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SESSION 2017/2018



Code & Subject : ULAB3162-04-01 ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL


Matric Number : SX140062CSRS01
We here to discuss the supportive of CCTV as it helps in preventing crime, others argue that it is
a threat to an individuals privacy and civil rights. Before we are go to the discussion i want
introduce myself Im kalai and this is zaid and faiz. Faiz and zaid did you know what is the CCTV.
As i know CCTV is one of the equipment that we use for civilian purpose. Beside of that CCTV
stand for closed circuit television and purpose to one of the visionary system for the safety. So
CCTV is located at the various location and commercial building. i think we should install CCTV
on the commercial building and office because for safety purposefulness. As we know there is
many advantage when we install CCTV on our premises.

For example they will safety one of the CCTV will capture every moment and every single what
happen in walkways and some park areas that we put the CCTV. So if any crime happen there we
can trace and we can tracking when we install CCTV at the specific spot. So from the difference
of point view i disagree because its a public violence by privacy rights. For example if Im waiting
for my girlfriend so its troubling me by they keep record by CCTV what if am observing. So by
using that some came to blackmail is the one of my point and there is a camera without angle
example Im bring into the war but the CCTV just can record what is that happening but cannot
secure. My third point is CCTV is expensive. So how about there is any other advantage that
CCTV provide?

The safety for what you said for blackmail. If someone blackmail you, you can go to report and
compound to the person blackmail you. I think one of the advantage is to protect the important
thing of asset such as computer and others things to protect the premises from the thief. Also your
point regarding to the personal issue because we know when we put CCTV, normally people will
safer and more protected. So if you dating with your girlfriend, I think you will feel protected and
safer as third person will not have courage to make problem with you, so I think that someone not
has the possibility to blackmail you unless you are involve in bad things. What is the difference in
crime prevention?

I think it made difference because as we know now improve technology CCTV having the
capability of 360 surrounding rotating capture so it will capture everything what happen in that
area at any angle. So every single crime that happen will captured and we can tracking the thief.
If people did not install CCTV but put signage having CCTV surveillance, people will feel more
secure, even when stealing happen when saw the signage the thief will not want to steal and gone
because they know there is CCTV, then you will capture through the CCTV.

I agree of that. I would like to add some points. CCTV is one of the non-stop system as it monitor
all people doing and some may get paranoid because they being monitoring for their safety. Second
is it can help maintain the report often reported data stall into data base to protect the employee.
Also agree with faiz point in term of workdays, sometimes when we go to work we bring our
phones or wallet which is valuable things. When we install CCTV around workplace, people will
know that there is have CCTV so there is no crime happen such as steal because they aware that
every moment will be captured by CCTV and easily will caught. So we will feel safer with people
around us. In conclusion by from both of point we know CCTV is the public safety protect from
the thief and prevent from the crime scenes.

There is other devices that can apply instead of using CCTV. So the first device is the body scanner.
The body scanner is function to scan the outer of the body to detect metal based equipment. It help
to protect from the dangerous things kept inside such as knife or other things which motivate to do
crimes. In my opinion, the body scanner which mostly used at airport, big shopping complex and
other important area playing a greater effect in reduce crime instead CCTV only focus to outer
picture of surrounding. Having body scanner at the specific area we can early detect the crime
before it happen as by the cameras we only know after the crime happen. Another instrument for
measure to prevent crime is f-scan ID or Card-ID because when you want go someplace, you need
to limit the number of person that enter that area. So when you limit person, when the crime happen
the fastened eliminate the numbers. So you already make the place safer as long as with the scan
ID the specific person only can enter which reduce the chance of crime happen. If anything crime
happen we know that the person who is inside the building and who is outside. So the suspect we
can trace out easily by referring to scan Id.

Some of the point I disagree which state that it very safer because CCTV can only monitor to
limited area and criminal can do vandalism the cameras by sticking gum or doing something else
and maybe can change the position of the cameras. Nowadays thief are more intelligent even there
is cameras thief come with full preparedness by covering all body and face. Therefore we cannot
give the full guarantee which will protect all the day. CCTV acts as awareness to surrounding
people by not doing crimes or bad things and people should aware to all the situation happen.
Other than that, there are hackers all over the world and CCTV cameras are very much keen on
becoming the victim of such misdeeds which again leads to a corrupted security system. There are
people who can easily get information that are preloaded in these CCTV software by just hacking
the entire device thus getting a lead on the footage that might be very important in terms of security.

There is two types of technology in CCTV which is wire and wireless CCTV. Its depends on
where to put and depends on situation and location. If its outside we need hard wire and it install
in aspects of weather proof and water proof. For the wired system, there is disadvantage in
installing to a particular area. Once it is install fully by wired the camera cant simply change the
location and has to be left it that way for the rest of the time. The installation and cabling of these
cameras is a difficult task that demands the assistance of professionals and if we want change
position it involve high costing to relocate. Furthermore, for the wireless system need a specified
frequency for the camera to send signals to the receiving and recording station. CCTV is such that
they can subject to distortion due to the other powerful devices that are installed alongside. The
camera might not send proper signal to the output devices which might lead to the security people
fail to understand the story behind any kind of vandalism.

In conclusion, CCTV should never be considered out of its intended context, and its limitations
should always be kept in mind. It can be used to manage only certain types of crime and should
therefore be one part of a comprehensive crime prevention initiative in public areas. CCTV
initiatives should be subject to ongoing evaluation and the sustainability of such projects should
be assessed. Furthermore, as with all situational crime prevention methods, surveillance does
nothing to address the causes of crime. However, with these limitations in mind, CCTV
nevertheless makes a notable contribution to increasing the safety and security of public spaces,
and ultimately enhancing the quality of life of those who use them. Before making the important
decision of installing security camera systems, it is better to be equipped with complete knowledge
about them, as that will enable you to make an informed decision and help you choose a camera
that fulfills your needs and expectations. Once youve weighed the pros and cons of setting up this
technological marvel, you will feel better about your choice.