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The Hidden Suffering of Students with Anxiety

Selam Negassi

Percentage of Adolescents with Mental
Disorders Compared to Percentage of
Effects of Anxiety
Undiagnosed Adolescents in 2015
Lowers Academic performances
31.9% Self-esteem
Percentage of Adolescents
30 with Mental Disorders
Percentage of Undiagnosed
25 Adolescents Reading Comprehension
Percentage of Adolescents


20 19.6% Increases Suicide
risk of
15 14.3% Depression

10 60%
Depression and Anxiety
These two frequently coexist inside depressed/anxious people.
5 40%
About 25-50% of depressed youth have coexisting
anxiety disorders and around 10-15% of anxious
Anxiety ADHD Depression and Bipolar youth have depression.

Why the Increase? In 2014, the American College Health Association conducted a national study on college
students. Students reported these numbers:
Two studies conducted by the APA (American
Psychological Association) showed that
anxiety levels could be associated with low

21.9% 56.9%
social connectedness.

Another reason could be that some students are college students that felt
college students that said
afraid to ask for help. Because other students anxiety affected their overwhelming anxiety
seem to be juggling multiple activities, they don't academic performance
college students
want to appear weak. They put on a "game face." diagnosed with or treated
for anxiety problems

Under Treatment
Teens have fewer health checkups, giving less
chances for practitioners to pick up on mental In 2015, a study was done and showed that high school students are feeling more anxious about
school work and tests. On average across OECD countries:
health concerns.

On top of that, physicians may not always
recognize the symptoms or take them seriously.


55% 59%
Less than 20% of teen patients
with anxiety receive proper
medication. of students reported feeling
of students said they are stressed about poor grades. of students reported they
very anxious for a test even often worry that taking a test
if they are well prepared will be difficult.

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