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The two urethra. from tiny clitoral hood. which extend downward female genitals. Thus the clitoris internal structure and the vulva is the minora. visible as the small white translate as "large" and "small" lips. These labia to touch and pressure. there may be some variation. The labia prepuce. The term sexually arousing. However. The appearance of clitoris is protected by the prepuce.ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY majora generally hides. They are thin is. the clitoris mons pubis to the perineum. Both the ENTERNAL GENITALIA: There is also a longitudinal separation inner and outer labia are quite sensitive Vulva called the pudendal cleft. but clitoris does not contain any part of the connective and adipose tissue. but the organ itself is "vagina" is often improperly used as a elongated and branched into two forks. generic term to refer to the vulva or Labia Minora the crura. They contain numerous sweat body of spongy tissue that functions pubis. vestibular glands. partially or clitoris. collectively referred to as The Vulva. mons brown. It has been suggested solely for sexual pleasure. The color of the outside skin of the Clitoris This consists of the labia majora and labia majora is usually close to the labia minora (while these names overall color of the individual. The oval between the top of the labia often the "minora" can be larger. as well there are sebaceous glands. the other parts of the vulva. a covering of tissue lips that hide between the labia majora similar to the foreskin of the male The labia majora are the outer "lips" to large lips that protrude. They are pads of loose pubic hair on the labia minora. and clitoris. or Labia Majora labia minora can vary widely. vulva the vagina is akin to calling the stretches of tissue within the labia mouth the throat. Calling the lips of the vulva. There is no penis. vaginal and urethral openings. . The labia minora are the inner is much larger than most people think it exterior genitalia only. majora that fold and protect the vagina. about 4" long on average. The labia minora protect the entirely. The external female genitals are are usually covered with pubic hair.strictly along the rim of the vaginal opening speaking . is a small protrude outside the "majora"). as some smooth muscle. vestibular that the scent from these oils are or glans of the clitoris shows bulbs. the hood retracts.the vagina is a specific Medial to the labia majora are the labia toward the perineum. clitoris. and inside skin is usually pink to light minora and the clitoral hood. The clitoral glans or external tip of the urethra. although The clitoris. even though . vaginal vestibule. Only the tip (meatus). unlike the penis. the of the vulva. externally. The labia smaller lips of the labia minora come majora wrap around the vulva from the together longitudinally to form the During sexual excitement. opening of the urethra and oil glands. a fold that covers part of the erects and extends.

it is included in the woman has actually engaged in sexual that extends from the vaginal opening vulva. it development. A thin sheet of infecting the vagina and urethra with after first penetration can be due to tissue with one or more holes in it. its "intactness" has been considered a Vagina The opening to the urethra is just below guarantor of virginity. The hymen is usually Therefore. A transection is fallopian tubes where fertilization may The hymen is a thin fold of mucous caused by penetrating trauma. It is situated the passage of urine. In females the opening. This location issue is the tearing of the hymen. accessible. is large and the hood does not completely cover it. The size of the clitoris is vaginal orifice. It is about three to five inches urethra is 1. The vagina more common among females. observed protected and moist. on others. On some." can be seen in a that survive the acidic condition of the small percentage of women or girls vagina continue on through to the after first penetration. The normal hymen is never rectum. The blood that is with mucous membranes. women should always wipe penetration. membrane that separates the lumen of Masturbation and tampon insertion can. hollow tube sex or reproduction. but not always.5 inches long. the perforated during later fetal is not a reliable indicator of virginity or clitoral glans is very small. However.making the clitoral glans more Sometimes it may partially cover the cause penetrating trauma to the hymen. bacteria. occur. The urethra is does not completely block the vaginal between the urinary bladder and the connected to the bladder. Because of the belief that first vaginal INTERNAL PARTS: penetration would usually tear this Urethra membrane and cause bleeding. Although it is not related to hymen is a poor indicator of whether a The vagina is a muscular. medically referred intercourse from the penis. The urethra is actually used for intercourse because a normal hymen to the cervix of the uterus. compared to actually "intact" since there is always long in a grown woman. The sperm Hymen to as a "transection. but it can also be called the hymen. the appearance of the hymen variable between women. opening of the vagina. the vagina from the urethral sinus. the the clitoris. but generally are not forceful enough to . which keep it themselves from front to back to avoid sometimes. The muscular walls are lined anus. there is wall allows the vagina to expand and Because the urethra is so close to the not always bleeding at first vaginal contract. an opening in it. partially covers the reason for bladder infections being from injury to nearby tissues. receives sperm during sexual A tear to the hymen. chastity. Furthermore. The muscular males whose urethra is 8 inches long.

it of the pelvic cavity. . Located near the floor ovary does ovulate. or wider than a sewing needle. It also allows for the inner lining of the uterus to build up until a fertilized egg is implanted. narrow portion of the uterus the fallopian tubes. Approximately half its support the uterus. Uterus This fringed area. the remainder lies wide as a piece of spaghetti. implant and grow. At the "neck of the uterus". lies close to the ovary. called the infundibulum. with a thick lining and alternately release an egg. Where they join together forms tubes or the oviducts. or release an egg. They are protrudes through the upper anterior positioned between the ligaments that vaginal wall. or fertilized egg. The uterus is shaped like an upside. There are two where it joins with the top end of the fallopian tubes. The ovaries down pear. Within above the vagina beyond view. it is hollow to is swept into the lumen of the fallopian allow a blastocyte. When an muscular walls.Cervix Fallopian Tubes The cervix (from Latin "neck") is the At the upper corners of the uterus are lower. or it is sloughed off during menses. It is tube attaches to a side of the uterus and cylindrical or conical in shape and connects to an ovary. but is not attached. The fallopian tubes length is visible with appropriate are about four inches long and about as medical equipment. also called the uterine vagina. other end of each fallopian tube is a fringed area that looks like a funnel. Each fallopian an almost 90 degree curve. to tube by the fimbriae. It is each tube is a tiny passageway no occasionally called "cervix uteri".