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Curriculum Vitae

Mail id:
Mobile :000000000000


To excel and grow in the sphere of Information Technology by working with such a growing
organization, which gives me better opportunity to prove my skills & rewarded to fulfill my dreams as well
as of organization.

Education Qualification
 Bachelors Degree in Science from XYZ University
 M.C.A. from “XYZ University”,Orissa in the year 2004 with 78 % marks

Professional Experience
XYZ, Bangalore: From July 2004 till date as Software Developer in .net (, c#,

Software Skills:

 Programming Language : C, C++, .Net
 Platform : .NET(VB.NET,ASP.NET)
 Database : Oracle 8i, MS Access.Sql Server2000
 Operating System : MS-Dos, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
 Web Tools : HTML, XML
 Web Server : IIS5.0
 MicrosoftTechnologies : VB.NET,ASP.NET,C#,ADO.NET
 IDE : Visual studio 2005

Project Profile:

Title : MyProjectTitleXYZ
Team size :5
Technology : C#.NET, ASP.NET. ,SQL SERVER 2000
Duration : Start month And Year – End Month And Year

ription :
This is a Task management environment where the Manager/Administrator
creates the new tasks and allots the task to different members of the group. The
job of managers includes.
 Managing Task Lists
 Managing Users
 Managing Applications
 Managing Notification
Every newly created task is associated with a set of preferences based
The task moves. Each task is assigned to a user or to a group of users who work
on that task.
The type of users which are part of task management is an administrator
and a manager. The privilege list for the manager is different when compared to
the administrator.
Project: #2
Title : MyProjectTitleXYZ
Environment : Windows-NT server
Technologies : VB.NET, ASP.NET, IIS 5.0, SQL SERVER 2000
Team Size : 8
Duration : April 2005 to Sept 2005


In an era where web development is taking priority over other areas of development.
Site Explorer is an ASP.NET/SQL Server Web Management System. The application is
controlled by two users based upon the access levels allotted to them. The admin user can do
every task with the application. Every user is specified with a minimum of one home directory
The web pages, Pages related content can be newly created as well as modifications
can be done on the existing documents, which will reflect a change on the outlook of the site.
A single user can have authority to manage number of sites but only the site which is set as a
home directory can be managed at a given moment of time. It also provides the features of
uploading and downloading the files needed for management.

Project: #3
Title : MyProjectTitleXYZ
Environment : Windows-NT server
Technologies : C#,ASP.NET,IIS 5.0,SQL SERVER 2000
Team Size : 8
Duration : Nov 2005 to Jun 2006


This project has been initiated based given by client. Detailed Report, formats have been
collected from the client and then photo copies of all Application formats Deposits, Loans,
Routines, Settings,Books, Reports, Window.

Features :-
Completely Integrated Menu Oriented Software
User Friendly
Advanced Security
Client Server Technology
Windows Based Software
Includes all features of Co-Operative Bank
Signature & Specimen Scanning Facility

This Package provides complete security by preventing external user to use the software by
using the login screen. With legal username and password

Personal Profile:

Name : XYZ

Marital Status : XYZ

Languages Known : XYZ

Nationality :XYZ

Contact Address : XYZ


I hereby declare that all the statements and information given by me in this
application are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Date: XYZ
Place: XYZ XYZ