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Digital Unit Plan Template

Unit Title: Quadratic Formula Introduction Name: Summer Simaan

Content Area: Math Grade Level: 9th
CA Content Standard(s)/Common Core Standard(s):

CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSA.REI.B.4: Solve quadratic equations in one variable.

Big Ideas/Unit Goals:

Understanding and using the quadratic functions
Where does the quadratic formula come from?
Where can we see traces of quadratic functions used in daily life?
How are each of the methods used to solve quadratic functions different?

Unit Summary:

The purpose of this lesson is to learn the use and meaning of a quadratic function. The students will learn how to graph, factor, complete the square, and
finally, use the Quadratic Formula. The students will be given a graphic organizer at the beginning of the unit, which they will fill out three times: Once
before reading, once after reading, and once after the discussion. Students will engage in group discussions and individual work. My role is to facilitate
discussion, explain the topic, and clarify any confusion. As a class, we will discuss how quadratic functions are important to real life situations. Then, the
students will complete an online quiz, testing them only on graphing, completing the square, and factoring. After, the students will use their prior
knowledge to derive the quadratic formula. We will solve some problems together and then, they will solve some problems on their own. Finally, they will
complete a graphic organizer, and will also be given a worksheet with problems to complete in class.

Assessment Plan:
Entry-Level: Formative: Summative:
*Class discussion on quadratic functions *Webercise on characteristics of quadratic functions *Classwork: Solving quadratic functions using the
*Rating Vocabulary graphic organizer *Rating Vocabulary graphic organizer, next column most appropriate method
*Discussion on uses of quadratic functions *Exit cards: Rating Vocabulary final column and
*Quiz on graphing, completing the square, and quadratic formula written on the back
Lesson 1 (Teacher Lecture)

Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence Lesson Activities:

*Discuss quadratic functons (Assessments): I will hand out a rating vocabulary graphic organizer, and the students will complete the first column.
*Understand why they are *Rating vocabulary graphic It will all be based on their prior knowledge.
important organizer first column Then, as a class, we will discuss why the quadratic formula is important to everyday life. I would ask all
*I will monitor the students as students to think to themselves about somewhere theyve seen a parabola in real life, and be prepared
they give their ideas on the to give their scenario when its their turn to speak.
importance of quadratic
functions, and their ability to give
real life examples of its use.
Lesson 2 (Webercise/ iPad Lesson)
Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:
Understanding the characteristics *I will walk around the class and Students will use the webercise provided to answer questions about characteristics of quadratic
of quadratic functions, the various monitor the progress of students functions, and get a deeper understanding.
methods used to solve them, and as they complete the webercise Students will then complete the second column, after reading on their graphic organizer
their uses in daily life *Score on their quiz The students will then take a quiz on graphing, factoring, and completing the square.
*answers in the second column of
the graphic organizer
Lesson 3 (Graphic Organizer)
Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:
*Derive the quadratic formula *Participation in class discussion As a class, we will derive the quadratic formula from prior knowledge
*Understand the difference in uses *Completed graphic organizer Students will complete this graphic organizer and write the quadratic formula on the back, from
of the quadratic formula, *Completed classwork memory. The graphic organizer will be used as their exit card.
completing the square, factoring, The students will do classwork to prove that they can differentiate the uses and efficiencies of the
and graphing multiple methods and strategies that can be employed to solve a quadratic function.
*Use each of these methods
Unit Resources:
Learn how quadratic functions are used in everyday life

Video on how to solve by factoring

Learn how to complete the square

Learn how to solve a quadratic function by graphing

Learn how to solve a quadratic function by using the quadratic formula

Cool interactive tool that shows you how everything in a quadratic function affects its graph

Tips on how to decide which method is best for solving a quadratic function in each scenario.
Useful Websites:
Step by step derivation of the quadratic formula

Remember the Quadratic formula with this easy song!

Graphic organizer for various methods to solve quadratics

Get help solving your homework with step by step instructions on this website

Real life explanations and problems using the quadratic formula

Interact with the quadratic functions and see how they change with every edit

Watch this fun math movie with Hector the droid

Interactive exercises to help you master quadratics

Play this game and save the planet by using your quadratic algebra skills

Play Math Balloons with Quadratics