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JUNE 2010


The CampBuzz
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Jawwad Ahmed, DME

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Sohaib Afzal, DEE

Talha Aftab, DCE


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GC Shuja Zaidi, DEE

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GC Shoaib, DME


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From Campbuzz THIS MONTH

May leaves us, and the toll of exam bells starts ringing in the ears. But From Campbuz 3
we‟re not concerned about that just yet. We bring to light the College‟s rep-
resentation by students at different events like the YLC, Invent. There are
accounts of the Alumni Reunion, and the APDC added to the mix, two events Latest Happenings 4-5
that the college is proud of hosting, year in, year out. There is also an inter-
view with battalion commander in this issue. I am sure many of you will flip APDC 2010 6
the pages to move on to that before anything else. This interview is the first
attempt at a rejuvenation of the interview section, as we attempt to prune the
mundane details and give you the answers to questions you want asked from Earth Day 2010 7
different people. Hopefully this will act a bridging of gaps in communication
more than anything else.
Your Story 8
We continue the comic section in this issue. Several comments were
heard ranging from appreciation of the effort to criticism of the perceived
silliness of it. We are not prone to give up easily though and hope to get bet- Hard Talk 9
ter as we go along, trying to create situations and storylines that you can
identify with and enjoy genuinely. Voice of EME 10
It is one thing to learn from one‟s own experience, but it sometimes
important to learn from the trials of other as well. We start a new section in
this issue that aims to do that, by telling the stories of ordinary people EME Olympiad (Inside Look) 11
amongst us.
I hope everyone will find something to enjoy in this issue. We con-
APDC 2010 12
sider making CAMPBUZZ an evolving process, something that we try to get
better at each time we sit down and rack our brains, trying to come up with
ways of making reading this a special experience.
We appreciate your time and feedback as always, and enclose a good
luck wish for the exams, which will surely be around by the time this issue
goes to print. My Sincere Regards to all of you! Alumni Dinner 2010 15
Muhammad Talha Aftab
Associate Editor Campbuzz Pappu Bachay 16

Following are the names of those brilliant officers who successfully achieved promotion from their former ranks in their respec-
tive promotion boards.

 Col. Javed (HOD MTS) who joined the Pakistan army on 14th March 1986 and completed his PHD in March 2002 has
been promoted to the rank of Brigadier.
 Lt Col. Alamdar who joined the Pakistan army on 22nd December 1989; completed his PHD in 2010 has been pro-
moted to the rank of Colonel.
 Lt Col. Almas Anjum who was commissioned into the army in March 1988 and completed his PHD in March 2008 has
been promoted to the rank of Colonel.
 Lt Col. Usman Khalil who was inducted into the Pakistan army on 11 th Sepetember 1987 has been promoted to the
rank of Colonel.
 Lt Col. Waheed Ul Haq after joining the army on 22nd December 1989 and completing his PHD in July 2006 has been
promoted to the rank of Colonel.

The CAMPBUZZ team sincerely congratulates all of the mentioned officers for their success.

Discovering Incantare
Hassan Ahmed
This month we have interviewed the General Manager of „Incantare‟: a café that opened in the campus about
two months ago. Mr. Z.U. Babar and his brothers have been running the „Incantare‟ chain for a few years and he
hopes that his latest investment will bear fruit like the previous ones.
The Battalion Road café suffered from a lack of visitors in its first few weeks but the influx of people has been
increasing with time. The café has become an evening go-to spot for students. Still the number of visitors during
day-time is discouraging for the management who have had to close the breakfast service due to high losses. “I am
open to anyone who wants to come and talk to me in my office and I‟ve been taking a lot of comments” says Mr.
Babar, who devotes 18 hours of the day to managerial work in his office, “but I don‟t understand why we haven‟t
received as many guests as we hoped”. Students have generally praised the café
for having a good environment and high quality of food.
PC Asim Ali says: “It is very refreshing to go to „Incantare‟ and have a
drink but the tea is sometimes „neem-garam‟.”
Babar says he has a passion for serving people. “I‟d like to see more of
the faculty, administration and staff coming to visit us. We have an enclosure
for families as well. I have a lot of ideas in my mind like starting room service
or cafe membership. We are still trying a few things. I hope cafe serves the
college community well.”

Basketball Fever
Hassan Ahmed
Champions of the Inter-NUST Basketball Tournament 2010, EME College
defeated LUMS 73-72 in a one-off match at the college basketball court on
28th February. The victory comes as a succession of impressive performances
from the college team since the start of the year. Earlier in the year, the Eme-
nents defeated MCE, AMC and winners of the last three Inter-NUST tourna-
ments, CAE to claim the Inter-NUST trophy for the very first time in the his-
tory of the institution, with the honour of representing NUST in basketball for
the next 12 months.
In the proceeding Inter-Varsity tournament, NUST, represented by EME
College, won the first two matches of the knock-out tournament before falling
to NUML in the semi-final. For their efforts, the team were treated to a Bar
BQ dinner by the sports administration at Namakmandi restaurant in Islama-
The recently concluded Inter-Department and SAS 3-on-3 tournaments
have helped uncover more promising talent and with the Inter-Company right around the corner, there is every
reason to anticipate an even stronger squad for future fixtures. Not to mention the EMENENTS have also clinched
the Women‟s Inter-NUST trophy this year. So we can rest assured that the grip-less college basketballs are in firm
hands for the time being.
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Invent-the entrepreneurial challenge
Saeed Khan 29-EE
IBA Karachi is conducting a business plan competition at national level in which students from all over Pakistan are participat-
ing. This competition is sponsored by ENGRO CORP and TAMEER. An introductory workshop was conducted on 9 th and
10th of April in SEECS which almost gave the complete picture of the upcoming event which is scheduled to take place in the
month of May and June 2010. The aim of this challenge is to provide
platform for those young and brilliant minds that can think but cannot
implement because of no opportunities. The winner team will be
awarded Five Hundred Thousand Rupees, premises for their own busi-
ness and initial funding. 25 teams are participating from twin cities and
two of them are from the College of EME. Other universities also in-
clude FAST, GIKI, CASE, SEECS and NBS. This workshop involved pres-
entations of the prominent Entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Sir Adnan Shahid
(former EMEnent and EME Alumni Head) was among the speakers. Also,
small scale presentations, team work and innovation competitions took
place among the participants. EME students dominated in latter two. Overall, NUST did not fail to impress, let‟s wait and see
what happens in the real competition.

NUST Team stands Proud at PYLC
Abdullah Ishtiaq 28-EE

Pakistan young Leaders Conference is the largest conference of its kind in Pakistan. It is organized annually by the
National Union of Pakistani Students and Alumni NUPSA. The basic aim is to provide an unbiased platform for all Pakistani
students and Alumni to unite and to help materialize their positive goals for Pakistan. It calls the Pakistani Youth to unite in
the name of Pakistan and do what is right for the country. The Pakistani youth must work together to pave the way for a
better Pakistan and change the negative perception prevalent across the world through initiative and positive actions.This
year the three day event was held at the National Library and Jinnah Convention Centre. Almost eight committees were set
to discuss the current crisis in the country and let the youth come up with solutions for
them. The conference formalized resolutions from each committee which were discussed,
amended and passed by the house.More than fifty teams from all over Pakistan and foreign
universities including Oxford, Kings College, UCL, Cambridge and McGill participated in the
event. So, in short it was a very unique gathering of bright and young Pakistani minds from
all across the globe.EME College proudly represented NUST at the event. The team con-
sisted of Abdullah Ishtiaq (Environment Committee), Muneeb Afzal (Interior Affairs Com-
mittee), Saad Akhtar and Haris Mahmood (Media Affairs Committee), Nouman Khalid and
Saad Bin Nasir (Foreign Affairs Committee), Asim Khaleel (Youth Affairs Committee), Ad-
nan Akhtar (Education Committee). Syed Ghazanfar Salari and Syed Ali Raza were the chairs
for Environment and Interior Committees respectively.It is a matter of great pride for us
that this brilliant team not only took the three awards of Best Delegate, Leader of the future
and Critical Thinker; but it was also declared the Best Team participating in the event. We
congratulate all of them and hope that they continue to bring laurels and honor for them-
selves and most importantly the College.

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The second installment of this e-gaming tour- The month of May proved to be an eventful
nament was held on the 22nd of May. It featured the month for sports as football was again brought to the fore-
games, MOHAA and Call of Duty 4. ground in the EME Champions League. A total of twelve
teams from the college took part in a feisty, goal filled af-
MOHAA was won by Deadly Incredible Elite fair.
(D.I.E), with Da Exterminators featuring as runner
The event was kept competitive by limiting the
ups. Da exterminators gave D.I.E a tough time in a
number of EME College players in each individual team to
competitive match.
four. So the little rivalries between players who are usually
COD 4 was again won by DIE. This time they teammates in EME colours were interesting to see.
defeated Mechatrons to emerge as winners. DIE At the end, “Executioners” emerged as the win-
completely dominated the match and defeated the ners of the tournament, after winning a closely fought af-
winners from last year with a big margin. fair with “Back-outs”.

Over the years as a degree departs we are left saying goodbyes to friends we have spent some cher-
ished moments with. A couple of people from degree 28 deserve a very special mention from all of us here
at CAMPBUZZ. From guiding the juniors at every crucial step to showing commitment to the newsletter and
other aspects of student life, Sir Umar Bilal and Sir Ather Ali gave us an example we could look up to. For
that, we will remember them.

Sir Umar Bilal Lilla was an inspira- Sir Ather Ali served as an active co-editor for
tion to everyone at handling multi- CAMPBUZZ. His extracurricular interests extended
ple commitments at the same
to e-gaming as well. An avid Liverpool fan, a lasting
time. He handled, the Chair of
IEEE, being SNS of Iqbal Hostel, memory of his will be a passionate defense of his
and significant contributions to team, in an article that couldn‟t go to print for being
the EME Alumni Association, too particular. His work for CAMPBUZZ was laced
CAMPBUZZ and SPAL, to name a with his particular brand of wit, that appealed to all.
few, without letting anything be affected adversely.
On this occasion Sir Umar says “I take this opportunity to extend my profound admiration to the College of EME and its faculty. Well I have
lot of memories from college and I cherish almost all of them. The ones that stand out among them involve my friends. Extra curricular activi-
ties made me stressed and overloaded with work at times, but I enjoyed every step along the way.
Those morning fall-ins, the cadets’ mess cuisine, seniors ragging, out-passes, combined studies, and so many other things make this time the
golden period of my life.
I would like to thank all the instructors who taught me here and I wish the Editorial Board of CAMPBUZZ the very best of luck in all their en-
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Earth Day 2010
Khushnood Qadir 30-CE

CEME Students joined hands with faculty on Thursday as hundreds of
thousands globally observed the Earth Day 2010 by picking up trash,
developing the paper recycling project by covering the paper collec-
tion bins placed within departments, running environmental awareness
campaign stalls in front of EE/CE dept, promoting the recycling of term
exam papers and other preparatory materials amongst other things.
The Earth Day is a day designed to stimulate worldwide awareness
and appreciation for the Earth's environment along-with enhancing po-
litical attention and action. The agenda is to give a human face to envi-
ronmental issues; empower people to become active agents of sustain-
able and equitable development; promote an understanding that com-
munities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental is-
sues; and advocate partnership which will ensure all nations
and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future. The
concept of Earth Day was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord
Nelson as an environmental teach-in held on April 22, 1970
and it has now spread in popularity to the current point
where it is celebrated in more than 175 countries per annum
globally. Members gave away green ribbons with envi-
ronmental slogans to all those who helped with the
activities pleading that recycling must be done to
help savor the world man lives in. In his talk with the
volunteers and club members, Hamza Zaidi, President, EME
Environmental Club, stressed that Earth Day teaches humans
both in theory and practice that it's not about what country
we're from but rather about what planet we're from.In the
initial event planning phase like yesteryear, the EME Environment Club was also devoted to celebrate the
earth day by also holding a trek trip to Margalla hills to help clean the environment, airing of several environ-
ment documentaries in the auditorium along with holding lec-
tures by notable youth volunteers involved with the environ-
ment. However it was later learnt from, Neman Shahid, Secre-
tary Event Planning and Awareness Campaigns Wing, that this
was not possible due to the Earth day falling on the exact dates
as of mid-term exams for most degrees.
On his visit, the Commandant of EME College, Major General
Muhammad Shahid SI(M) re-iterated his never ending support to
the EME Environmental Club cause by signing the petition to help
in conserving the environment. He was then briefed about the
club activities and was shown a short video prepared by the club
to promote recycling and plantation within the college premises
and was presented a green ribbon by the club president and vice
president who thanked him for his visit and support to the club
activities. The earth day stall was also honoured by the visit of its patron, Dean of EME College, Brig Dr Ak-
htar Nawaz Malik and its co-founder, Uzair Sukhera. In the end a group photo was taken with all those pre-
sent at the stall.
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YOUR STORY (Real life stories by real people, told in our words)

Anonymous through Campbuzz

There comes a phase in everyone‟s life where it seems as if the adversities are all piled up against you, and
no one can really hear your voice, and the few who can, can‟t comprehend what you‟re trying to convey. Of
course, as we grow out of that phase we realize that it was not us who were misunderstood, it was us not being
understanding enough of the perspective of those infinitely more sensible than us. I used to blame my parents for
the dissatisfaction I felt in the choice of my career. My mind reasoned that since I had an affinity for the arts, I
would be better-off studying them. How could I show commitment to the engineering program that I was en-
rolled in, when I had that at the back of my mind. Allowing myself to get distracted, hiding behind small excuses to
avoid study, I could never succeed in an institution where competition is the
name of the game. Naturally, I flunked. Looking back I can point to disinter-
est, and over-reliance on the ability of a friend to help me learn everything at
the eleventh hour, as the main reasons for that failure. My first impulse was
to hide that from my parents, but when I failed my “F” to “D” as well, and
“I thought you had
was at the verge of relegation, I was compelled to talk about it, and my par- killed someone!!”
ents were very supportive, despite the circumstances.

“Bus yeh baat hai…I thought you had killed someone”, said my fa-
ther, when he got to know. Exhibiting humour in those circumstances was
perhaps his way of comforting me. He succeeded in that, but the effect on me was much more far-reaching than
he could‟ve imagined. I learned that I was not alone.

Thus, began the darkest period of my short life. I have always been blessed, and have lived a privileged life,
so perhaps I exaggerate my problems. However if I had to point out something in my yesterday thankful for today,
this would be it. Depression took hold of me. My parents were now open to my pursuit
Thus, began the of a different career line, anything I wanted outside of engineering. But I felt myself tied
darkest period of by responsibility and a strange unwillingness to go anywhere. No institution attracted
me as such, and I felt that I was better off where I was. This uncertainty of what to do,
my short life. and the feeling of regret, thinking that I had thrown away a good prospect in engineering
all for a whim, that wasn‟t even strong enough to help me make a choice now, all of this
accumulated in my head and despair enveloped me. I even went to a psychologist to help me make some sense of
all this in my head, to make myself feel better somehow, in some way.

It was then that God came to my rescue. Upon rechecking of my paper I was granted a passing grade in
my „F‟ to „D‟, and me relegation did not materialize. I made a promise with my conscience that I would not waste
this opportunity to redeem myself, that I would take more of an interest in my studies and that I would drop the
stupid notions, of the sort that engineering is not me. Given the proper amount of effort and the willingness of
one‟s mind to not be rigid and give everything a chance, it is possible to achieve success even in a field you didn‟t
originally feel you were cut out for. I can only hope that people derive more strength than I did from their parents
and other supportive factors in their life, and believe more, enough not to give up.

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Hard Talk…
The Battalion Commander : Col. Farrukh
QUESTION: Sir, what was your image about the students and the environment of EME before you
came here? And…how different did you find EME once you actually arrived?
ANSWER: I had been an instructor here in EME from 1992 to 1996. Back then, there were no female
or civilian students. Even PC‟s had to wear the military uniform. Of course it‟s different now. I feel EME
College has lost its initial polish.
QUESTION: Students around here consider you to be a little too strict. What do you think?
ANSWER: I think there is a communication gap. I have been unable to make the students understand that whatever I do is not
without the consent and the will of their parents.
QUESTION: Mention any three attributes of an ideal student in EME…
ANSWER: you asked me for three; I give you just one. The quality that defines a student of EME: “HE KNOWS HIS PURPOSE OF
BEING HERE.”. He/She remembers the exact reason for which he took the entry test.
QUESTION: Sir, aren‟t civilian students different from GCs? Why put them under the same sort of pressure?
ANSWER: NS students who come here often give me this argument...“Sir we are civilians, not army cadets.” so what? I think that
civilian students should be better examples of character and discipline than GCs. GCs have discipline thrust upon them…but real
discipline is what comes from within a person. So civilians should be more civilized.
QUESTION: Sir, you said there was a communication gap. What if out of frustration, the students begin to retaliate?
ANSWER: Well, it is for that reason that I hold students in my office and tell them what is right and what is wrong. Retaliation is
not an option.
QUESTION: What sir, do you think, is the problem with students here?
ANSWER: They just don‟t realize their actual goal. The have diverged onto other paths leading them nowhere but chaos.
QUESTION: What is the purpose of the out pass sir? Now that our new cards have been issued and we make entries on the gate
register too.
ANSWER: The College must be aware of your whereabouts and the places you visit so that in case of emergency the college can
assist you.
QUESTION: Sir, but we do write our destination and phone numbers on the gate registers, why get an extra out pass for that?
ANSWER: These rules actually serve the purpose of deterrence. These rules are there to hinder you from going out of the Col-
lege for purposes that are not beneficial for you
QUESTION: What is the purpose behind closing all shops in the college at 10? What if a student due to any emergency misses his
dinner at the mess and gets late…would he have to sleep with an empty stomach?
ANSWER: There is a microwave oven in the college mess. For situations like this, the mess staff would keep their dinner for them
and serve it reheated once they arrive at their convenience.
QUESTION: Once you leave EME sir, how would you like to be remembered?
ANSWER: I by nature am not a strict person. It is my duty that compels me to act this way. Whatever I do is necessary.
QUESTION: Any message to the students of EME sir?
ANSWER: Do not take me as your enemy. You must learn how to live. Present yourselves in a sensible manner.

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Khushnood Qadir 30-CE
Shakespeare wrote that music was food for the soul. For those
talented ones out there who pursue it with passion, it is much
more than that.
Even in a harsh academic routine like ours; talent finds a way out.
It provides an escape from the mundane regularities that surround
us every day. The voice of EME is an example of such outlets of
Held annually, it is a talent hunt that scouts the most melodious
voices in the college and presents them on the stage for everyone
to witness. This year‟s competition was met with the usuual enthu-
siasm. Because many people were left wanting to register even af-
ter the deadline, it was extended to accommodate everyone.
The auditions were judged by the co-presidents of the SPAL Music club. The best of them were short-
listed for the final competition, which took place in the college auditorium on the 19 th of May 2010 at
about 5pm. The competition began with an almost empty hall, save the presence of a few students and
the judges. Performance after performance, the judges from the band “Qiyas” evaluated the singers.
Saud Shakeel, Abdul Rafay, Hammad and Asim were the most prominent of the lot. As the event pro-
ceeded, people kept gathering in the auditorium and looked on with interest.
At the finale, Abdul Rafay and GC Hammad, who was also the
winner from last year, ended up in a tie. The judges, after a while
o, decided to hold a one-on-one battle between them. Hammad
and Rafay were called on the stage and each of them were given
a chance to impress again so that the winner could be chosen.
After a tough battle of three consecutive performances by each
of them, the winner was decided.
GC Hammad (29-ME) successfully
defended his title to become the
Voice of EME twice in a row. Abdul
rafay (30-CE) stood second and
GC Asim (30-CE) stood third.
There was a mixed reaction from
the audience, who exhibited both joy and outrage in different cases, as the
supporters of Rafay and Hammad heard out the decision. This year‟s
Voice of EME will be remembered for the drama and yet again, the realisa-
tion of how much talent is there to be discovered in every nook and
cranny of this college.

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Sania Irfan(30-EE), Saleha Maqsood (30-MTS)Saad Nasir (31 CE)

For the first time in its rich history, College of E&ME is bringing something com-
pletely amazing, mind-blowing and exuberant *drum roll please* Olympiad 2010!
Most of you must be unaware of the whole package, yet some of you will be skep-
tic of the whole idea, already being a part of Olympiads hosted by various Univer-
sities and Colleges across the country. Still an Olympiad with this College as its
base brings with it a whole new dimension, limitless scope and a shining opportu-
nity for students to prove themselves.
The whole idea of having this prestigious event here at EME is to break the hack-
neyed myth that EMENENTS can not think beyond GPA. It is high time we show
WINGS IN THE AD- our mettle to these proto-type minds and prove otherwise. The first seeds of EME
MINISTRATION Olympiad were sown not long ago, when CRE 16 hosted a small meeting where
COMMITTEE Meraj Hasan, now one of the Conveners of the Olympiad, in front of a meager
strength of 15 odd people, disclosed the very first details of the event. Today,
Registration thankfully, the Friday‟s General Olympiad body meetings boost a major strength.
Promotion Those of you who are pursing their lips and are doubtful of the upcoming occa-
sion, allow me to give you a brief insight on what the event is about. EME Olym-
Public Relations piad 2010 will be a technical, arts and sports extravaganza. It is an event by the
students, for the students. The three foremost professional societies of the univer-
Human Resource sity, IEEE Student Chapter, Sports and Adventure Society and Society for Promo-
Finance tion of Arts and Literature are collaborating for the first time in the university‟s
history to bring the twin cities the EME Olympiad, making it a unique combination
Media/IT/Graphics of silk and steel. The Olympiad is expected to be held in October, as soon as the
new semester commences. Students of different Universities, Colleges and Schools
Marketing/Sponsorship from Islamabad and Rawalpindi will compete with each other in the Olympiad.
Security An Administration Committee has been formed comprising of students who will
organize and see through the smooth working of the Olympiad. Directors of re-
Social Events spective wings hold weekly meetings with the volunteers which cover the main
Logistics tasks of the respective wings and their plans of action. These meetings have also
strengthened the bonds between departments and a powerful communication sys-
Press Club tem has been developed amongst the wings. From getting sponsors to negotiat-
ting with media, from marketing to décor, from registration to arranging the concert, Olympiad commit-
tees are doing it all, and in style.
A lot of students are already part of these committees but most are choosing to remain aloof from all the
Olympiad hype. Let me tell you, what you learn from this Olympiad is surely going to take you a long way;
hence it is a recommendation that all of you take an active part in the Olympiad. It is going to be at a gran-
diose scale where numerous other institutions will be actively participating and competing against each
other. Spanning over a period of five days, Olympiad will consist of almost everything, keeping pace with
the mainstream and including something for everyone. So come forth and join hands with the Administra-
tion Committee to make this dream come true!
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APDC 2010
Sania Irfan 30-EE

For years, EME has been successfully in holding declamation and
parliamentary style debating competitions that foster the thinking
and analytical skills among students and help in understanding
each others‟ views thus creating a more progressive society. The
biggest of them all that Burraq holds is the All Pakistan Declama-
tion Contest . This year too, an electrifying juncture was set up,
with no less than 30 universities from all over the country par-
ticipating in it.
Before the declamation could begin, the participants were
treated to a concert on registration day. After a performance
from students got the audience in the mood, the band “Talaash”
took the stage to entertain the crowd. They gave a spirited performance driving the audience to wild cheers in
the process.
The event, starting the next day, was staged in two rounds. The audience was entertained by some
powerful speeches; speeches that were much more than mere string of words, speeches that were drenched in
emotions and revolutionary thoughts of today‟s youth. The vigor with which the orators spoke was exemplary.
With humorous genre missing out this time, the tone of the event was grave and serious. Young minds with
their weighty words all of a sudden sounded mature responsible adults.
From the on going terrorist activities in the country to the sensitive
issues about religion, they touched it all. The speeches were divided
into two categories, declamation and extempore. The close of the first
day saw five teams and five individuals through to the final round for
declamation and extempore speeches respectively. At the end of the
first day, a recreational trip to Lake View Park Islamabad was arranged
by EME College for the participants of the APDC which served as a
breather for the participants and their chaperons after the long hectic
The second and the final day of the event was even more in-
tense. With the top five teams and individuals filtered out , the compe-
tition grew tough and what more could one ask for when the re-
nowned news anchor and educationist, Shaista Zaid graced the occa-
sion with her presence rendering her expertise as the Chief Judge. The
environment was charged up and so were the participants as it clearly
showed in their performances. The auditorium echoed with words
that came straight out of the heart and not just the mouth. When the declamation round ended, there came
the extempore speakers who brought the house down with their dynamism, emotions, and adroit waxing and
waning elocution.

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that for a split second
they gave an impression that they were not standing there for
the sake of competition but for raising their voice against the
injustices that our dear homeland, hopeful mothers, poor wid-
ows and innocent children were facing. The mention of the
tragic parade lane incident which was repeatedly quoted by the
participants to stir the emotions was enough to bring a tear or
two in the eyes of the audience.
Of all the people, Shaista Zaid , seemed extremely moved and
impressed , as she was all praises for the young participants es-
pecially the extempore speakers. Before announcing the results
she gave many valuable tips and suggestions for the orators that
could make their speeches even more powerful. She had no hesitation in admitting that it was extremely diffi-
cult for her to decide on to just one winner. Finally she revealed the results which were as follows


Noman Bajwa (SEECS)
Sana Shakeel (FAST)




To conclude the event, the commandant, Major General Muham-
mad Shahid addressed the audience. He thanked them for making
this event a success and appreciated the quality of the speeches,
especially in the extemporary competition. His final message was
befitting the occasion, as he stressed upon the fact that we would
have to look inwards to find solutions to all the problems and
crises faced by Pakistan, and that believing in ourselves and seeking to make a difference from this very point
onwards, we could be the harbingers of positive change around us.

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LUMS & EME College Lock heads
Muhammad Talha Aftab 30-CE

Sporting fixtures are always received well in the college. There
has been a tradition kept in recent years of EME College pitting it‟s fin-
est against GIKI in a sporting fixture involving many sports, both indoor
and outdoor, annually. This year it was extended to LUMS. The events
were to be held over two days, with both male and female teams taking
part. Sports that were to be competed included football, cricket,
hockey, basketball and racquet sports.

The competitive spirit was in no way compromised upon, but
the Sports and Adventure Society(SAS) welcomed their guests, trying to provide the best possible envi-
ronment in their capacity for everything to be held in good spirit. It was also good to see other students
taking a more than ordinary interest in the events held over the course of the two days.

LUM went on to dominate all racquet sports, in both the male and female category, this is perhaps
an area where the college needs to improve upon. Hockey and Basketball
were won by EME College, in both cases the college teams cementing
their level of competitiveness. Cricket for boys was hampered by
weather, and could not be held, which came as a disappointment to many
as a good match was expected. The two highlights of this fixture were the
girls cricket fixture, where EME College completely dominated the oppo-
sition, and the Boys Footballing fixture, which turned out be a nail-biting
affair, going right down to penalties. EME College came out winners in the
penalty shootout and the ecstatic celebrations at the end showed how passionate the students are about
their sports.

LUMS won the overall fixture, on count of more events won. As
a general trend EME College fared well in outdoor sports, but lacked as
far as indoor sports were concerned. But it was a learning experience for
all concerned and the whole point of defeat is to prepare harder and
come out stronger as a result. It is hoped that this road to self improve-
ment will be followed.

More than victory or defeat, more than the exhilarating sporting
action, this was a great way of building bridges, and defying stereotypes that are defined on both sides.
Sport is always a great ambassador when it comes to making new friends, and surely everyone will benefit
if the sporting ties of this year are renewed in an even more enthusiastic fashion in the years to come.

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Muhammad Talha Aftab 30-CE

We have a habit of taking everything for granted. The environment we live in, its
positives, the attachment we come to feel with it, even if it is on a subconscious
level, are all factors that will be highlighted when we are ultimately alumni of this in-
stitution. I am not an alumnus yet, but I can relate to the anticipation with which
every ex-student of our college must regard the Annual Alumni dinner. It is a chance
to meet old friends, and it is a chance to re-visit an important place in your life
where you spent several years, whose walls, benches, trees, and other seemingly in-
significant details hold many memories for you. This year‟s Alumni Dinner was held
on the 1st of May. The registrations for the event had started long before that, with
the Alumni Liaison committee taking great pains to ensure that everything went in an organized a manner as possible,
and that the actual event would be enjoyable for all.

The evening started slowly, with guests trickling in, registering themselves on the
desks where volunteers possibly a decade worth
of degrees junior greeted and welcomed them. A
desk was also set up to make collections for the
Alumni Scholarship fund, the committee choosing
to use this festive occasion for the good of needy
students. The annual alumni magazine was also
distributed at this point. It is always a fresh feeling
of amusement to see classmate of degrees past
recognizing, showing shock or surprise, and in most cases joy upon seeing each
other. See each they did and the first few hours of the event were spent greeting and
enquiring about old friends about jobs and families (depending on how far back in degrees you go).

\The first part of the event was a formal function of sorts in the auditorium, with the addresses being made to the
alumni, both to appreciate their presence at the event and to express its significance. Dinner was served at the end of
this part.

After the guests had enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, it was a march back to the audito-
rium where SPAL had arranged a play. Khalil Gibran was the inspiration, the play was
about man giving in to the temptation of Satan and how Satan revels in the mistakes
man makes to make him stronger. The cast gave a good performance and managed
to hold the audience interested.

Thus the night came to an end. It was not made memorable by the events as much as
perhaps by the occasion itself. Credit must be given to all the organizers for manag-
ing to hold a successful re-union and for providing the alumni with, if not anything
else, a heart-warming experience that they are sure to remember until next time.

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