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1. Sky A.

2. Grass B. Red
3.Snow C. Blue
D. Brown
E. Yellow
A. Green
B. White
C. Chartreuse

Failure Diagnose Appendicitis among Top Pediatric

Malpractice Claims

Diagnoses adalah bentuk plural/jamak dari kata diagnosis

Avoid: menghindari
G.I. tract = Gastro-Intestinal (lambung & usus) = saluran cerna
Avoid malpractice claim? Communicate respectfully & openly
with your patient (& family)
Defend yourself when facing malpractice claim? Document
(dated & signed) completely what you do & say to the patient
In adults with appendicitis, vomiting comes before or after
abdominal pain?
In children with appendititis, vomiting often comes before or
after abdominal pain?
Where in the abdomen does the pain of appendicitis begin?
After some time to where does the pain of appendicitis shift?
What does pain that began near the umbilicus then shifted to
the RLQ then becomes general abdomenal pain usually mean?
What does a board hard abdomen mean? Peritonitis radang
pd seluruh selaput abdomen. Perlu bedah segera!
If a patient is vomiting yellow bile, who needs to examine him?
Dr. Bedah!