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Rundale Castle Jams collection

For taste of royality
Fuzzy ... ... sweet as honey ... healthy as a vitamin ...

Barogue of Rundale Hercogs Jam Nectar of Rundale
Berries and fruits: currants, Berries and fruits: strawberries, Berries: strawberries, pears,
black currants, apples quince, mountain ash, sugar
gooseberries, plums, apples Sweetener: sugar Nutritional 250 ml: 460 kcal.,
Sweetener: sugar Nutritional 250 ml: 100 g carbohydrates,
Nutritional 250 ml: 448 448 kilocalories, 0.54 g protein, 0 g fat.
kilocalories, carbohydrates 110 carbohydrates 108 g,
g, 0.6 g protein, 0 g fat 0.8 g protein, 0 g fat
! Berries, fruits and honey from the Latvian natural and ecologically clean family garden. Nice sweet
or sweet and sour, rich flavor, mild aroma. Eat with yoghurt, ice cream, bread, pancakes, oatmeal
flakes and other grain products. Can be prepared hot or cool drink. Low sugar. Store in a cool, dark
place !

Produced to be big, strong and healthy! Enjoy your meal!
Zelta Zaptes masters Viktorija and Valters

Zelta Zaptes, Sēļi – 6, Rundāles novads, phone for reviews and orders : 67775520; 26436582

Currants improves blood composition, a potent blood purifier, diuretic, and diaphoretic, helps colds and high temperatures,
encourages appetite, activates intestinal peristalsis, thereby preventing constipation. It is not recommended if the stomach
ulcer, twelve-finger ulcer, gastritis.

Strawberries helps in colds, anemia, force outflow, nervousness, diarrhea, dysentery, ulcer disease, cingas, rickets, a chronic
skin diseases such as blood purge, the bleeding wounds to the kidney, bladder and gallstones, bile duct and gallbladder
inflammation, a yellow ailments, atherosclerosis, obesity, digestion improvement, thirst quencher and as a diaphoretic.

Apples are an excellent source of fiber, reduces excessive appetite, controlling energy levels, increase defense to disease,
improves liver and intestinal tract, purify the tailings, improves skin appearance, lowers cholesterol levels, regulate blood
pressure, improves heart rate.

Plums contain soft fiber, which promotes bowel movements, effectively cleanses the body of toxins, optimizes carbohydrate
exchanges, eliminates anxiety feeling, enhances the body's resistance to stressful situations, it is useful to autonomic
vascular dystonia, deficiency disease. Recommend as a basic purifying and Relief diets.

Black currants-strengthens the organism and increases the body's immunity, improves the appetite and stimulates the
stomach and intestinal functions, removed from the body of harmful salts, improves blood circulation and prevent clot
formation, reduces "bad" cholesterol in the blood, a positive effect on nerve cells that activate the brain and improves
memory may prevent urinary tract infections, a positive effect on eyesight, helps in colds and influenza A2 and B, anemia,
lymph gland tuberculosis, rheumatism, gout, dysentery, diphtheria, chronic stomatitis, sore throat tonsil inflammation,
laryngeal inflammation, throat inflammation.

Gooseberries positive effect on the metabolism, normalizes intestinal activity in chronic constipation is used to tackle
obesity, restores the body, improve blood composition, for use against kidney and urinary tract diseases, anemia (with
honey), skin diseases, bleeding organism from heavy metals.