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Seeking assignments in Product Design and Development in the Embedded Platform with a growth
oriented organization preferably in the Software industry and work inline with the organizational

Professional Summary

 Proficient in designing products based on x51, ARM7TDMI-S, x86 & PIC cores using C, assembly
 exposure in Analog & Digital Video Signal processing for Cathode Ray Displays, High Definition
Liquid Crystal Display. Design & implement the Application layer for CRT, LCD & PDP HDTV’s
according LG Specs LG Specs for worldwide market.
 Expertise with firmware development of security system embedded products using 8 bit & 16 bit
 Proficient in designing Graphical User Interface or On-Screen Display (OSD) for CRT, HD LCD & PDP
 Expertise with all latest Analog & Digital Video interfaces standards like HDMI, DVI & RGB.
 Hands on exposure in various video test signal generators & set-top Box, Digital oscilloscope and
Picture quality testing titles.
 Hands on exposure in debugging the firmware code using remote debuggers and In Circuit
emulators, JTAG Interface.
 Gained exposure of software development life cycle and completed training on PSP (Personal
Software Process) and TSP (Team Software process) targeted to improve one’s software
development skills.
 A team player with strong communication, analytical, logical, abilities and experience of working
under cross-cultural and multi-lingual environments.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems : Windows 9X/ ME/ 2000/ XP, MS-DOS
Languages : C,C++,MCS-51series assembly Language, MCS-86/85
Communication Protocol : RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI, CAN,USB 2.0
Architecture : ARM 7TDMI-S, X51, X86,M16C
Emulator & Debugger : Win Idea 9.4(In circuit emulator),PD30(Mitsubishi) debugger
Compiler & IDE : Toshiba(TLCS-900 family),Keil (uVision 3/2),
Microsoft Visual C++ Studio, TM.3.20A (Renesas), Trident chip
Debugger, ST20 toolset, Paradigm Pro (Genesis).
Tools & GUI : Tornado 2.0,Trident Resource builder(v.7.0.8),Tedi Pro 1.01,
Workbench_3.0,PEG_portable_embeddedGUI(swells/w systems)

Mstar TV system Tool, Mstar Font generator,
Clear case configuration management tool.
Hardware Tools : Digital Oscilloscope, Video Signal Generators
RTOS : Vxworks,OS20(ST),Basic knowledge of RT-Linux and Internals.
Knowledge in Digital TV Standards.
Hand on Experience in RTOS (Vxworks) and working knowledge of Tornado tool including booting the
X86 target and downloading object modules and programming on Vxworks.

Project Undertaken:

Key Projects Handled:

Title: High Definition CRT TV_MStar Team Size: 1

Scope This Project is upcoming LG CRT HDTV design to worldwide market. This Product is focused
consumer market. This is the first High definition CRT model developed by L.G which supports HDMI
interface. It has various EU and Non EU inputs based on current standards. This Model is having
attractive user interface i.e. on screen display (OSD). MST9688 (Mstar SOC) and TB1307FG (Toshiba
Display and Deflection processor) were used.
Project Detail: MST9688 (Mstar SOC) Image processor is integrated to make low cost, high picture
quality image display.3D comb decoder integrated for decoding multi-standard (PAL, SECAM & NTSC)
Video signals. Mstar DCDI (Directional Correlation De-Interlacing), MADI (Motion Adaptive De-
Interlacing), Cross color suppression, Adaptive Color/Contrast management, & Noise reduction
algorithm are integrated to display best motion picture quality. Scaling & all Aspect ratio conversion
are implemented to view different inputs on CRT display .It supports all latest digital & analog input
(CVBS, S-Video, Component, SCART, & HDMI) with different resolutions according to LG specs. Inbuilt
multi-standard audio processor is used to provide good quality sound with all user functionality.
Attractive user interface is designed by the application of embedded on screen display controller to
facilitate all user & market requirement.

Hardware: MST9688 (Mstar SOC), TB1307FG (Toshiba Display and Deflection processor), FM Transmitter
module (RHOM Semiconductor. Co. Ltd.)

 Developed the Display and Deflection processor (TB1307 Toshiba) driver for displaying the picture
on CRT and to control various deflection and backend features.
 Designed and implement module for FM Transmitter. It transmits the Audio Signal of currently
tuned channel as Frequency Modulated signal between 87.7 to 88.9 MHz (Low Band) or 106.7 to
107.9 MHz (High Band) frequency. It uses a FM transmitting Hardware Module controlled by IIC Bus
and taking input from the audio output towards speaker.
 Aspect ratio conversion (16:9, 14:9, spectacles, Original, Full & Zoom) & enable video capturing &
 Designed and implemented the module for picture menu processing having different functionalities
such as PSM (picture status memory), CSM (color status memory), SVM (Scan velocity modulation),
High definition effect (XD) and Cinema Mode (3:2,2:2 Pull down), Virtual HD, Tint control, Degauss,
Tilt, language selection etc. according to the LG Spec.
 Software modification for Mode Detection, Mode set up for S-Video, Component, and CVBS signals
for MST9688 (Mstar) SOC.
 Design the Engineering service option menu user interface, application to link with middle layer,
various country service options & supported features.
 Involved in the implementation of the Digital audio signal processing for different Audio standards,
Automatic volume adjuster, Pre-scale, EQ and virtual stereo.
 Developed the user interface i.e. on screen display (OSD) module for main menu and service
menu to help smooth & fast mass production of TV sets.

Academic Projects Handled:

Title: Access keypad Team Size: 2

Project Detail: Access Control Keypad is a small sized, powerful and cost effective security system
based project and this is use to limit the access in particular room or department. In this system there
are 1 master and 4 users those can access the system. The master person can change the door opening
time, user passwords and also master password.

• Coding and Testing.
• Field Testing, approvals, Environmental testing, ISO documentation & Production support up-to
pilot lot.

Professional Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics Instrumentation & Control) from XYZ College of Engineering,
secured 67% marks (year)


Did a Full time one month certified course on “Real Time Operating System (Vxworks) & ARM7TDMI-S
architecture” from XYZ
Understood the basics and needs of a real time system and ARM processor.
Extra curricular achievements

• Completed Training on (PSP) Personal Software Process successfully.
• Team Software Process (TSP).

Personal Details

Address : XYZ

Permanent Address : XYZ

Home Phone Number : +91-0000-00000000

Date of Birth : XYZ

Marital Status : Xyz

Visa Status : XYZ

Passport No : Xyz

Languages known : Xyz

Hobbies & Interest : XYZ