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Dear YLE Team,

We are about to start our summer courses for this year 2017, we have high hopes for our students this
batch and we are counting on each member of this team to fulfill them.

As you all know teaching is not an endeavor to be taken lightly, to teach is to desire to face challenges
and overcome obstacles almost every day. Yet teaching is, by far, one of the most rewarding
occupations that exist in our society. The opportunity to witness learning and the development of
young minds is unlike any other experience. We believe that teachers are the key conservators of a
balanced society, and through our dedication and passion for what we do, we help shape the future.

I am thrilled to be part of such an outstanding team! Kindly allow me to clarify our mission, targets
and our plan for the summer. Please take the time to read the following points.

Our mission at the YLE program:

To offer the highest quality of English language teaching that supports our students at the YLE program.
Lessons aims are based around target language, learners will be able to understand and achieve all
desired outcomes throughout the sessions. We are changing students, schools and parents perceptions.

Our targets as a team:

1. Teacher should think about what kind of experiences students will need in order to achieve the
learning outcomes by asking him/herself questions like:
A. What is that I want the students to learn in this course?
B. What do I want the students to achieve in the course?
C. How does this course help the students to pass the exam?
D. As an instructor in this course how can I achieve both teaching in a fun way as well as
achieving the course goals?
2. Teacher should be aware of the importance of communicating with all students by giving each
and every one enough time to produce the language.
3. Teachers need to reduce student's anxiety and increase a stress free zone for the students to
4. The course should help students to explore their language abilities to produce better English.
5. During this course students should become more self reflecting and also should understand
their strength and weakness points.
6. Mid-term exam is the best opportunity for the teacher to evaluate student's absorption for the
course and to discover their weakness points to stress on later.
7. By the end of this course students should be able to successfully pass (speaking, listening,
reading and writing) exam in order to move to the next level.

Our plan for this summer:

1- (Story time) reading aloud will help them explore new vocabulary and correct any possible
grammatical mistakes or in complete sentences by always hearing the language.
2- (My writing diary) students in (Starters Movers & Flyers )are asked to write about themselves
every day , places they visit , people they meet, thoughts they have, likes , dislikes, and all kind
of situations they face and also reflecting their own opinion about it . They are also encouraged
to draw pictures if they would like to.
3- (Practice activities) for each part of all skills for (starters, Movers, Flyers), extra activities to work
on with your students in class so you could be able to have one for practice and one for
4- (Supplementary material ) for KET & PET levels to work on their weak sides of their English
Language , activities are designed to give them the chance to think out of the box and to elevate
their language performance.
5- (My Research project ) Writing tasks for high levels starting from (KET PET 1-PET 2..ETC) students
need to be asked from the first day to choose a topic to search about throughout the sessions and
present this research to the teachers a er 6 sessions of the course, this will help them learn for
better writing , learn new vocabulary and practice punctuation.
6- (Stories) encouraging the higher levels every session to read and ask them to come and reflect their
reading to the whole class if they would like to.
7- (Special students awards) we need to choose the best students and award them every week , this
will also help encouraging students to exert more efforts.
8- To help weak students to move smoothly to the next level and make us proud of their best results.
9- To keep using all kind of communicative activities in order to make this course special and unique.

Number of sessions:
Number of sessions is united at all schools (10 sessions including the final exam), 2 hours session,
two or three times a week for one month only.

About the material:

We usually use different material every batch for most of the levels, we will have different activities
for all levels but the outcomes of every level will remain the same, the idea of changing the material
is that students could gain new vocabularies, different questions and also different queries. You will
get introduced to the material before the beginning of the batch.

Mid-terms & finals:

Mid terms should be provided a er maximum 3 days of the exam so we could evaluate them soon
before the end of the week and inform the parents in case of any weak students.
Final exams should also be ready and submi ed 7 days maximum a er the nals.

Report cards:
Report cards should kindly be submitted after the final exams with names, levels and a must
comment please. Parents wait for your recommendations as a reference to follow with their
children until the next batch so kindly dont miss writing your point of view and your advice too.

Finally, sometimes we forget the impact that we have as teachers. Schools are busy places, and
teachers are busy people, so its not surprising that sometimes we miss out on chances to stop and
reflect upon the influence that we had over the young people in our care. Thank you very much for
your continuous dedication and support. Looking forward to shine out everywhere through your
tremendous effort.

Best Regards,