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Kathina Celebration
16th October 2011
30 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419495
Tel: 67444285 | Fax: 67441912
Offering Kathina Robes
All are welcome

5.30 am All members and devotees to assemble in the Main
Shrine Hall to collect your individual robes and gifts.



Mr Philip Chan, representing the members and

6.30 am devotees, will carry the Kathina Robe and lead the
procession from the main Entrance of the Shrine
Hall, and go round the temples compound thrice.

What is so special about Kathina robes?

7.00 am Presentation of the Kathina Robe and gifts to the Kathina robes are offered to the Sangha in a monastery only once a
Maha Sangha year, during a specified period. It starts from the end of Vassa to the
next full moon day. Kathina robes can be offered between the days
7.15 am Buddha Puja (Offering of lights, incense, flowers, etc) following the full moon of October to the full moon of November.
Breakfast for all Kathina robes are offered to the Sangha, and not to any individual
monk. This rare opportunity is what makes it so special.
11.00 am Buddha Puja (Offering of lights, incense, flowers, etc)
and transferring of merits When we say I offer this robe to the Sangha, we mean all the Sangha
or the community of Bhikkhus in the world. This includes those who
11.30 am Sanghika Dana followed by lunch gained enlightenment and those who are yet to be enlightened.
Sangha means the community of monks which must consist of a group
6.45 pm Maha Bodhi Puja of at least four monks. Today, when you offer the Kathina robes, you
will offer them to the Sangha; that means all noble disciples of the
7.00 pm Buddha Puja followed by the recitation of Parittas Buddha not only the Enlightened Ones.

7.45 pm Sermon on the significance of Kathina celebration The monks, who have successful observed their vassa in Mangala
Vihara and celebrated Pavarana, will then celebrate Kathina Day.
8.00 pm Transferring of Merits
Benefits for Lay People
1. Wherever they go, they do so freely and they are protected against
dangers and disturbances.

2. They can perform their tasks easily.

Their belongings will not be destroyed by enemies even when they
are far away from their belongings. If they go anywhere they do so
lightly, happily, easily and with fewer burdens.

3. They will not suffer from hunger (of food) nor any harm from food.

4. Their belongings will not be destroyed by these five enemies

One of the stanzas chanted during Kathina glorifies the greatness of
- water, fire, king (government), thief and bad children; but their
merit gained in performing Kathina, Even this solid earth, or a solid
belongings will be kept safe even though they have forgotten
rock or a piece of diamond could tremble, shake or break at times but
about them for a long time. They will have plentiful clothing.
the merit obtained by offering the Kathina robe could not be nullified by
anything until one achieves the ultimate goal of Nibbna. That is why
5. Their belongings will not be taken away by others.
it is called Kathina (Unshakable).
They will gain greater profit of their commercial affairs than others
and may even win lottery.
In the Thergath, a disciple named Ngitha recalled the glorious
benefits of having offered the Kathina robe to the Maha Sangha he
was never born in the lower planes of existence (like the spirit world or
animal realm) but only in higher or blissful realms like the divine planes
or human world. The merit thus obtained was very helpful to him to
realize the ultimate truth.

However, even the merit of offering Kathina robes cannot help a person
from suffering the consequences if he had committed any of the five
heinous crimes (patricide, matricide, murder of an arahat, wounding of
a Buddha or causing schism in the Sangha). For minor bad deeds, the
positive power of offering Kathina robes could reduce or impeach their
negative effects. Furthermore, one could be blessed with happiness,
health, long life, good complexion, physical strength and wisdom in
ones wandering in Samsra until the goal of Nibbna is achieved.
Many types of merit accrued to those who:
1. Look after the needs of monks during this period.
Time : 6.30 am sharp
2. Participate in Dhamma sermons, Dhamma discussion, meditation Place of Assembly : Main Shrine Hall
programmes and chanting of Parittas. Supervisor : Mr Lim Ah Swan (Chairman)

3. Make offerings of Kathina robes and other gifts on Kathina day. ALL PARTICIPANTS TO BE PRESENT BY 6.00 AM

Names Duty
Privileges for Kathina-Monk*
1. Mr Jimmy Tan : The Buddhist Flag
From those observing vas, only one monk will be nominated by
them to receive the Kathina robe 2. Mr Siri Lim : Yellow Candle

3. Mr Gilbert Chia : Yellow Candle

Going to other families without having to inform other monks
present, after accepting an invitation of alms meal; 4. Mrs Michelle Chan : Joss-stick

Privileges of not having to observe the Vinaya rules in respect of 5. Mdm Foo Woon Chun : Joss-stick
the set of three robes; 6. Mdm Helen Tan : Joss-stick

Participate in groups meal without need for permission from Chief 7. Mr Philip Chan : Kathina Robe
8. Mr Phua Hang Meng : Ceremonial Umbrella

Having as many robes as given without having to share them with 9. Mdm Cara Lee : Tray of Bunga Rampai
other monks;
10. Ms Adeline Wee : Tray of Sireh
Sharing the benefits and merits of the Kathina amongst the monks
11. Ms Dorothy Tan : Bouquet of Flowers
and laypeople (merits)
12. Ms Maureen Teo : Tray of Flowers

13. Ms Lee Mee Yin /Mr Glenn Ong : Photographer

14. Respective Donors : Individual Robes & Gifts

15. Members & Devotees : Candles & Joss-sticks

16. Mr Patrick Sng & Group : Sound System

17. Mr Sunny Boon : Ringing the Bell

Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple),

Resident Monk, Ven U Cittara,

Assistant Monks,

Ven Dr Ashin Acara, Ven P Seelananda,

Ven Raja
The Management Committee

wish to thank all members & devotees

for coming forward to make this
a very successful one.