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Tutsplus A Visual Guide to CSS Animation Jan 2017; Tutsplus Rethinking APIs With

Falcor Jan 2017

Tutsplus Create a REST API With Django Jan 2017; Pluralsight Java Fundamentals
Object-oriented Design Jan 2017
Pluralsight Building Offline Web Apps with Service Worker Jan 2017; OReilly Natural
Language Text Processing with Python Jan 2017 pcdi
Lynda Ethical Hacking Exploits 180 MB Jan 2017; Lynda Linux Directory Structure
and Basic Tools 161 MB Jan 2017;
Packt Video Getting Started with PHP 7 609 MB Jan 2017; Egghead Build a React
Native Todo Application 146 MB
Egghead Build Your First Production Quality React App 279 MB;
Packt Learning ElasticSearch 5.0 fara Ex Files 476 MB Jan 2017; Packt Video
Functional PHP 7 398 MB Jan 2017
Packt Video Getting Started with PHP 7 609 MB Jan 2017; Pluralsight Understanding
Algorithms for Recommendation Systems Feb 2017
Tutsplus Deep Dive Into Reactive Programming With RxJS Andrew Burgess 251 MB Jan
Lynda Linux Directory Structure and Basic Tools Jan 2017; Lynda Learning JIRA
Software Feb 2017
Packt Video Introduction to TypeScript 1.58 GB Jan 2017; Packt Video Learning Path
High-Performance React With Redux 2.21 GB Feb 2017
Packt Video Learning React.js User Interfaces 871 MB Jan 2017; Packt Video
Mastering Node.js 1.73 GB Jan 2017
Packt Video Python Machine Learning 365 MB Part 1 Jan 2017; Pluralsight
Introduction to Regular Expression (Regex) 313 MB Jan 2017
Pluralsight Understanding and Applying Linear Regression 408 MB Feb 2017; Udemy Vue
JS 2 The Complete Guide incl. Vuex Maximilian Schwarzmller updated 3.49 GB Jan
Wintellect Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 5 Sorting and Filtering 457 MB
Coursera The Hardware or Software Interface 1.14 GB.rar; Packt Video Jenkins
Bootcamp Jan 2017
OReilly Packt Learning Path Wireshark 2 The Advanced Network Analysis Tool Feb
2017; Packt Video Learning Path Data Science With Apache Spark 2 Feb 2017
Tutsplus Essential Gulp Tasks Feb 2017; Pluralsight Getting Started Analyzing
Malware Infections Feb 2017
Tutsplus Up and Running With AMP Feb 2017; Wintellect Common Web Application
Attacks and Countermeasures
Lynda NoSQL for Data Science In Depth Feb 2017; OReilly Building Microservice
Systems with Docker and Kubernetes Aug 2016
Pluralsight Windows Virus and Malware Troubleshooting Feb 2016; Lynda Learning the
Python 3 Standard Library Feb 2017
Packt Video Machine Learning with Open CV and Python Feb 2017; Lynda Ethical
Hacking Perimeter Defenses Feb 2017
Lynda Learning SEO Tools Feb 2017; Pluralsight Advanced Node.js Feb 2017; Packt
Video Getting started with cloud native Go fara Ex Files Feb 2017;
Udemy The Python Bible Everything You Need to Program in Python Updated Jan 2017;
Lynda Machine Learning Essentials Decision Trees Mar 2017; Pluralsight HTML5
Fundamentals Mar 2017
Udemy Python 1000 The Python Primer Updated Oct 2016; OReilly Using MongoDB with
Node.js Wes Higbee Apr 2016
OReilly Designing Data Structures in Python Sep 2015; Pluralsight Managing Docker
Images Feb 2017
Packt Video Django By Example Nov 2015; Pluralsight Malware Analysis The Big
Picture Mar 2017
Lynda Building Web Applications with Ajax Mar 2017; Udemy ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)
Babel and Webpack Explained Updated Dec 2016
Udemy LearnToProgram Python for Beginners Updated Mar 2017; OReilly Introduction to
MySQLMar 2017
LiveLessons Python from Scratch Mar 2017; Lynda Java Data Structures Mar 2017
Packt Video Modern Python Solutions Part 2 Mar 2016; OReilly JavaScript Best
Jeremy MCPeak Mar 2017
OReilly Data Modeling in the NoSQL World Feb 2016; Packt Video Modern Python
Solutions Part 3 Mar 2017
Tutsplus Learn to Code With Python Mar 2017; Lynda Switching to ES6 in Node.js Mar
Python Complete Python Masterclass Updated Mar 2017; Lynda Learning Vue.js Mar 2017
Pluralsight Creating a Responsive Web Design Mar 2017; Udemy Java Interview Guide
200+ Interview Questions and Answers Updated Nov 2016
Lynda Java Generic Classes Mar 2017; Pluralsight Hands-on JavaScript Project JSON
Mar 2017
Lynda HTML5 Projects Integrating Google Store Feb 2013; Packt Video Learning
ElasticSearch 5.0 Jan 2017
Tutsplus Reactive Programming With RxJS; Udemy Algorithms and Data Structures in
Java Holczer Balazs Part 1 Updated Mar 2017
Lynda Architecting Enterprise-Scale Node.js Applications Mar 2017; Packt Video
Beginning JavaScript and jQuery Mar 2017
Tutsplus Form Elements With jQuery UI Craig Campbell Jan 2017; Tutsplus Navigation
With jQuery UI Craig Campbell Jan 2017
Packt Video Reactive JavaScript Programming fara Ex Files Mar 2017; Packt Video
Learning Python Data Analysis Mar 2017
Lynda CSS Essential Training 1 Mar 2017; Udemy Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader
with Clarity and Confidence Hindi Updated Mar 2017
Udemy Making Graphs in Python using Matplotlib for Beginners Updated Mar 2017;
Lynda Bootstrap 4 Essential Training Mar 2017
OReilly Learning Path SQL Commands, Joins, and Views fara Ex Files Mar 2017;
Pluralsight Malware Analysis Fundamentals Apr 2017
Lynda CSS Essential Training 2 Mar 2017; Pluralsight Security for Hackers and
Developers Reverse Engineering Mar 2017
Packt Video Functional Programming in C# Part 1 Feb 2017; Packt Video Functional
Programming in C#
Packt Video Mastering CSS 2nd Ed fara Ex Files Mar 2017; Tutsplus How to Use the
Google Maps API Mar 2017
Lynda Apache Spark Essential Training Apr 2017; Tutsplus Taming Python With Unit
Tests Apr 2017
Packt Video Numerical and Scientific Computing with SciPy Mar 2017; Lynda C#
Object-Oriented Programming Tips and Tricks Apr 2017
Udemy TypeScript, Quick and Easy Mar 2017; Packt Video RESTful Web API Design with
O'Reilly Ethical Hacking Mar 2017; Packt Video Building Machine Learning Systems
with TensorFlow Apr 2017
Udemy Selenium WebDriver+Python Jumpstart in Automation Testing Updated 2016; Packt
Video Getting Started with Agile Apr 2017
Livelessons Effective Python LiveLessons Aug 2015; OReilly Introduction to
TensorFlow-SlimMar 2017
Pluralsight Improving CSS with PostCSS Apr 2017; Packt Video Bootstrap 4 Projects
Mar 2017
Packt Video Getting Started with Python Web Scraping Mar 2017;
Udemy Vue JS Mastering Web Apps Apr 2017; Pluralsight Build Excel Add-ins with
Office JS APIs Apr 2017
Lynda Python for Data Science Essential Training Apr 2017; Packt Video Jupyter
Notebook for All Part I Mar 2017
Packt Video Jupyter Notebook for All Part II Mar 2017; Pluralsight Design Patterns
with Python Oct 2016
Pluralsight Building More Python Design Patterns Apr 2017; Packt Video Python
Design Patterns Early Apr 2017
Lynda Machine Learning Fundamentals Learning to Make Recommendations Apr 2017;
Pluralsight A Practical Guide to Vanilla Web Components Apr 2017
Pluralsight What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS Apr 2017; Packt Video
Ethical Hacking for Beginners Early Apr 2017
Pluralsight Building Advanced JavaScript Animations with GSAP Apr 2017; OReilly
JavaScript Best PracticesMar 2017
Pluralsight Test-driven Development The Big Picture Apr 2017; Udemy Learn Python
Build a Virtual Assistant Updated Feb 2017
Wes Bos ES6 for Everyone 2016; Lynda Learning GraphQL Apr 2017;
OReilly InfiniteSkills Learning Path SQL Commands, Joins, and Views Mar 2017;
OReilly Training, Evaluating, and Tuning Deep Neural Network Models with
TensorFlow-SlimApr 2017;
Udemy Create a calculator web app with Javascript, HTML5 & CSS Apr 2017;
Pluralsight C++11 from Scratch Apr 2017
Pluralsight Cybersecurity Threats Ransomware Apr 2017; Lynda Visual Studio Code for
Web Developers Apr 2017
OReilly Continuous Integration (CI) With Jenkins Fundamentals 2017; Lynda Cloud
Computing First Look Apr 2017
Pluralsight Creating Offline-first Mobile Apps with HTML5 Apr 2017; Pluralsight
Python Getting Started Apr 2017
Lynda Linkedin Browsing the Web Securely Apr 2017; Lynda Next Generation CSS Design
with PostCSS and CSSNext Apr 2017
OReilly Introduction to Deep Learning Models With TensorFlow Apr 2017; Pluralsight
Creating Web Applications with Go Apr 2017
Lynda Linkedin Browsing the Web Securely Apr 2017; OReilly Introduction to C++
TemplatesApr 2017
Packt Video Deep Dive into Functional JavaScript Apr 2017; Packt Video Programming
with ECMAScript 2015 fara Ex Files Apr 2017
Packt Video Fun Projects with Vue 2 Apr 2017; OReilly Data Science Fundamentals
Part 1 Learning Basic Concepts, Data Wrangling, and Databases with Python Apr 2017
Pluralsight TensorFlow Getting Started May 2017; Lynda Learning MongoDB May 2017
Pluralsight Testing JavaScript for Node.js with Mocha May 2017; OReilly Technics
Publications Database Basics Database Basics Nov 2016
Tutsplus Exploring Creative Web Design Patterns Apr 2017; OReilly Machine Learning
for DesignersApril 2017
Lynda Learning Web Components May 2017; Introduction to Computer Vision with
Pluralsight Progressive Web App Fundamentals May 2017; Pluralsight Understanding
and Applying Numerical Optimization Techniques May 2017
Lynda C# Design Patterns May 2016; OReilly Learning Path TensorFlow The Road to
TensorFlow 2nd Ed Apr 2017;
Packt Video Data Analysis with Python Apr 2017; Packt Video Introduction to D3 Apr
Packt Video Go Essentials for Full Stack Web Development Apr 2017; Pluralsight PCI
DSS The Big Picture May 2017
Pluralsight Web App Hacking Caching Problems May 2017; Udemy Python for Finance
Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics Apr 2017
Frontend Masters Learn Functional-Lite JavaScript Programming with Kyle Simpson Mar
2016; Lynda Intermediate C# Design Patterns Part 3 May 2017
Wes Bos Learn Node May 2017; Udemy Webpack 2 The Complete Developer's Guide Jan
OReilly Continuous Integration With Jenkins Basic Build Jobs April 2017;
Pluralsight Defeating Cross-site Scripting with Content Security Policy May 2017
Pluralsight Introduction to GIS for Developers May 2017; Pluralsight Fundamentals
of Cloud Computing May 2017
Lynda JavaScript Essential Training May 2017; Pluralsight Getting Started with
TypeScript May 2017
Udemy Deep Learning Prerequisites The Numpy Stack in Python Apr 2017; Lynda
Learning Python for Data Science, with Tim Fox and Elephant Scale May 2017
Lynda Advanced SQL for Data Scientists May 2017; Lynda Advanced SQL for Data
Scientists May 2017;
Pluralsight Getting Started with Kubernetes May 2017; Laracasts How to Accept
Payments 2017
Udemy Build a complete Fiverr clone with Node + Algolia + Paypal May 2017; Udemy
LearnToProgram JavaScript Crash Course 988 MB Oct 2016
Lynda Learning Data Visualization with D3.js fara Ex Files May 2017; Laracasts
Webpack for Everyone 2017
OReilly Diving Deeper into C++TemplatesMay 2017; Lynda Django 4 Building an
Elearning Platform may 2017
Packt Video Learning Qt 5 Apr 2017; Lynda Django 3 Building an Online Shop May 2017
Lynda Django 2 Building a Social Website May 2017; Lynda Django 1 Building a Blog
May 2017
Udemy Excel Pivot Table Basics May 2017; Udemy Excel VBA The VBA Beginner's
Blueprint to Programming Excel Apr 2017
Pluralsight Developing with Node.js on Microsoft Azure Scott Allen Mar 2017; Packt
Video Go Behavioral Patterns May 2017
Laracasts Learn Redis Through Examples 2017; Udemy Excel Crash Course Master Excel
for Financial Analysis Nov 2016
Udemy The Complete Deep Web Course 2017 May; OReilly Packt Learning Path Linux A to
Z Linux Networking Concepts May 2017
Packt Video Learn to Write Functional Javascript May 2017; Packt Video Getting
Started with Elastic Stack Feb 2017
Stone River Machine Learning with Python 2017; Packt Video Go Concurrency May 2017
Udemy Introduction to Algorithms and Data structures in C++ Andrei Margeloiu; Lynda
Building Complex Express Sites with Redis and Socket.IO June 2017
OReilly Further Exploration of C++ Templates and Metaprogramming May 2017;
Pluralsight Creating VR Experiences with JavaScript June 2017
Packt Rapid Web Application Development with TypeScript 2.x May 2017; Lynda Four
Semesters of Computer Science in 5 Hours Jun 2017
Lynda Motion Design with CSS fara Ex Files Rachel Nabors June 2017; Udemy How to
Use MailChimp Email Marketing Software Hands on! Apr 2016
Packt Video Machine Learning with TensorFlow Jan 2017; Packt Video Implementing and
Testing Applications using Functional JavaScript Jun 2017
Pluralsight Hands-on Responsive Web Design 1 Media Queries & CSS Preprocessing Jun
2017; Pluralsight Cryptography The Big Picture Jun 2017
Lynda Learning Amazon Web Services Lambda Jun 2017; Lynda Advanced SVG Animation
704 MB Jun 2017
Lynda Learning Kali Linux Jun 2017; Pluralsight Beyond ASP.NET MVC Modern Web
Development Demystified Jun 2017
Lynda GIMP Essential Training Jun 2017; Pluralsight Blockchain Fundamentals Jun
Udemy Python Fundamentals Apr 2017; Pluralsight Vue.js Getting Started Jun 2017
Pluralsight Searching and Analyzing Data with Elasticsearch Getting Started Jun
2017; Udemy The Complete Python & PostgreSQL Developer Course Dec 2016
Udemy The Complete Google Go Programming Course For Beginners Jan 2017; Packt Video
Advanced Cloud Native Go May 2017
Lynda Creating an Open Source JavaScript Library Jun 2016; OReilly Learning Path
D3.js Visualizing Data with D3.js Jun 2017
Lynda Machine Learning Advanced Decision Trees 2017; Udemy The Complete SQL
Bootcamp Mar 2017
Microsoft Virtual Academy Top Python Questions; Udemy Computational Thinking In
Python 638 MB Jun 2017
Lynda IoT Foundations Fundamentals Jun 2017; Lynda IoT Foundations Monetizing IoT
Jun 2017
Packt Video Python Machine Learning Solutions Oct 2016; Pluralsight Advanced Python
Jun 2017
Livelessons Internet of Things Fundamentals Jun 2017; Packt Video Modern Golang
Programming Jun 2017
Lynda Virtual Reality Foundations Jun 2017; Packt Video Java 9 Core Principles Jun
Lynda Learning 3D Graphics on the Web with Three.js Jun 2017; Udemy Learn to code
Economic Models in Python Jun 2017
Packt Video Learning Pandas Jun 2017; LinuxAcademy Serverless Concepts 2017
Packt Video Apache Spark Fundamentals Jun 2017; Packt Video Java 9 Functional Data
Processing Jun 2017
MATLAB from A to Z From Programming to App Designing; Lynda Predictive Customer
Analytics Jul 2017
Packt Video Introduction to Go Classical Patterns Apr 2017; Udemy Data Science Deep
Learning in Python Jun 2017
Lynda Financial Forecasting with Big Data Jul 2017; Tutsplus Practical Web
Animation Craig Campbell Jul 2017
Packt Video Building Declarative Apps using Functional Javascript Jun 2017; Packt
Video Elasticsearch 5.x Solutions Mastering Elasticsearch Operations Jun 2017
Packt Video Back-End Web Development using Go Jun 2017; Lynda Learning Python with
PyCharm Jul 2017
Packt Video Learning Neo4j Graphs and Cypher Jun 2017; Pluralsight Digital
Forensics Getting Started with File Systems Jul 2017
Packt Video Unpacking NumPy and Pandas Jun 2017; Packt Video Up and Running with
Vue.js Jul 2017
Pluralsight Building Regression Models Using TensorFlow Jul 2017; Pluralsight
Debugging Go Applications with Delve Jul 2017
Pluralsight Fundamentals of Functional Programming in JavaScript Jul 2017; Lynda
Learning Chrome Web Developer Tools Jul 2017
Lynda Introduction to Python Recommendation Systems for Machine Learning Jul 2017;
Packt Video Web development with Vue.js 2 Jun 2017
Packt Video Web development with Vue.js 2 Jun 2017; Lynda Learning Functional
Programming with JavaScript Jul 2017
Microsoft Virtual Academy Top 10 JavaScript Questions; OReilly Containers and Go
Jul 2017
OReilly Introduction to Apache Spark 2.0Jul 2017; Udemy Deep Learning
Prerequisites Linear Regression in Python May 2017
Lynda Blockchain Basics Jul 2017; Lynda Learning SQL Programming Jul 2017; Lynda
Data Science Foundations Python Scientific Stack Jul 2017
Pluralsight Moving Forward with Mongoose.js Jul 2017; Udemy Byte-Sized-Chunks
Decision Trees and Random Forests Hindi Mar 2016
Pluralsight Working with Graph Algorithms in Python Jul 2017; Lynda Learning C#
Algorithms Jul 2017
Lynda Nail Your C# Developer Interview Jul 2017; Pluralsight Getting Started with
ES2017 ES8 Jul 2017
Udemy Advanced Javascript Jul 2017; Lynda Learning Cloud Computing Serverless
Computing Jul 2017
Udemy Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp Jul 2017; OReilly
Learning CSS AnimationsKirupa Chinnathambi Jul 2017
Packt Video SVG and Interactive Visualization in D3 Jun 2017; Udemy Build a
Complete JQuery Plugin Image Pop-up Dialog Feb 2017
Pluralsight Learning How to Program with Scratch Jul 2017; Udemy Deep Learning A-Z
Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks May 2017
Total Training Machine Learning - Python Programming From Beginner to Intermediate
Hindi Jul 2017; Packt Video Building RESTful Python Web Services with Tornado Jul