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LGBT YOUTH Rejected by families, thousands turn to the streets

Lawmaker sued for ying Pride ag Checking in with Long Beachs gay mayor Afeck, Gareld clarify remarks on playing gay



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Meet LAs homeless LGBT youth

Before our eyes, a tragedy of Los Angeles, a number thats increasing
every day. And, though the evidence is
is growing that must
largely empirical, it is indisputable.
not be ignored Theres no way of knowing exactly
how many (homeless) young people are
By TROY MASTERS LGBT. These kids, runaway or throwaway young people, are very vulnerable on the
streets, Los Angeles County Supervisor
Energy and smarts are the rst things Sheila Kuehl told the Los Angeles Blade.
you notice about Hay, 20, who had fun Still, Hay believes he is self-reliant.
explaining his gender. Im resourceful, I wanted to be a
Im male but some of my friends be professional dancer. I would run away
like, girl, so I dont really conform, he says from home and go to a dance class, he
as he plopped down, lit a cigarette and says proudly and with a beautiful and full
showed o his green ngernails. I need a smile.
manicure. Dance was his solace but for now it is a
Hay, like several of the 30 or so LGBT dream deferred.
youth living on a sun-blistered sidewalk, Im broke, so, as much as I would like
just north of Santa Monica Boulevard, to go to a dance class, I have to worry
aged out of the foster care system and about being able to feed myself, take care
instantly wound up on the streets. of myself, make sure I have clothes on my
At 14, he says, hed nally had enough of back, he said atly.
his fathers physical and emotional abuse. Hay said he nds the shelters and
I guess I put myself in foster care. I called transitional housing challenging because
CFS [Child and Family Services] myself the collective emotional disturbance
and I went to the school and told them is profound. Other peoples mental
how I had gotten beaten up really badly. illnesses make it hard for me because I am
He says he still carries a great deal of going through my own stu, he said. Its
raw trauma. And the trauma is growing. hard to juggle everyone and having their
On his 18th birthday, his social worker personality thrown at you on top of having
dropped him o at Hollywood and to look for a place.
Highland. He had nowhere to go and no One agency Hay thought might be a
HAY (top photo), JAZZY (bottom photo), KATHEN (page 4 photo) and KYLE (page 5 photo) are among
plan. He was utterly alone and hopeless, good t for him was Rapid Rehousing, 30 LGBT youth are living in a tent encampment, struggling to survive.
entering a spiral of 30-day stays in which helps with the hurdles of nding
homeless shelters. I feel like they pushed permanent housing. The agency requires
my homelessness, he says. employment, however, a common
I eventually stayed in a tent, he demand that Hay nds maddening. the Los Angeles LGBT Center have been In 2017, the number of people living on
explains. Mentally, I dont feel like I could get operating at full capacity for some time. the streets of Los Angeles grew to 34,000
His head bowed and eyes narrowing, a job. Ive applied for jobs, you know, The makeshift tent encampment Hay people, an increase of 23 percent in one
he said, Ive tried several times to get but how do you put on a facade that and others live in has become something year, according to a recently released
treatment [for trauma]. I dont feel like its everything is hunky-dory? How do you say of a virtual family, with aspirations, report from the Los Angeles Homeless
necessarily helpful. hey, Im still going through homelessness dreams, and profound personal stories, Services Authority. That number grows
Straightening his posture, Hay added, and this job is the only source of income I enormous insight to oer and even an to 58,000 when you include Los Angeles
treatment for me is having a safe place to have, so if you guys re me I have literally abiding desire to change the world around County.
be able to think. nothing, he said. them. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said,
But thats not possible for him right now. He proudly added, Id quit before I tell I am not at all surprised to learn that Our city is in the midst of an extraordinary
LGBT youth, like Hay, account for a them what Im going through our LGBT homeless youth are forming homelessness crisis that needs an
disproportionate number of the more The city and county of Los Angeles are families; it gives them a semblance of
than 50,000 people living on the streets nearly overwhelmed and non-prots, like comfort and sense of safety, said Kuehl. CONTINUES ON PAGE 04
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LAs homeless crisis acute for LGBT youth


extraordinary response. These men, these

women, these children are our neighbors.
Kathen has an almost disarmingly
joyous demeanor. At 22 years old, he is
one of the oldest members of the tent
group. I go o peoples vibe, he says, I
dont really go o a persons gender.
He describes himself as a stranger and
a bit of a random funny guy and dreams
of one day having his own restaurant.
He says his path to near chronic
homelessness began ve years ago when
his stepfather, menacing and knife in
hand, demanded he kill himself. Kathen
says he never treated him as his child.
I was nally fed up with it, he said,
adding that he punched the door
completely down I broke it down I
punched the door completely down he
said, gazing away, tears welling in his eyes people there. You have to cook for each homelessness as an option when things in the third.
as he began to dget. He paused, then one individually because of their diet. dont work out. Theres been a couple of Los Angeles County is responsible for
added, They told me to leave and so I just It was fun but its more by the book. times when I chose to be homeless. Like the services portion, Kuehl told the Los
left, at 17, didnt nish high school. I left But me? Im a person who likes freedom when my stepfather tried to choke me. I Angeles Blade, but the sales tax increase
when I was in my junior year. and thats why I want to have my own chose safety, he said. is not available to us quite yet. We will loan
Kathen says he managed to graduate restaurant, he said. Last November, residents of the city of some funds to the Measure H pot until the
high school. I want to go to college. I want In the meantime, Kathen needs help Los Angeles approved a $1.2 billion bond tax is in place, collected and available. The
to be a chef. He wants to own his own getting o the streets. measure that aims to build 10,000 units of tax is set to begin Oct. 1.
restaurant, he says. He has been through at least three permanent housing with support services The loan against future tax revenues
When asked if he sees a path to his dierent programs, including the Los for the chronically homeless. will allow some programs to begin
dream he looked at his hands and winced, Angeles LGBT Center. They all give you In March 2017, Los Angeles County implementation programs that have
A path? Then, looking puzzled, he asked the same thing, Kathen says, They tell voters, concerned about the growing crisis, been shown to make a dierence.
A path right now? you to go online and apply for job, but its, approved Measure H, a quarter-cent sales One of those programs makes it possible
Its crazy because theres so much I you know.the resources dont help out tax increase in Los Angeles County that will for seamless transitions from shelter to
need to do for it. First, I need to go to as much as they should. help fund anti-homelessness initiatives. It shelter and program to program. We also
school and then I need to travel. I want to When asked how he has been surviving, should raise $355 million annually. have a coordinated outreach program
explore the world and learn. Because in Kathen said, right now I am just trying to LA County Supervisors recently that helps homeless people more easily
my restaurant I want to have a dierent get some shoes, hustling lately trying to approved a funds allocation strategy access services and housing, Kuehl said.
menu each month and I want to have, like, get some food. I sell some clothes. I have focusing on subsidized housing, Jasmine, 20, who is transgender and
dierent ways to cook. He grew excited my EBT (a food stamp debit card). I sell my coordinated outreach and shelters, case prefers to be called Jazzy, says she likes to
and added, I want to learn from people tokens...Id rather walk with money in my management and services, homelessness stand up for whats right.
around the world and from dierent pockets than ride the bus or the subway. I prevention, income support and Wearing a neon pink Pride T-shirt, a
cultures. have to survive and you have to pay to live preservation of existing housing. yellow Pikachu hat and sporting pink and
Kathen fell in love with cooking while in this world. That three-year plan includes $295 blonde curls, Jazzy is poised beyond her
working at a nursing home. It was fun Im pretty sure I can pull myself million in spending for the rst year, $374
because, you know, theres over 300 out of this, he says. But he also sees million in the second year and $431 million CONTINUES ON PAGE 05
CO V E R STO RY W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 0 5

Homeless LGBT youth share their stories


years and possesses a passion that is clear

the moment she engages you.
I am a person who is fearless, brave
and who hurts when other people cant
stand up for themselves, she said with an
edgy certainty.
As an 8-year-old, Jazzy says she was
picked up and thrown through a plate
glass window in my own bedroom.
Shortly after that she was placed in foster
care and was eventually moved to group
homes until she turned 18.
She aged out of the system and found
herself living on the streets. Upon leaving
the system, she was told of benets that
might be available, but when attempting
to access them she says she was denied. with tattoos and piercing by the age of 9. LA is where its at if you are gay, Youth Center where he once lived. Im
Today, Jazzy claims the only thing she I gave my rst professional tattoo at age you know. Its easy to be here because just there Im trying to get into the center
is eligible for is a TAP card to get where 16. My passion. I dont care. Ill do it for the everybody accepts you for who you but its harder because Ive already been in
I need to go. rest of my life. are, he says. In Tennessee, Kyle says he there once and its harder to get in there a
Jazzy wanders the streets until I cant Most shelters allow for only a temporary was shot at, stabbed, had dogs go after second time, he says.
wander no more during the day, often stay and most programs oer short-term me and everything so I just got on a When asked why he doesnt just return
looking for a safe place to sit and a place to services. Greyhound and left. to Tennessee, his eyes tear up, he bites his
sleep at night. During the nighttime you just Kuehl points to the numbers of people Hes been homeless since. LA has lip and looks afraid. Thats not where my
gotta nd a place that looks like its not being, housed in the last year 14,000 people been alright I guess, he says with heart is. Being raised in the Bible Belt and
like, we are barred or a risky place where you she said were taken o the streets last discouragement written on his face. Still, being called faggot ... I dont want to deal
will be arrested. You just gotta nd a place to year and housed or given shelter. And he persists. with that.
lay your head down on the sidewalk or grass, even though the problem has grown, Pulling himself out requires a job, Kyle feels though some days are harder
she says. You just have to nd a place. thats an achievement. something that has so far proven dicult than, at least there are people
Im not eligible for food stamps, claims One of the biggest contributors to for Kyle. For now the only money he has is like me and I dont have to be alone.
Jazzy who says, we rely on what random the homeless crisis here is the ability of what he is able to get by asking for change He is hopeful he can turn his situation
good people bring to the park. Or people landlords to raise the rents to market level on Hollywood Boulevard. around but for the moment, he is living on
from the neighborhood who say, hey, whenever theres a vacancy or at the end Like others, Kyle is paralyzed by the idea the sidewalk in a tent. I dont want to do
would you guys like this? And they bring of a lease. No rent control in most cities of employment while homeless. He had a this the rest of my life.
pizza. Today some guy brought two boxes means your landlord can literally show up job that was helping him pay for cosmetics The LGBT youth featured in this issue of
of baked beans popped into chips. He said at your door and tell you your rent is going school, but decided to quit both. I quit. Its the Los Angeles Blade have extraordinary
we want you guys to stay healthy Theres to double and you have no recourse. hard to wash your clothes every day and stories of displacement. Some of them
good people like that, she said. Harvard University recently reported not have a place to wash them. You know, have never known a home. Under the
Jazzy wants people to know that she and that 58.5 percent of renters in Los Angeles trying to keep your phone charged so you most dicult circumstances, some are
her friends have been on waiting lists for are burdened, with more than 30 percent can get up in the morning or worrying ghting addiction and some, but not all,
months and months to get housing from of their income going to rent. about smell. Do I stink? are succumbing to it. Some are joyous
various services around Los Angeles. We When he turned 18, Kyle, now 22, Working with the public [while and determined, while others are bereft
still have to inch up the list, she says. jumped on a bus in Chattanooga, Tenn., homeless] is a lot harder than people and broken. All of them feel theyve fallen
The years on the street have not broken and made it all the way to LA without so think, he says. through the cracks of a broken system.
Jazzy and she still has a dream: My much as a bus ticket. I literally snuck on a Kyle spends his days either on None of them feel they are being heard.
passion is tattoos and piercing. I fell in love Greyhound and rode in the back. Hollywood Boulevard or at the LGBT We thought you should meet them.
0 6 J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

Congressman ghts lawsuit seeking removal of Pride ag

Lowenthal target of
frivolous claim by man
who was oended


Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-Calif.)

understands that the latest lawsuit
seeking to force him to remove a Pride
ag from outside his Washington, D.C.
congressional oce is frivolous, and
he told the Los Angeles Blade, hes
determined to ght it.
[The plainti] claims homosexuality is
religion, and at one time he led a lawsuit
to marry his computer. If one can have
other kinds of marriages besides a man Rep. ALAN LOWENTHAL (D-Calif.) displays a
and woman, Lowenthal said. Pride ag outside his oce.
Hes a person whos made a career of PHOTO BY THOMAS WASPER; COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA
doing this and issues like this. Hes also a
one-time practicing attorney, but I believe
hes lost his ability to practice law. Im
not sure where he lives or what he does. going to y the Pride ag until all people Va.) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.). The other member of the Democratic caucus
I believe he has a home in Los Angeles have full rights. This is to show support for case is Sevier v. Lowenthal, et al. who y the ag did as well, Lowenthal says.
and somewhere in the middle of the the LGBTQ community, Lowenthal said. Theres a climate now thats been Moving forward, Lowenthal says the
country, and supposedly hes a lobbyist Sadly this is not the rst time Lowenthals created, a kind of acceptance of aggressive, issue hes focused on is the Equality Caucus
in Washington, although Ive never seen ag has caused a stir. intolerant and unsupportive behavior. under the leadership of David Cicilline
him, he adds. Earlier in the year, some guests were The act on the oor and hallway, and (D-R.I.), and working toward putting forth
The suit was led in the U.S. District visiting the Cannon House Oce Building, the lawsuit, may have been encouraged a comprehensive Equality Act.
Court for the District of Columbia, and and like some kind of stormtroopers, by this, but whenever we go as a nation This is a dicult time to get anything
the plainti claims he is oended and marching around with their Make America through social changes, and weve made through this government, but I think things
injured by the placement of the Gay Pride Great Again red caps, came into our oce, a lot of progress toward acceptance of all are changing. Were beginning to see for the
Rainbow Flag, and requests that the court and the father grabbed the [Pride] ag, and acceptance of the LBGTQ community, rst time a number of Republicans standing
order the removal of the ag, and declared which is government property, owned by theres a certain degree of people who nd up and ghting for it politicians such as
a religious symbol, homosexuality the people of the U.S., grabs the ag, pulls that change, either because of religious Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, from Florida who has
be declared a religion, and marriage it out of the holder and starts screaming beliefs or personal beliefs, intolerable. become an outspoken supporter of equality.
equality be overturned nationwide. He is about the horrors of having this ag. He Most people understand its the More discussion is only going to help
also seeking $1 in damages. throws it on the oor and starts to stomp progress toward the inexorable move forward the agenda. Were not quite
Lowenthal was the rst member of on it. It was terrible. My chief of sta movement toward full human rights and there yet, but were moving in the right
Congress to permanently y the Pride ag followed him to take him to the police, and protection for all people, but for some its direction. We need to stand up and speak
outside his Capitol Hill oce in March 2013. that was the last thing I heard about it. It a tough time because of upbringing For out against things like this. We have to
At the time when I was elected in 2012, was horrible, Lowenthal says. most people the country is moving toward say were not going to be intimidated or
and coming from Long Beach, which is Capitol Police were ultimately unable to much more acceptance. But theres some frightened, this [Pride ag] is a symbol of
a very inclusive community I became identify the perpetrator. reaction to that. Its also a time were love, compassion and support and thats
fascinated listening to the Supreme Court Three other members of Congress who not that accepting of each other and the who we are, and were going to stand by
oral arguments on Prop 8 and DOMA. I y the Pride ag outside their D.C. oces president has exacerbated it. human rights and the LGBTQ community
would watch them on TV, and one day, I were also named in the suit Rep. Susan My oce and the other oces have and this is what its going to be and
decided that until theres total freedom, Im Davis (D-Calif.) and Reps. Don Beyer (D- received tremendous support, and every nothings going to stop us, he said.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 0 7

Long Beach mayor displays knack for xing things

Robert Garcia helps ethnicity or being gay.
He says that whats happening in D.C. is
progressive, diverse
incredibly sad for him.
city roar back to life We should be moving forward and
protecting all people. The rhetoric thats
By REBEKAH SAGER coming out of this administration is
divisive and un-American and its hard to
Robert Garcia, the rst openly gay listen to a national conversation around
person elected mayor of Long Beach, is putting down immigrants and LGBTQ
determined to take his city out of the long people and Muslim-Americans We
shadow of its bigger, sexier, and certainly should be expanding healthcare and not
more celebrity-studded sister to the north. trying to eliminate it. We should be moving
Long Beach is a big city, population toward equal pay instead of putting
wise. There are more people in Long women down. We should be insuring that
Beach than in Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis, LGBTQ kids have full and healthy lives
and New Orleans, but because its so close versus promoting the bullying behavior
to L.A., people dont realize the size and thats being promoted now, he said.
scope of the city, Mayor Garcia told the Looking toward the 2018 elections he
Los Angeles Blade. added, California cant be complacent. As
Its important for us to have a a state weve always led, its like the popular
national prole, and that were out there phrase says, As goes California, so goes the
promoting the city, bringing in jobs, and big country. I think its more important than
corporations. And doing that means making ever now for us to lead on the big issues.
sure the city is ready. That means tech jobs, Whether thats issues of climate change,
and making sure those opportunities are or supporting immigrant communities, or
available to Long Beach residents. So far, protections for low income people, who we
things are going great. Unemployment rate should be looking out for, those are things
Mayor ROBERT GARCIA at Long Beach Pride 2016.
is the lowest its been on record. we have to move forward on, regardless of
Garcia also has plans to build more PHOTO BY LIEZL ESTIPONA
the national level.
aordable housing, right the wrongs Look at the Paris agreement, were only
of income inequality, and protect his focus on income inequality and wages to Party also did more for immigrants than one of three countries that pulled out.
most vulnerable citizens the homeless, address that appropriately. any other president recently. I think the Its disgraceful. Here in California were
immigrants, those who are undocumented, The mayor was once a Republican. His Republican Party needs to take a page stepping up to do things for ourselves. I
and the LGBTQ community. story of immigrating to the U.S. from Peru, out of the Ronald Reagan playbook and think were going to see more and more
The challenges in Long Beach are the and his familys support of President Reagan, work with Democrats on a comprehensive of that. California is saying if D.C. isnt
same as other big cities in California, he comes with a quick and timely lesson. immigration program that will create going to push on climate change, then
said. Theres a statewide housing crisis. My whole family registered as citizenship for the millions of folks that are we are. If D.C. isnt going to look at equal
Its a simple math equation. The housing Republicans when we became citizens. We here, he said. wages, then we are. Thats consistent with
hasnt kept up with the population growth. did so because we loved Ronald Reagan. Garcia was only slightly unsure whether California values, he said.
Were in a situation across the state where At the time he had signed the amnesty bill. his status as a gay Latino would impact his Garcia doesnt take himself too
were seeing a huge housing crisis and So, we didnt know much about politics, run for oce. seriously. This year was his 20th visit to
thats causing a lot of strain with the rental but we loved the president because hed Im sure there were some who may Comic-Con. He wore Superman socks
market, the housing market and with signed this bill, giving us an opportunity to have had problems with my being Latino to his inauguration, and says he swears
homelessness. become U.S. citizens. or gay, but more were supportive, and for by the motto, Truth, Justice and the
Homelessness in general, income Today, its ironic that it was a those communities it means a lot to a lot American Way.
inequality over time, and wages havent Republican president that signed the of folks, he said. People stop me all the Ive always been a nerd. Ive been into
kept up with growth. More and more folks most comprehensive path to citizenship time and tell me that. In the end though, sci-, Star Wars, and Star Trek, its just
are falling into homelessness and its sad that weve had this last generation. And a Im a mayor for everyone. I ran to solve stuck with me. Most people in the city
to see and there isnt enough of a national president whos idolized by the Republican problems and x things regardless of my know that, and nd it amusing, he says.

Trump bans trans troops

Presidents tweets dont ability to win. Lotter said. I am not aware of him having
Maybe Donald Trumps time at a fake any conversations with members on that.
address plight of those
military school has skewed his view of the Trumps announcement also comes
already serving military, Fischer said. But for those of us shortly after the U.S. House rejected
who have served, transgender service is an amendment proposed by Rep. Vicky
By CHRIS JOHNSON not a problem. In fact, when it allows the Hartzler (R-Mo.) to major defense policy
best into our military, it is an asset. legislation that would have banned the
President Trump tweeted on Wednesday Matthew Thorn, executive director Pentagon from paying for transition-
the U.S. military will not accept or allow of the LGBT military group OutServe- related care for transgender troops. Given
transgender people in the armed forces SLDN, also condemned Trumps tweets their dependence on this health care,
in any capacity, citing dubious claims of in a statement, suggesting a lawsuit the amendment would have eectively
medical costs and disruptions of allowing may be underway to undo Trumps new banned them from the armed forces.
them to serve. transgender military ban. Before the U.S. House rejected her
After consultation with my Generals and The readiness, eectiveness, and amendment by a narrow 214-209 vote,
military experts, please be advised that the lethality of the Armed Services comes Hartzler estimated gender reassignment
United States Government will not accept from the commitment of our troops not surgery would cost $1.35 billion over the
or allow Transgender individuals to serve DONALD TRUMP tweeted transgender people the vagaries and bigotry of exclusionary course of 10 years a gure wildly higher
wont be allowed in the U.S. military.
in any capacity in the U.S. Military, Trump policies, Thorn said. We are committed than estimates from military experts. Trump
tweeted. Our military must be focused BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY to transgender service members. We are may have been relying on that dubious
on decisive and overwhelming victory and going to ght for them as hard as they are estimate when tweeting the military would
cannot be burdened with the tremendous openly transgender people currently in ghting for the country. And were going to be burdened with the tremendous medical
medical costs and disruption that the military will now be forced out. start by taking the ght to Donald Trump costs of transgender service.
transgender in the military would entail. The Blade has placed a request seeking in the federal court. The Family Research Council, which had
Trumps announcement comes comment with the Defense Department Praising Trump for announcing a ban on been pushing for reversal of transgender
after Defense Secretary James Mattis on how the Pentagon will implement transgender people in the armed forces military service, had cited an even more
announced hed push back the target date Trumps announcement and what it was Tony Perkins, president of the anti- outlandish gure, estimating transition-
for allowing openly transgender people to means for transgender people currently in LGBT Family Research Council. related care would cost $3.7 billion over
enlist in the armed forces from July 1, 2017 the armed forces. I applaud President Trump for the next 10 years.
to Jan. 1, 2018, citing a need for additional An estimated 15,500 transgender service keeping his promise to return to military After the failure of the Hartzler
six-month review of transgender service. members are already serving in the armed priorities and not continue the social amendment, Republican lawmakers
Its unclear why Trump has made the forces. The RAND Corp. has determined experimentation of the Obama era that werent giving up. A trio of anti-LGBT
decision to bar transgender troops from the cost of gender reassignment surgeries has crippled our nations military. Perkins lawmakers Reps. Scott Perry (R-Pa.),
the armed forces before the expected for transgender troops would consume said. The military can now focus its eorts Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Steve King
completion of this review. between $2.4 million and $8.4 million, on preparing to ght and win wars rather (R-Iowa) submitted new amendments
Last year, under the Obama which is a tiny fraction of the Pentagons than being used to advance the Obama to the House Rules Committee in an
administration, former Defense Secretary multi-billion dollar budget. social agenda. attempt to restrict transgender military
Ashton Carter after a year-long review Chad Grin, president of the Human Trumps announcement comes after service as part of the scal year 2018
lifted the medical regulation banning Rights Campaign, tweeted criticism of the publication of a Foreign Policy report defense appropriations bill.
transgender people from serving in the Trumps decision to bar transgender indicating Vice President Mike Pence, who It remains to be seen whether the House
armed forces. Although transgender people from the armed forces. I know has a history over his career of opposing will proceed with those amendments to
people could come out without fear of transgender service members and vets LGBT rights, has been quietly working behind codify restrictions on transgender military
discharge, openly transgender people who have done more to serve their the scenes with members of Congress to service into law, or whether Trumps
wouldnt be allowed to enlist until a later country than @realdonaldtrump has in his reverse transgender military service. announcement will persuade them to
time, which Mattis later pushed back. entire life, he wrote. Marc Lotter, a Pence spokesperson, abandon the eort.
Trumps tweets indicate not only Will Fischer, an Iraq War veteran and however, denied in a statement to the Trump made his announcement on
a reversal of the delay in allowing director of government outreach for Blade Pence had any talks with lawmakers July 26, the same day former President
transgender enlistments, but a total ban the anti-Trump group VoteVets, said in about the reversing the Obama-era change. Truman in 1948 issued an executive order
on transgender people in the armed a statement Trumps decision insults As I said to that publication, the vice desegregating the U.S. military on the
forces. It remains to be seen whether our professional military and hurts our president has been focused on health care, basis of race.

NGLCC celebrates 15 years of supporting LGBT businesses

National advocacy reaps of the community, contrasted with other we were on the right track. In the little
demographics. An estimated 10 percent more than a decade since, we have
returns for enterprise
of lesbians and gays are among the ranks certied nearly 1,000 companies. The
and community of corporate owners, small and moderate- spikes in certication and the inuence
sized business operators, and leadership of the LGBT business community and our
By MARK LEE in commerce. business allies parallel the milestones in
Business ownership thrives in the LGBT LGBT community advancement. That will
The historically unparalleled accelerated community because we have all learned only be further strengthened as more
advancement in LGBT cultural acceptance to be the entrepreneurs of our own lives, corporations intentionally stand with
and civil equality has been successful and explains Mitchell regarding this modern the LGBT community by including our
strengthened in large part due to the gay mtier. LGBT business owners prove businesses in their daily operations and
engagement of the business community. that being out and being successful does supply chains.
No greater ally has served as a more not have to be mutually exclusive. More than 150 corporations now seek
eective advocate for fair treatment and Mitchell hastens to add, looking to the out LGBT suppliers and recent changes
evenhanded opportunity. future, the American workforce will be to the HRC Corporate Equality Index, fully
A disproportionate engagement in younger, more diverse, and more inclusive implemented last year, now measure
commerce by the LGBT community is than ever before in the years ahead, LGBT supplier contracting policies as
a primary contributing hallmark of this NGLCC co-founder JUSTIN NELSON is and with that comes the opportunity a stand-alone scoring criteria. This
celebrating the organizations 15th anniversary.
accomplishment. to innovate and collaborate across motivates more than 500 large enterprises
The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY
communities in ways that continue to to interface with LGBT businesses in order
of Commerce will be celebrating both shatter stereotypes and misconceptions. to attain a positive ranking or preserve a
that legacy and the organizations 15th equality of LGBT people or the impact LGBT people exist in every community, perfect rating. In addition, several states
anniversary next week in Las Vegas. economics could have on the future of and as industries modernize there will now require or promote inclusion of LGBT
More than 1,000 entrepreneurs, the equality movement, notes Nelson. always be LGBT business owners at the businesses in contracting.
corporate decision-makers, leaders from So with a few forward-thinking corporate forefront delivering the goods and services Four years ago, the organization launched
52 aliated local chambers nationwide partners and a small network of LGBT this country needs to stay competitive in a NGLCC Global, connecting LGBT-owned and
alongside federal, state, and city business owners willing to tell their story, globalized economy. allied companies, multinational corporations
government ocials from across the NGLCC was born. NGLCC is continuously connecting with and international aliate chamber leaders
country and representatives from around Co-founder Mitchell describes those early LGBT businesses throughout the country, and members on ve continents.
the world will gather Aug. 1-4 at the days, recalling that word began to spread and increasingly interacting with owners NGLCC this year released a
2017 NGLCC International Business and about NGLCC very quickly, thanks to outlets and operators in localities large and small. groundbreaking Americas LGBT Economy
Leadership Conference. like the Washington Blade and Out magazine In order to better reach them, NGLCC has Report the rst-ever exploration of
This benchmark is the result of a shared recognizing the previously underreported initiated regional road shows and digital the economic impact of LGBT-owned
vision by co-founders Justin Nelson, strength and promise of the LGBT business interfaces to provide communities new businesses on the U.S. economy.
NGLCC president, and Chance Mitchell, community. That proved what we, and our service platforms. Beyond its signature role as the business
who serves as CEO. NGLCC corporate partners, always believed: In 2004, the organization introduced voice of the LGBT community, the largest
An organization literally launched economic and social visibility go hand-in- a best-in-class diversity certication advocacy organization dedicated to
around a coee table is now the voice hand as we march toward equality and program that, according to NGLCC expanding economic opportunities for
for the nations 1.4 million LGBT business opportunity for all. senior vice-president Jonathan Lovitz, LGBT people, and the exclusive certifying
owners and the $1.7 trillion those We needed a way to showcase that distinguished the organization [as] the body for LGBT-owned businesses, NGLCC
enterprises add to the national economy LGBT people were a vital part of America exclusive national third-party certifying and its aliate local chambers provide
each year. NGLCC enjoys the support and as business owners and employers, body for LGBT-owned businesses. LGBT direct B2B networking opportunities.
participation of more than 150 corporate Nelson emphasizes. LGBT business Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) Certication Resource sharing, skills training, corporate
partners as well as prominent executive owners were, and are, an essential part of is now in use by more than one-third of collaborations and business policy
leadership in striving to promote pro- the engine that makes the U.S. economy Fortune 500 companies, as well as federal, advocacy make membership a value-
business and LGBT-inclusive policies. run and therefore deserve an equal place state and local governments. added premium proposition for local
Back in 2002 we realized that too at the table. Mitchell added, the positive responses LGBT enterprise.
few government leaders and corporate LGBT businesses have always received when we began certifying
executives had considered the economic represented a uniquely large proportion LGBT Business Enterprises showed us CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
5455 Wilshire Blvd #1505, Los Angeles, CA 90036
PHONE 310-230-5266

The young and

PUBLISHED BY Los Angeles Blade, LLC
310-230-5266 x8080 (o), 917-406-1619 (c)

the homeless
310-230-5266 x8095
310-230-5266 x9459
Why the Los Angeles LGBT access to our clothing closet. In the past 12 are open 7 days a week. We can connect BRAD FUHR, 760-813-2020.
months, the number of visits to our youth people with a case manager 15 minutes NATIONAL ADVERTISING
center needs your help center has increased by double digits. after stepping into our facility. RIVENDELL MEDIA
But more than meeting their basic needs, Make a donation via our website at, 212-242-6863
including medical care and counseling, Your contribution of as STEPHEN RUTGERS
were helping young people develop the little as $10 will fund a full day of meals, 202-747-2077 x8077
skills, resources, and condence to make it for a young person whos depending on us NATIONAL EDITOR
on their own through GED preparation and for support. KEVIN NAFF
high school completion programs, college You probably didnt know that our youth, 202-747-2077 x8088
scholarships, an employment program, center oers education support to youth MICHAEL K. LAVERS
leadership development program, and who didnt nish high school through our
LORRI L. JEAN is CEO of the Los Angeles LGBT whatever they need to get o the streets on-site GED preparation programs and KAREN OCAMB
Center, the worlds largest provider of programs for good. charter high school. If you can spare a
and services for LGBT people. CONTRIBUTORS
The parents of one member of our few hours a week to tutor them, contact
youth center, Kenny, told him youre our Volunteer Resources department at ROSHAN, HOLLY HUGHES, KIT WINTER, BRAD LAMM,
Imagine waking up every day without better o killing yourself after he refused DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
money, not knowing whether youll have treatment to cure him of being gay. Drop o gently-used professional ROBIN TYLER, CHRIS AZZOPARD, ALLEN ROSKOFF,
anything to eat or a safe place to lay He found out about the Centers services attire. The youth have access to a clothing JOHN PAUL KING, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MELODY
your head at night. Thats the reality for online and bought a bus ticket here, closet so that they can present well for MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
thousands of LGBT youth in Los Angeles hoping we could help. Fortunately, we job interviews. Approximately 80% of the MACKIE, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO, CHRIS JOHNSON, LOU
who are experiencing homelessness. were able to give him one of our 58 beds youth in our Transitional Living Program CHIBBARO JR., MARIAH COOPER, ABBY DEES, REBEKAH
right away, without him having to spend a are working, in school, or both. SAGER, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MIKE CIRIACO
Recently we learned just how big the PHOTOGRAPHY
problem is. single night on the streets. By giving to the Center, your support BOB KRASNER, JON VISCOTT, MICHAEL KEY
The 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless But, Kenny is one of the lucky ones. LGBT will immediately provide youth with CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
Count found that there are nearly 6,000 young people hit the streets with hopes of food and a hot shower, emergency and DISTRIBUTION
youth experiencing homelessness in escape and a better life. Once they spend transitional housing, education support, CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, 562-826-6602
Los Angeles County on any given night. time living on the streets, they are at risk and employment counseling. You can give All material in the Los Angeles Blade is protected by federal copyright
law and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Los
Nationally, it is estimated that 20%-40% of sexual exploitation or tracking and them the better life they so desperately Angeles Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers,
writers and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor
of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. In are likely to turn to drugs to cope with it want and deserve. implied. The appearance of names or pictorial representation does not
necessarily indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons.
a study of homeless youth in Hollywood, all. Trans youth face signicant challenges In two years, we will open the Although the Los Angeles Blade is supported by many ne advertisers,
we cannot accept responsibility for claims made by advertisers.
one of the most popular destinations in entering the workforce and nding transformational Anita May Rosenstein Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the Los Angeles Blade, but
the paper cannot take responsibility for its return. The editors reserve
for them, nearly 40% identied as being meaningful careers, so theyre even more Campus in Hollywood. Spanning more the right to accept, reject or edit any submission. A single copy of the
Los Angeles Blade is available from authorized distribution points, to
LGBTQ. likely to turn to sex work. Alarmingly, its than a city block along Santa Monica any individual within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles, CA. Multiple copies
are available from the Los Angeles Blade oce only. Call for rates. If
you are unable to get to a convenient free distribution point, you may
These are young people whove estimated that nearly half of trans women Boulevard, this intergenerational campus receive a 26-week mailed subscription for $195 per year or $5.00 per
single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be sent to Phil Rockstroh
frequently been rejected by their families, nationwideparticularly trans women of will contain up to 100 beds for homeless at Postmaster: Send address changes to
the Los Angeles Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington, DC 20009. The Los
victimized by predators, and/or made colorwill become infected with HIV if youth (nearly double the number we Angeles Blade is published bi-weekly, on Friday, by Los Angeles Blade,
LLC. Rates for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical
outcasts by their communitiesall simply their livelihoods arent improved. currently have), new senior and youth postage paid at Los Angeles, CA., and additional mailing oces. Editorial
positions of the Los Angeles Blade are expressed in editorials and in
for being who they are. For nearly ve decades, the Center has centers, and up to 35 units of supportive editors notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are
those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of
Many face threats of abuse, sexual been caring for homeless LGBT young housing for young people. It will be an the Los Angeles Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary:
Letters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
assault, and drug addictionand the Los people ages 24 and under, and I urge you iconic landmark that will serve as a beacon than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length, and
must include a name, address and phone number for verication. Send
Angeles LGBT Center is one of the few to help us get them o the streets. of hope and inspiration for people around submissions by e-mail to

places they can turn to for help. Since last If you encounter a homeless youth, the globe.
year, weve been seeing more young people tell them about the Centers services. Two years is still a long time. Together,
at our doors, turning to our youth center Our Youth Center is located at 1220 N. lets make a commitment to take care of
for three meals a day, hot showers, and Highland Ave. in Hollywood, and its doors LGBT homeless youth today. 2017 LOS ANGELES BLADE, LLC.
V I E W PO I NT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 1 1

Will A Better Deal win it for Democrats?

Lets hope voters again bought into those lies because they were
both frustrated and scared. They couldnt
change their minds in 2018 get the jobs they wanted, their adult kids
were back living in their basement, they
By PETER ROSENSTEIN were having a hard time aording health
insurance or if they had it couldnt aord
Democrats have a new slogan A Better to use it because the copays were too
Deal they hope will win them back the high. They were afraid of this new world
Congress in 2018. Will it work? Who where diversity created more competition
knows? Based on other slogans it could. and was upending life as they knew it.
Americans are slogan happy. Considering So how do we Democrats assuage those
they elected Trump based on a set of lies fears and overcome their frustrations.
under the slogan Make America Great What are the better deals we will oer
Again anything is possible. Based on that them? Democrats need their policy
election policy wonks like me are in the wonks to write the legislation we promise
minority. So if this is the slogan members to pass if the American people give us
of Congress agreed on, go for it. back the majority in Congress. We need
The Washington Post reported, legislation every Democrat can support,
Republicans talk in headlines; Democrats from Mississippi to Montana, New York to
speak in ne print, concededRep. Hakeem California. If we arent ready we will be in
Jeries (D-N.Y.), who co-chaired a team of the same place Republicans are in today
House lawmakers tasked with leading the with a series of empty promises not being
revamp. That ends this week. Were going able to pass anything because we will be
to make sure that were able to reach the ghting with ourselves.
American people in a clear and compelling So I posit to our Democratic leaders; you
fashion. They went on to report A Better must put together a series of bills that can
Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better get the 218 votes needed in the House of
Future is the new slogan hatched after Representatives and 51 votes in the Senate
months of strategy sessions on Capitol if we do get the chance to lead again. It
Hill and late-night dinners at Washington might not be good enough to just say we
restaurants hosted by Schumer, Pelosi, want a $15 minimum wage if we cant get
Jeries and other rank-and-le House and that passed. Its not good enough to say
Senate lawmakers. we want single-payer healthcare; or have
What has already begun is what a tax plan that cant get the votes to pass.
Democrats do best; they are arguing and The same goes for a plan to make college
attacking each other over the choice of aordable, rebuild our infrastructure, or
the slogan. If we are smart we wont waste work to impact climate change.
our time doing that. Instead we will work The most dicult thing for some
on the legislative initiatives to back up the Democrats to deal with is the concept of
slogan and actually produce the better compromise. Our Founding Fathers (and
jobs, better wages and a better future. yes there should have been founding
That is where the rubber will hit the road. mothers) set up a government requiring
We must accept the fact that Americans compromise to get anything done.
as Hakeem Jeries suggests read Lets not promise the moon only to fail
the headlines and not the ne print. But miserably like the Republicans.
its not the slogan, rather how in plain Barack Obama won the White House in
English and Spanish, based on the voting 2008 with the slogan Hope and Change.
population, we communicate what the He captured the peoples imagination
policies we espouse and will pass will do because things had gotten so bad they
for people. needed hope for the future. They knew we
Donald Trump won based on a pack of needed change from the disastrous Bush houses and state legislatures. In some might be, to vote Democratic across the
lies. He said he would guarantee easily administration. But within two years, in the ways that is what gives Democrats hope for board.
aordable health insurance; he would mid-term elections of 2010, the American 2018. Americans do change their minds.
reopen the coal mines; and he would people handed Democrats a disastrous Let us give them a reason, something
PETER ROSENSTEIN is a longtime LGBT rights
reopen factories. A big group of Americans defeat in elections for Congress, state more than just a slogan however good it and Democratic Party activist.
AUG. 14


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Anthony Rapp goes where no man has
gone before, with Wilson Cruz
CBS Star Trek: Discovery introduces gay characters


J U L Y 2 8 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 1 0 A me r i c a s L G B T N e w s S ou r c e L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 1 3

Anthony Rapp talks about his gay character on Star Trek: Discovery during 2017s Comic-Con
International in San Diego.

photo courtesy of comic-con international

Comic Con attendees have been During the Comic Con panel, Rapp, I can announce that Wilson Cruz will the cat is finally out of the bag... Im so
intrigued by outer space for decades, who will be playing Lt. Paul Stamets, told play my love interest, my partnermy THRILLED to be apart of the epic American
ready to boldly go where no one has gone Trekkies attending that his character will man love and were both officers on mythology that is #StarTrek!
before, as William Shatner used to say have a same sex romance. the ship. Im very proud of that. And hes Our opportunity is to take our view of
during each Star Trek episode. A wonderful actor that Ive known for a scientist. conflict today and still search for some
The latest series in the Star Trek over 20 years that you would all know and Cruz is known for his role in the much resolution that is not dystopian, but
franchise go where no other series of the are old enough to know, remember that loved TV series, My So-Called Life, and utopian, Rapp said. I promise you that we
show has gone before: CBS Star Trek: show My So-Called Life? He was in that was also Rapps co-star in Rent. passionately believe in what we are doing.
Discovery will have its first openly gay show and he was in the upcoming season After the panel, Cruz -- whose character We want to do something meaningful and
character, played by Anthony Rapp, who is of 13 reasons why and hes a friend that is Dr. Hugh Culber, medical officer of the honor whats come before.
best known for his role in the Broadway I actually did rent with previously in the Starship Discovery -- confirmed the news
musical and subsequent film, Rent. long course of my life with it. on Twitter, tweeting, Well, apparently, ContinueS ON page 22
1 4 J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM 2 0 G A Y Q U E ST I O N S F O R: J O HN HE I L M A N


How long have you been out and who
was the hardest person to tell?
Im not sure I was ever in. I didnt really
the Sunset Strip. When I show my law
students a picture, they think Im a rock
All stereotypes annoy me. LGBT people
get stereotyped, but as LGBT people
we do it too. Sometimes its relatively
have to tell many people because harmless (when we stereotype each
apparently everyone knew before I did. On what do you insist? other). You can look at some of the
Im really pretty laid back but I stay away dating apps and youre sure to see people
Whos your LGBT hero? from people who are angry and negative. describe themselves as straight-acting
Its a tie between Martina Navratilova and which suggests that all gay and straight
Billie Jean King. What was your last Facebook post or people in particular way. Stereotyping just
Tweet? holds all of us back.
Whats Los Angeles best nightspot, Congratulations to Roger Federer
past or present? and Garbine Muguruza for winning Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
I loved dancing at Studio One (the Wimbledon this year. Im crazy about Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Factory). The Odyssey was also lots of fun tennis. I always root for Roger because
but a nightmare for neighbors, an after- hes always so gracious. I was also rooting Whats the most overrated social
hours club that played great music. for Venus Williams because she doesnt custom?
really get credit for her advocacy for The idea that you have to dance with
Describe your dream wedding. equal prize money for women. another person. If Im at a club and I
Ive had the opportunity to ociate hear a song I like and there isnt anyone
at a lot of weddings. My dream If your life were a book, what would around who wants to dance, I go out on
PHOTO COURTESY OF HEILMAN wedding would be one where Im one the title be? the dance oor and start dancing. People
of the grooms and not an ociant or John Heilmanthe Biography. Im pretty sometimes look at me like Im strange for
bridesmaid! literal sometimes. dancing by myself, but Im ne with that.
By TROY MASTERS What non-LGBT issue are you most If science discovered a way to change What trophy or prize do you most
passionate about? sexual orientation, what would you covet?
West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman Human rights in general, especially do? The most important prize in the world
is, well, an icon. Not only is he a founder equality for women and girls. We Id want to remain gay, but with less in my mind is the Nobel Peace Prize.
of West Hollywood but also one of the also need to focus more attention on emphasis on the orientation and more The global LGBT rights movement
longest-serving openly gay elected ocials international human rights for the LGBT emphasis on the sexual. I have no game. should receive it for all that has been
in the U.S, having previously served as community. Thats one of the reasons accomplished in the last 50 years.
mayor in 1990, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2006 and I recently joined the board of OutRight What do you believe in beyond the
2010. International, a group that works on physical world? What do you wish youd known at 18?
His progressive vision for the city advocacy for the international LGBTQI I think love transcends the physical world. I was the rst person in my family to go
includes ghting poverty (15% of the communities. Im also passionate about to college. And the rst to go to graduate
citys population live below the poverty the need for aordable housing. Whats your advice for LGBT movement school. There are so many opportunities
level), homelessness, improve residential leaders? that I wasnt aware of until later in life.
areas, build infrastructure, a new City Hall What historical outcome would you Dont ght with one another. Focus on I never really traveled outside of the
building, and so much more. change? our real enemies. Dont give up hope. country until I was in my late 40s. I wish I
He is a native of Cleveland, graduate of Trumps election, but maybe thats still And always celebrate the progress we had some of that knowledge and some of
Northwestern, and USC where he earned too current and painfully real to be have made. In some ways, weve already those experiences earlier in my life.
his Law degree and masters. considered a historical outcome. As for won. Younger people, regardless of their
Heilman established the citys rent less recent history, there were a lot of political or religious background, support Why Los Angeles?
stabilization rules and is nationally people who tried to stop the Nazis before equality for LGBT people. I came out here to go to law school and
recognized for his longtime eorts on they came to power. never left, but I sometimes wonder
behalf of people with HIV and AIDS. What would you walk across hot coals why I live in Southern California. I dont
When we started the City of West Whats been the most memorable pop for? really like the sun and the heat. My ideal
Hollywood, people said a city built on rent culture moment of your lifetime? The City of West Hollywood. I love the City climate is cool and rainy. Also, I dont live
control, populated by gays and lesbians, One of the most memorable moments and want to make sure it continues to be in Los Angeles. I live in West Hollywood.
seniors and immigrants would never was when Ellen DeGeneres came out on successful. Los Angeles is a great city. But West
survive(that) wed be bankrupt, Heilman her sitcom. One of my personal biggest Hollywoods unique role for LGBT people
recently wrote on his website. moments was being back stage when What LGBT stereotype annoys you makes it a very special place.
Boy were they wrong. Elton John and Lady Gaga performed on most?
ART W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 1 5

David Hockney: 80 going on 16



David Hockney will force you to notice

the world around you in ways that
challenge you to see beyond the apparent
meaning of what you think you know. He is
also an artist who has always put sexuality
front and center and whose prolic body
of work can be seen around the globe, a
kind of international gay activist.
Context, of course, matters and his work
is right at home here in Los Angeles and
something every LGBT person should behold.
The current showing of his work at The
Getty Center is a grand masterstroke that
puts him at the apex of artists who lived
and worked in Southern California.
Happy Birthday Mr. Hockney, (through
November 26th) is a spectacle in two parts,
featuring his self-portraits and his photographs.
Encountering Hockney for the rst time is
nothing short of a revelation. Bright, playful,
incisive, and delightful, Hockney has, for well
over half a century, oered images that are both
deeply personal and designed to communicate
Jerry Diving Sunday Feb. 28th 1982, 1982, David Hockney, composite Polaroid. 10 x 24 in.
in a singularly engaging and soulful way.

every painters preoccupation. And for

Hockney, light on water is a particular
fascination. Say a swimming pool: The Guild soft-core homoerotica that he In Jack Hazans documentary A Bigger Splash, And Hockney would thoroughly agree.
water is transparent. How do you paint greatly prized. AMG model Joe Dallesandro, Hockney even made art of their breakup and About the painting, Hockney went on to
transparency? he asks. Its always a nice Warhols well-hung superstar, aka, Little Joe, honed his instinctive gay militancy. note: What one must remember about
problem to me. ... Water in a swimming was his core obsession. Hockney, never closeted, dealt directly these pictures is that they were partly
pool is transparent and it has reections Hockney never got around to working with being out as far back as 1961 with propaganda of something I felt hadnt been
and things. Thats what [its] all about with Joe. Mostly likely because he was too We Two Boys Together Clinging propagandized, especially among students,
reections, Hockney recently told NPR. busy with then-boyfriend (and primary The title comes from a line in a poem by as a subject: homosexuality. I felt it should
And the word reections must always model) Peter Schlesinger, a major subject Walt Whitman, but the inspiration for the be done. Nobody else would use it as a
be used in its broadest sense. of Hockneys passion and work. image came from a newspaper headline subject but because it was a part of me, it
Hockneys love of Southern California Peter Schlesinger is featured in in so about a mountain-climbing accident, Two was a subject I could treat humorously. I
came early for him. As a child viewing Laurel much of David Hockneys work: he is the Boys Cling To Cli All Night. For Hockney, the love the line We two boys together clinging
and Hardy comedies he noticed the way their faintly outlined person rippling in the pool, headline instantly evoked visions of a three- Its a marvelous beautiful poetic line.
shadows cast on the ground. This meant that the dapper and sophisticated young man, way with pop singer Cli Richard, the British One might well describe Hockneys
where they were was very sunny. And for the naked, looking intently boy in the lush around whom gay rumors had swilled since art as being constructed from a series of
Hockney, living in darkest, dankest England SoCal garn. He is Hockneys signature and the 1950s and who last year declared My marvelously beautifully poetic lines, be
this marked Los Angeles as a primary the two shared so much intimacy, it was sexuality is private and Ill take it to the grave. it cubist Pearblossom Highway or the
relocation goal. He was also drawn to the not always clear which was the artist. They The graves a ne and private place, subtlety of Rain.
erotic side of life in Southern California. He were sele obsessed even before seles, but none I think do their embrace,
was a fan of Bob Mizers Athletic Models posed photographs, kissing and having fun. wrote Andrew Marvell back in the 1600s. CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
1 6 J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM F I LM

Mr. Maupin, its time for your close-up



For a certain generation of gay men and Dukakis, Margaret Cho, and several others
women, the name Armistead Maupin will help to illuminate the far-reaching impact
always strike a deep and richly satisfying made by the author not just through his
chord in the soul. work, but through his connections and
His serialized Tales of the City, which inuence as a core gure in LGBTQ culture.
ran throughout the late 70s and early Though he maintains a tasteful humility, the
80s in the pages of the San Francisco lm makes it clear that Maupin is as big an
Chronicle (and later the San Francisco icon as any of the famous names with whom
Examiner) before being widely published he has rubbed elbows.
as a series of popular novels, captured As interesting as all this biographical
the heady atmosphere of its exciting time, information may be, though, Kroots lm
and through the intertwined sagas of its ARMISTEAD MAUPIN is the subject of a new documentary, The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin. does not use it as an end in itself; rather,
assorted characters gay, straight, and it helps her to impart a much deeper
in between it encouraged its readers to revelation about her subject. For by
embrace their own queerness and live an tracing Maupins path through the past
open and authentic life. Hill, and spent time after his graduation and even animated sequences that serve ve decades in the history of gay life, she
Nearly 50 years later, Maupins beloved working for future U.S. Senator Jesse as transitions between the movies various shows just how much he has given back to
stories are as relevant as ever. With three Helms, who managed a TV station in chapters. There is liberal use of excerpts the community that made him a success.
successful TV miniseries having brought Raleigh. Subsequently, he served multiple from the televised adaptations of Tales, After all, he made his name by giving
them to an even wider audience (and a tours of duty in the U.S. Navy (one in which astutely illustrate the parallels voice to the thoughts, feelings, and
fourth reportedly in the works), the lives of Vietnam) before returning to the states to between the authors real-life story and experiences of millions of his fellows; and
Mary Ann, Mouse, Mona, and Mrs. Madrigal begin the newspaper career that would the events and characters in his writing. in doing so he provided a touchstone for
are as famous and familiar to many of us as ultimately take him to San Francisco. Even so, the movies strongest appeal them all, a sort of emotional road map by
our own much more famous and familiar, He remained closeted throughout all comes from hearing Maupin speak for which they could chart their own journeys
in fact, than the life of their creator. this time. Though he knew he was gay himself, which he does with disarming wit through the changing social and sexual
That may soon change. from an early age, he never acted on it and candor; his expansive persona comes attitudes of the era. Quite simply, he
Maupin has penned a memoir, Logical until he was 26 years old. The details across onscreen with so much easy-going united them into a sort of extended family.
Family, which will be published in October. of that encounter are among the many familiarity that one walks away from the This point is driven home in what is
Around the same time, a documentary, biographical anecdotes Maupin shares in lm with the impression of having spent the perhaps the movies most memorable
The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin, interviews throughout Kroots movie. time with him in person not as an audience sequence, in which Maupin relates how he
is due to hit screens after a tour of lm A considerable portion of the lms member, but as an intimate friend. came out to his family through one of his
festivals across the country including a 90-minute run time, in fact, is made It doesnt feel like artice, either. most beloved characters. In More Tales of
recent showing at Los Angeles own Outfest. up of interview footage, but this never Though he carries the air of a genteel the City, Michael Mouse Tolliver writes a
Directed by Jennifer M. Kroot (also feels like a cop-out. This is largely due southern gentleman (theres still the letter to his mother telling her that he is gay,
responsible for 2014s documentary, To to the way Kroot pieces together her slightest hint of that accent), and though in a chapter expressly written by the author
Be Takei), the new lm takes audiences movie; instead of placing events in a he displays a well-mannered delicacy with the intention that his own parents
on a tour of Maupins storied career, of chronological sequence, she separates even as he talks openly about his own would read it and understand that it was
course, but it also delves into the life he them into sections devoted to particular sexual exploits, there is no arrogance or his personal message to them. Kroot then
lived before becoming one of the foremost subject matter, cross-referencing between pretense here. He comes across as the splices together segments of the letter being
literary voices of the LGBTQ community. time periods to make connections and genuine article, a product of his past who read (and sung) aloud, powerfully illustrating
Born into a North Carolina family with underscore recurring themes in the approaches life with an open heart. how Maupins work gave words to the
roots in the aristocracy of the American authors life and work and by extension, Though Maupins interviews form the bulk hearts and minds of an entire community
South, Maupin grew up in a deeply in the history of the LGBTQ community. of the lms talking head footage, there are and providing an unexpectedly moving
conservative environment. He became This process is facilitated by the use of a host of others oering their insights as culmination to her lm.
interested in journalism while attending archival footage, a wealth of photographs well. Appearances from Neil Gaiman, Amy
the University of North Carolina at Chapel capturing the rich history of San Francisco, Tan, Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Olympia CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
F I LM W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 1 7

Outfest 2017 is a wrap



After 11 hot and heady July days of an unapologetically macho and woman- Opens late 2017, dates & theater(s) TBA
premieres, parties, stars, screenings, talks, loving belter of poignant ranchera ballads The winner of Outfests Best US
tears, laughter and applause, Outfests who was nearly silenced at one point Narrative Feature Film prize this year
fantastic 35th anniversary edition is now a by her own hard-drinking ways, only to is the lighthearted and tender story of
wrap. But if you missed any of the festivals have a late-career rebirth of even greater somewhat-repressed thirty-something
lm highlights, never fear: Many of Outfest international fame. Chicagoan Zaynab, who falls for
2017s top selections, including several of extroverted Mexican-American Alma, all
its Jury and Audience award winners, are GODS OWN COUNTRY the while discovering lucha libre wrestling
coming back soon to theaters, TVs and Opens October 27, theater(s) TBA as a release from the pressures of taking
monitors near you. In this very male romance thats care of her Pakistan-born mother (played
Heres what to watch for, and when. been called the British BROKEBACK by Indian actress Shabana Azmi, who
MOUNTAIN, young Yorkshire sheep starred in the groundbreaking 1996 Indian
4 DAYS IN FRANCE (Jours de France) went to this powerful South African story farmer Johnny has resigned himself to lesbian-themed lm FIRE).
Opens August 11, Ahrya Fine Arts of Xolani (out musician Nakhane Tour), a bleak and loveless life, until the arrival
With Grindr as one of its main plot- who, during his annual pilgrimage to his of studly Romanian migrant worker RIFT (Rkkur)
drivers, this quirky French dramedy follows rural tribal homeland to help initiate boys Gheorghe changes everything. The lm Opens late 2017, dates & theater(s) TBA
30-something Pierre as he curiously leaves into manhood, has his deepest secret won the World Cinema Directing Award at Icelandic director Erlingur Thoroddsen
Paris to head into the countryside for a series threatened by a rebellious young ward. this years Sundance Film Festival. won this years Programming Award for
of random social and sexual encounters, Artistic Achievement for his taut and
while his distraught partner Paul tries to KEVYN AUCOIN: BEAUTY AND THE THE DEATH AND LIFE OF MARSHA P. beautiful thriller, in which Gunnar follows
track him via the gay dating app. BEAST IN ME JOHNSON his ex-boyfriend Einar into Icelands
Premieres September 14, Logo Opens in October, exact dates & theater(s) rugged and haunting countryside, where,
BEACH RATS Celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin TBA; later to Netix as they re-face the forces that drove them
Opens August 25, theater(s) TBA is proled in this biography thats both When the body of pioneering LGBTQ apart, someone or something is out to get
Writer-director Eliza Hittman took home fabulous and touching, largely made with rights activist Marsha P. Johnson was them.
the Outfest prize for Best Screenwriting in footage Aucoin himself shot while making found in the Hudson River in 1992, her
a U.S. Feature for this outer-edge-Brooklyn up some of the worlds top models and death was deemed a suicide by the NYPD. THE UNTOLD TALES OF ARMISTEAD
tale of 19-year-old Frankie (talented UK celebrities, including Cindy Crawford, This long overdue documentary, which MAUPIN
hottie Harris Dickinson), whose raging Linda Evangelista, Cher, Janet Jackson, Liza picked up Outfests Programming Award Opens late 2017, dates & theater(s) TBA
manlust is at odds with the working-class Minnelli and Tina Turner. for Freedom this year, traces Johnsons Director Jennifer M. Kroot (TO BE TAKEI)
bro life he cultivates with his boardwalk- courageous life, and reinvestigates the proles author Armistead Maupin in this
hanging buddies. STRONG ISLAND possible causes of her death. loving documentary, tracing his journey
Opens September 15, Monica Film Center from Southern aristocrat to closeted
WHITNEY. CAN I BE ME Winner of the Special Jury Award for FREAK SHOW conservative to chronicler of San Francisco
Prmeieres August 25, Showtime Storytelling at this years Sundance Film Opens in November, exact dates & gay culture, via his newspaper-serial-
This controversial documentary delves Festival, this moving doc is trans lmmaker theater(s) TBA turned book-series Tales of the City.
into some of the biggest behind-the- Yance Fords exploration of his brothers This crowd-pleasing Outfest 2017
scenes rumors about Whitney Houstons murder on Long Island 25 years ago, and closing night lm stars Alex Lawther (THE I DREAM IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE
life, including her allegedly intimate its permanent repercussions on his family. IMITATION GAME) as the unapologetically (Sueo en otro idioma)
relationship with long-time assistant amboyant Billy Bloom, who shakes things Opens late 2017, dates & theater(s) TBA
Robyn Crawford, and attempts by the star CHAVELA up at his conservative Florida school by When a young university linguist travels
and others to battle her addictions. Opens October 6, theater(s) TBA running for homecoming queen. Bette to a small Mexican jungle town to save a
Iconic Mexican singer Chavela Vargas is Midler and Laverne Cox costar in the dying language, he discovers that its last
THE WOUND (Inxeba) fondly remembered in this lm winner adaptation of a James St. James story. two native speakers havent spoken to
Opens September 8, Laemmle Royal of Outfests Audience Award for Best each in decades because, he nally
Outfests International Grand Jury Prize Documentary that traces her life as SIGNATURE MOVE realizes, they were once in love.
1 8 J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A RT

Express yourself loudly online and securely



When it comes to digital security, Robert game. Not just to deal with surveillance by
Gamboa tries to watch his back, but its the American government, but by foreign
tough. Its not just that hes a public health entities and hackers.
ocer who deals with highly sensitive Im not naturally tech-savvy. I like
data at work. Hes also a social activist, common sense systems. When I read the
perennially under siege. description of the workshop, I said this
A few months ago, he was the target was designed with me in mind.
of avowed white nationalists bent on Its an accessible course lively and
disrupting a high-prole anti-Trump rally devoid of jargon. An apt choice for the
he staged in West Hollywood. clients at the David Bohnett Foundations
They waged a Twitter attack, directing CyberCenters if theres a way to deliver it to
sympathizers to his Facebook page and them free. Paul Moore, Program Ocer for
posting cartoon gifs of Pepe the Frog in the Beverly Hills organization, dispenses
After publicizing a February anti-Trump rally in West Hollywood organizers were hacked.
Nazi drag, which he tried to ignore. Robert millions to set up the labs at gay and
felt safe enough. The WeHo Sheri would PHOTO BY JON VISCOTT
lesbian community centers nationwide, but
be at the rally and his online accounts the funding doesnt cover internet service
were, to his way of thinking, inviolable, rise exponentially, but you have to take a person assigned to buy them, a person we or operating costs, which are borne by sites
secured by a maze of letters, numbers, step back and breathe. already trusted. It prevented inltrators that may lack resources for training. Digital
special characters and case combinations. Alan a founding member of both Act from masquerading as ACT UP members. Safe Space presents information thats
Yet there he was the day of the rally, Up and Queer Nation has designed There are similar analog analogies for critical to our well being at this time and it
logged out of Facebook involuntarily, just an educational program geared to the other Digital Best Practices, many of them does so smartly, said Paul.
as he was poised to live-post and liaise digital security needs of the social justice enabled by the same skills we use in the According to Javelin Strategy & Research,
with print, online and TV reporters. movement. Digital Safe Space, created physical world. 15.4 million consumers were victims of
His password was refused, as were his in collaboration with the tech company Our instincts are sharp when it comes identity theft or fraud last year, up 16%
attempts to set a new one. Uninstalling Macktez, is oered free of charge. to safety and security, says Alan. We from the year before, at a cost of $16
the Facebook app then reinstalling it He asked whether Roberts Facebook know someone is standing uncomfortably billion. Los Angeles isnt the worst US city
three times did nothing. account had been set up for unauthorized close. Digital threats arent always as in terms of losses, but its bad enough to
How had it happened? A key logger? login alerts and 2-step verication. It had not. visible, but you dont have to see them to merit the biggest county-level Cyber Crime
Unlikely. Robert doesnt send attachments, You have dive into the menu Setting up sense them. unit in the country.
let alone click them, preferring protected extra security to nd those options, which Lock your devices, as you would the Again, a warming from Alan: Despite
links with end-to-end encryption. might have alerted him to Trump supporters door to your house. Disable auto logons the endless attacks and endless security
Hes a touch paranoid about hackers, random login attempts so many attempts, and require passwords when they wake up measures you could adapt to deal with
having witnessed the destruction identity they tripped Facebook security, forcing a from sleep. If an email doesnt look right, them, you dont want to be ruled by your
theft brought down on an ex-boyfriend. He security lockdown of the account. pick up the phone. And be realistic. paranoia. If youre not Edward Snowden,
probably gives too much credent to news Alan, whos normal in every other Some password youll never remember. you dont need to pull a blanket over your
reports. There was a story about thermal respect, loves 2-step verication! Instead, write out a full sentence, Alan head before entering a password.
apps that discern your 4-digit credit card You turn it on and you never have to suggests -- for example, i-resolve-to-use- Or as Alex Garner, Senior Health
pin from the residual warmth of your worry again that someone in Russia is STRONGer!-passwords-in-2017. Innovation Strategist at Hornet. puts it,
ngers. Ever since, he fondles the keypad secretly reading your email. And 2-step Simple, eective, free. No proprietary Under Trump were forced to be vigilant
after entering his selection to disguise it. I verication is not a modern invention, by software, online subscriptions or technical and take whatever precautions we can to
actually rub my ngers on all the buttons. the way, he notes. consultants required. protect our privacy.
I guess it could work. In ACT UP, we used the old school So many activists are under-resourced But we also have to decide which
Tech consultant and media maven Alan version. Marshals or peacekeepers at that a plan such as Alans is essential, says risks were willing to live with, which we
Klein winces. Even the tech-literate tend protests were identied by the armbands Richard Burns, Interim Executive Director arent and which we will resist, to foster
to panic when their devices and services they wore, however the only person who at the Johnson Family Foundation, a major a community where people can express
are compromised. For activists, the stakes knew what color they would be was the backer of LGBT causes. We must up our themselves, free of stigma and fear.
THEATER W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 1 9

Our Great Tchaikovsky plays chords of truth



To the packed house that welcomed are inseparably infused with and informed of all this, Felder demonstrates that
Hershey Felder to the stage for his by his sexuality. The inuence exerted on the admiration of his fans is more than
performance in Our Great Tchaikovsky his work by his oft-tortured relationships warranted. The Tchaikovsky he gives us
at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the with other men and with himself remains true contemporary descriptions
Performing Arts, he commands almost the are expounded upon in both his own that praise his kind and gentle nature,
same kind of adulation one expects from a words and in Felders, and the inevitable but he nevertheless provides glimpses
crowd of teenage girls at a concert by the eects of societal repression the guilt, of the temperamental traits petulance,
hottest boy band of the day scaled down shame, and self-loathing that are the all- arrogance, ego, and the like that seem
to an age-appropriate level, perhaps, but too-familiar hallmarks of internalized to go hand in hand with genius. He
HERSHEY FELDER plays the truth of Tchaikovsky
no less enthusiastic. as Putin would prefer you not know him. homophobia, as well as the constant fear captures snapshots of the composers
Watching him perform in the latest of his of exposure form a thematic pattern that emotional life, some exuberant and
long line of self-created, one-man musical is woven throughout the performance like others heartbreaking, with succinct
biographies, its easy to see why. Warm, a recurring motif in a concerto. authenticity. It is during these glimpses
erudite and sincere, he quickly forms his homosexuality or at least his Many details are necessarily left to of unltered honesty that the show is
a connection with the audience before homosexual tendencies as historical fact. speculation, forever obscured from history at its most aecting, and they pay o in
starting his journey through the life and Tchaikovskys desire for secrecy was by lack of documentation; and of course the transcendent moments when Felder
work of the beloved Russian composer, understandable; in the Russia of his there are explorations of other aspects of sits wordlessly and plays the masters
and never loses it even as he steps in and time, of course, homosexuality was a the composers life that have nothing to work on the imposing grand piano which
out of character throughout the piece. punishable oense, and those found guilty do with who he was or was not attracted dominates the stage, allowing Tchaikovsky
Its no wonder that he has managed to were often sent to Siberian work camps, to on the surface, at least. Even so, the to communicate his own truth for himself.
carve an entire career path for himself never to be heard from again. Though overall picture Felder presents to us of Our Great Tchaikovsky is not, strictly
with these unique explorations part in modern Russia it is technically not a his subject is ultimately, and undeniably, speaking, a play, and its easy to forgive a
theatre, part lecture, part concert of crime to be homosexual, the countrys clear. Tchaikovskys life, his music, and minor quibble about format when there
famous musical lives, or that he continues Gay Propaganda law has made it one to even his death, are inseparably linked to are so many other reasons to appreciate
to delight audiences with them after a openly represent a homosexual lifestyle in his sexuality; to pretend otherwise would the work being done here. In confronting
decades worth of performances. public making it an insuperable task to not only be a betrayal of the great mans the challenge faced by the Russians
With this particular piece, he has tell Tchaikovskys story truthfully without legacy, but of truth itself. invitation, Felder has taken a stand against
chosen to tackle the complex inner life of fear of nes and imprisonment. Felder carries the bulk of the the pernicious rise of alternative facts,
one of his personal favorites, Pyotr Ilyich Add to this the fact that ocials from the responsibility for conveying all this, of and chosen to speak up for a man whose
Tchaikovsky. The man responsible for composers motherland have repeatedly course, but he is given considerable authentic self would be erased from history
such masterworks as The Nutcracker disputed any evidence that he was gay, support by a superb production. The stage by those who embrace a post-truth world.
and Swan Lake was also a man who and you can see why Felder considers the design (by Felder himself) is sumptuous, If, in telling Tchaikovskys story, Felder
lived a life shrouded in secrecy, and one invitation a dilemma. In order to comply blending classicist and modern aesthetics has taken on a political agenda, his focus
that continues to generate considerable with the law, not only would he have to on a set combining a 19th century salon is nevertheless more humanitarian than it
controversy more than a century after his suppress historical facts in favor of a state- with a giant rear projection screen which is ideological. By evoking compassion for
mysterious death. sanctioned narrative, he would have to (thanks to lighting/projection designer this great man from a now-distant past, he
Its the controversy, coupled with his present a hetero-normatively whitewashed Christopher Ash) provides shifting visuals evokes it for all who are forced to hide behind
own real-life invitation from the Russian version of Tchaikovskys career, which to reect changing setting and moods. a socially-approved mask in our own time.
government to perform as Tchaikovsky separated his musical output from the There is also a framed portrait which Its just speculation, of course, but Id
in Moscow, that provides Felder with the inner struggle that dominated his life. morphs to represent various important like to think Tchaikovsky would have been
through-line that serves as a backbone In Our Great Tchaikovsky, he has made gures in Tchaikovskys life, and a carefully pleased.
for his show. Though the great composer it his priority to prove that doing so would modulated lighting scheme which
struggled throughout his lifetime to hide it be utterly impossible. arguably does as much to orchestrate the HERSHEY FELDERSOUR GREAT TCHAIKOVSKY
Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing
from the public, his own private writings, Aided by his gifts as a pianist, Felder productions emotional landscape as the Arts
as well as numerous accounts from his demonstrates throughout the show the omnipresent music itself. Bram Goldsmith Theater
9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills
contemporaries, have long since established ways in which Tchaikovskys compositions As for the performance at the center Tickets: $35 $100
2 0 J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM G O SSI P

The Jenner Dude looks like a lady ap and other dish



I always try to dance when this song chance to feel good? If its OK with her, its icky sex part? Well, he feels his comments
comes on, because I am the Queen and I OK with me. were taken out of context. Thats of course
like to dance! John Barrowman appeared onstage at not what I meant at all. That discussion was
Queen Elizabeth II allegedly made San Diego Comic-Con in a dress. Why? He about this play and how deeply grateful
this proclamation when ABBAs Dancing was applauding the powers-that-be at the I am that I get to work on something so
Queen was played at a recent dinner party. BBC for choosing a female Dr. Who. John profound. Its a love letter to the LGBTQ
Whether true or not, isnt it an absolutely used this as an opportunity to say what he community. We were talking about,
delicious vision? Particularly if you picture thinks should happen next on Dr. Who. How do you prepare for something so
her trying to coax Prince Philip to join her! Give the Doctor a transgender important and so big? and I was basically
One usually thinks of the Brits as a companion, give him a boy, give him a girl, saying, I dive in as fully as I possibly can.
courteous group of people. But I believe give him a little boy or a little girl; we could My only longing is to serve and to keep
they may be going overboard. In an eort have many dierent combinations. It can be the world spinning forward for the LGBTQ
to avoid oending anybody, the London open to a lot. Then, Barrowman launched community in whatever way Im meant to.
Underground has made a decision. After into Copacabana. Why? Why not? Its important to a community that I feel so
over 100 years of greeting people as Director Kevin Smith was hosting welcomed by. The intention was to speak
ladies and gentlemen, they will now a screening of the 20th anniversary of to that, speak to my desire to play this
switch to a more gender-neutral greeting. Chasing Amy at LAs Outfest, and he part to the best of my ability and to fully
From now on, people will be referred to as made a startling revelation. Ben Aeck immerse myself in a culture that I adore.
everyone, which begs the question: Who, said, A man kissing another man is the And this leads perfectly into our Ask
exactly, is being oended by the terms greatest acting challenge an actor can Billy question.
ladies and gentlemen? In addition to ever face. Funny, I never found it dicult Harry in Chicago wrote, I just saw
wanting to be more inclusive, some felt in the slightest. Of course, Aeck made National Theatres production of Angels
that ladies and gentlemen was too this revelation years before he went out in America at the cinema and was
polite and outdated. Well, we wouldnt and enthusiastically promoted Gigli - talk mesmerized. Are there any plans to
want to accuse the people who brought us about your acting challenges! After he release it on DVD?
Downton Abbey of being either of those! lmed the Amy scene, Aeck is said to No announcement has been made
Someone who has been addressed as have quipped, Now, Im a serious actor. about releasing Angels in America on
both a lady and a gentleman is Caitlyn lookalikes, but one of them really is a lady. After hearing all this sturm und drang, DVD, and I doubt it will happen. But if you
one actress was less than impressed. Evan missed it, youre in luck. Someone leaked
posting a photo with Steven Tyler on Rachel Wood tweeted: Try getting raped your humble scribe a copy of it - well, of
Instagram and captioning it, @iamstevent in a scene. Also, grow up Ben. Also, you Part One: Millennium Approaches. I
and I are working on our duet for Dude met him once briey, years and years ago, think us ladies like kissing all the guys we assume well get Part Two: Perestroika
Looks Like a Lady. One of my favorite songs! but Im sitting there and I got to go and kiss? Just cause its a straight kiss doesnt after it airs next week. Head on over to
Well, some trans people took oense to this, say hi. So I go backstage after and I say mean we enjoy it. Ahem. for a peek.
but I may be on Caits side. One of the things to Steven, I have had some really, really Liam Payne - formerly of One When Im bringing you gossip from both
we always say when it comes to oensive tough times in my life. For six years at one Direction - is willing to do whatever it sides of the pond, its denitely time to end
terms is that they are OK when they come point I stayed in my house, and every once takes for people to pay attention to him as yet another column. And whether youre a
out of the mouths of the people they are in a while, I would sneak out, get dressed a solo artist. While making an appearance lady, a gentleman, or an other, you can
talking about. We dont want heteros calling and drive around in the dark. I always on Virgin Radio in Paris, he started to sing always check out,
us fags, but gay people can say it. So if used to take your song, Dude Looks Like Strip That Down and decided to take his the site thats never outdated - or polite!
Jenner wants to make a bit of a joke at her A Lady, and that became my theme song. own advice. People who were previously If you have a question, dash it o to Billy@
own expense, why not? Driving around in my little car with my unimpressed with his vocals perked up and I promise to get
She explained her feelings on the little CD in there, whipping up the tunes and took notice - and you will too when back to you before Caitlyn and Steven
subject a while ago with Jimmy Kimmel: and stu. And I just wanted you to know you check him out on Tyler make a music video for Love in an
I was at a fundraiser in Minneapolis and that it made me feel good. Remember Andrew Gareld telling Elevator! Until next time, remember, one
[Steven Tyler] was the entertainment. I And who am I to deny Caitlyn Jenner the people hes like a gay man just without the mans lth is another mans bible.
CA L E N DA R W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 2 1

E-mail calendar items to Desert AIDS Project and PAWS (Pets Are and contemporary ne art. A one-stop Also Aug 11. Wonderful Support). destination for all art lovers here in the
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic Coachella Valley. AUG. 5
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be JULY 30 ELECTRICITY - The Hit Gay Play, @ 09:00
re-submitted each time. Liquid T Dance At Chill Bar & Scorpion AUG. 4 PM to 11:00 PM (Oscars Caf and Bar, 125
Room, @ 5 PM - 08:30 PM. (Chill Bar West Hollywood Project Focus Groups E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA)
Palm Springs and Scorpion Room, 217 E @ 3:30- 5 PM (location will be provided ELECTRICITYis a hilarious / sexy / powerful
JULY 28 Arenas, Palm Springs, CA) Theres a new on sign up) The West Hollywood Project new comedy-drama that explores the
CalComMen Summer Camp Returns! T-Dance in town. Photographer Luis is looking for LGBTQ people 21-29 years journey of two gay men who hook up in a
Jun 28, 29, 30 @ 24 hours. (Tortuga del Sol, Gavela presents this weekly mlange of old who actively drink alcohol in West motel room after their tenth high school
715 E. San Lorenzo Road, Palm Springs, funky disco tunes courtesy of DJ Galaxy, Hollywoods fabulous clubs and bars to reunion in small town in Ohio. Also Aug 8.
CA) CalComMen brings sobe SUMMER incredible go-go dancers and drink participate in a focus group. The anonymous Hot August Biker Night, @ 6:00 to 10:00
CAMP to Palm Springs. Swimming, pool specials in The Scorpion Room at Chill Bar. focus group is about prevention and PM (Dillons Burgers and Beers, 64647
races, arts & crafts, mocktail parties, plus a developing eective marketing strategies. Dillon Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA) Dillons
giant BBQ with all the xings Saturday night! AUG. 1 The focus groups are in West Hollywood Burgers and Beer - a happening bar and
Party - A Comedy By David Dillion, National Night Out West Hollywood, and will be 90 minutes long. You will burger joint on Dillon Road in Desert Hot
@ Jun 28, 29, 30 @ 8 PM. (Desert Rose Aug 1 @ 4-10 PM (various locations receive a $25 Target gift card for your Springs is teaming up with DiversityDHS to
Playhouse, 69-620 Highway 111, Rancho throughout West Hollywood). Nearly 2,000 time. Email thewesthollywoodproject@ raise funds for the rst-ever Pride event in
Mirage, CA) The wildly popular comedy West Hollywood residents are expected to or call 310-870-1267. Desert Hot Springs, CA.
depicts a group of gay men getting celebrate in the streets in a show of unity
together for their monthly evening of against crime. For more information call
drinks and games. This production is 323-848-6414.
recommended for mature audiences due Phillip Moore, @ 7 PM - 9 PM (The
to nudity and sexual situations. Streetbar, 224 E. Arenas Road, Palm Springs,
Summer Lab (S/LAB) at the A+D CA) Join Phillip Moore and Philly Joe on the
Center, thru Aug 6 @ 10 AM to 5 PM. guitar for a fun evening of great music.
(Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture
and Design Center, 300 S Palm Canyon AUG. 2
Dr. Palm Springs, CA) S/LAB will engage HRC Connect with Congresswoman
the community in workshops and design Linda Sanchez, Aug 2 @ 7 9 PM (Mi
exercises related to the new park planned Cielo Restaurant Rooftop, 11040 Downey
for downtown Palm Springs. Ave., Downey, CA) Join HRC Los Angeles
at Mi Cielo Restaurants Rooftop lounge
JULY 29 and hear Sanchez talk about her work
PoolWatch, Jul 29 @ 12 5:00 PM in Congress and as a Vice Chair of the
(Location revealed when you buy a ticket) Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus.
Join us for the summers TOP Fundraiser/ The Curious Incident of the Dog in
Pool Event at the home of David Cooley, the Night-Time, Aug 2 - Sep 10 @ 8 PM
owner of The Abbey and The Chapel. The (Ahmanson Theater, 135 Grand Avenue)
date is right around the corner! Remember A National Theatre production, this
last years PoolWatch awesomeness... Tony-winning play follows 15-year-old
its gonna happen again! Sweet summer Christopher, who has an extraordinary
tracks provided by DJ AARON ELVIS! brain; he is exceptionally intelligent but
All proceeds support the Educational ill-equipped to interpret everyday life.
programs of GMCLA in Los Angeles County When he falls under suspicion for killing
Schools. Tickets available at his neighbors dog, he sets out to identify
Mid-Summer Dance Party 2017, @ the true culprit, which leads to an earth-
8 PM - 2 AM (Chill Bar Palm Springs and shattering discovery and a journey that will
Scorpion Room, 217 E Arenas, Palm change his life forever. Visit Ticketmaster.
Springs, CA) Chill Bar & Gay Desert Guide First Wednesday Art Walk, @ 5 PM -
bring back the most fun event of last 8 PM (Backstreet Art District, 2688 South
summer!Get your 80s on and come ready Cherokee Way, Palm Springs, CA) Open
to dance till the Last Dance! Benets galleries and studios featuring modern
2 2 J U LY 2 8 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A RT S & E N T E RT A I N ME N T

Star Trek gets a gay couple and Takei approves

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 George Takeimany viewers felt that the he told The Hollywood Reporter. character, Takei had a more positive
issue was not accurately dealt with, since Unfortunately, its a twisting of Genes response, tweeting, Thrilled to hear
While the recent Star Trek: Beyond Sulu was never gay in the original series. creation, to which he put in so much that Star Trek: Discovery will feature an
had John Cho portraying Sulu portrayed Takei himself was not happy; Im thought. I think its really unfortunate. openly gay couple played by @albinokid
in the original series by LGBT+ activist, delighted that theres a gay character, But with Rapp being cast as a new and @wcruz73. How far weve come.
John Griths, founder and executive
director of the 190-member strong
GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ
Entertainment Journalists, is thrilled with
the unprecedented storyline.
I think Gene Roddenberry would be
out-of-this-world happy to know that his
legacy creation just keeps on embracing
the fact that the world (and universe) is
lled with all sorts of amazing humans
with rich lives and true loves - and that
were all part of the same team, even in
Griths continued: Its also nice to
see two ne, longtime-out actors, both of
whom risked their careers early on merely
by being who they were, getting some
casting love. Discoverys producers and
casting directors obviously get the true,
peace-yearning spirit of the series.
Maybe Rapps scientist and Cruzs
medical ocer will go on a double date
with a couple of lesbian Klingons! Or do
Klingons identify as gender-specic?! Its
an endless universe indeed! Griths
In addition to the same-sex relationship
of Mr. Rapps character, fans have
expressed mixed feelings about a woman
of color leading the ship. Former Walking
Dead star Sonequa Martin-Green will
star on the series as First Ocer Michael
Star Trek has always been [a
champion] of diversity and of universality
and of unity. I truly believe its one of the
main reasons why it is so important to so
many people still to this day, said Martin-
Green. And if you say you love the legacy
of Star Trek but you dont love that, then
youve missed it.
Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sept. 24
on CBS before moving exclusively to CBS
All Access.
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