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• Software Professional with Three years of experience in Design and
Development of software products

• Thorough knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts, OOAD, C+
+, Win32 SDK Programming, Windows internals, Visual C++ , MFC and
working experience in HTML, XML and JavaScript.

• Currently working as a XYZ

Post Masters in computer application
Gradua University : XYZ
tion Course Completion : 1997-2000

Graduation B.Sc. Physics
University : XYZ
Course Completion : 1994-97

C++, VC++, Qta ( C++ library ).
Win 98/NT/2000/XP
Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.0, Debug View
es and

Work Experience
XYZ Company • Responsibilities : Team Leader
Actively participated in the design and development of
XYZ, a plasma based wafer etching system. Involved in
design and implementation of the XYZ framework for XYZ

Actively participated in the debugging, onsite co-
ordination and requirement collection from XYZ

Team size : 5 Members
Period : 8 Months

Responsibilities : Onsite Engineer
XYZ Company
Actively participated in the maintenance of XYZ, a project
done for XYZ. Involved in the maintenance and
implementation of new requirements in XYZ

Team size : Single

XYZ (PVT) LTD Responsibilities : Development of Property Box,
Development of Hyperlink Object, Integration of objects
with Property box.

Actively participated in the development of the product XYZ
in Windows. This is developed in Visual C++ 6.0..This
product is a programming free software with which user can
build Animation files. User can put interactive objects like
Hyperlinks, Edit.

Team Size : 2 Members
Period : 6 Months

XYZ (PVT) LTD Responsibilities : Team leader.
• Handling of objects. (Data reading and rendering.)
• Export-Import text in objects.
• ExportToXml of exam file.
• PatternMatching.
• Keyboard access for objects.
• IAccessibility for objects.
2 XML exam development and rendering
3 Project scheduling and assigning tasks for the
team members. Actively interact with the team
members, by conducting weekly reviews.
Now working as team leader, which is developing the
advanced version of another product. This is developed in
Visual C++ 6.0.. This is a programming free software with
which user can create web enabled exams or exams which
can be played within a stand-alone / LAN / Web based system.
The exam file he created can be exported to xml so that the
file can be played in browser.

Team Size : 6 Members
Academic projects An on-line vehicle ordering system through which users
can place their vehicle orders.
Developed using ASP, JavaScript and SQLServer.
Duration : 6 months

Personal Details

Date of Birth XYZ

Martial Status XYZ

Passport XYZ
Language English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Japanese.
Address for
communic XYZ
Phone Number
Email id