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Over the past 6+ years of my professional career I have been driven by my affinity towards civil

engineering, I have learnt a lot about new technologies in my interest area.

On completion of my professional degree in Civil Engineering from xxxxxxx in xxx xxx, I was

equivalent to a clean slate and had a strong desire to use my theoretical knowledge in practical

aspects. I have always shaped my career in such a way, that it always has been a learning curve.

With continual learning as my basis, I have always made a conscious effort to strive towards

perfection in whatever I have attempted and achieved.

On completion of my engineering, I joined xxxxxx in xxxx as an Engineer at construction site of

2 x 500 MW thermal power plant, xxxxxxx

Here, I was introduced to the nuances of Construction Techniques and the associated

technologies with respect to civil engineering. From the very beginning, I have attempted to

learn something new as each day passed. Working at a construction site of 2x500MW power

plant was advantage to me, each day I got handsome opportunity to see in practical life what I

had learned so far in books. This also helped me to understand the commercial integrities

involved in construction work. I myself undertook the charge of surveying entire plant with

dumpy level, it took me two months to complete the task, and in turn the whole topography of

plant area was documented.

During my tenure with xxxxxx at xxx & xxxxx Site, I was exposed to construction of concrete

structures as well as structures made of soil(earth). This raised my understanding regarding one

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of the pillars of civil engineering i.e. concrete. I even re-designed M25 concrete and reduced

cement content by 33 Kg /cubic metre.

At xxxxxxxxxx. I underwent a training related to construction of earthen embankments and

quality parameters to be ensured while construction. I has always wondered about the

construction procedure of earthen embankments and as a blessing I was able to supervise

construction of two major earthen embankments at xxxxx site. I went through different study

materials and got a thorough understanding of different variety of soils and how to use them in

earthen embankments, I also made changes in soil type to be used at ash pond construction site.

I was able to understand significance of each and every structure viz Powerhouse, Boiler,

Electro-Static Precipitator, Chimney, with this I was competent to prepare construction

sequencing at power plant site and hand over fronts to next agencies in time.

During my tenure with aaaaaaaa , I underwent training on Construction methodology of Steel

Structures. I become an active participant in planning and execution work.

I was involved in finalization of layout for Coke Ovens & By Product Plant at aaaaaa Steel Plant

which is a greenfield construction site.

I coordinated for detailed engineering of all the structures across the aaaaaa Plant and solved

interface issues between various agencies deployed at my site.

I provided solutions to engineering issues viz change of structural section, interference/overlap

problems, accommodating fresh requirements within the existing structure.

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I read each individual drawing and prepared bill of materials (section wise steel requirement of

plates, angle, channel, beams etc) which was used for procurement of raw material.

I prepared field quality plans for fabrication and erection works

I drafted safe working procedure for different types of jobs involved in structural fabrication and

erection work namely welding, gas cutting, material handling, working at height, painting

I myself did calculations and prepared erection schemes of critical lifts ( greater than 20 MT).

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