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BMW Malaysia Price List

Effective date: 21 August 2014

Model Assembly Body Type Recommended Retail Price *

1 Series
116i CKD Hatch RM 170,800.00
118i CKD Hatch RM 190,800.00 ***
125i Sport CBU Hatch RM 238,800.00
125i M Sport CBU Hatch RM 253,800.00

2 Series
220i Coup CBU Coup RM 259,800.00

3 Series
316i CKD Sedan RM 209,800.00
320i CKD Sedan RM 241,800.00 ****
320d Modern CKD Sedan RM 248,800.00
320d M Sport CKD Sedan RM 268,800.00
328i Luxury CKD Sedan RM 293,800.00
328i M Sport CKD Sedan RM 309,800.00
335i CBU Sedan RM 488,800.00 ****
ActiveHybrid 3 CBU Sedan RM 538,800.00 *****
320d Gran Turismo CKD Sedan RM 298,800.00
328i Gran Turismo CKD Sedan RM 329,800.00
M3 Sedan CBU Sedan RM 738,800.00

4 Series
420i Coup CBU Coup RM 299,800.00
428i Coup Sport CBU Coup RM 358,800.00
435i Coup M Sport CBU Coup RM 525,800.00
428i Gran Coup CBU Coup RM 389,800.00
428i Convertible CBU Convertible RM 428,800.00
M4 Coup CBU Coup RM 748,800.00

5 Series
520d CKD Sedan RM 354,800.00
520i CKD Sedan RM 369,800.00
528i M Sport CKD Sedan RM 419,800.00
M5 CBU Sedan RM 901,800.00

6 Series
640i Coup CBU Coup RM 768,800.00
650i Coup CBU Coup RM 888,800.00
640i Convertible CBU Convertible RM 868,800.00
640i Gran Coup CBU Coup RM 788,800.00
M6 Coup CBU Coup RM 988,800.00
M6 Gran Coup CBU Coup RM 999,800.00

7 Series
730Li CBU Sedan RM 648,800.00
740Li CBU Sedan RM 818,800.00
ActiveHybrid 7L CBU Sedan RM 938,800.00

X1 sDrive20i CKD SAV RM 238,800.00
X1 xDrive20d CKD SAV RM 268,800.00

The New BMW X3

X3 xDrive20i CKD SAV RM 328,800.00
X3 xDrive20d CKD SAV RM 348,800.00

The All-New BMW X4

X4 xDrive28i CBU Sports Activity Coup RM 438,800.00

X5 xDrive35i CKD SAV RM 579,800.00
X5 xDrive30d CKD SAV RM 539,800.00

X6 xDrive35i CBU Sports Activity Coup RM 698,800.00

Z4 sDrive20i CBU Roadster RM 359,800.00
Z4 sDrive28i M Sport CBU Roadster RM 489,800.00

* Prices are for Personal Registration excluding Insurance.

** Limited stock. Please refer to your BMW Dealer for details.
*** Available with Sport or Urban line.
**** Available with Sport or Luxury line.
***** Available with Sport, Modern or Luxury line.
Excludes PUSPAKOM CBU Inspection fee of RM 15 for Passenger Cars, and RM 40 for 4x4.
Above prices are based on manufacturer recommended retail on-the-road prices.
All retail prices are inclusive of BMW Service+Repair Inclusive 3 years / 60,000km package, except 116i, M5 and M6.
BMW Malaysia reserves the right to change prices without any prior notice.
The above prices will remain valid until a written notice or new price list is issued by BMW Malaysia.