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Bob Levin for Congress 2010

Write-in candidate for Oregon's 1st Congressional District
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Not ending the Bush Tax Cuts stands as a black and white affirmation for the practices of Systemic Genocide and Negative
Eugenics that have been replicated throughout the total fabric of human existence since developed during the second leg of the
CIA MK-ULTRA Program, KUBARK, WITSEC, Abu Ghraib Prison, and the surrounding events of Hurricane Katrina to
simulate the use of a low yield nuclear bomb on U.S. soil. The latter follows the same model that a source close the U.S. Secret
Service volunteered as causing former President George H.W. Bush to covertly order the testing of an electromagnetic pulse
radiation weapon over New York City from a refitted military A-6 Intruder jet bomber that subsequently killed American and
Canadian citizens en masse during a regional power blackout and was later covered-up by Senator John McCain during a
Congressional hearing. The backroom payoff for McCain was his military records being permanently sealed. Not ending the
Bush Tax Cuts also targets the American Middle Class with extinction by the wealthiest 2%, their elected and judicial selected
or otherwise appointed government traitors who like fat throat Mitch McConnell and others, continue affecting the Economic
Coup d'état of the United States while crying sociopathic tears over the rights of a blastocyst as they gloatingly sanction millions
of American men, women, children, and infants to be herded into virtual death camp environments for systematic systemic
genocide. This death march is compressing "We the People" towards a fractionalized second civil war for a restorative
revolution of the democratic republic. Vote out the incumbents and support government whistleblowers seeking public office to
restore the American people.
Black and White Systemic Genocide of the American Middle Class