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2010 5
“There are so many benefits to be derived from space exploration and exploitation; why not take what seems to me the only
chance of escaping what is otherwise the sure destruction of all that humanity has struggled to achieve for 50,000 years?”
-Isaac Asimov

Does the Big bang really spread it out?

I f you are thinking of blaming your spreading waistline on the
cosmology, give it up! Or so says Richard Price, a physicist at the
University of Texas, Brownville. He seems to have worked out that
while some objects are stretched by cosmological expansion others are
For example, your hat, dog or cat. They do not expand! According to
Richard Price, since atoms are made up of empty spaces, with electrons
orbiting the nucleus at distances typically many hundred times its
diameter, it seems reasonable to ask whether the electrons would be
dragged away by the expanding space-time.
To examine this, Richard conducted experiments on a simple hydrogen
atom containing one electron and one proton. He found, if the force
involved, that is the electromagnetic force in this case - binding the system
together is stronger than a certain critical value, the system will not be
affected by the cosmological expansion. This would imply that the system
bound by strong binding forces would not expand in themselves like our
solar system which is quite tightly bound by gravity. And so follows with
your desk or dog!
Another important finding of this experiment is that the atom can never
experience just a little stretching. Either they must ignore the expansion
1. The largest constellation
or be completely torn apart.
5. With sun at its centre
7. One of the form star takes after its fuel is
DID YOU KNOW ??? completely burned out
The 8.8 magnitude earthquake near Chile, which rocked 9. Element with which Red Spot is made up of
the South American nation on march 2nd may have tilted the 11. When 3 celestial bodies within the same
earth’s figure axis(the axis along which the mass of the earth is
distributed), thereby shortening the length of the day by gravitational system align to form a
1.26 microseconds as predicted by NASA. straight line, it is called.(6)
12. The only asteroid visible to the naked
QUIZ 13. It is a blue reflection nebula

1. The formerly called SIRTF (Space Infrared Telescope Facility) is now DOWN
commonly known as-----------.
1. This element was discovered on the Sun
2. What instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope allows scientists to
before it was discovered on Earth.
get the most information on the chemical composition of celestial
2. Largest asteriod ever discovered
3. Comet having shortest orbital period
3. A relatively flat, rapidly rotating disk of gas surrounding a black hole,
4. Layer of the Sun's atmosphere located
a newborn star, or any massive object that attracts and swallows
above the photosphere and below the
matter. What is it called?
4. When gases and dust in nebulae start gathering together due to
6. The study of biological processes that have
gravity, they form into large clumps. What are these clumps of gas
or could have evolved away from the
and dust known as?
5. What is the gap in Saturn's rings that divides the outer set from
8. A phenomenon produced when the solar
the inner set of rings called?
wind disturbs the atoms and molecules in a
6. Due to the Sun not being solid, it rotates faster at its equator than it
planet's upper atmosphere.
does at its poles. What is the name of this phenomenon?
10. Saturn's ring are made up of this
7. What is the name of the closest white dwarf to the Sun?
8. What is the most active meteor shower that takes place in August 13.Oort clouds 14.Canopus
every year? 9.Phobos 10.Water ice 11.Binary star Cygnus X-1 12.Bolides
9. Which of the moons of Mars scientists predict will crash into its host Division 6.Differential rotation 7. SiriusB 8.Perseids
planet soon?
Spectrograph 3.Accretion Disk 4.Bok globules 5.Cassini
1.Spitzer space telescope 2.Space Telescope Imaging
10. What is the main constituents of Saturn’s rings? ANSWERS : QUIZ
11. What was the first comet discovered? 6.EXOBIOLOGY 8.AURORA 10.WATER
12. What are meteors called that explode with a thunder sound? 1.HELIUM 2.CERES 3. ENCKE 4.CHROMOSHPERE
13. What is the name of the cloud that marks the edge of the Solar 9.PHOSPHORUS 11.SYZYGY 12.VESTA 13.PLEIDAS
14. What is the 3rd brightest star in apparent magnitude as seen from ACROSS
earth (after the Sun and Sirius)?

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