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by H. John Martin
with illustrations by Alex Cook & maps by Tim Hartin
An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure for a Party of 3 to 5, Levels 1–2

Something has been pillaging farms and leaving no living thing behind. Merchants have
disappeared on the roads and the Tinker now refuses to make his circuit. All of this
trouble started when a party of adventurers went to investigate the old temple on the
hill. Five adventurers went up the hill to Lilanora’s temple and never returned. Who will
follow those foolhardy five and discover what danger lies beneath the temple ruins?

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Levels 1–2 During play. If a Undertemple Area 4. DM’s Info This adventure was written for a group of 3 to 5 2. cleric with appropriate spells is in the party. its chance of success. if one is present in the party. or 2nd level. No description for the grounds of the temple adventurers of level 1–2 without a cleric. Be work for a solo cleric of level 3–4. the town has 2 . use the Random Encounter Table at the end of the adventure. but do not let the party know fight. John Martin with her or replace her. Do whatever you want by H. consider making the Large Spider in Adjust accordingly. use any suitable Random Encounter Table allow the effects to function outside of the temple. consider adding more undead monsters to some 3. Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure Lilanora herself is fashioned as between Chaotic Temple of the Ghoul Neutral and Neutral Good. For 4 first level PCs. from your campaign. they buy a round or two. After a day or three drinking in the common room. If the Ghoul is slain. Cocky no interaction is possible. Obviously a prepared to describe the surroundings in a small party having a cleric along vastly increases suitable spooky manner. If the Ghoul is not near the adventurers. Also. consider consider making the Bless and Potion of For random encounters on the journey to the Healing effects limited to once per day and don't temple. edited. An OSRIC-Compatible Adventure Designed for a Party of 3 to 5. determine where he is The PCs find themselves stranded in a small town located using information presented at the end of with no job and no prospects. he PCs may find themselves in lockup after a bar will not Workshop Forum raided while they wait for Fred to come back from escorting the Tinker. Schmeer evil would suffice. The Meditation Pool in Area 3 of the Temple doubling the number of Giant Rats in Level might be too powerful and too weak. unfriendly and some are actively hostile. but diplomatic PCs will have no trouble if that. The party may want to investigate the last farm Dragonsfoot. Adventure Background On the second level. the temple. It might outside of the building itself is provided herein. Undertemple Area 1 a Carrion Crawler or some other more challenging monster. the 10 Stirges in Area 2 of encounters. And consider making the Potion of Healing a one-time use at full strength version instead of 1/2 No random encounters occur on the first level of strength and unlimited. Using a Wilderness Encounter Table of your choice might help keep the party on track. if the party is of higher than 1st the Temple Level may result in a total party kill. the following situations may arise: originally developed in the 1. and further embellished leans toward goodness even slightly more than by Matthew W. and also 4. The locals seem the table. Any god or goddess that compiled. If the Ghoul is For the Players encountered randomly.

hp 62. Loran disappeared on the roads and the Tinker refused had the acolytes and under priest prepare the to make his circuit in the upcountry unless the temple for closure and then sent them on ahead to town Marshal went with him. being at home. Loran was attacked by a Large Spider that returned. No other facility was available to confine the evil It seems that of late some kind of raider has been priest. The spider killed Loran. Love. Loran. so Loran had taken on the chore. they will have to move on. In time the evil priest held prisoner in the pantry was When the Marshal returns he introduces himself driven mad by hunger and eventually starved to as Fred and. had a problem. but act were themselves taken. returning Goddess of Peace. It still cannot abide the light in the Scriptorium or DMs Only the lingering Holiness in the Pool. he was not armed him when he did not appear. but the paladin never arrived (she had investigate the old temple on the hill. the last High Priest. went up the hill to the old temple of Lilanora (CN escorting the prisoner alone. Loran had no defense but priest was never seen to leave the temple. There was a prisoner being held in the Temple. but no the strength of arms. He stayed behind to hand over the started when a party of adventurers went to prisoner. it is clear death—his evil died with him. for prey (hence the trail) and defacing the temple. a priest of Malrog (God of the Undead)who had been troubling the area. One night. The necromancer rose as a Ghoul. the can be provided. but no one knows what lies Ghoul has been raiding the countryside at night below. Though 3 . Merchants have he would not arrive for a week or more. Temple. or armored for battle. they hate necromancers even more. same time as the fall of the Empire (60–70 years His spells used in binding the prisoner and ago) and has been unoccupied since. Still formidable to break free from the bonds that held it. so it moves When the Church found it necessary to close the through those areas quickly. The dark pillaging outlying farms and leaving no living priest was being kept bound and gagged in a thing behind. until the when mounted. A paladin was due to a farm to see if they could catch the raider in the escort the fiend back to the provincial capital. DEX 6 due to missing leg). The temple was abandoned about the had climbed down the chimney in search of prey. any kind. though he is missing a leg. The last high seeking the late paladin. An old map of the temple’s upper level Since killing and eating the adventurers. Fred blames the current trouble tried to steal the fine magical ropes binding the on something stirred up by adventurers and if the gaunt corpse in the kitchen closet. Alas. he is not to be trifled with (7th level fighter. Fred is not mobile enough afoot day a party of adventurers came looking for to go dungeon delving. Happiness and to the Sanctum to pray and preoccupied with Brotherhood [think hippy goddess]) and never worries. but was unable AC 5. All of this trouble the capital. On one occasion men sent to watch closet off of the kitchen. PCs won’t try and clear it up. so he can’t investigate the treasure to loot from the abandoned temple and troubles himself. Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure warmed up to them and the PCs begin hearing the worshippers of Lilanora dislike confinement of local tale of woe. All anyone fallen in battle on the road) and after three weeks in town knows is that a party of five adventurers of waiting Loran was preparing to move on. that had never been his one would go past the Inner Sanctum to look for strong suit and.

If removed from the pillars on either side of a ten foot wide entrance. Inner Hall After the desecration of the Portico and Foyer. smeared over the pillars and frescoes in vaguely disturbing patterns that almost seem to be writing. The Meditation Pool 6. temple. 3. a 50* x 50* room dominated by a large doorway. There is filth everywhere here. random cleaning supplies and ragged bits and If searched. 3. the smell is overpowering smeared over once beautiful frescoes on the walls (Save vs. if clutter on the floor conceals a Potion of Healing. #AT 1. Poison or vomit uncontrollably for d2 and pillars. Anyone attack. of the room across from the entrance. Statues seem pillars with the exit at the top of a flight of stairs to be absent from their niches and gems from their opposite the entry. 8. one drawer may (66%) be found to contain a fine silver and jade necklace worth 100GP. the magic fails. Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure Level 1: Temple Level Anyone drinking from the pool gains the benefit of a Bless spell and a weak Potion of Healing 1. removed. Sanctum Feces is piled hither and yon and smeared on the The stairs from the room of the Pool lead into the pillars and walls as well. The cabinets contain little other than 2). If the inscriptions on the The pillars were once richly decorated with walls are deciphered (1-3 rounds for any literate religious scenes matching the fresco over the door character) only the Holy Water functions of the but have been defaced by some malign group or Pool’s waters will be clear. AC 8. hp (9. there is a 30% chance on either side of the altar leads into the temple. 5. 5. By day. The mirrors. a full length mirror is located next to Stirges (10): HD 1+1. some fresh and some old. the water will This area is over 100* feet long with five massive function as Holy Water. that the Stirges are present. (20’) idol of Lilanora flanked by unlit braziers. with blood and fecal matter humanoids and people. this This room was little more than a quiet space for room feels clean and pure though in fact it is as meetings and the passage to the chambers below filthy as the first two areas. are worth 30GP each. The room is richly decorated with gilt carvings and 2. 40GP and a pieces of Priestly Vestments. The two doors to rooms A and B are 4 . There is blood. each door. they will attack. 4. The water in the pool the temple. A crude rendering of Malrog’s noise certainly awakens them and provokes an (un)holy symbol is scrawled on the floor. The idol is draped with dead animals. 5. the nest contains 30SP. its entrails draped over the stairs. Priest’s Robing Room This long U-shaped hallway is lined with cabinets and benches. 7. continues here. By night. A door a 50% chance. The desecration noted outside settings. A dead dog lies in the Sanctum. Normal noise has a 66% chance of standing in the symbol—to examine the idol for drawing an attack and sneaking through the room instance—suffers a Curse (reversed Bless). The scroll of Protection from Undead. any loud over the room. Dmg 1d3 +blood drain. 5. if present. A murder of Stirges nest in the rafters. 5. Temple Portico effect (heals d3 hp). 4. If searched carefully. Undertemple. but there are several places where This foyer is 50* x 30* and bounded by massive decorations are obviously missing. turns) and the blood and feces are smeared all usually sleeping during the day. and a is clean and clear and anyone peering into the clear path to the stairs descending to the pool feels peace and relaxation pour over them. In addition. Two archways lead out entity. Foyer stonework.

hp 6. Shelves line this small room and small casks dot this room and a fireplace is on each wall. Four silk. It is the former head priest. most are still potable. but are hard to notice. Level 2: Undertemple Elves get 5 in 6. Loran. The prisoner’s offenses are never listed. Shelves and cabinets line this small room. with stoppers and would be suitable A dead spider rests atop one table and if the room for filling in the pool. Loran is wearing a Ring of Protection charcoal for the braziers in the Sanctum are stored +1 and a Ring of Truth. Other correspondence is addressed to and from the Marshal of the district. The door is locked and the desk drawers are trapped. Also sacks of chimney. spider webs and if searched a large spider will Some have gone bad (all of the ales are nasty) but attack. AC 8. #AT 1. If the PCs are all affected or if they wait for the spell to wear off here. concerning a prisoner being kept magically bound in the temple. roll a d12 for each passing round. On his belt are a ring of here. on a 1 the ghoul from area 9 has found them. 2. is carefully searched a dead human can be found. If the trap is triggered. is a set of keys. 1. 11 and 12 below. The and bottles are neatly arranged there. everyone else gets 3 in 6 to discover them. Hidden among them is a Large Spider (1): HD 1+1. but they are allowed a Save. No other wandering monster checks need be made. everyone in the room is affected by a Sleep spell. but several ominous sounding hints are 5 . the closets in Area 6 upstairs. dressed in priests robes and wrapped in spider B. Office This is the private office of the head priest. Many of the bottles are empty. Potion of Healing (3 doses) and a Potion of Dmg 1 +poison (Save at +2) Levitation in labeled bottles. Common Room Moldy chairs and tables draped with spider webs A. Hanging on a hook on the back of the door keys to his desk. who met lamps (bull’s-eye type) may be found here and his end here as the first spider moved into the small barrels of oil to fill them. They are also locked. The desk drawers contain correspondence between the head priest and the main temple in the provincial capital discussing his pending retirement and closing the temple until another priest can be sent. Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure not concealed precisely. The casks fireplace on the west wall is also draped with and bottles contain various wines and liquors. as the room was warded from minor vermin (no monster less than 1+1 HD can enter the room). The keys unlock the door to Areas and the chest in Area 12 on this level.

6. but bulks over 100. Dmg holes above each desk contain scraps of 1d6 parchment and papyrus. The whole collection is worth perhaps 5.4). with the exception of a Shield +1. 37GP. AC 7. Cure Light Wounds x2. A #AT 1.6.4. Missing statues clearly should be on small tables in the left and right niches. 1). An obscene feast has been consumed in this Skeletons). The the west wall.2). AC 7.000GP and is nearly Skeleton (6): HD 1. Cure Light Wounds. 2. Holy of Holies Protection from Undead. Armory footprints continues to the far wall. Also in the diary is the of failing and a 10% chance of having the reverse information that the priest is hiding all of the effect. The trail of blood and 4. AC 9. but 1. Hiding behind each Works of history and theology line the shelves in statue is a skeleton. Each of the separate scrolls was Ghoul will be here and will attack as soon as the 6 . Inkwells and quills are Crawling Corpse (4): HD 1. It is a Club +1 (+2 vs. Magical light fills this room. illuminating two benches before large desks. Dmg 1d3 +disease (5% chance per bite). If searched carefully several carried by the victims of the undead horde.000GP. impossible to move. One tome is titled Ecology of Dmg 1d6 the Common Ghoul. Poison or retch at least 2 turns and then only a 50% chance is uncontrollably) and the remains of the Ghoul’s gained. 119EP. Library statues of saints of Lilanora. Now it is filled with a and will only be found if the room is searched for terrible reek (Save vs. doubling This room has partially collapsed. Lycanthropes. 9PP. Weapon racks line the east wall. hp (6. but nothing but clubs fill them. and will attack if disturbed. #AT 1. hp (4. twice foul meals. Several giant rats nest in the debris on room. Giant Rats (5): HD ½. temple’s valuables somewhere and will leave as soon as he is done. Clerical scrolls may be found: Protection from 951CP. Check once for each searching PC. Refectory cudgel glows very faintly. blood and other fluids mark Scattered clothing and packs conceal the treasure the path as well. the whole covered with dust.5. scattered about. Two Skeletons and four Crawling Corpses attack anyone entering 5. #AT 1.3). Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure dropped. Blood and bones cover every table. AC 7. Numerous pigeon Skeleton (2): HD 1. There is no treasure. the for each Cleric. One ornately carved 8. #AT Any common adventuring gear may be found. If not encountered elsewhere. and This 40' x 50 ' room was once the kitchen and Protection from Evil. tucked inside is a scroll of 7. with the an initiate’s practice work and has a 33% chance same information. The Hall of Idols This 60' long hall is lined with niches containing 3. 1. previous adventuring party met their end here and most of their equipment can still be found here. Lair of the Ghoul Bless. making footing chances to find the secret door. On the desk is the priest’s diary.5. this room.4. and Detect Evil (all on separate scrolls) and one large scroll of 9. hp (7. 2. treacherous.5. any weapons or armor carried has been destroyed The nest contains no treasure. The last scroll is well hidden pantry for the temple. Detect Evil. hp (6. 427SP. Dmg 1d6 path through the center of the room is well defined in the dust. Scriptorium the room.

Epilogue If the PCs succeed in killing the Ghoul they have Ghoul (1): HD 2. betrothal. Those clerics who also take time to and precious stones are piled around fine statues perform other rites when asked by PCs or NPCs and works of art. hp 12. area has been thoroughly trashed. AC 6. and even the Ghoul itself) will earn an 12. not per This room is a mad treasure trove. Bags of gems burial). Lilanora’s temple when they hear of the deed. Initiate’s Dormitory cleric of Lilanora and his entourage. Treasure: large leather sack with 1.000 XP to divide between them. Lilanora herself manifesting to re-consecrate her Clearly the occupants of this room left in an temple and 1. the task will take d4 weeks divided by battered and scarred. Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure PCs enter the room. walls. and when completed all admitted whoever ransacked this room. High Priest’s Bedroom additional 500 XP from Lilanora (total.) in the cleaned temple will be rewarded by beds are bare. pallets broken and chests thrown all about the room. marriage. The stout If any good aligned character decides to clean up door on the other side of the room has been the temple. 7 . participants should be awarded 1. 1d4x100GP and diamond. Lesser Priest’s Bedroom who conducts a ceremony (worship in the name Two beds. orderly fashion. Any good aligned cleric 11. 1d4x10PP) to arrive in custody of a 3rd level 10. DMs should consider forcing an alignment change on any good aligned PCs who even seriously consider this. Any PC taking anything of value from this room will be Cursed by Lilanora. The far door is locked and trapped (Sleep Gas Trap. same as the high priest’s Clerics who insist on proper burial for the desk). any deceased PC. Rugs are rolled up along the walls and the etc. coming-of-age.000EP. Careful Fred will send word. #AT 3. a 1st level Ten pallets with chests fill this room. Dmg 1d3.000 XP. The whole fighter and ten 0th level men-at-arms. and two chests are in this of Lilanora. Minor magic items and anything found in Areas 8 and Area 9 do not trigger this curse. deceased (Loran the High Priest. two armoires. Tapestries are hung everywhere should get paid for these ceremonies as well. and carpets and rugs are rolled up against the normally in the 5GP–15GP range. 1d6 +paralysis. but it will take at least d6 searching of the gore will reveal 1 100GP weeks for the reward (600SP. succeeded in their quest and will be rewarded by 1d3. The chests and armoires are empty. room. The temple’s altar works and utensils are kept in a locked chest (Poisoned Pin Trap). but does not seem to have the number or helpers.

Dmg nil Dmg 1 +poison (Save at +2) 4 Crawling Corpse (d2) HD 1. As the party is currently in the High Priest's office. Dmg found any party in the Temple and is preparing to 1d3. AC 6. indicating the Ghoul. 1d3. #AT 1. Dmg d6 1d6 2 Crawling Corpse (d4) HD 1. hp 12. 2 Giant Rat (d6) HD ½. no encounter is possible. 1d3. #AT 1. #AT 3. #AT 1. #AT 3. 1d6 +paralysis (see note) 6-11 Spooky Noises Rattling chains. AC 8. Dmg 1 Skeleton (d4) HD 1. AC 7. AC 6. Example: The DM rolls for random encounters and gets a 1 on d12. Dmg 1 +poison (Save at +2) 5-12 Ghoul HD 2. AC 7. Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure Level 2 Random Encounter Tables Random Encounters (Day) Random Encounters (Night) 1 Skeleton (d2) HD 1. 1d6 + paralysis (see note) attack in the next turn. He then rolls another d12 and gets a 12. 8 . hp 12. AC 7. #AT 1. AC 9. #AT 1. Dmg 1d3. the Ghoul will be in its lair 50% of the time. #AT 1. scraping claws. AC 9. 4 Spooky Noises Rattling chains. Note: During the day. #AT 0. a banging battering noise distant or close try and freak them out a bit 5 Large Spider (d2) HD 1+1. #AT 1. indicating an encounter. He then rolls d% and gets a 55 indicating the Ghoul is in the Refectory. Dmg Dmg 1d6 1d3 + disease (5% chance per bite) 3 Large Spider (d2) HD 1+1. 3 Green Slime HD 2. AC 9. AC 8. a banging battering noise distant or Note: At night the Ghoul will be roaming and close try and freak them out a bit there is a 66% chance every turn that it will have 12 Ghoul HD 2. in the Refectory 30% and battering the door to Area 11 20%. scraping Dmg 1d6 claws.

Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure Player’s Map Temple of the Ghoul Level 1: Temple Level 9 .

Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure Temple of the Ghoul Level 1: Temple Level 10 .

Temple of the Ghoul: An OSRIC™-Compatible Adventure Temple of the Ghoul Level 2: Undertemple 11 .

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