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Principles of Biomedical Intro to Computer Science Intro to Engineering & Design

Human Body Systems Computer Science Principles Principles of Engineering

Medical Interventions Computer Science A Digital Electronics

Biomedical Innovation Cybersecurity Engineering Design and


Project Lead the Way provides hands on experiences in three pathways

at the high school level. PLTW is introduced as PLTW Launch in the
Elementary and PLTW Gateway at the middle school level. It prepares you
to solve real world problems while changing the way you see yourself in
the future. PLTW empowers you to think critically and strategically.

These advanced pathways encourage you to participate in the

challenging world of STEM. By completing a PLTW pathway ,
you will learn to explore a variety of careers in a STEM focused area of

CollegeBoard has partnered AP courses with PLTW pathways to

empower students interested in the STEM eld. As a result, PLTW and AP
classes are both weighted at a +5.0 GPA for its rigor at Harmony Public
Schools. In addition, students earn a graduation cord for completing a

Challenges your
Problem Based Extra College /
Interests in Math,
Hands-On University
Science and
Experience opportunities*
*Some schools offer preference, credit or scholarships for nishing PLTW pathways.