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2. Names Organization : 1) G.R.E.E.N ( Global River Environment Education
Network )
2) IMPPALA (Community Ties and the Sea Coast Guards)

3. Identity Organitation : Local NGO

4. Contact Person : OKKY TANTRA SANTOSA
Hp Number : 0812.
Fax.Number : 0621-41277
Address : Jln.SMA Negeri No.19 Desa Firdaus Sei Rampah 20695
Serdang Bedagai ,North Sumatra
E-mail :

5. Proposal Title : Coastal Community Resilience Program
Merdeka Beach Village Kuala Bagan Serdang Bedagai
Regency For The Analysis, Design and Implementation

6. Total proposed budge
For the third year : U.S.$ 586,671,00

2. Names Organization : 1) G.R.E.E.N ( Global River Environment Education Network )
2) IMPPALA (Community Ties and the Sea Coast Guards)

3. Identity Organitation : Local NGO

4. Contact Person : OKKY TANTRA SANTOSA
Hp Number : 0812.
Fax.Number : 0621-41277
Address : Jln.SMA Negeri No.19 Desa Firdaus Sei Rampah 20695
Serdang Bedagai ,North Sumatra
E-mail :

5. Proposal Title : Coastal Community Resilience Program
Merdeka Beach Village Bagan Kuala Serdang Bedagai
Regency For The Analysis, Design and Implementation

6. Total proposed budge
For the third year : U.S.$ 586,671,00

One of the weaknesses of integrated coastal zone management is not synergize the
effects of disaster and risk management. Therefore, the concept of regulation on natural
ecosystems must be understood. Efforts are most likely to be done is to develop disaster
mitigation techniques, to minimize the impact of human received. Some important mitigation
approach is resource-based approach to ecosystem management in coastal areas, the
institutional approach and techniques of human resources. From here the risk is expected to
occur can be minimized if not eliminated


Coastal erosion can give a very big problem for us, especially if the rate of abrasion is
severe, but also the negative impact of environmental degradation and particularly the
balance of ecosystem changes that could trigger acceleration of coastal erosion. Coastal
erosion is caused by waves that we can not control, but the absence of protection on the beach
that really be the cause of coastal erosion. Coastal development undertaken without
consideration of experts in the field of development is often sacrificed mangrove trees and
eroded beaches and lip bearing waste disposal and polluting ecosystems. Besides the opening
of fish farms using ponds as well as illegal sand mining aggravate the situation. Thus was the
case in the Merdeka Beach Bagan Kuala Village Serdang Bedagai Regency, the village
Tanjung Beringin Cape District tree located is located at position 20 57 'North Latitude, 30 16'
south latitude, 980 33 'eastern longitude, 990 27' West Longitude with an area 298 km2. With
a height of 000-100 meters from the sea surface. With a coastline 17 km


That the level of abrasion (abrasion) Merdeka Beach has amounted to 38 percent of
the total, which is 17 kilometers. This is caused by coastal currents quite hard, especially
when the northwest winds that occurred in August until December with a large wave was an
embankment retaining water, lack of forest lands, mangroves, and remnants of wild sea sand
exploration that occurred approximately 10 -20 years ago. With a harbor development that do
not pay attention to environmental sustainability has exacerbated coastal erosion, such as
shrinkage in the size of the island, where the settlement was the location of the Merdeka
beach people most severely affected by abrasion, with the increase of sea level rise is indeed
a place rarely vegetation and According to data from the population of the village of Bagan
Kuala quoted from the year 2009, the abrasion on the Merdeka Beach has reached eight
kilometers along the beach .But in this region, due to abrasion of mangrove deforestation
(mangrove) into the ponds. According to observations, coastal erosion occurred along a mile,
let alone the big wave had swallowed 20-200 meters in Bagan Kuala Village beach. Many
houses that eventually must be removed. Bagan Kuala Hamlet himself is now occupied by
298 head of the family.
As reported by the village community leaders (11/12/2009) multifarious genius
mangroves white fires and other protective plant uprooted and washed away the waves
because the land around constantly hit by waves. Similarly, building Bagan Kuala Jetty Port,
threatened retaining wall collapsed because the flow had started close to shore, abrasion
result, the boundary with the river Bedagai is just + 27 meters, and predicted that within
three years will be lost, if it happens it will separate the Merdeka Beaches become its own
island and within 10 years the island will be finished shearing waves.
Destination Observations

The purpose of this observation was done to analyze the factors that cause an
accelerated erosion in the Merdeka Beach Village Bagan Kuala District Tanjung
Beringin,Serdang Bedagai Regency and prevention efforts that could lead to widespread
erosion of natural disasters related to development of economic exclusive zone alternatives
and make the Independence Beach Area The Coast Forest Conservation area


Observations were carried out directly on the beach around the coast north of
Merdeka beach and the District of Tanjung Beringin especially in the area of transfer of land
use which is expected to get swept up in the area of human activity and the construction of
the pier. Merdeka Beach location selection considering the impact of vulnerability to natural
disasters that can occur.

Natural Disaster Mitigation Zone

Bagan Kuala Jetty Port

Resettlement Bagan Kuala Village

Bedagai River by the Merdeka Beach is just +27 Meters


This observation using a qualitative approach by conducting direct observation in
place that has been determined that the Merdeka Beach and around the North Coast of district
TAnjung Beringin and collect data and facts from various media. And by using a descriptive
approach that is only illustrate and summarize the various conditions and situations that we
see directly. We also seek information by way of interviews with 840 people who we met
when observations started from June 2009

After making observations, there was a lot of damage, especially damage to
vegetation- many mangrove plants, palm trees and large plants. Northern coast is home to the
most receiving heavy waves, due to a flat beach profile, so it is impacted. Unlike the eastern
coast have no impact, according to local residents of this section the original vegetation at all
meetings and residential development is not so much. In this region the profile of landless
and sandy beaches, this land is very weak to withstand the waves. Seen lots of mangrove
trees are falling around the coast of the remainder had already been dying. Vegetation
damage caused by the construction of the dock by implementers and local residents who use
the local mangrove wood and the immigrant to remember this is a tourist resort island marine
and harbor activities. Coastal erosion in the village of Bagan Kuala is causing widespread
depreciation, in the estimate of not more than 150 × 2000 square meters. From the data
obtained was approximately 100 ha pond that has become a brunt of the ocean due to
abrasion and high waves. Harbor development at a cost of 14.5 billion rupiah in the region
override aspects of environmental conservation and ecological value, mangrove deforestation
in this region is very severe and almost nothing. Besides the construction of the dock port,
which is the biggest factor is also the opening of the pond for fish and shrimp aquaculture

From the results of data in that region in the mangrove forest is gone and replaced by
fish ponds, open ponds, which is coincide with the shoreline this is the greatest cause coastal
erosion, sea when the waves hit, the barrier between the pond and the shoreline is considering
limiting the potential damage only sandy soil and a bit of rock. At the time of this barrier is
lost then the pond will be merged with the ocean so that the land is reduced by so fast and
sweeping the area also. This situation is also affecting the shoreline in the Bagan Kuala
village of Tanjung Beringin District, ponds that have been fused with the oceans, about 10
years ago the area was a mangrove forest and ponds that are relatively far from shore, but
because the behavior of businessmen and officials, forest mangrove switching functions into
a palm plantation, because constantly buffeted by waves triggered by the wind and fishing
boat traffic, coastal areas have resulted in severe abrasion and increasingly thin line between
the ocean and ponds, and now the limit has been sinking into a sea of shallow and .

Minimize the Impact of Ecosystem-Based

Minimization and mitigation efforts in the village of Bagan Kuala minimum is by
doing approach is closely related to ecosystem and its role in disaster mitigation is
mangrove.Model mitigation in the coastal environment / ecology that can be applied in order
to cope with the abrasion is through replanting of mangrove forests in site- the appropriate
location after considering the environmental conditions Merdeka Beach. Specifically
mitigation model Merdeka Beach Bagan Kuala Village by following the following steps:

1. Determination of bio-physical environmental conditions and determining the
location Mitigation

This activity is intended to identify any factors that support or do not support the
planting of mangrove forests and bio-physical condition in Environment.Organisation
conduct conservation activities, development and management of mangrove
ecosystems to protect the value of Bagan Kuala socially and economically sustainable
manner. The project involves nine parts as follows.
a. Strategic Plan ,

for Coastal Bagan Kuala Village; Distribution of mangrove seedlings Working
Group creation, dissemination, development of aquaculture, mangrove forest
infrastructure restructuring, restrictions on fishing gear that endanger the
ecosystem of the region coastal. Determining the direction of policy, resources

b. Zoning Plan,

to consider; harmony, and balance with the carrying capacity of ecosystems, the
use of functions and protection functions, the dimensions of space and time,
technological and socio-cultural dimensions, as well as defense and security
functions for determining the utilization of space

c. Management Plan;

on setting policy and administrative procedure that allowed the use of resources
and are forbidden priority scale exploitation of resources in accordance with the
characteristics of Coastal Bagan Kuala Village; form of reporting mechanism that
regularly and systematically to ensure the availability of data and information that
is accurate and accessible ; and availability of trained human resources to
implement policies and procedures
c.1. complexity of the existing problems can be clearly identified through
scientific considerations
c.2. Adaptive among managers quickly as coordinator in their respective fields, is
responsible for overseeing the work group.
c.3 Project planning and execution of activities carried out systematically to
facilitate the planning, coordination and implementation of inter-project
manager.The following decisions regarding finance and budget that must be
made in project appraisal:
• provision and sources of funding the implementation of the work;
• anticipation of the provision of funds for things unexpected;
• governmental budgetary constraints that are modified in the budget
• The annual budget allocation and budget provisions modifications; and
• policy areas of the organization or manager to efficiently return has
in the field of finance and administration for managing funds

d. Plan of Action; capacity development which includes project management,
environmental management, program implementation and maintenance of
infrastructure projects, and repairs to ensure continuity of the program budget

d.1. Public Participation.

Begins with the formation of community groups concerned that the
beach was named Environmental Working Group Conservation
Commission (KPK). With the first step to making this group the
Establishment of mangrove seedlings are intended to further optimize
the community's involvement in the program resulted in the formation
of Mitigation ekositem . 840 community members who expressed in
the Pact Integrity to conduct coastal environmental conservation.

d.2. Mangrove Seedling
In many cases, as local organizations Nowhere are always short of
skilled staff Because of limited organizational resources and giving
priority to Which Humans have the will of a major project to build his
birth. implementation of the land than this activity is the rebuilding of
damaged Mangroves. In the early stages, the unit manager needs only a
small number of staff for planning the rehabilitation of mangrove
forests Village Kuala Bagan, consultation and preparation

Photo.1 Activities Conservation Working Group (KPK) in the program
Mangrove Seedling

d.3. Mangrove planting.

Working group was formed immediately after a related field manager
must decide, based on the type of mangrove seedlings will be made with
aquantity adjusted to the obligations of each working group in mangrove
seedlings contributed, whether the type of seeds are required to have an
important impact in the expansion of mangroves. Projects with measured
seedling will have an impact on forest ecosystems in small quantities or a
limited negative impact may not require the planting of mangrove. In this
case, managers must consider the geographical conditions of breeding
patterns which include among others:
• mangrove species according to geographic characteristics;
• maintenance and age of seedlings;
• financial and administrative capabilities of the group on the quantity of
Photo.2.Activities Conservation Working Group (KPK) Mangrove Planting in the
program area of disaster-prone village of Kuala Bagan

e. Technical Plan
At certain locations, the territory of Bagan Kuala village shoreline to
prevent abrasion broader level it is necessary to appropriate organizational
planning tool holder waves (APO). Method of coastal erosion mitigation such
as a quarter circle breakwater parallel the coastline (detached beakwater),
structure The cutting-parallel-flow perpendicular to the shoreline beaches
(groin), and the construction of sea walls (seawall) with bronjong system and
planted a mangrove plant breakwater between the two buildings is needed
apply in various cases of coastal erosion in the Bagan Kuala village . By
considering the geographical conditions of these villages has complied with
the terms of the stability of the plan, and the three structures above the
scientifically proven quite effectively cope with the abrasion.

However, belonging to the third way 'hard engineering''has a weakness
in terms of beauty of sight. The beach will seem stiff and less natural and may
even appear "dirty" with the existence of such structures, therefore it is to
make it a natural mangrove is by giving plants between the breakwater side.
An alternative to overcome the weaknesses of functional and does not
contain all of the ways above and has been applied in several European
countries, America and Japan, is a coastal drainage systems (coastal drain).
Starting in 2002 we conducted the assessment and mitigation of coastal
erosion with drain system, which is one form of soft shore protection. The
basic principle of this method is to increase the stability of coastal sediments
in order to not be easily transported by wave and current energy. The trick is
to lower the ground water table through drainage systems which were planted
in the ground. Under conditions of low ground water, the beach has a higher
permeability to absorb the energy of the wave run-ups, and having a friction-
between the larger grains of sediment. The two last-mentioned factor is
dominant in increasing the stability of the coast and eventually led to the
accretion . To be protected from fast-growth mangrove waves.

f. Continuation of Post-Grant Program

a. Community-based Project Management / Community-based management
Foret, (from the Study of MAP-Indonesia and ESP-USAID) is more
reliable than continuance management by the government.
b. Based on the calculation of the economic value of mangroves for the
community, the village forest area is only 43.5 acres can not balance the
needs of district residents of Tanjung Beringin number of 35.372
inhabitants. Therefore, many residents who wanted to be able to manage
for the needs of districts with a population so that, at least 180 hectares of
mangrove land needed, then with a target population of 140 hectares, the
economic activities of fishing communities which 80% can be
c. Meantime, with the mangrove community management group, for
departing from the spirit of awareness and self-help groups, activities of
mangrove rehabilitation and equipment continue to run without having to
with abundant funds.
d. Coastal region became independent of Tourism Sector

g. Technical and Financial Feasibility

a. Social criteria,:
The level of support the surrounding community; public health; recreation;
culture; aesthetics; conflicts of interest; security, Accessibility, research
education, public awareness;
b. Ecological criteria:
Biodiversity; naturalness; dependence; representation; unique;integrity;
productivity; important species
c. Criterion Economics;
Fisheries interests threat-Form-Tourism-economic Benefits.
h. Environmental Working Group Conservation Commission (KPK)

and And

Preparation of
overcome and the • Master Plan Area
impact meitigasi Merdeka Beach
negatife protected forests
development as an • Increasing
Proposal: independent coastal
Coastal ZEE areas
Community Awareness and
Resilience Merdeka Beach
Program Potential area management
Merdeka Beach Improving the synergies system
Bagan Kuala ability of through the • Improved quality
Village Facing public aalam Community of Tata
community-based Conservation Space and
Serdang Bedagai disaster
Regency Working Group Environment
and informally in
For The Analysis, the subdistrict of Merdeka Beach
Design and Bagan Kuala area of protected
Implementation forests
• Increase Visitors
Coastal areas of
Facilitation of protected forests
planning processes Merdeka Beach
spatial structure • Improved
Protected Forest Welfare
Area-based Coastal Bagan Kuala
beach Coastal
society with a Communities
review facility
coastal protection
forest, tourism
products and

Participation of the community through Environmental Working Group Conservation
Commission (KKK)
i. Budget Plan For 3 Years

Year Source of Funds Type of Financing (USD)
Grants Other Sources Total
Personnel budget 3,343,00 9,833,00 13,177,00
Travel 2,960,00 6,167,00 8,263,00
Program activities 2,493,00 7,333,00 9,827,00
Training 2,022,00 10,000,00 12,022,00
Other 2,778,00 5,000,00 7,778,00
Budget Environment
• A program for sustainable 6,667,00 20,000,00 26,667,00
coastal and marine
I • Management and
rehabilitation of coastal 6,111,00 30,556,00 36,667,00
and marine ecosystems
• Management of
biological diversity and 5,000,00 17,778,00 22,778,00
ecosystem (inventory,
identification, identity of
plant breeding areas)
Public Works Field
• Construction of breaking
waves 16,667,00 277,778,00 294,445,00
• Development of Coastal 22,223,00 120,000,00 142,223,00
Protection Forest
Total 69,402,00 504,445,00 573,847,00
Year SF GO S T
Personnel budget 2,778,00 10,889,00 13,667,00
Travel 1,112,00 6,667,00 7,778,00
II Program activities 1,667,00 7,445,00 9,112,00
Training 2,778,00 11,112,00 13,889,00
Other 3,889,00 6,667,00 10,556,00
Total 12,224,00 42,780,00 55,000,00
Year SF GO S T
Personnel budget 2,222,00 1,556,00 3,778,00
Travel 8,889,00 8,334,00 17,223,00
III Program activities 1,334,00 8,889,00 10,223,00
Training 2,778,00 12,889,00 15,667,00
Other 5,000,00 7,778,00 12,778,00
Total 20,223,00 39,446,00 59,669,00
Total I,II,III 101,849,00 586,671,00 691,520,00