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*Pre Maneuver Checklist: Steep Turns:

Clearing Turns Complete Altitude Min. 1500ft. AGL
Fuel Selector Both Airspeed VA or lower
Mixture As required Bank 45 Degrees
Carb. Heat As required Power Add 100-200 RPM
Magnetos Both Pitch Slight back-pressure
Primer Locked Trim As required

Power-Off (Approach) Stall: Slow Flight:

Altitude Min. 1500 ft. AGL Altitude Min. 1500ft. AGL
Carb. Heat On Carb. Heat On
Throttle 1700 RPM Throttle 1700 RPM
Flaps As Required Flaps As Required
Stabilized Approach Obtain Airspeed Min. Controllable
Throttle Reduce to Idle Throttle Add as Necessary
Pitch Attitude Landing Attitude
Recovery Short-Field Takeoff:
Back Pressure Reduced Flaps Up
Throttle Full Open Runway Use maximum available
Carb. Heat Off Brakes Hold
Wings Level Throttle Full Open
Flaps Reduced 10 Engine Inst Check
Pitch Vy Attitude Brakes Release
Flaps Up (when VSI = 0) (Takeoff)
Airspeed Establish Vx or Vy before Rotate 55 knots
returning to normal flight Airspeed Vx
attitude Flaps Retract clear of all
Power-On (Departure) Stall: Airspeed Increase to Vy
Altitude Min. 1500 ft. AGL
Carb. Heat On Soft-Field Takeoff:
Throttle 1500 RPM Flaps 10
Altitude Maintain Runway Align on runway
Airspeed Slow to 60kts centerline w/o stopping
Pitch Establish Takeoff Config. Yoke Full Aft
Throttle 2200 RPM (Takeoff)
Carb. Heat Off Pitch Into Ground Effect
Recovery Airspeed Vx or Vy
Back Pressure Reduced Flaps Retract clear of all
Throttle Full Open obstacles
Airspeed Establish Vx or Vy before Airspeed Increase to Vy
returning to normal flight
attitude Short-Field Landing:
Flaps 40
Ground Reference Maneuvers: Touchdown Within 200 ft. of specific
Altitude 600 - 1000 ft AGL point.
Entry Downwind Braking Maximum, consistent
Exit Downwind with safety

Soft-Field Landing:
Flaps 40
Touchdown Softly, mains first
Nose wheel Gently lower
* The Pre Maneuver Checklist must be completed prior to any private pilot maneuver