¡OKlDQ ÜO¡C6 wmT
A YoD CU81O0Æ 8UD8CDD 1O W Ü¡OKÎDÇ 8� CW ¡8 mm lm|f o
to|om•• !o10¡6DDOD0 DURDW 8!M ¡DQ W¡1D ºW {lm 0D� m&C¡U
|¤i1WK l!mBj WΡ¡ D1 w COD¡016. Dwwwwm wm
c~ m=mm lDM l0¡m
w |a" Ü¡OKlDQ 8wm m8lÎBDl0 1O 0OD0Ý
A N0. × ll8! 0\ 1D0 6CDW WD6Æ tm æ wcð l8 � DÆD\¡y BMlWÎ0
æmD tmD&K o|1D¡8 BDm1. WÛÎOKlDÇ l8 m&llÆ m �w
lD MÎ O1D0t 0xCDæQ wwm+w|mm tw æw
• 1OÎf æ æ æ
w Y&11t1 o D0l 8UD&D mWÎÎP1IW m mwwm||ækmm
WÐB l0 lw Ilms7
¤ ¥ CW 0ÎWI mCDWQ WUf mæ æ~l0 UD¡ÎPW 0æ æ æm
N0 C0ÞW�I0Þ CDB &08 ÎÌ WU CUD1¡V amdmW W OK W W
8UD W æ Bl æ0 LΡDQ, LÎÆ¡0 L¡ÎO, Mðlß|lW C0~
0IC W WUf kæ æ¬|ce M0, W w0 wmwHmww
O¡DQ m UDÎÎR¡IW m M0 æ
o MO PUD o¶W Ü¡OKÎDQ 8Oð Ol7
¤ D |a •0D1DÎy CD&Æ o|O OÎÎ&f ÎOf WÜÎOKÎDQ æmDmMm
MRK m•mthbu k0ø æ æm mm
|t yu wuld ¡ÎK0 l0 omðf å Ü¡OKlDQ ÜDÎC0 Of 8ÎUDÎV ¡0W Õ Ml R,0Iwæ
1 æW mWl1DÎD MMm Mæ9&DuWll& Nw MWD0ÎÆ 0 |e|wÖ
wmt. fm 0lDðf < æ¡OD& wæC&ÎÎ Wf m LÞglM �M
Hpææl•m• lm M nW ||uwO m|wæmmN
Page 8 November, 1987 2M
judge ordered destroyed. An intelligent
man .... While MCI and US Sprint are
trying to grow and recover from their
losses, AT&T is trying their best to
knock them out. AT&T has stared a
new program for COCOT (Customer
Owned Coin Operated Telephone)
companies. The contract for this
program insists that payphone
companies route all their long distance
traffic through AT&T. The companies
receive between 3 and 17 percent
commission depending on how much
long distance usage there is. The
contract also states that the phones
cannot process Visa or Mastercard calls
(many COCOTs now have a magnetic
card reader installed), and goes on to say
950 and IOxxx calls are not allowed
unless the payphone tariff re4uires them
in that state. An interesting note: in New
York State the only rules governing
COCOTs are |) they must give free 911
service; 2) they must give free local
directory assistance or have a phone
book nearby (a book in the same
building counts!); and finally 3) either
on or around the phones there must be a
number for service or complaints .... MCl
is expanding International Direct
Dialing. As of September 15, Israel was
MCI's 5gth direct dial country. They will
lease e4uipment from ^ Í<1 to facilitate
long distance service to another ̬
countries .... US Sprint now provides
access to over U countries, while only
about 20 are dialable with a fON card
(Sprint's calling card service). The rest of
the countries are only dialable with Ì'
service. Among the countries not
dialable by calling card are Argentina,
Chile, Dominican RepUblic, Hong
Kong, and Taiwan. (As of November 7,
US Sprint suspended international calls
to the Dominican Republic from area
codes 212 and 305.) US Sprint says by
the end of the year they should handle
over õU countries .... MCI will offer
operator service in ̬öö so that
customers can use calling cards from a
rotary phone. Once that is established
they will also offer collect calls, trouble
assistance, and other operator services.
US Sprint has provided operator service
for a good while now. Just dial �0-332-
0777 or for you equal access nuts 103330
(107770 is now extinct) .... While both
MCI and US Sprint are ofering 800
service neither provides 800 directory
assistance. Take 800-4 -9999, an MCI
800 number owned by Mrs. Fields
Cookies�we called MCI and asked
them if they had the 80 number for
Mrs. Fields. They told us rather matter
of factly that the number for 800
directory assistance is 80-555-1212. We
tried to explain that /haì number was for
AT&T 80 numbers, but were silenced
with a click. When we called 80-555-
1212, we asked the woman who
answered "AT&r 800 information, " if
she had the number for Mrs. Fields
Cookies. She said there was no listing. It
just goes to show if you're going to get
an MCI 800 number, you have to
advertise or else no one will cvcr call
you .... With US Sprint's ongoing
advertising nonsense about hearing a pin
drop over the world's only fiber optic
network they neglect to mention that
you can also hear one drop on every
long distance company -AT&T, MCI,
Allnet, Ì. RCI, Western Union (oh
well, almost every company). In its
continuing quest to cut over to
soon when yl'u call your access number
(for the 7 digit home codes) you will
hear a recording giving you a new
number. This day has already come.
There goes the last bit of GTE Sprint
left in US Sprint. And soon they11 be
selling their old network (see
illustration) .... Southern Bell has a new
service for Florida residents who travel.
Called "The Right Touch Service", this
program allows customers to disconnect
and reconnect their telephone serice via
a touch tone phone. From anywhere in
the country you can call 80-826-6290 to
receive a series of interactive recordings.
Callers are asked to enter their telephone
number which must be in area codes
305, 813, or 904. They are then
prompted for a personal access code.
This 4-igit PIN number (not the calling
card PIN) was mailed to customers
recently. When this service was
seling a9,o10mile
COHuBIC30OB network.
Sægvodo'tmtwo of. Eially two complete oæomo.
But whn GTSpm mUST:kæmmU íæUS Sprint.I's exy what we
US Spt uwmgm .mdguæ¬wevcm��~ov

mmhwm .+m en� Urt Stale. Sdyou D u�±U sz
mæSmFU NcYmO mæBayo Blu U Boute, W mgt.ale U hlp.
ßæmwuwc`vcmU mm-ñbmowcsmpIydataoU æc
wave nt
"Network J (originally scheduled to be
completed by June 27, 1987), US Sprint
has sent out notices to old GTE Sprint
(950-0777) customers. The 9 digit codes
2fææhiUTbdgm1||yoto |o
(which started out as 7 digits plus a 2 pw,1||y�,±aw²mf m.
digit travel code) were replaced by a 7
digit code which can only be used from
your home town. Even these new codes
m&vætmsm: m u.
were only given out to customers
without equal access. Until now when
O±vucu¡± �u±~c.
you traveled you could still dial 950-

0777 and place a call without a
surcharge. Now when you leave your Uyou"""infonanonounheen .. "'lWorl,ponsofit.ormany
-ON d d
o|it compnnts. gve us a cm
city you must use your Ì car an
pay a 55 cent surcharge with each call.
................................................................................... ¤
The letter continued stating that one day
2é00 November, 1987 Page 9
the telecom informer
introduced a few months ago, cu�tomers
had 3-digit PINS. It's quite possible that
those first PIN's were actually the
"account codes", those three numbers
that follow the telephone number on the
phone bill. With this service, there is no
fee to turn off your phone line, but there
is a S?O.'Ocharge to turn it back on.
Right Touch is available ?4hours a day
and has the capacity to handle ?0 callers
simultaneously. While it may be a handy
convenience, we wouldn't be surprised if
the service got more abuse than use.
Considering the amount of lines in
Forida, Souther Bell may have used
some sort of formula to assign the
1'11\, thereby avoiding the trouble of
entering millions of 1'1:\ lor their
customers. It anyone finds this to be
true, give us a call. Sanlord Bingham CI
Cí .\laKa:illl' reported that when the
service first started, he gave 'O'-'''-
1?1?as his number. "I gave ºººas my
code. Astoundingly it worked. The voice
thanked me and began to ask
questions." Since then, the system has
been programmed not to accept ''',
º'O.º¯0.and others as valid exchanges.
On a similar note, customers of South
Central Bell can dial 1-''¯-¯""".a toll­
free number accessible only to local
callers, to get billing information,
disconnect or reconnect service, arrange
for payment, order a duplicate copy of
their phone bill or custom calling
services, all without having to deal with
the business office. (What is left for the
business office to handle'? Most likely,
complaints about this new servict.)
South Central Bell started this service on
a trial basis in early September with
+.U customers in Kentucky .... And
finally, we've discovered a marvelous
little game you can play with Sprint
representatives. If you call S0-'?I ~º4º
they'll answer with the following
greeting: "Thank you for calling US
Sprint. By placing your order today, you
will enjoy the clearest sounding long
distance calls ever. My name is [name].
Page 10 November, 1987 260
(colltinued/rolllpre\,ious paKe)
How may I help you?" Í his is one of the
longest greetings we've ever heard and
we've made an amazing discovery
concerning it. If you hit a touch tont in
the middle of the greeting, the
representative on the other end
automatically jumps to the word
"Hello'?" It · just like an interactive
computer! Iry it today.
(('(Jilt illuedfrolll !JaKe 3;
lh8 5V5l8m5 nh8r8 tr8dÍl t0rd numÐ8r5,
.1ÍI l tOd85, Or D055nOrd5 0r8 Ð8ÍnP
DOl8d. Üul n8 r8Íu58 lO Dul r85lrÍtlÍOn5
On u58r5DrÍV0l8 m0Íl. ¬ÐOV8 0ü8l58,
ÐrÍV0l8 m0Íl mu5l r8m0Ín DrÍV0l8. ¡V8n
lh8 5V5l8m OD8r0lOr h05 nO Íd80 nh0l Í5
Ín 80th u58r5 DrÍV0l8 m0ÍlÐOX~lh0l5
lht OnlV Í0Ír n0V lO run 0 5V5l8m. ÓÍ
cOur58, Íl5 quÍl8 DO55dl8 lh0l 5Om8On8
nH5tnd 0^DrÍnl tOd8 lO 5Om8On8 8l58
lhrOuPh lh8 m0Íl. Ór 0n OÐ5t8n8 nOrd.
Ór 0 DO8m. U8 dO nOl l0k8
r85DOn5ÍÐulVÍOr lh8 tOnl8nl5 OÍ DrÍV0l8
m0Íl. ¬ nd n8Ílh8r dO85 lh8 DO5l OÍÍÍt8.
ÜOlh ÐO0rd5 0r8 5mÍl0r Ín ÍOrm0l.
Íh8r8 0r8 0 58rÍ85 OÍ rOOmS lO `lf1Ó.
^Om8 OÍ lh8m 0r8 OÐVÍOu5, 5Om8 m0V
l0k8 0 lÍlll8 Pu855nOrk. tOu t0n thOO5P
lh8 rOOm5 VOu n0nl lO Ð8 0 D0rl OÍ Or
8V8n tr80l8 rOOm5. fnlrV Í5 nOl
r85lrÍtl8d Or mOnÍlOr8d, Ðul VOu dO h0V8
lO knOn lh8 n08 OÍ lh8 rOOm VOur8
8nl8rÍnP. [1hÍ5 Í5 nOl h0rd ÍnÍOrm0lÍOn
lO tOm8 ÐV, 8Ílh8r lhrOuPh Pu855mP Or
05kÍnP 0rOund.} fÍl85 0r8 0l5O 5lOr8d Ín
5Om8 OÍ lh8 rOOm5. 1h858 0r8 805V lO
lOOk 0l 0nd dOnnlO0d.
Íh8r8 Í5 Dl8nlJ OÍ OnlÍn8 h8q
0V0ÍmDl8ÍOr u58l5. ¬nd5hOumVOu lun
ÍnlO 0 DrODl8m OÍ 0nJ 5Orl, 5mÐH lP0VP
Í88dD0tk Ol t0ll u5 0l [J1ó) /J1-¿ó00.
ÍV8rV ¿ó00 ÐO0ld nu/h0VP 0n 0l80 ÍOr
u58r5 lO lP0V8 u5 ÐuDlK ÍPPdD0£k. UOlh
OÍ lh85P ÐO0ld5 h0VP 0 ¿000 lOOm. tOu
t0n u58 lhÍ5 Í80lul8 lO tOmmunÍt0l8 nÍlh
Olh8r 5m5trÍÐ8r5, OÍÍ8r £rÍlÍtÍ5m, Dr0Í58,
0nd5uPP85lÍOn5. ÓÍ tOur5P, VOu t0n 0lSO
dO lhÍ5 ÐlÍV0l8lV ÐJ 58ndÍnP u5 m0Íl.
1h85P 5V5l8m5 0l8 tOmÐl8l8lJ ÍlPP lO
uP 0nd ÍuHOÍ ÍnÍOlmlÍOn 0nd
(coll iflued CÍ Duvt .I}
NOnhm$l Û·×i>0 HeManm
¤.e ·m�8|iOn4| Ünvø
ÔrOO¶ N•• ¥om Iûð¹4
Date: NC\emCei I2, I¬b(
M: o��____
Å recent review of you .ccount indic.te • • p••ibl. in the
••curity ot the .uthoriz.tion cod ••
0ø to chi. f.ct, NG h.v. youz .uthoriz.tion cod. a. follows:
Old Cod. N.w Cod.
!i. h•• b •• n . d. toz youz pzotøctIon .nd i. eff.ctiv. im.diately.
II you azø bill.d for .ny un.uthoriz.d c.ll., p1•••• circl. th ••• and deduct
fro your ch.rl... 'or furth.r inv ••til.tio, th. entire invoice Ihould be
returned with p.,.nt to, MI Northe ••t 0IvIaIon lnve.til.tion. Dep.rtment
.t the above .ddr •••¬
I! vou .ny qu••tion. about your KCT .ccount, plea.e call:
Coaric.l 800~444~5555
Re.identi.l 800~444~333J
MCI Northe .. t
Inveltil.tion. Department
addition to their inability to spell "commercial", MCI doesn't seem to be able to make
our new code work. When we called to fnd out why, the friendly representative told us
that "effective immldiately" means ? lO ¯ days in most cases. In addition to providing
long distance alternatives, ñ1now provides logic alteratives. Meanwhile, lS Sprint
still hasn't gotten around to taking away that 3Í700outstanding balance that someone
racked up on our account. "Just ignore it," they keep saying. That ought to be their
corporate slogan. On our last conversation, they told us that we actually had a 3Í7.000
biII a few months ago which they never sent us since it seemed unusual. And so it goes.
26( November,1987 Page 1 1
Double Bee
Dear 2ó00:
Recent l y you ment i oned beeper
compani es not yet bei ng ra i ded by the
pol i ce for phone numbers. They don' t
have to ra i d them! Accordi ng to a fri end
who runs a l arge beeper company, the
author i ti es can, wi th a warrant. l egal l y
obta i n dupl i cate beeper numbers. Any
access to the moni tored number a l so
beeps the dupl i cate number i n the
pol i ce stati on.
Bob from Los Angeles
How clever. So now we have beeper
tapping. But will the beeper companies
be as cooperative with the authorities
as the phone companies?
Why No Boxing?
Dear 2ó00:
le Hacking
Dear 2ó00:
I thought some of your readers mi ght
D i nterested i n the fol l owi ng:
Does your school have a bunch of
Appl es hooked up to a Corvi s? Wel l , i f
they do, th i s i s for you .
I f you want a l l the accounts and
passwords al l you have to do i s fol l ow
these si mpl e i nstructi ons. Fi rst when i t
prompts you f or your 1 0, si mpl y hi t ctr l ­
reset a few ti mes. You shoul d now
have an Appl esoft Basi c prompt. Now
type i n th i s one l i ne program:
10 FOR 1 =628 1 TO 7252:PRI NT
Nowthat you have that typed i n, RUN
i t. The progr am shoul d dump al l of the
pa sswor ds onto t he scr ee n . Use r
n a me s a r e u s u a l l y t wo t o f o u r
characters l ong. Passwords are two
characters l ong. Al so, di sregard any
punctuati on fol l owi ng a password.
Let's say you ha d some output that
l ooked l i ke th i s: ... . . P1 P2 TYI PXX P3 . . . ..
The "P1" and "P2" wou l d be user 1 0' s
t h a t r e q u i r e n o p a s s wo r d s . T h e
"TYI PXX" woul d be user i d "TYI P",
password "XX". "P3" wou l d be the
same as "P1 .. and "P2".
In the course of two years of tel ecom,
I 've r ead cou n tl ess G-f i l es wh i c h
desc r i be t h e ( v i r tu a l ) spect r u m of
"boxes". Yet few f i l es I 've encountered
gi ve a cl ear expl anati on as to why
box i ng i s i mposs i b l e i n e l ectr o n i c
swi tc h i ng off i ces. Wou l d y o u mi nd
e x p l a i n i n g C o m m o n C h a n ne l
I nteroff i ce Si gnal i ng ( CCI S), and just
how an el ectroni c offi ce "prevents"
boxi ng? Thanks.
That's the basi cs of Hacki ng Corvi s
Franken Gibe
Conste l l a t i on. Unt i l next t i me h ave
Put quite simply, it's impossible to
use a blue box i n an electronic
switching ofce under CCIS because
the equivalent of the blue box tones
that a phone phreak would send are
transmitted over a completely diferent
line. Since you don't have access to
these lines, blue boxi ng no longer
works. This is also called out-of-band
si gnal i ng. For a more thorough
discussion. refer to page 2-/ of the
2ôÓ l93ô collection. available from
us for $2ô.
Page 12 November, 1987 2é00
phun and hack on.
The Rifter
More How- To Articles
Dear 2ó00:
I t' s been awhi l e si nce I ' ve seen an
art i cl e on boxi ng. Why don ' t you r un a
h ow- to a r t i c l e-one tha t addr esses
i nternati ona l ca l l i ng procedures? I ' m
sure you have t he capabi l i ty of comi ng
up wi th a very i nformati ve arti cl e on
t hi s subject, and many readers wou l d
appreci ate i t.
Tabula Rasa
While we have a number of how-to
articles that we've published in the
past, we'll be happy to print any new
information, including new boxes,
calling techniques, etc. Interational
calling and red boxes are at the top of
our "wanted" list.
A New Source
Dear 2ó00:
I j ust fou n d a g r eat sou r ce for
i nformati on on news about secur i ty
and such l i ke. I t' s i n a quarter l y journa l
ca l l ed ACM SI GSOFT, whi ch is the
"speci al i nterest/software" group of
t h e As s oc i a t i o n f o r Co mp u t i n g
Machi nery. The art i cl es wi thi n contai n
a l ot of i n te r esti ng i ssues about
secur i ty and SO on, and many are a l so
amusi ng.
Readi ng these arti cl es makes me
real i ze how much I mi ss the news
col u mn of you r mag a zi n e . Though
some phreaks and hackers feel thi s
stuff i s just fl uff and wou l d rather see
techn i ca l di agrams i n i ts pl ace, I fel t i t
was the best part of the journal . I enjoy
r ead i n g a bout VMS t r i cks to g r a b
passwords, but I a l so want t o know
about what's happeni ng i n the worl d
out there (other tha n the l atest phreak
arrest). Vanda l - phreaks cause some
damage, but I a l so f i nd i t enl i ghteni ng
to read i tems l i ke "The FBI esti mates
the average theft l oss from computer
frauds at $60,00 [per fraud]," as on
page 13 of thi s Jul y' s ACM SI GSOFT.
You mi g ht want to ment i on t he
exi stence of thi s resource as I suspect
there are qu i te a few of us wi l d and
wei rd news junki es sti l l out there i n
subscr i berl and.
We still have a news column. It's
called The Telecom Informer and it
combines all kinds of newsworthy
items into one long, rambling article.
We'll try to cover as many Interesting
occurrences as we can for future
editions. For readers interested in
subscflbing to A CM SIGSOFT, write to
t he Associat ion for Computing
Machinery Inc. (ACM), Post Ofce Box
l2l l4. Church Street Station. New
York, NY l0249 Let us know what you
find out.
Pen Registers
As I stated i n a previ ous l etter, my
Rad i o Sh ack pen r eg i st er doesn't
record numbers when I use a cordl ess
phone ( Phonemate) .
I t wou l d be i nterest i ng to know the
make of the pen regi ster and cordl ess
phone t h a t "Wor r i ed a n d Upset i n
Ari zona" uses that does regi ster phone
n u mber s ( September 1987 l et ter s
page) .
5amueI Hubìn
Unique Projects
No one makes the fol l owi ng for the
Appl e:
1. A combi nati on speech generator,
cl ock, pr i nter buffer, and copy card.
Maybe even some ROM memory.
2. A 110, 30, 120, 240 baud
modem wi th European a nd Ameri can
tones for 110 and 30 baud, auto di al .
3. A card for i nterfaci ng an Appl e to
a l most any hard di sk. Al so needed is a
way a round the ProDos l i mi t of 2 32-
meg di sks per sl ot.
4. A coprocessor/accel erator card
that has a l l three major processors on
one card: FAST 6502, Z-80, and 680
pl us 64K ram.
Any takers?
John Nix
260 November. 1987 Page 13
Iayc 14 ªovcmbcr, 1987
��hf:� �

even ym Hfe!
¿U � æ tota
bt! Describes In Shockin detan
what pqlygraphs are, their variou uses,
types of tests and question, procedures,
scorin methos\ validity an reliability,
and technical aesign factors. Heavy
emphasis on every known countermeasure
and speCiO lIinnocen�" and "guiltyll res­
ponses to typical questI
/T1 W!T-$2ß/Yr ..
The October lº87 Stock Maket Pl�e
proves that £CONOMlC COLLAFS£ I
likely and soon! Are you prepared f
f. it?
Or for War, Trrorlst A
ts. RebelllOn,
i�cr !h
a���' a�J
Made and Natural Disasters? For two
years, we published the popular, ultimate
technolo� survival newsletter. R£B£L.
ET3¶1¶±J1 M2JT¬
sizzlin and rock-fisted - includes com­
puter, communication, electronic, Phone
��"�|s�Z�i\�' A'
� t���Z\�� :gd
win Now and T Da Ater in urban,
suburban, rural and wildernes areas.
Chock ful of hard-tafind survival info.
Includes noholds-rred editorials and
articles. we need many more subscribers,
feature writers, information �ontributors
Publishe monthly. S20/yr lridividuals,
/yr Corporation. S3/back isue.
Heat/cool with Simple, Amazing 3-Port
sctentlfically �ound. Practical. Plans.
R#R •••• ¶•••••••
Our all-time best seller! Describes how
electric meters work
wh are
��lStöbo�ò�öN£� �
most controversial and e)licit elec-
! s�
to slow down - even stop - power meters!
Describes a simple metho using U com-
r[ ����~�
:g th'e
�t ��
taining secret and alternate IDs. �ou have
the legal right to have as many IDs that
¥f:� ��c,�k��
�cc-phony (and lcc�legal) possports!
O m�i1/
i �h�n(ln�tis'r��fn��t�'
supermarket foo, medical and hosQ
azines, air/bus!trainlship first class fares,
software and video tapes - more!

Z0II CKESCbNT 0K. F.0. 0ßAWEß bö7
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LCV1CPS. ÛCD81P. m81DI81D. m3HV Í\1\.
Worried about Air
iracy? Bombings?
Hostage Situations? Û8�D Å8UZOII,
F�ht #847host!�
�tated: 'IÐtioUt
�al �t�
.-· of their weapn pas� a airport
security. This manual CCSCP1OCS ICPIOP1SI
�?�fri���!· I¨�¨�C·�
�Pe� \-
k��t�e ��r�
��ti� �o�
cents per page. Saves you a | md¡e OH
R&D time, money! LCUC8I1OH81IOO1.
+++++++++++«++ v
Ì'11¹HHF Ord·r`l|aV- TU YOurIrìendsAOOu1OurAd¬ Keep OurAd FOrIu1ureOrders
A full range of telephone,
radio, computer, and satellite
info plus a whole lot morer
2600 DDS #2
2éM November, 1987 Page 1 5
¯ logon unsuccsful-i ncorrBct psord. As has
� j ust been stated, a val i d useri d has ben entered
¯ but the password was incorret . Passwords can
� be from 1-8 characters l ong, but in many cass
� the mi ni mum l ength is changed to be at least
� three characters, There i s no di fference betwen
= upper and lower case l etters for ei ther the useri d
� or password as they are converted to upper cas
� by the system, Thi s i s another securi ty f l aw as i t
reduces password possi bl i ti es,
Pasord incorret-rBi nitiat logon proure.
Thi s is the message reei ved on the ol der
versi ons of VM/ CMS, whi ch means the same
thi ng as the above message,
Maximum pasord alBmpts Bxcee, tr agai n
latBr. The threshol d has ben reached for useri d
and/or password attempts, You wi l l recei ve thi s
message every ti me you attept to l ogon after
exceeding the threshol d unt i l a vari abl e peri od of
ti me ( probabl y from one to f i ve mi nutes) has
el apsed , Thi s l ocks out J||users who attept to
logi n to the system from that part i cul ar l i ne, I a
not sure whether thi s is recorded anywhere or
whether it is sent to the syste consol e, I t's a
good i dea to determi ne how many attepts
normal l y tri gger thi s and kep just short of i t .
Al rBady 10ggBd on. Thi s message wi l l appear
when you attempt to logon wi th a val i d useri d
and password and that useri d i s al ready onl i ne,
Unl i ke other systems, VM/CMS wi l l not al l ow
the same useri d to be l ogged on more than once,
Usrid mi si ng or i nvl i d. As it i mpl i es , nothi ng
was typed after enteri ng the LOGON command,
or the format for the useri d was not corret , i , e,
usi ng a number as the fi rst character or a control
character used somewhere in the useri d fi el d,
Error i n CP di rBctor. The CP di retory is the
mai n user di rectory for the system, Entri es i n the
di rectory contai n the useri d and password, VM
I / O conf i gurati on, di sk usage val ues, associ ated
vi rtual and real addresses, pri vi l ege cl asses,
vi rtual processor si ze, and other opti ons for each
user , Wi thout the proper di rector entry, a usr
cannot l ogon to the syste and wi II therefore
rcei ve thi s error message,
Command not vl i d bfore logon. Thi s occurs
when you ent er anyt h i ng ot her t han t he
commands l i sted i n t he menu, i , e, entering
BON EHEAD wi l l ret urn t h i s message even
though " BONEHEAD" i sn' t a val i d command ,
Why thi s is I don' t know, So don' t get al l exci ted
lzgc 16 Novcmbcr, 1 987 2600
thi nki ng you found a val i d command but coul dn' t
execute i t si nce you weren't l ogged on,
By constantl y compi l ing useri ds from vari ous
systems you shoul d be abl e to col l ect a ni ce l i st
of accounts whi ch may enabl e you to gai n access
to a system, The fol l owi ng are a few whi ch I have
found :
As usual , use the usemame as the password ,
Thi ngs sti l l haven' t changed from the Hacking
VAXI VMS seri es " , peopl e are just as stupi d as
they were a few years ago,
There are many defaul t accounts whi ch have
the passwords l i sted i n some I BM syste
manual s, These are hard to obtai n and are very
powerf u l s i nce some passwords are rare l y
changed , I f you can get access t o the defaul t s, i t
wi l l greatl y expand your col l ect ion of systes-I
guarante i t .
Di al
D I AL i s used to l ogi cal l y connect l i nes,
whether they be swi tched (regul ar di al -up phone
l i nes ) . leased (dedi cated) , or l ogi cal l y attached
( di rectl y conneted) , to a previ ousl y l ogged on
mul t i pl e-access system, The D I AL command is
the only subst i tute for the l ogon command, On
syst ems runni ng more t han one operat i ng
system, D I AL is used to connect the user to one
of those systems, It is rather common to f i nd two
or more operat i ng systes runni ng paral l el or
"under" one another , Thi s i s qui te di fferent from
most other systems, whi ch run al one on the
machi ne, One machi ne, one operati ng syste,
but not I BM, The abi l i ty to have mul ti pl e systes
running si mul taneousl y and st i l l provi de the usr
wi th the i l l usi on of it bei ng a si ngl e syste ( the
whol e i dea behi nd mul t i - tasking computers i s to
provi de each user wi th the f ul l resources of the
machine so qui ckl y that i t appears that he or she
i s the onl y one usi ng the syste) sets I BM apart
from most other computer manufacturers, Some
of the systes whi ch run on I BM's are: VM/ CMS,
MVS/TSO, DOSI VSE, OSI VS1, Some others
are: MUSI C, J ES, and I X/ 370 whi ch is I BM' s
versi on of UNI X that runs under VM/ SP.
I t i s al ways good to know what other systems
are rnni ng, and if you are unabl e to gain access
to the "pri mary" system, you may be abl e to gai n
access to one of the "secondary" systes by us
of DI AL. Some systems wi l l requi re you to
spci fy a l i ne number for certai n systems . Others
wi l l f i nd a l i ne for you if one is not speci f i ed ,
assumi ng there are some al l ocated to that
resource. Useri ds are al so di al abl e. In some
cases you have to di al through a parti cul ar useri d
i n order to gai n access to certai n systems or
prfor certai n commands. A typi cal l ogon to a
D I ALed syste may l ook l i ke:
*Mi sl lanus Coputer Srics MUSIC/SP 1 . 1
When it comes to f i ndi ng a val i d l i ne number
for systems that can be reached via DI AL, you
coul d be i n for some troubl e. I f the syste
requi res a l i ne number to be entered ( unl i ke the
above exampl e, where l i ne 040 was found
automat i cal l y) , you wi l l not onl y have to come up
wi th a defi ned l i ne number, but one that i s
associ ated wi th the syste you are attept i ng to
access. Usual l y you can f i nd thi s i nforati on
after l oggi ng onto the VM/ CMS syste i n
vari ous f i l es, but i f you cannot get i n, you wi l l
have t o sequent i al l y enter l i ne numbers. Some
that I have sen are 001 , 01 B, 41 A, 040.
Te VM/ CMS syste does not appear to l i mi t
the number of D I AL attepts a usr can make,
u n l i ke L OGON at t empt s . Programmi ng your
mi cro t o search for a val i d l i ne number to a
syste shoul d wor wi th no probl e.
To drop the di al ed connti on j ust type
Error Mesge
linels) not avilable on `mæ` . Ei ther there
are no I i nes al l ocated to the system, or you must
enter a corret l i ne number.
Inlid devic ty 'mæ` 'lin' . You have
entered a val i d system or userid and l i ne number,
but the devi ce you are on ( the teri nal ) i s
i nval i d. I n t hi s case, a GRAF ( Graphi cs) device,
syste consol e, or 3270 termi nal may be the
onl y val i d device.
'usrid' not loggad on. The DI AL command
cannot be exeuted unl ess the user (or system)
spei fied is l ogged on.
' l ina#' does not exist. A val i d useri d/system has
ben entered but the l i ne number for that
useri d/ syste i s not val i d .
MSG is used to send messges to users who
are current l y l ogged on. Thi s command can be
i ssued before ( i f spi f i ed by the l ogon menu) and
after l oggi ng i n.
MSG OPERATOR Helpl I l o mpmN| M urid
Thi s wi l l send a message to the pri mary
syste oprator of the syste. If there is onl y
one CLASS A user onl i ne, the message wi l l be
snt to hi s teri nal .
Thi s wi l l send a messge to yoursl f . Ti s i s
usef ul f or i dent i fyi ng the current useri d of an
abandoned teri nal .
The LOGOFF command can be abbrevi ated as
LOG. After l oggi ng off you wi l l reei ve the
fol l owi ng:
CONNECT= 00:33:54 VIRTCPU= 000:00.28
TOTCPU= 000:01 . 76
0/1 6/87
CONNECT i s the actual cl ock t i me you spent
whi l e on the syste. VI RTCPU i s the vi rual CPU
t ime that was use. TOTCPU i s the total CPU
ti m, both vi rtual and overead, that wa us.
Te HOLD command wi l l hol d the connti on
ZM NOvemm, ¡WT Fage ¡T
-; al l owi ng you to re- I ogon agai n wi thout havi ng to Shows usrs how many inlid psord almpts have
� re-di al the syste. ocurre on thi r usrid

Incres file scurity
Srit æM
There are var i ous weaknesses wi t h i n
� VM/ CMS both i ntemal l y and extemal l y whi ch
¯ can be exp l o i t ed . For t h i s reason , var i ous
. � software securi ty packages have ben wri tten .
¯ There woul d not be a need for these in most cases
� if the peopl e in charge of system securi ty knew
what they were doi ng . Anyhow, these packages
do p ro v i de added secu r i t y when p roper l y
i mpl emented . The most commonl y found are
are ot her s wh i ch are l ess common . These
Loged On
After l oggi ng on you may recei ve somethi ng
si mi l ar to the f ol l owi ng :
LDGMSG 1 0: 40: 25 EST FRI DAY 05122/87
SYSTEM WI LL B E DOWN FROM 1 0:00 TO 1 0: 30
EST SUNDAY MAY 24, 1 987
packages are easi l y i dent i f i e. Loon at 1 3: 22: 59 EST FRI DAY 05122187
After enteri ng a val i d useri d VMSECURE VM/SP REL 4 04120/86 1 1 : 33
responds wi th :
VMXACI I D4R Entr loon psrd:
One way to posi t i vel y i denti fy the use of
VMSECURE i s by usi ng i t as a useri d . I f i t i s
rnni ng i t wi l l be a val i d user i d, and who knows,
you may even hack the password.
After enteri ng a bad password, ACF2 ( Access
Control Faci l i ty 2) responds wi t h :
These packages provi de i nformati on whi ch
:|0u|1be i nherent wi t hi n the operat i ng system
i t sel f . Perhaps newer versi ons of CMS wi l l
contai n them. Some of these features are:
Udlogon date/tim
Pasord expi ration
Rules for psrd slection
Invl idating usrids for invlid psord almpts
I nvl idating trmi nl s lor invlid psord almpts
lagc 1 8 Novcmbcr, 1 987 160
R; T=0. 01 l0. 01 1 3: 23: 1 0
Li ne #1 : Thi s l i ne shows that the di sk at vi rtual
address 1 90 i s l i nked wi th RIO access by you ,
R/W by useri d MAl NT and RI O by another 30
Li ne #2 : Thi s shows that the l ogon message
was created at 1 0: 40 on Fri day. Li ne #3- 7: Thi s
i s t he message that i s shown to al l users of the
syste upon l oggi ng on . Some systems may not
have one.
Li ne #8: The actual t i me of l ogon is pri nted.
Li ne #9: The current RELEASE of VM/ SP and
the ti me and date i t was i nstal l ed i s shown .
Li ne #1 0: Thi s is the ready message and it i s
pri nted after every command i s perfored where:
R=Ready-t hi s i ndi cates that the syste i s
ready f or i npu t . T = Ti me-the f i rst seri es of
numbers tel l s how l ong i t took the system to
perform the l ast task . The second set of numbers
gi ves the ti me of day. I f you do not recei ve the
ready message you are i n CP and must I PL CMS
i n order t o i ssue CMS commands .
Li ne #1 1 ` The syste prompt-you can now
enter commands.
Privilee Class
As wi t h most other operat i ng systems, a user
must have suff i ci ent pri vi l eges | M order to
exeute cert ai n commands . Every CP command
bel ongs to one of ei ght I BM def i ned pri vi l ege
cl asses . The CP di rectory def i nes whi ch users
WANTLO. Any hacker and phreaker
software for I BM compat i bl e and Hayes
compat i bl e modem. I f you are sel l i ng or
know anyone who i s, send repl i es to
Mar k H. , P. O. Box 7052, Port Huron, MI
|OH SALL: Ok i dat a Mi c r o l i ne 92
personal pr i nter. I ncl udes manual for
i n st r u ct i on s . Ha r d l y used. Ma ke a n
offer and i f i t' s reasonabl e, I wi l l pay
postage. Matt Kel l y, 310 I sbel l , Howel l ,
M1 48843.
SUMMLHCON ' 88-comi ng to NYC.
Watch t hi s space for more i nfo.
TAP BACK | SSULS. Compl ete set,
vo l . # 1 to a n d i n c l u d i ng vol . #9 1,
i nc l u d i ng sc hema t i cs a n d spec i a l
reports. Copi es i n good to excel l ent
condi t i on. $50. 00, no checks, i ncl udes
postage. T. Genese, 219 N. 7th Ave. ,
Mt . Vernon, N. Y. 10550.
DOCUMLNTAT| ONon el ectroni c and
di gi ta l swi tchi ng systems and PBX' s.
Wi l l i n g to p u r c h a s e / t r a d e . Al s o
l ooki ng for other paraphernal i a such as
Bel l System Pract i ces. Wri te to Bi l l , c/o
260, P. O. Box 752C, Mi ddl e I sl and,
NY 11953.
BLUL BOX| NGì Let ' s exchange i nfo
on phone numbers, parts, and etc.
Wri te to: Bl ue Box, P. O. Box 11703,
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Address: 2600 Marketpl ace, P. O. Box
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your address l abel .
OeadI|nefor Oecemær ÌSSU8. T Z/b.
260 NOvembr, ¡98T Fage ¡9
� can use whi ch cl asses of commands. Each user
:: has one or more pri vi l ege cl asses, as does each
� CP command . If you try to i ssue a command that
:: does not match the assi gned pri vi l ege cl ass of the
: useri d you are usi ng , the system wi l l not process
- the command . As far as I know, no records of
� attepts to use pri vi l eged commands are kept .

Here i s a rundown of cl asses A through H .
¯ Primary System Oprator: The cl ass A user has
� the abi l i ty to control the system. Any user who
uses the VM/ SP system consol e possesses t hi s
pr i v i l ege c l ass . Th i s user can br oadcast
messages , control system account i ng , and i ssue
commands whi ch affect the overal l perforance
of the system.
System Resurce Oprator: The cl ass B user has
the abi l i ty to cont rol al l the "real " resources of the
system, except those control l ed by the spool i ng
and pri mary system operators.
System Programmer: Cl ass C users can modi fy
real storage as opposed to vi rt ual storage.
Spool i ng Oprator: The cl ass D user control s
spool i ng data f i l es .
System Anal yst : ( Cl ass E ) Mo n i t ors and
i nterprets system performance data
Sri c Represnttive: ( Cl ass F) Thi s cl ass I S
l l Sual l y gi ven t o accounts that I BM Fi el d Servi ce
prsonnel uS0f or updòtes and al so for di agnosi ng
system probl ems
ët1t(1| Jw(. ` ò:¯ · JS0| S a|e Hl e most
pl omi nent on l¨G syst em. Thi S . v cuc ò ·w¯
! 'E JS0' l 0 `´'l' funct | onS ; l ssoci aled 1' l
| t: ' ´w¯vl rt ual , llachi ne
AlY: The Any cl assi f i cat i on IS J .e·to C0' ! J' '
CP ¦0''J'S w'' C¯ 3' 03v3H30| 0 t o any U`Û|
!l C commands J'G J`JJ' ' \ l i mi ted to LO\1 1l J¯0
|| 1uh I S reserve{j f or I OV .:c
¹u°'0 the i ndi vi dual needs 0Í3 ¯ | c 0|' v' ' 00O
.` ò::c:can ¯c| ¹ . cJto s ui t t he l ò¯ | y A tot 3l
qf up to o¿ cl JsscS can 0´MlJ00 Thcy wc. J¯e
sl lown ' 0 l Me '·d' |ecIo' ò: A- / and ! O
Some t ypi cal p|i vi lege cl asses for a few
r;ommon Iscnds are Cl ass A for OPERATOR,
´ +.· | l J' E REP, Cl asses O. C l o fOI
( ) PE RATN S anI C! asses A , B . C ¹ E , F , G fo�
^/| ^`
J'ìì'l |0S o'| ' ' Ju. J0 0l .. · (Jo c·
+J ophcns .
|1TT1º1 N1Tr / C0' 0|ìJ'´ ' ' u · · '. | Ì
I'ag.· 20 ¹ocmbcr. I 98? .ó0
al phanumeri c symbol of up to 8 characters .
Operands: These speci f y the i nformati on on
whi ch the system operates when i t perfors a
command funct i on .
Options: These keywords are used to control
the execut i on of a command. When used , they
must be preceded by a l eft parentheses, but a
cl osi ng one is not necessary
Di fferent commands are used wi t hi n di fferent
envi ronment s. To see whi ch envi ronment you are
i n , si mpl y hi t ret um at the peri od prompt . You wi l l
recei ve one of the fol l owi ng CMS, CP, XEDI T.
There are many commands that are usef ul t o
both regul ar system users and hackers , H ELP i s
avai l abl e on some systems, part i cul arl y on
uni versi t y systems. I t i s extensi ve but not as
cl ear as U N I X or VMS. Th i s i s t ypi cal of I B M.
Nevert hel ess , H ELP i s usef ul and you shoul d get
hardcopi es of as many commands as you can .
AI D is another foml Of H ELP whi ch may be usefu l
t o YOll i n l eami ng more about the system.
One n i ce feature of CMS H ELP is that when
you recei ve an error message, you can :
Where DMSOOOOOO or DMKOOOJOO : t hc error
message you have recei ved . The system wi ' l t hen
expl ai n wl lat it I S , wil y it happened , and how you
can correct i t
' Jg0 0gt o hol d off on expl ai ni ng any J'03' '
�00OJ'd` l0' ated t o M' 0' 0' SªS u n t i l t Mc 0G·l
'|�C' l'' The others whi ch ' have found l 0 0C
J:Cl J c'G ::fol ows .
`0. C¨' l | SSu0òny CP command whi l e in eMS
by precl udi ng tile O0MMd'0 w' | M CP
u.eV al l ows you t o obt ai n vari ous bi t s oj
' '` | 0'¹'cl 0l d00ul l00 system . / l . | ' Slcan be
f ound by usi ng H ELP.
J·cof t he most i mportant QU ERY commands
f or l0t ' T3Cªt| i s
BîI. LOGOO I 80--B3 1
\SM - · IMVS I
5COTT· _·TP l l WfMZ, |¥S l / i ! · 1| Í i WHi4,
I: !· J. |Ì/J. û I l l . J4. ïB
There can be many users onl i ne; usual l y t hi s
l i st wi l l contai n f rom 30 to 1 00 users . The l ast
user onl i ne was OPERATNS , si nce i t was l ast i n
the l i st . The SMART useri d i s DSC, or i n a
di sconnected state . Usual l y a tenmi nal wi l l
remai n di sconnected for 1 5 t o 30 mi nutes and
then i s total l y l ogged off the system. I f you l ogon
to an al ready di sconnected tenmi nal , the system
wi l l repl y wi t h " RECONNECTED AT t i me" . The
other 2 useri ds on the same l i ne as SMART are
probabl y connected tenmi nal s whi ch are i n a pre­
l ogged i n or pendi ng l ogon state. VSM-VMVS1
I S another system r·unni ng paral l el to ( or under)
Te JJ cHYNAVÍocommand al l ows you to
gai n d l i t t l e more securi t y for yoursel f on the
syst elTl . I t al l ows you to gai n more val i d
usemamcs to at t empt passwords for i n the
.'l 0'\J|u| 0event t hat your current usell d di es.
.Inotll er use ' bt il at you can start t o compi l e your
. cornnon accounts" l i st of userr ds wtl i ch ar e
f ound orl VV/ 'Vosystems. Thi s l i st shoul d get
l arger and l arger as you gai n access to more and
mor e systems and wi l l al l ow you to gai n access
! 0more systems as i t gets l arger.
I f you can' t count how lTany users are onl i ne
f rom t he u NAVcO l i st
' l y0ud| dn l catch t he l ogon message you can
vi ew ' Í aqai n by
Ì0 se 1' 1uì ¡' 0J`0 oj `Vo l' | 0 SySi0J ' S
| ' y0u J' 0 wOfl(lennQ Wil i ch oV II l infrarne
'¹o.' ' . '1 ' u 'l . YOl can I SSLIe
. 0 b|bU
|d| 4!31Jë IJUûß
1' ·'' '´ i ntt;IT' ret(d as f ol l ows
OFUN� 1ä1ää11ºtttt1111
OO ' ¯ ´' .G|J .¦'' � ..´ .! JO'¦0u¦''
,·|C´¦: ' '¹ · . i¯c ¯.¯¯ · ic¯ouc | u'|'°|0l
l'| ' ' ¦ :·¯·v..c´u. 'S
'´ | O '´´ l J.1J- .00J '' � ' ´
.o.¦ lu ''
S.\ ` ' ' . : ·wy0I l0·:0' ?·´' ' ' ' 'J'y
'´' u ' �· |' | ´| ' ´ Cl¨enl ' y accessed y·u '0
anot iler use! . Any t i me you send a f i l e J|·. ·' S
made i n � he t i l e USERI D NETLOG (where
USE RI D i S t . . e user you are sendi ng the f i l e to) .
Thi s command i s al so used for sendi ng NOTE
f i l es whi ch can be created wi t h an edi tor and sent
to whomever as E- MAI L .
I f you are t i red o f seei ng a text l i st i ng , o r have
attempted to read a compi l ed program and wi sh
to exi t or break out of i t , si mpl y hi t a hard-break,
and then type H X H X i s for Hal t eXecuti on . I t
wi I I hal t whatever you are doi ng and put you back
i nto the CMS envi ronment . It may take a few
l i nes of text after enteri ng i t for the syste to
stop the process
´:n/ |nµcJ!·· · · ¡uVc Í}
ÌnIcr85lÍnP u5cr\. Íh8 numDcI ÍOr
l`Ì, ZÓÌ(HOurd FÎ Ív YÎ+·/Z3¬000.
Íhc l 8nIIul l(Ìtc, ZÓ00 ÜOuruº Ì5
t8uthuDÍc uIYÍ+·ZJ+·JZ00. Í͸Ou PcI u
Du5V 5ÌPnuÍ. 1u5I k8cÐ lrVÍnP.
ÍnÍOrlunuI8ÍV, Ih8 YÎ+0r8u tOd8 Í5 nOl
\8l r8uthuDÍc On Íf ÍurSuÍI, lh858rVÍt8
OÍÍ8r8d DV Í^ ^DrÍnl lh0l 0HOn5
unhmÍl8d tOmÐul8r lm8 0trO55 lh8
tOunlrV ÍOrJZ°Û mOnlh. Í8l lh8m knOn
VOu n0nI Ih8 YÌ ur80 tOd8 0dd8dlhcÍr
numD8I Òð00¬ ·J0Jò¯5O n8 t0n ah
5uV8 OnÐhOn8 DÌdv ²nd k88Ð th£tk!n2
ÍOr(uIurcZ0J0 DuH8lÍn DO0rd5 m OIhPr
HhÌÍ8 ntIt ííÎ Ihc umcto! DudcIÌn
ÐOurd5, Ht' 5hOuk¡Ou Oul InuI Ihc oM
lrÍVuI8^8tIOrDhOntnuDDrr m ^tn
Îcr8V Í5 M ÍOnPtI m u5c. ÍlDO5ÌDÍ8
uP mu\ huVt SPrI !: \m8 Ín(OrmulÍOn
lO nc¼ 5uDStrÌÍt t |tIh lhuI numD8r. ÍÍ
\Ou Itttt\: ¡rODuP0ndu. J¹Ícu\8
dÌ5rc0rO Íl
í!·ition !O uhOÍIhÍ5, n8ffÖH huVc
u.Írc· ´ IÍt mmOu5 `¼OIÍdn8I
J:.:dm lht* íIPD8r Í Yð/Ì5u8OÍ
.ùV0. ÍVO!t knO¬ hO¼ lO n0nclttcr
iOuI u0V aromt· /th:ncIuOtKS. 1Ou tuu
5tndmuÍÍlO U1 :Il lì` /etadvvol
·Óf0du�· ÎÍ' í CÏ OUf.O¹unPl
udc55 o;h·ëdc·vsl''(((·nVu. Í( |Ou
hacJ:uh �cnm: lO U^ 0I íhP5t
udOrtvP5, kI M3 KnO!v'.
Jð00 "uvcmbcr, 1 987 lzgc 7l
(Clllilllledjol l l ]uvc l';
Dear ×ÓÜÜ.
Can you te l l me i f a newsl ette r
si mi l ar to yours ca l l ed TAP is sti l l bei ng
p u bl i shed and i f so, what i s the i r
D. l.
New York
Ì÷Í no longer exists, although back
issues are being sold by different
people (check the ZÔLL Marketplace).
As far as we know, ZÔLL is unique in
subject matter and approach, although
t her e ar e s ome o t he r ha ck ing
publications-some good, some bad
Look for reviews in future issues.
In last month's letters column, a
reader told us that the ÛÛÛÛ chip
used in our Î ÜÛÜblue box schematic
was no longer available. Several
readers have notified us to claim
otherise. We understand the chip is
obtainable through Janeco Elec­
tronics in Cali forni a (ask any
electronics store for their number) at
a cost of around ôÛ. ÜÜ.
listening in
�pryi ng ears. probabl y for reasons of securi ty. The
~ t ruth is that fed frequenci es are as wel l known as
-"regul ar" frequenci es. A company cal l ed CRB
: Research , known for publ i cati ons on survei l l ance
� and el etroni cs, has a book cal l ed "The Top
> Secret' Regi str of U . S. Govemment Radi o
� Frequenci es" by Tom Knei tei . Thi s book contai ns
� the frequenci es, cal l si gns , and radi o codes of
2 every U . S . Govemment Agency i n exi stence,
' i ncl udi ng such agenci es as the FBI , CI A, DEA,
and of parti cul ar i nterest t o phreaks, the Seret
Servi ce. Earl i er edi ti ons of t hi s gui de were bound
comput er hardcopy wi t h everyt hi ng l umped
toether and sorted by f requency. Thi s made for
soethi ng whi ch was di ff i cul t to read, and
di f f i cul t to use. However, i t st i l l remai ned the
de-facto scanner gui de to the feds , and was very
popul ar.
lzgcZZ Novcmbcr, 1 987 260
The recent l y publ i shed ( 1 987) si xth edi ti on
has el i mi nated the readabi l i ty probl es, and has
added more non-frequency i nformati on whi ch
makes for an excel l ent publ i cati on . I nsi de the
8 11 x 1 1 " , 1 92- page book , t here i s an
al phabet i cal l i sti ng of t he vari ous agenci es
Further del vi ng i nto the book we f i nd that each
agency l i st i ng i s di vi ded i nto set i ons contai ni ng
f r e q u e n c y / f r e q u e n c y u s e , t r an s m i t t e r
l ocat i ons/ cal l si gns, and, when avai l abl e, the
vari ous codes and sl ang used by the part i cul ar
agency. ( Rawhi de wi l l arri ve at Cursi de rather
than Pi vot . ) A parti cul arl y i nteresti ng seti on
c ont ai ned the l i s t i ngs for the U . S . Secret
Serv i ce . Among t he f requency / f requency
codename / f requency use dat a was a l i st
c on t ai n i n g t he codenames used f or t he
presi dent i al staff , f i rst fami l i es, and other rel ated
i nforat i on. Di d you know that Amy Carter' s
codename was "Dynamo" ?
The Top Secret Regi str i s an excel l ent book
and i s hi ghl y recommended readi ng for those
i nterested i n l i steni ng to those who are l i steni ng
to you . I t 's avai l abl e for $1 6. 95 from CRB
Rsarch , P O. Box 56, Commack, N1 1 1 725.
And by t he way . . . . here are some rather act i ve
federal frequenci es ( I n megahertz)
Sret Sric:
1 65. 375: "Charl i e" nati onwi de pri mary channel
1 66 . 462 5 . "X - Ray" common channel f or
Treasury Dept .
8bb Deprtent:
409. 625
Justic Deprnt:
36. 07
41 1 . 025
Generl Sri c Aministion:
(pottion of feerl buildings)
41 5. 2
41 7. 2
Drug Enfornt Aministration:
41 6. 05, 41 6 325, 41 8. 75, 41 6. 2
In l ast mont h ' s l i st of mass announcement
numbers, we negl ected to ment i on t hat they
coul d a l so be reached from area code /\ 8
Z l Z· ZZZ· 8l Ù8 ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ø . Parents Ul 1 i ted
/ \ 8· 343· Ù\ 3Ù ø ø ø ø ø ø . ø ø ø ø ø Scrambl eFax
8Û· ZZ3· 333 l ø ø ø ø ø ø . ø . ø ø ø ø ø ø ø A Bank
Ùl l · õ l · 3· õ3Z· Z38Z ø ø Recordi ng, wi l d tone
Does you r address l abel say "Ti re to Renew"? Don ' t rni ss an
i ssue. Renew you r subsc r i pt i on today a nd enj oy peace of ri nd .
Si rpl y i ndi cate t he a rount encl osed a nd wh i ch, i f a ny, back
i ssues you wa nt . You r address l abel shou l d be on the back of t hi s
f or r.
$ 1 b + + + - + + + + o + + + o - + + + + + + + o o o o + + + + + + o o o = o o - - o o + + o + - o o 1 year of ZöU
$ 28 . + . + + . + + + o + . + . o + + o + o + . . o . + . o + o o . . . o + + + + . . + o + + . + Z years of ZöU
S 41 . . . . + . . . . . + + + . + + . + + . . . + . + . + + . + + . . + + . . + . . . + + . . . . 3 yea rs of ZöU
$40 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 yea r cor por ate subscr i pt i on
> 7J . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . 2 yea r cor por ate subscr i pt i on
$ 1 '1 0 . . . . . O yea r cor por at e s ubscr i pt i on
' Z J . . . . . . . . . . . . . over seas s ubsc r i pt i on ( 1 yeC r on l y)
> J U . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . over seas cor por at e subscr i pt i on ( 1 yea r on l y)
$ 260 . . . . ' let ¡es ubscr i pt i on ( never aga i n wi l l we bot her you )
Back i ssues a re ava i l abl e. Pr i ces a re :
'Z O . . "
. . . . . . . . . . 1 984, I 3Bb o | I 3Bö i ssues ( 1 2 per year )
> b0 . + . .
: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Any two yea rs
` 7J . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Al l t h r ee yea rs | 3ö I ssues )
' |ve seaso de| sadd > o f o| eacnyea r ode| ed ì
/| | Jv ¬ lO 6 weeks f or de | i very.
¯C|G d | | or der s I 0
PO Box /oz
|' GG | 0 l : | 0 'G. 01 I I 3o3U. S. A.
( 5 1 6) / O ' zOÒL
1 Üܬ 1 ÜÛÛ 1 ÜÜÛ ( ci rcl e years ordered)
/cltp andsendlO us-vouraddress is OM the back)
260 BULLEI N BS o o 3
o o o

S.. PREFiXES o o o e o e o o e e o o e o o e o o o e e e e e o e e e e o e 6
LISTENI NG I N o o o o o e ø o o e o e o o o o o e o o e o o o e o e e e o 7
TELECOM I NFRMER. . . . . . 8
RS e e o e e o o o e e o e o o e o e e e o e e e o e e e e e e o e ¤ e e o e e e o o e o 1
E e e e e
: . . . . 1 9

M|0|8|0N, N1 17ÔbâA
M|5| NGLc|

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