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ShirleyTian​‘s Career Report

1. My Top 15 Jobs
1. Surgeon 6. Lawyer 11. Athletic therapist
2. Website designer 7. Critic 12. Desktop publisher
3. Chiropractor 8. Dentist 13. Casting director
4. Acupuncturist 9. Actor 14. Inventor
5. Plastic Surgeon 10. Image Consultant 15. Art director

2. Top 2 jobs

Top 2 Jobs I am most interested in

1. Surgeon

2. Website designer

3. Go to the ​Interviews​ on the left side menu. Click on ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’ and report on 2 likes and 2 dislikes
from ​each​ interview. (See top right of interview page.) Report in ​point form ​below​. Include your own likes
and dislikes
Website designer
Likes Dislikes

1. The interviews likes: creative aspect of her 1. The interviews dislikes: spending the whole
job day on a computer
2. The interviews likes: coding 2. The interviews dislikes: all the paperwork they
3. I like: coding have to do
4. I like: challenges I am presented with 3. I don’t like: spending my whole day on the
computer, no physical exercise
4. I don’t like: It’s a deadline driven job
Likes Dislikes

1. It’s a high-paying job. 1. The long work hours
2. You get to do a lot of interaction with 2. Having an unhappy patient
your patient 3. I don’t like: The LONG work hours, so your
3. I like: Every day is different, it varies life IS your work
4. I like: You are helping someone 4. The business part of the job, dealing with
financial things, accounting issues
4. In ​the interview section​, there are many “gems” or insights each interviewee has shared. For each of the
questions below, give some great advice or information.
Career #1: Surgeon (​surgical oncologist, specializes in surgery for cancer​)
Can you tell me about your background and how you got into this field?
A: ​I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in psychobiology, followed by medical school, a general surgery
residency, and a surgical oncology fellowship. I was attracted to this field because I’m able to help people. I gained
experience by volunteering in a hospital during my undergraduate years in university.

What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?
A: ​As a surgeon, you should have good judgement. You’ll have to make decisions as to when to operate on a
patient or not. Not every patient will benefit from surgery. And empathy is an essential quality to have. You are in a
profession where you help people and are dealing with people, so you also need to know how to deal with people.

What other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this field?
A:​ ​As a trained physician, you develop an understanding of the financial side of medicine. A large number of CEOs
and CFOs have been trained as physicians. It’s possible to become an administrator of a hospital and run the
business side of medicine.

Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?
A: ​There are opportunities for those who want to enter this field. There is a great deal of training and education
involved. You must obtain your undergraduate degree, attend medical school for 4 years, and then choose a
surgical residency. The residency lasts 5 or more years. When I completed my undergraduate degree, it was
common to have a science background. Today, medical schools are looking for diverse backgrounds because they
see it as beneficial to the field of medicine. You simply need to take the prerequisite science courses in addition to
your degree, whether it be in liberal arts, history, or another area.
Career #2: Website designer
Can you tell me about your background and how you got into this field?
A: ​I worked as a human resources manager for a couple of years before realizing it wasn’t what I wanted to do in
the long run. I was quite fascinated with web design and after doing a couple of modest, in-house websites, I
decided that I wanted to learn how to do them properly. That, coupled with my love of graphic design, led me to
this field. To become a new media designer, I enrolled in a digital multimedia technology program. It’s the best
career decision I ever made. I’m finally on the right path!

What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?
1. Website designers need to be creative because you have to think of ways to make information look good
in traditional and non-traditional ways.
2. You need good problem solving skills and work well under stress because of the deadlines.
3. You must be dedicated because web design and development requires a lot of patience. Technical issues
and dealing with clients who are late sending information can delay launch dates. You have to persevere
and ensure that you deliver websites on time.
4. A good website designer must have a willingness to learn because in this field, technology constantly
changes and you’ll always be learning new programs.
5. You have to be detail-oriented. You have to make sure the sites you build are coded properly and will
display correctly across platforms and on different browsers.
6. An ability to get along with people is critical. Before you get to the fun part of designing something, you
have to meet with clients, do a lot of research, prepare proposals, and write recommendations.

What other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this field?
​ he field of new media design is quite diversified. There are a lot of areas in which you could focus. Web design
A: T
and development, 3-D animation, video and audio production, motion graphics, graphic design, and DVD design
and development are avenues you could explore. You could also transfer your skills to photography, art, or
Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?
A: ​Yes, there are opportunities in website design. To get your foot in the door of a potential employer, it’s important
to have post-secondary education in this field. Saying you are “good with computers” isn’t going to get you where
you want to go. When you begin your career, be willing to start in virtually any position and work your way up, even
if you think your skills are not being fully utilized. Be open to gaining experience before you find a job that
completely meets your expectations. For example, you might start as a webmaster or as a website designer’s
assistant. Another entry-level possibility is a tech support position.

5. Go to ​Education​ on the left side menu. This will take A LOT OF TIME TO RESEARCH & it is important to see
the options available to you.
When you click on Education, you need to scroll down until you see the name of the program.
Your screen should look something like this:

Now, glance through the titles of the Programs and click on the one that ​sounds​ most interesting. Read about the
content of several programs, the length of time to complete, the cost, and decide whether or not the program might
be the right fit for you. Here you might decide to choose between two schools and report on both. Include the
school information above in this section. Repeat this for your second career option.

6a) CAREER 1(Surgeon): YOUR OWN REFLECTION HERE – What did you find interesting about this program?
The path to being a surgeon is a long and taxing process on the body and mind. But as I did some research about
the MD program, I found out that although it is a lengthy process, because after you get a bachelor's in anything (it
should best be something in the science department) you would need to take the MCAT, which an entrance exam
to medical school. Getting into medical school is like trying to get accepted into an ivy league college, but if you get
in, it would take 4 years for you be become a MD(medical doctor). To become a surgeon, you would need to
complete around 5-9 years of surgery residency. During this time you will be trained in general surgical
procedures. After that if you want to become a specialist, it would take another 2 or more years. I am finding the
complexity of the path to become a surgeon very interesting. Also the MD program is very rigorous, and I heard
that the knowledge you try to digest with your brain is like ‘drinking water from a fire hydrant’ 0_0 by completing the
MD program, you would have a great opportunity to get good jobs, and there is a predicted job growth for
6b) CAREER 2(Website designer): YOUR OWN REFLECTION HERE – What did you find interesting about this
What I found really intriguing is that being a website designer, you could come from all kinds of different
backgrounds. As long as you are knowledgeable with computers (technology is always changing, as a website
designer you need to continue learning) and have an art background you could be a web designer! But ​completing
a post-secondary program that trains you in both computer and design skills will open up more opportunities for
you. Out of the programs I think that computer science was the most interesting. It had the most post-secondary
schools offering it, and you could even get up to a doctoral degree! Also, because of the wide arrange of schools
that offer this program, it is very flexible about how deep you want to learn it. You could choose to study it and get
a phD or you could get a diploma, and go directly into work.

7. ‘Grade 11 and 12 courses I will need to take’
Career 1: Surgeon
Grade 11 Grade 12
Algebra & Geometry
Probability & Statistics
Social Studies
Social Studies

Career 2: Website designer
Grade 11 Grade 12
Social Studies
Social Studies
Visual Arts
Visual Arts
Business & Management
Business & Management
Information Technology
Electronics & Communications Technology
Information Technology
Electronics & Communications Technology

8. Final Reflection. Answer these questions underneath each question. Format neatly. Your response should be
longer and deeper than this.

What did I find interesting in this assignment?

A:​ What I found interesting was that universities, and finding the right job for you is mind-blowingly hard. It is
complicated, has lots of steps, and there is no specific set of instructions for you to follow in order to find your
‘dream job’. It takes a lot of careful planning and you need to know what kind of life you want to create the future
you want to have. I like this assignment because we get to take a peek into our possible futures, surf through
university programs and that is something I wouldn’t do if I wasn’t in this course.
What did I learn doing this assignment?

A: ​After doing this assignment, I now understand that I still have a lot of careful planning to do be done. In order to
get to the career you want/is most suitable you have to plan what university program you will take. Should you get
a phD? Should you just stick with a bachelor's? University programs have prerequisites too, and you have to plan
your courses carefully in high school! Getting into any career takes time and effort. Being a teacher requires you to
get your masters! I also learned that your dreams and needs change as you grow up but I found out that university
programs are quite flexible and if you decide that what you are learning isn’t what you like anymore, change it! But
change it early, don’t take 10 years learning to be a doctor then you decide that I like architecture better.

What programs will I possibly want to take? (This is a summary of your research)

A: ​I would possibly want to take the MD program because after doing A LOT of research I found that to be quite
interesting. I summarized my research in the career reflection above. But, I think the MD program is rigorous, and
you get to learn about biochemistry, human anatomy, and you get to work in clinics and laboratories, which is
something I want to experience. I think the computer science program of UBC is interesting as well, because UBC
computer science is very renowned in Canada for its research and teaching.

What did I like and dislike about the programs?

A: ​What I disliked about the MD program is the stress, all different kinds the staying up for the whole night to cram
for something stories and the pressure it will put on you. I think that I will be able to adapt to it, but it would take
time, innumerable amounts of coffee and chemistry jokes. What I liked was was I won’t be doing a desk job, sitting
in the office every day, but saving lives, discovering new things and getting to learn from senior doctors! What I
disliked about the computer science program was when I went to the UBC website it wasn’t very clean:( I thought
that people who took computer science(programming) should be able to make a good website. The program is
flexible, and because I am a Canadian resident I am able to choose from the many programs in Canada(there are