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Do you know where your fleet is when you need to?

Team Simoco offer AVLS solutions over a wide range of systems, be it

conventional, MPT 1327 trunked or digital, so the choice is yours.

Incorporating AVLS into our range of radio communication systems efficiently gathers
GPS data from your vehicles. This data allows our selected AVLS packages to display
and track the location, speed and direction of the vehicles within your fleet.

Whatever your requirements Team Simoco has the solutions. With simple low level entry
packages for small fleets to sophisticated high level entry packages for larger fleets.

Team Simoco offer total flexibility by providing scaleable solutions.

Reporting can be constant or event driven in our user friendly, cost effective solutions.

Maximise fleet efficiencies and reduce operation costs.
Know the location of your vehicles, thus allowing operation flexibility
Reduce fuel cost
Route planning
Accurate scheduling of deliveries
Accurate scheduling of preventative maintenance
Accurate billing of deliveries
Help to reduce engine idle time
Help to maintain EC work time directive

Reduce Improper Use
Help to reduce unproductive activity
Help to reduce after hours use
Provides archive data for insurance claims
Locate stolen vehicles

Interfaces for in-vehicle tracking, job despatching and
panic buttons for additional security are also available.
Radio System


Radio Tower

GPS Antenna

SRM9000 incl.
option board

AVLS Package

Function Entry Advanced
Polled solution ✓ ✓
Non-Polled solution ✓
Real time map display ✓ ✓
Replay mode ✓ ✓
Status messaging ✓ ✓ For additional
Find location ✓ ✓ information on this or
Find vehicle ✓ ✓ any other Team Simoco
Pin tool ✓ ✓ product, visit our web
site at:
Layer tool ✓ ✓
Measure tool ✓ ✓
Snail trail ✓ ✓ Due to our policy of
Selective polling ✓ ✓ continuous improvement
Fleet log ✓ ✓ of our products and
Follow function ✓ services, technical
Report generator ✓ ✓ specifications and claims,
Speed report including speed threshold ✓ ✓ correct at the time of
Activity report ✓ ✓ going to print, may be
Stop report including stop threshold ✓ ✓ subject to variation
Engine report ✓ ✓ without prior notice.
Oracle Database ✓ Team Simoco has
Fully Configurable reporting ✓ endeavoured to ensure
MapInfo compatible maps accepted ✓ ✓ that the information in
MAP27 interface ✓ ✓ this document is correct
Route planning function ✓ and fairly stated, but does
Despatch and 2 way messaging ✓ not accept liability for any
error or omission.
Geo-fencing ✓
Locate nearest available resource ✓
Scheduled events ✓ Team Simoco Ltd
Internal/External GPS Interface ✓ ✓ Field House
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