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Cadmium, Nicotine and Cigarettes: Any Hypertension Paradox?

CR Nwokocha1, J Spence1, EN Barton2

Tobacco smoke is said to be a complex mixture of many toxic 12). Cadmium toxicity and effects on tissue dysfunctions are
chemicals deleterious to the cellular and tissue functions in predicted on its ability to disrupt genomic processes through
the body. These include the polycyclic aromatic hydro- DNA methylation (13) and increase in the reactive oxygen
carbons (PAHs), aromatic amines and N-nitrosamines said to species (ROS). The increased oxidative stress occasioned by
be carcinogenic (1). The World Health Organization (WHO) cadmium exposure is reported to also cause an increased
estimates an annual mortality of about 10 million smokers by production of low-density lipoprotein and end products of
year 2025 (2), with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases glycation (14, 15), further increasing inflammatory cascades
being the major causes. Active and passive (second hand) and vascular damage. These increasing oxidative stresses in
smoke exposures are reported to be associated with transient the vascular tissues are the major causes of arteriosclerosis.
increases in heart rate and blood pressure, increased coronary Nicotine is reported to have anti-inflammatory and
vasoconstriction (3), haemodynamic stress, oxidant injury antioxidant properties with a capability to mop up free
(4), neutrophil activation, enhanced thrombosis and in- radicals (16-18), and is used to help subjects desirous of
creased fibrinogen and blood viscosity (5), dyslipidaemia, quitting smoking (19). Its actions are via the -7 nicotinic
proteinuria, endothelial dysfunction and increased blood acetylcholine receptors [-7nAchR] (20). Its effects on vas-
pressure (6), an observation very much under debate amongst cular tissues are vasodilatory in nature through the induction
researchers (7). of eNOS (21). Agarwal et al reported that long-term oral
The cardiovascular risk effects through smoking have nicotine reduced proteinuria and renal inflammations and
come from some such constituents as carbon monoxide, also preserved kidney functions (16). Some other researchers
ethylbenzene, isopropylbenzene, trichloroethylene, phenol, have reported negative potentials of nicotine to include in-
oxidant gases, cadmium and nicotine (1). These chemicals creasing the addiction, as well as some of the pharma-
have been implicated in damage to the kidneys as well as cological complications like cutaneous vasoconstriction (22),
other vascular tissues. acceleration of nephropathies, increased renal failure due to
A single cigarette smoke contains about 10003000 microalbuminuria and proteinuria (23). Cooper further stated
ppb of cadmium with 5.6E-06 cancer risk value [mg m3] (1, that nicotine increases lipid peroxidation and catalase
8), and affects both active and passive smokers alike. As activity, while decreasing the superoxide dismutase activity
such, smoking is considered and accepted as a risk factor for (23). Westman (24) and Najem et al (25) reported that
development and progression of chronic to end-stage kidney nicotine could cause elevation of the heart rate and blood
disease and diabetic nephropathy, disease conditions leading pressure. This may be through an inducement of the cFOS
to hypertension. Smoking is also reported to elicit an acute gene expression in areas of the brain essential in the
systemic adrenergic response (9). regulation of cardiovascular functions (26), and activation of
Cadmium toxicity has been linked to several cardio- the sympathetic nervous system (27). Such activation can
vascular dysfunctions through its damage to the vascular trigger a release of catecholamines, increased heart rate,
endothelium, reduction in availability of NO (nitric oxide) coronary spasms and systemic blood pressure. Nicotine is
and decrease in vascular smooth muscle cell viability (10, also reported to promote glomerulosclerosis, mesangial
11). The decrease in endothelial nitric oxide synthase proliferation and tubulointestitial fibrosis through production
(eNOS) protein levels also disrupts and interferes with signal of extracellular matrix and mesangial cells (28) and cause a
pathways and receptor functions, further resulting in vascular reduction of GFR (6), but effects on lipid profiles remain
dysfunctions. Cadmium is also reported to alter intracellular ambiguous (29).
calcium transient mechanisms and lead to increased vaso- Nicotine seems to have a dual effect: some usefulness
constriction, all leading to an increased blood pressure (11, and deleterious effects on tissue needs. That it is used in
therapy for smoking cessations with success becomes even
paradoxical with all the attendant reports of its deleterious
1Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Section of Physiology and
2Department of Medicine, The University of The West Indies, Kingston 7,
Jamaica. effects. McRobbie and Hajek (30) explicitly stated that
none of the effects of nicotine has been shown to be
Correspondence: Dr CR Nwokocha, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, pathognomonic. Smokeless and smoking tobacco have
Section of Physiology, The University of The West Indies, Kingston 7, similar effects of transient elevations in blood pressure but
Jamaica. E-mail:

West Indian Med J 2013; 62 (6): 487

488 Hypertension and Cadmium, Nicotine and Cigarettes

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