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2 2010
the brilliantly hot gas that swirls around them
Editorial before getting sucked in.) About 400 million
years after the Big Bang, the universe still
Strangely, right from our childhood the one thought that has haunted us all is the thought consisted of scattered stars and small, starving
of being alone in this large universe. Yet somewhere deep inside no one amongst us
black holes. Less than 500 million years later, it
wants to actually break this myth. But curiosity has always led to temptations and
was full of monster black holes embedded in
temptations lead to yearn of discoveries. And then there were a series of events from the
vast galaxies. How did things change so rapidly?
Betty and Barney Hill abduction episode to the claims that the megalithic Stonehenge
was built by aliens each instilling in our hearts everyday more and more hope of finding
someone offshore. So the first question to be solved is how deep or wide this sea actually

Has the hunt for extraterrestrial life found anything yet? There has been confusion here.
In 1996, Bill Clinton announced that Nasa had found life on Mars — but then Clinton
claimed a number of things that turned out to be not strictly true. Life has not been
found on other moons or planets yet, no. But almost all astrobiologists feel it's only a
matter of time. Water is far more common elsewhere than we thought. It's even present
on the moon, and there's probably more water on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, than in all
the earth's oceans. And where there's water, there's life.

But then just the other day we might find alga in the water of Titan or real amoebae on
moon. Well for most of us this wouldn't be very exciting. Because what we are looking for The most distant black hole known, nearly 13
is life that is beyond us, more intelligent and more elaborate.“It could be that life is billion light-years away, is the white spot in the
common, but intelligence is rare,” says Davies.(Paul Davies is a popular science writer, middle of this false-color image.
cosmologist and Chairman of SETI's Post-Detection Taskgroup.). And if there is any life
beyond, more intelligent than us, wouldn't it have found us already. It sounds like
Researchers ran a supercomputer simulation of
Stephen Hawkins' obvious question: “Where are all the time travelers from the future?”
the early universe and provided a tantalizing
The answer is there aren't any because something in physics won't allow us to travel
glimpse into the lives of the first black hole. The
backwards, in future may be but an encounter with past will never be made. And physics
arrives yet again in this case to state that no communication can be made at a research show that the first black holes were
speed faster than light. And even if we travel for years in that speed we will just enveloped by halos of dense, invisible matter
reach the grocer's next to our home. tens of thousands of times more massive.
Together, these constituted protogalaxies,
The irony of all of it being in process is that we are trying to building blocks of today's galaxies. During a
define and search for something as broad as life when we are period of frequent, violent collisions among the
still stuck in the basic meanings of space and time. And protogalaxies, their resident black holes
this ignorance induces in us the natural love that we experienced rapid growth spurts by merging
have for the sky, the stars, the cosmos and the with one another and gobbling up new
very concepts of astronomy. supplies of gas and dust. Merging
protogalaxies sent out shockwaves that compressed
Perhaps being in ignorance hence is far dense clumps of gas, helping trigger widespread star birth even in
more satisfying than the truth
regions previously dominated by black hole radiation. In a remarkably
itself... Keep Looking!!
short period of time, black holes shifted from lightweight bullies to
supermassive centerpieces of star-breeding galaxies.
Are Black Holes the Soon, astronomers may be able to directly observe the improbable
Architects of the Universe? era when black holes were among the most important objects in the
universe, helping to bring order to the Big Bang's formlessness. “In

B lack hole is undoubtably one of the most mysterious objects
in the universe. Because of their obliterating power, black
holes have often been seen as a destructive force. But new
evidence suggests that they gave order to the chaotic mess produced
by the Big Bang.
theoretical and observational astronomy, this is the cosmic frontier.”

Earlier black holes were considered very rare as they destroyed
whatever came in their way even light. But over the decades,
astronomers have realized that black holes are not so unusual after
all. Supermassive black holes existed when universe was less than a
billion year old. Since then, researchers have been trying to figure out
where these primordial holes came from and how they influenced the
cosmic events that followed. In 2007 scientists spotted a billion-solar-
mass black hole that existed some 840 million years after the Big
Bang, the earliest and most distant one ever observed. (Black holes
themselves are invisible, but astronomers detect them by looking for

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