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SPECIFICATION Ho' DDS-80:2007 L. -ii Arritrstrumentlranslormerinwhichthese.1?:-100/5' 40ci5' 6(.?'Icufrent. I rQEWARD I 0' of the transf: is based.'1oo.nai to the differs in phase 1. . ""t""-Cr"'*tt eactr of t'tdtlt shall ha-ve 1'CI% over current' 3 l ?1 Currelrl ffanslgrmers.C in with' curcil rarsfiontreropet rated three .i)0/5.o]nilV tn i"gi"it"rictr is approximately'zero for an ' iitpinpti"te direction of the connection' ?? llaltctl l)rinrary-Cgr19:1t : rmer .r cuRRFNr TUUI|!)FIUERS FoR METEBINQ I{ -:-- o.ts. -t'een y 17- of 2515'50/5 eac' :h'of whiih shatt ir....^. ..0/5' standardized in Elingi'?r^]9. .rimary current on wi. i is inlended for the puipose of procurement of matcrial and 02 I lris specilication .rich tre perfor. suUitantiaff' .llrisspecificationhasbeenpreparedbyDesigri&Standardsof{ice.0/5' ..Horlr {Rea{rg energy') melers' energy meters 3* 'lypc one namely W-OUNP PE.".irrntlrrrra| primary crirrent and conditions of u=". Wnlll)4. I.iinctucJe the provision of contract' when required' 03 llre specification is subiect to revision as and accordance with lEc-185 and IEC- current transformers shall be tested itr i 04 \9 60044'1 amended uPto date' I SCOPE rerililrcfprn'rers'to be used for metering TI I his spccification Describes LT Crrt . conjunction U*.piopo':lio..gond.Polter Wirtq..' starrdardizc:d in t*'o Oifo"tU ry ' 100% over current rated caPacnry- has I een 13 lype one namely t'\'lNIlCn'U TPF' of current ^transformer 29?.. of current tiansformer has.:: : -' phase . {.

powgl faclor . :l'h?se Dlqplaceugd 5 ?5 It ne Oilt"r*nce in phase between tlre primary & secondary current Vectors the direclion of the vectors being so chosen that the angle is zero for a perfect .rl the it- ratecJ secondary current and with':rated buiden:corlnected'to .'l'he irnpedance of the secondary circuit in O. 24 Current error (Ratio "rroi) 'lhe err'or which ttre transforiner introduce$ into the measurement of a cuireht and which arises from the fact that the actual transformation ratio is not equal to the raled transformation ratio.lransformer. i 2.l. A clesignation assigned to the cutrent transformer lhe enors of which rett .r fuctor) 'which the transforli"t l. I i Current error o/o = (Kn x ls-: lp) X100 I Whcre. & . The current error expressed in percirnt is given hry ttre formula.9 Baled-9-utP-ul 'lhe value of the apparent power (in volt ?mperes at a specified powe.* pttryty current vector. The phase displacenent is said to be positive when the tsecondary current vector leads S.7 .lurrjen I .The Burden is tusually'expressed as the apparent power in volt amperes abscrbed at a 'spccified power factor and al the rated secondary current 2B lratqdlullleL -l he value of the burden on which the accuracy requirements of the specifications are based- . lt is usually expres5ed in minutes or centiradians- NO [t:: fhis definition h stricily correct for sintrsoidal currents only 26 'As-ag$qy-Qla-r! t.Kn is lhe rated transtormaiion ratil lp is the actual primary curreni & ls is tne actual secondary current where lp is flowing under the ccnditions of Inreasurernent. ilttu"ded. -IlL'valrrr-'of seconcJary current onwhictr the performance of the liansformer is based. to subply tq thg sqcondary circuit . ?3 11 a te d -Se co{dq-Ly_qqrrent.:in wilhin ipecilied limits under prescribed conditions of use- : 2.

Ijhe pcak value of ttre primary 9uLt€ resultinS. wittrorttbeingdamagedelectricityormechanicallybythe winding being short ciriuited elcctrornaqnetic forcel]ir'* =u"ondary I 7 |'.IhevalueolthecrrrrentassignedbythemanufactureraStlrelowestprlmary o] itt* secondary current (lss) multiptied currenl (tps]"at orti"t-tnu rmi value not *i"""d 0'9 times the value *f the bv ttre transformation ratio (Kn) does bl':d91 uu'gun-u"ing equal to the r*e .?ving (texe)' expres$e(i the seconc...aconirrrlling mo?lsrirernont"sh"il--m-p*rror**I ffih' td-..lPs 2 "1?.Witirthe Energiz-ed al rated primary winding open-circu'.C..')' the reiLrlt of which is than rnandatory ? 1 3 I rrslrr-rme!l-t-89*I!!y-fuqntlE) rated primary nt'security current ( I ps) to the buirent (lpn) as e-xPressed by lheJormula lps .irect test (seen annex'.". Lhe secondary winding beittg ohe ser.m's value equal t: rreq'ency nf a-suOstantia'y sil.itn*irat o secondlry curent tq'.) Iiated instrument securitv currenl .hennsvalueoftheprimarycurrentwhichatransformerwillwiihstanclor effects.Bslqd Lnsllr{lst*s€qurj1y"-cgIIs$ Atype..oruJ without suffering shorl circuiled' ? 1 1 llatcd l)yrramic-currell-( l-gy!) i r tlia nrirn?rv cltrrent which a transformer will withstand.ary timiting "*r. 1 0 Rated short-ti&e-1be$relsgrrgnt flx) |. * ieconOary 'wiiding ii't r.gei.g.testmaybeperformedtlsirqfirn|onow-lngindirecttest.g . r#ffi.''.d.u" tlre conrPosi[e of 10%' lexc x 100 >10 lsn FS 3 lftlrisre?-tlllot_**9:r-en-tshouldbecalledintoquestion. E= 3i lon R L I !l I I I ..y rhis mey he express*rl by th* lsrfi$la' E'-Tl'v ** lss < 0.r to'or exc6ed the rared value ::r insirunrenr olllhr"Lil.ita.l#"-.q'qpn iurrent(lsn) multiplied bv tlir' ai a pierc.#i:'il..9-.

42 err lype onc the general shape shall be as shown in Fig: l.7 jfhe current lransformer ratio shall be clqarty rnarked on the body.6 crrrent lransformers shall be protected againstdarnage by the Use of housinglbody of PO LYC AR BO NAT ElEquivatent niateria L : 4. a DIMENSIONS a The dimensions shall be as per fig: I. 44 I he core shall be toroidal (ring) fdrm and it shall be rnade of high Grade silicon steel or solne olher low loss steel of suitable grade. lf.1 I he currenl transformers shall be single pole.asic rating-s Exten{gd ranqg Primary Secondary Primary Secondary ?-5 50 10 50 100 10 \^ . 4. 4_ GENEBAL REQU|RMENTS 4.he secondary winding shall termimte and fixed' permanently to lhe suilable terminals as shown in Fg lll.Tle terlninals shall be rigidly fixed to tlrc body and shall be of chromelhi*d platedrbrass" Note: A Transparenl tenninds cover shall be provided with proper sealing arrangerneril.short circuit conditions and it shall be non- hygroscoptic- KT -lhe 4.3 or typc lwo the general shape inatt be as shown in Fig: ll.ilafion used for secondary winding shall be able to withstand I-6e effects'oFhealing an&mechahicai'stressei to which it may ne iuqecieu in norma! operalion and under.i ! 5.0 RATINGS I 5'l Qjrr1_e11jlallgs [:or wound type ratirlgs as under have been standardized each of wlrlch shall have an exterdd range of 100% of the rated primary current. snd dry type. 4B f. ll & iil.s The insr.+" . 4. single ratio.

i .' with secondary camected to ynity without any damag.which shatl have an extended range of 200%- i . ! Easic ratinqs* Extended ranqe Primary SecondarY Primary SecondarY 100 200 given under.0 5 400 10 200 5 600 1g 300 40() 5 800 10 5 1200 10 600 I 5 1600 10 8fi1 9 ltxto 5 2000 10 5-3 !zunur be 5VA' ! n"rro output at the basic secondary c'rrent.4.thermal period of one second' 5 5 Bslei-Jrrsgb$on levsl I for one minute l-he rated insulation level shall be 3 Kv {r. 5 aryps shall ra 5._ any damage a The current transformer shall be able to wrtlptand.m.e.'wjthout durrent for a short time ovnamic ctment up to 2.s} Power FrequencY uot:tn:'* I I i : 6 tr : s l-e-ruPSfalge-rise i I I t I I I . : . eacn #.t:' co*esponAing to inu t"t*O ouiput.!Pto2oo%'orJneqrimal power factor butt'en current.rrrr"nt transfomEf drall be able td withstand wlthoqr.of g'perid of one current of up to 25li|nes the rated primary current. continuously 54 1 lhernalraltjrg damage i : l"tr* .2 Py:ramic rallng .5 times]. t^ second. i.4 lRated iofrtinupus thermal cunent' Thecurrentl. \|l tt. The other ratings standardized are.any f..ratdd.

with the secondary connected [o a unity Power factor burc1en borresponding to the rated output.7 @ ' The value of the instrument security factor shall be less than 5 (see ' CJef initions 2. I l i I I I v .5 60 45' 30 30 7. on the external rating'plate attached to the current transformer housing. l' : ! i ! I . ext.O RA ING PLATE I All the current translormers shall carry at tea!t the following lnfoi-mation.ri-ked rn current transformer housing to indicate the primary winding polaritics.ii:.0 0 75 0. 100/SA- d Rated frequency. Primary and secondary currents.tjtni: . Rated output and accuracy class and lhe extended current Ranlre (e g.'*. Manufacturers name or trade mark b.l The maximum temperature rise of the winding or that of the core Shall not exceed 50 deg.0 TERMINAL MARKINGS 71 l'he marking of the terminal shall be as'shown in Fig 2 " s 1 " & " ii2'.2 I'he terminals market'Pl' and'Si' shall have the same policy at tire s{r.13) t 61 The stardard accuracy class of all the current transformers of Differenl currenl r6$ngs shall be class 0. - : t. {]. i i f.'rall be marke'd on the secondary terminals whereas p1 & pz shall be instant. class 0. 6.ryspeciivety. All the Markings must. below in minutes 10 20 100 200 :10 20 100 2il0 1. which shall be marked.fhe /. 5VA. !. .5.displacemenl et error at percentage of percentage of rated snown rated current shown below. Type designation 'l'ire rated c. 5. 200%). "x. 7.3 marking shall be clear and indelible.2 Ttrc lirnils of error shall be as under: + percentage current ( ratio) + phase. indelible and distinct a. c when carrying a primary-current equal to 200% rated current.5 0. I e.S. Meter security factor n<5.

ing.tnr-rsoog ALAM) ' :E NGINEER cHl EFI &tSTANDARNS) {DESIG N& DY. I pL* Qu.5 Kv Peak.l .u"h ut to produee primaty current glrms value. PACKING :_ rr:t gacfr current. i 10.orr 6u apptied fdr f minute tct the primary wind. I 1 One test shall be selected from (a) or { b) below I (aJ with the secondary winding open circuited. which ever be lower' (b) wth the primary winding open circuited a voltage at rated ft:quency The val re of the sha6 be apptied for 1 miiute to the ieconOary win?ing' value . which correspcllds to a I lhe extende. a voltage at raied frequency value ot |!e * produce a secondary cuffent 9! rrns peak' *qn the extended fange secondary current or a value cf 3'St(v "ito nrhich ever be the lower' @r 1I.t. '.]:_? I .|AS$AN Kl"lAN) ULI (MOilAMMAD AKBAR) | (rr.rott"g* shall be sucn as .t ' wlz) .transformer shall 6e securely packed in an individual carton t by Railway or truck capable or wirnitanding the rigorous of tr-ansportation i 12 ENql=glgltRE-g I I fui t. The 4 I value equal tqt vgtfage shail be .1 -#ell .ang" primary current or a i secondary voltage cf 3.1 9-vef-V-ollage-lntqr turn Test .1. DIRECTOR (DAS) l'nrcrl:.

tf the p-ointer lfrng in tte same direction as before ( Positive ). Fn'dsh General workmanship poor.iether and earth: the frame being connected to earth. I.. ll.s lhe orrllet terminals of lhe sarne winding $o as to Get a small positirre defrsslio. withstanclrfor 1 minute a test voltage of 3 Kv rms which shall be substlntialfy. 7& Ratio nol marked on the body 3. 'lhe dimensions shall.ween the primdry conCr:ctor and earlh. ll & verified forconlormance to those given Fig.. of lhe pointer. thepolarii'7 is c lrrect lf lhe pdinter srirgs in the negative direclion.e. \^ r I . The test voltage shall he applied between terminal of the secondary win.' _-_1.Jing connectec lo. sinusoidal waveform a:rd of any convenient frequency between. the polarity is incorrect 1 0 9 P-sw.. presence of rust on any part.nding ani then with direct current passing lhrouqh lhe secondary utinery.25 & 100 i{2. Voltn-rtter :rcros. lll lO B Verificatio-n pf Bp-lgg tebelgldcr [Jsc of a conductor for the Printrywi. thereb! inducting a voltage in the p iinary winding ( lnductive kft*) ttrtrich will cause a defleclion in the voltnreter.lz shall be applied for one minute bel. the frame being connected to earth.:- .::! Then hansfer the two voltmeter leads directty acror:s the lransformer to the alfiacent primary respectively corespondingl teads The direct current excitation b then broken.:.10.-8rc-qgengr-Ie$ r an Primarv Windinq --J For type one a test voltage of 3 Kv rms.een zs & 100l. which shall be substantially sinusoidal wave form and of any convenient frequency belv. I 10 10 llqWg1-l:le-qUercV Test On $ecqndA i g f ltc secondary winding insulation shall. Any component part missing or damaged Rating label/sticker missing Terminal loose 2 Markings Jh" marking of the terminal or tha{ on ilre ratrng label/sticker not conforming to clauses g. connect a lrigh voltage i.6 Visual fXaminatjpn 'l lte currenl transformers shall be examined visually for the defects As urrder: Exarnination Defecti 1. Oonstruction Not of General shape shpwn in Fig: 1.

1rr transformer and the burden shafl be the rated burden. .. The currer. -r -'-*.u"ond"ry winJing .Tlre frlllowirrg typre tests shall.for CT. ratio 25lS A anrl 5015 A shall be performed in accordance with IEC-1c5 and IEC-60O44.he rorltitte accLlracy tesl striafl be conductecl lor only one value of cur. fower freguency test on primary winding not exceed the rated varue.:en lre -.+.' ' v . b transfornter shall be deemed to have atiained a steady t**pui"ioiu rate of tenrperature rise does not deg. 10. i.t .:nt ai-r1 burden The current shdl be ffre vatue of rated extended range or}-1e cilrrr.q .. t0 4 UqttulrentS. I . c. Verification of teiminal markings e r" f..ffiiliilttt. tnp_efglUre-Bjse_tegl 'A tdst shall be made to provide compljance with clause'slrument.made fcrr each curretrt value-r givLn m oaus!vvaqrr\ ib..5 $bojlTime Current Test : Short time circuit raling af 12.ecuritv Cunent. *. i 91 iTyp. llr.r<lnn e.. : .6. s 2 Bqqtir:elesls i I y:T.The test shalt be conducted to prore cornpliance wiilr clause 6.A_cqqla. d.". be performed on ir"liflercnl type or raling one current transfornrer *f eaclr offered. al zsa/a and 100% of rated | 0.. The test may be made with current does lhe primary current and the other med.r frequency test on .i c lnstrunrent security current test.r . amende{up to date ..uqu'!-9.c-ond. . 10 3 fe. I d..2 B_qrrtrjte.^^ A---- ype Accuracy test. Srrort time current tebt for c'f with fixed primary winding.e _-T_q_qt.5 KA for one se. rhe test shall be corducted lo prove that.. Gl Over voltage inter turn test. -fests slrall tre .rofilr"rrring h. il IT_.noary il. g.h:.qyJe$ T. Routine accuracy test.rE-$ls_ *. b Tenrperature rise test.. lil =s*".'. IO TEST ilETHODS- lo I *gg&r. ceniigraol6l..