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Declaration for Certificate of Life

{Cestui Que Vie}

To whom these presents may come, greetings;
Bryan-Glenn:Parker whom will also be referred to as being the Age of Majority and without disability of mind or body
comes forth with clean hands to declare this Certificate of Status and Affying as a Spiritual being which possesses first
hand knowledge of the facts herein.

1. (Bryan-Glenn:Parker) born a Michiganian from the union of Mary-Ellen:Parker & Cleon-Glenn:Parker & by the seed
of his Bloodline which was passed from family fathers prior to 1860, eighteen hundred and sixty. Please see Exhibit #1

2. Hereby all signatures as Agent/Representative/Surety are rejected/Rescinded including any appointment to that
capacity or Intellectual Property created with or without consent, as well as any signatures of Bryan-Glenn:Parker
without the listed copyright, whether the signature is to known or unknown contracts, agreements or commitments,
and void of the Status as Taxpayer, U.S. Citizen or Voter. This documents signature however stands as authority. Please
see exhibit #2 & #3

3. , the Holder in Due Course with Superior claim of Beneficial Interest to the Organization or Trust evidenced by the
Authenticated Certificate of Live Birth which the conveyance being duly accepted and controlled by my () possession.
This Counter Deed evidences the perfecting of Legal & Equitable Title with Full Faith and Credit. Trespass on this Legal
Title by all others is without consent. Please see Exhibit #4

4. being Heir to the land of his Forefathers Bloodline dated prior to 1860, eighteen hundred and sixty evidenced in
Alaska Superior Court case #07022015-00012.

5. being without allegiance to all corporate entities Foreign or Domestic recognizes and hereby invokes the Declaration
of Indigenous People 13DEC2007 A/61/295, and willingly gives allegiance in a Strictly Private Capacity to the Nation/
Kingdom elected by .

6. may transmit the Coin of the Realm for Private purposes due to necessity and void of election.

7. , being formed as an Establishment of Religion and enjoying innocent Passage, Quiet Enjoyment and Safe Harbor,
shall lend aid and comfort to all fellow men operating under Lawful Capacity with Full Discloser for Substantial
beneficial Services.

Performing in the Capacity of life () Bryan-Glenn:Parker being settled as a Private American, furthermore saith not.
(33) Thirty three days are offered standing in honor for rebuttal of these facts.

Notary / Witnesses
_________________________________________ _________________________________________
() Bryan-Glenn:Parker
Ordained Clergy

cc to: Departments of, Treasury, Secretary's of State, Transportation, Attorney General, POTUS, Commerce, United
States Corporation Company, Office of Governor, United Nations, The Holy See.