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The Petitioner is Susan Lancaster (NRIC: 870515-10-1234) and her husband is Hans

Isaac (NRIC: 650524-10-5379). The Petitioner married her husband in New South
Wales, Australia on the 7th of May 2007. The Petitioner registered her marriage at the
National Registration Department in Shah Alam on the 7th of July 2010 after they
decided to reside in Malaysia. The marriage was kept from the Petitioner’s mother
because the Petitioner was afraid that her mother would object to her marriage with a
man who is 28 years older than her.

However, after they registered their marriage in Malaysia, she decided to introduce
her husband to her mother. Her mother is a single mother since she was born. When
she brought her husband to meet her mother, it was to everyone surprise when her
husband turned out to be her biological father. This was confirmed by a subsequent
DNA testing. Her mother also showed the divorce certificate dated the 10 th of
September 1986. Her mother also disclosed that she was pregnant at the time of her
divorce and that the pregnancy was unknown to the Petitioner’s biological father.

The Petitioner filed for an annulment of marriage on the ground provided for under
section 69(c) of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976.