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The purpose of the product is to compare three specialty stores i.e. Baby n Us, Mom n Me and Toonz in
terms of their retail mix to determine the coherence of their customer offerings.

A comparison will be drawn for the three stores and recommendations will be made for Toonz to
optimize its retail mix.

Business Model (Toonz)
Key Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Customer
Partnerships Relationships Segments

Kay Resources Channels

Cost Structure Revenue Stream


The competition that Toonz faces may result from Legal environment, Social and Demographic
Environment, Technological environment, Economic Environment, Supply of retail stores and demands
of the consumer.

Intra and Inter type competition faced by Toonz:

Strategic Groups

Following is the analysis of the perceived risk for customer: .A comparison of the three stores in terms of the metrics needed to describe the strategic group the store belongs to is included as under: Characteristics/Stores Toonz Mom N Me Baby n US Quality of product Fashion orientation of merchandise Store atmosphere Level of customer service Prices [Graph of strategic group should follow here] A note on generic competition and competition among/within strategic groups?? The competitive rivalry faced by Toonz can be outlined in the form of following metrics: Market Growth Growth of branded goods Over-Storing Emergence of new retail institutions Foreign competition Consumer Satisfaction There is high involvement of the goods bought at this store as the products are meant for the progeny. some of the perceived risks may be high. the importance of the purchase is high for the consumer. Since.

Retail Mix The retail mix of the store and its comparison with its similar competitors can be analyzed as follows: Characteristics Toonz Baby r Us Mom n me Location Physical Facility Merchandise Price Promotion (In-store +outdoor) Add on services Employees (Number + demeanour+qualification) Patronage of the customers The patronage of the customers and the characteristics of the product can be found by identifying the products these stores carry and where they fall in product patronage matrix Product Patronage Example Strategy . brand available at the store? Whether brands are premium. This section is followed by a note on reassurance and how they can do it better.Risks Toonz Baby r US Mom n me Functional risk Physical Risk Financial Risk Psychosocial Risk Time Risk Layout The layouts of three stores are as follows: Add description and comparison We need to check the amount of information. Characteristics of consumer needs to be identified.

We see the shortfalls of Toonz if any and try to correct on them. In this section.The classification will show kind of strategy the store should follow and if they are doing it correct. Gross Margin Purchase Significance Searching time Style change Technical complexity Service required Intangibility Selection Trading Area Followed by description We need to show if the description matches that for the store Also. . coherence required here as well Area Merchandise Price Service Making the most of consumer buying Behaviour Post the need recognition stage. we recognize the efforts made by 3 specialist stores.1 [ Need to ask questions on each metric to consumer to note relevant stuff here] Information Search Evaluation Post Purchase 1 Need Recognition is independent stage and Choice is a result of evaluation so it is not included in the table. the retailer can make consumers come to their store. need to give details to support specialty store claim.

Retail Strategy Category Strategy Pricing strategy Location Strategy Format Strategy Promotion Strategy [ Merchandising. pertinent questions to ask are: How is the store communicating with the customers (insight from chap 18) A Note on EST Retailing and which of the three stores has got it right. scrambled merchandising?? What is the technology employed if at all?? Can some lessons from best retailers be applied here??(Refer to the paper) Can we do some scenario analysis and early warning system for the group?? A note on mission/Vision and organizational culture Ask them about perceived competition if they are ready to divulge A note on emerging market and transitional sub culture may be placed at the beginning to make the report voluminous. (Basis session 6A) What category of Indian consumers hsop here and have we got their treatment correct?? Are they caught in wheel of retailing. Buying and location data we cannot get but recommendations of proper system may still be made??] So. Recommendations for Toonz A note on which kind of customer is shopping here and how to win them. .