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School : SMA PLUS N 07 Kota Bengkulu

Class/Semester : XI/2
Subject : Bahasa Inggris
Material : Spoof text
Focus : Reading and Writing
Time Allocation : 2 X 45 Minutes

A. Standard Competence:
1. Comprehending and practicing the religious values professed
2. Comprehending and practicing honesty, discipline, reponsibility, attention, politeness,
responsivity, and activeness and behave as the part of solution of various problems in
communicating effectively in social and natural environment also in putting oneself as
nations guide in worldly association
3. Comprehending, practicing and analyzing factual, conceptual, and prosedural knowledge
based on curiousity about science, technology, art and culture, and humanities alongside
nationalism, citizenship, humanism and civilization according to recent event and
phemenone, also implementing procedural knowledge in specific field in line with potency
and interest in solving problems .
4. Processing and providing, in concrete and abstract domains related to the development of
what students learn a school independently, and being able to use methods according to
scienctific principle.
B. Basic Competence
1. Being grateful for the oppurtunity at learning English as an international language
2. Showing responsible, atentive, cooperative, and peace-loving atitude in doing functional
3. Analyzing social function and linguistic aspect at Spoof text based on the contextual

C. Competence Attainment Indicators

1. Students are truly able to learn English about love text in conversational content
2. Students are able to show their attention, confidence and responsibility in doing
communication related to love text
3. Students are able to identify social function, idiomatic meaning, and linguistic aspect from
the topic found in the text
4. Students are able to do simple communication about Spoof text
5. Students are able to make responses in doing communication related to Spoof text

D. Material

Purpose : To tell an event with a humorous twist

Text Organization :

(Who were involved in the story, when, and where)
(Tell what happened in chronological order)
(Provide the funniest part of the story)

Language Features

The use of action verbs

(e.g. : Walked, laughed, ran away)
The use of connectives
(e.g. : first, then, finally)
The use of adverbial phrases of time and place
(e.g. : in the garden, two days ago)
The use of simple past tense
(e.g. : He walked away from the village)
New Baby

A woman was sitting at home entertaining her parents who had come around to
congratulate her on the birth of their first grandchild.

So, when can we see the baby?, asked the grandmother.

In a little while, replied the mother.

Some time passed. The grandparents were looking quite anxious at this point.

So, when can we see the baby?, asked the grandfather.

When the baby starts crying, replied the mother.

The grandparents turned to look at each other, a little perplexed and asked, Why do we
have to wait until she starts crying?!

The mother snapped back, because I put her down somewhere this morning and I cant
remember where she is!

Magic Mirror

So there were girls: an ugly redhead, a fat brunette, and a dumb blonde.

The three girls were at a historical inn. They stopped to take a tour. The innkeeper showed
them a mirror. He said that if you told a lie in front of it, you would disappear.

The ugly redhead went up to the mirror and said, I think Im pretty and POOF! She

Then the fat brunette went up to the mirror and said, I think Im slim and POOF! She
was gone too.

Then the dumb blonde went up to the mirror and said, I think --- and POOF! She was
E. Teaching-Learning Activity
NO Activity Time
1. Opening Activit: 15 minutes
a. Showing ones readiness by checking the attendance and
uniform orderliness, position and seat are fitted with the
learning activity.
b. Giving example communicatively related to Spoof text
c. Explaining basic competence and the objective to be achieved,
it is the students are able to communicate in the context of love
d. Preparing media and supportive tools for teaching-learning
2. Core Activity: 60 minutes

- Students are listening and writing the explanation given by the
teacher about the Spoof text

- Studdents are reading the example to comprehend the using of

the Spoof text

- With the help of the teacher, students are identifying social

function, and idiomatic meaning from the texts served in the


With the guide of teacher, students are questioning the social

function, contextual using, and the idiomatic meanings from the
texts found in the book

- In pairs, students are instructed to Spoof text based on the
comics pictures given by the teacher

3. Closing Activity:
a. Doing evaluation and refelection by giving question and asking
students reaction about the activities done as an input and
evaluation material for the next meeting
b. Planning and giving the follow-up by giving homework in
individual or group about Spoof text
c. Explaing the lesson plan for the next meeting

F. Media/Supportive Tools/Sources
1. Media/Tool : Slate, Question Cards, LCD Projector
2. Sources : English Zone for Senior High School Students Year XI by
Eka Mulya Astuti
: Look Ahead book


DPL/Guru Pamong Mahasiswa PPL

Ivika Angreini S.Pd Debi Irawan

NIP. 197910272003122005 NIM : 1316230796