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MyNameXyz Xyz Certificationlogo

Objective : Aspire to be a part of a value adding team of an
organization. Believe strongly in the concept of work
through positive motivation. Career planning consists of
effective implementation of task and responsibilities.

Education Qualification :

Exam Institute Board/University Year of passing Percentage
B.E XYZ XYZ December 2000 58.95%(aggregate)
T.E XYZ XYZ May 1999 53.83%
S.E XYZ XYZ May 1998 56.85%
F.E XYZ XYZ Nov 1997 55.50%
HSC XYZ XYZ March 1995 68.88%
SSC XYZ XYZ March 1993 78.00%

Professional qualification :

Sr.No. Course Content
1) Diploma in Hardware & Networking a)Assembling, installation & trouble
shooting of PCs.
b)Computer Networking (N+)
c)Windows 2000/2003 Desktop & Network
operating system, concept of DNS,
2) Software technology FoxPro, C, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop,
3) CCNA Certification LAN,Switches, Routers configuration

Work experience :

Xyz compound;

Position : Technical Support Engineer
Duration : From date to till date
Responsibilities : 1) Provide support for local LAN network..
2) Software Build Management and Implementation.
3) Taking the backup such as Daily, Weekly, and
Monthly of all the servers & Monitoring backup
activities using Veritas Backup.
4) Handling more than 550 users.
5) Updating windows patches, Mcafee Antivirus
6) Maintaining DHCP SERVER.
7) Maintaing WSUS for Patch Management.
8) Creating User accounts & assigning rights.
9) Administration of Windows 2000 Workstations
using ACTIVE Directory.
10) Installation & Up-gradation of hardware &

2)Xyz Company #2 Computers Ltd.

Position : Technical Support Engineer
Duration : From the year to till the year
Responsibilities : Provide Hardware / Software / Network support to clients.
Following are the few sites handling independently,

Xyz Company :Creating setup & Installation of
operating system, configuring services like DNS,DHCP,
,RIS,Terminal service and Application software .

Xyz Company :
1) Interacting with customers , understanding there
needs and requirement and provide customize /
cost-effective solution to the customer.
2) Provide GPRS support to Xyz customers.
3) Configuring wireless device and Laptops for Xyz
GPRS services like Xyz Live, MMS ,Mobile office,
EDGE enable devices, VPN.
4) Configuring Laptops for wireless communication
like WiFi, WiMAX
5) Wi-Fi testing at various hot spots.

Xyz Company :
1) Provide software support (Arbor / CCI/Call Flow)
2) Provide hardware support (Desktop, printers etc)
3) Lotus notes client configuration and support.
4) Cabling , Crimping and creating new lab setups
using hubs and switches.
5) Configuring IBM 306 X series servers for RAID 1
& 5 using SCSI controller
6) Installation and configuration of ADS on 2K server
7) Configuring RIP (v1, v2), IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF on
2600, series Cisco Routers.
8) Configuring VLAN on L2 (1900, 2950) and L3 (3550)
Catalyst switches.
9) Planning and designing the LAN and VLAN on Catalyst
1900, 2950 series switches.
10) Configuring ACL .

3) Xyz Company #3
Company Address Xyz

A]Position : "Trainee Engineer"
Duration : From date & Year to till date & year
Department : Designing and Wiring Department.

B]Position : "Engineer"
Duration : From the year to till the year
Department : Designing and Wiring Department.
Responsibilities : 1) Designing wiring layouts.
2) Inspect wiring work.
3)Design, test and inspect the wiring of the fire
fighting Panel .
4) Designing of security systems for residence.
5) Designing & testing of automatic Star/Delta

4) My Company # 4 Xyz
Company Address Xyz

Position : "Trainee Engineer."
Duration : From the year to till the year.
Department : Training and Industrial Engineering.
Responsibilities : To learn the circle diagram of electric supply distribution
and receiving substation, also got knowledge of L.V Cable
joints, types of cables used in BEST.

Project at degree level :

Name of Project : "MyProjectTitle Xyz ".

About myProject Xyz The project was done in our college
lab and was a working project. The basic operation of the Relay was to detect the over
current flowing through the machine and pass the signal to ADC(Analog to -Digital
Converter)which converts the analog signal from Current Transformer to digital signal
and send this signal to Microprocessor8085 which process the data according to the
program fed and send digital signal in return which is converted to analog by DAC
Converter and fed to circuit breaker which disconnect machine from supply.

Personal detail :

Name : MyNameXyz
Date of Birth : Xyz
Passport No : Xyz
Address : Xyz
Tel no : 000000000000000
E-mail :
Nationality : Xyz
Gender : Xyz
Languages Known : Xyz
Personality : Xyz
Hobbies : Xyz

The information provided above is true & best of my knowledge.