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Employment Standards Assignment

1. What is the Employment Standards Act?

The Employment Standards Act Set minimum standards for wages and working conditions in most work places
in British Columbia.
Who is not covered by this act?
This act does not cover employees excluded from the provincial jurisdiction.

2. Minimum Wage:
Are there two minimum wages? Explain. What are the new minimum wages going to be?
There are two minimum wages, one for regular employees and one for liquor servers. On September 15, 2016, the
minimum wage for regular employees rose from $10.45/hour to $10.85/hour and the liquor servers minimum
wage rose from to $9.20/hour to $9.60/hour.

3. Minimum Daily Pay:

What is the minimum amount of hours that you are paid if you show up for work, even if the boss sends you
The minimum amount of hours that youre paid for showing up to work is 2 hours.

You are scheduled to work an 8-hour shift then the boss asks you to work another 2 hours. How many hours must
s/he pay you for?
An employee who is scheduled for more than 8 hours must be paid for a minimum of 4 hours even if the employee
works less than 4 hours.

You show up for work and work 1 hour before a power failure happens so the boss sends the entire staff home.
How many hours must the boss pay each employee for the day?
The boss must pay each employee for 2 hours for reasons beyond the employers control. in this case, its the
power failure.
How many times a month must your boss pay you?
The boss must pay you at least twice a month.

4. Work Breaks:
How often does an employer have to give you a 30 minute meal break?
At least once every 5 hours.
How many coffee breaks does an employer have to give you?
What is a split shift?
A working shift separated into 2 or more periods in one day.
5. Paydays and Payroll Records:
You were paid for the months of January on the 3rd and 18th and for February on the 10th and 14th. Is the
employer allowed to do this? Explain your answer.
Yes, an employer must pay an employee all wages within 16 days in between. The payment must be paid within 8
days at the end of the pay period. Therefore, all payment should be received in 24 days.
What must appear on your written or electronic pay statement (pay stub) each pay period?
Hours work, rate of pay, earnings and deductions.
What is vacation pay? How much is it?

When the employee takes a vacation after one year of employment, vacation pay must be four per cent of the
employees total earning from the previous year. After five consecutive years of employment it increases to six per cent.
A person who is employed for less than a year is not entitled to take a vacation, however they still must be payed 4 per
cent vacation pay.

6. Overtime:
You earn $10 per hour. What would be your gross pay (before taxes) if you worked:
10 hours in one day? $110 30 hours in one week? $300
7.5 hours in one day? $75 50 hours in one week? $550
7. Uniforms and Special Clothing:
You work in a mill where you are required to wear hearing (ear) protection, steel-toed boots and safety (eye)
goggles. Who must pay for this equipment?
The employee must pay for this equipment because personal safety equipment required are not considered
special clothing.
You work in a restaurant where you are required to wear tan coloured pants, a black collared shirt, belt and casual
shoes. Who is responsible for supplying the outfit? Explain.
The employee is responsible for supplying the outfit because clothing that arent easily identified with the employer,
such as clothing with the company logo are not identified as special clothing, therefore the employer will not supply it.

You work at a golf course and are required to wear a white shirt with the company logo on it. You must also wear
dark coloured pants or skirt. Who is responsible for supplying the outfit? Cleaning it? Explain.

The employer is responsible for supplying the white shirt with the company logo on it because it counts as special
clothing. The employer is also responsible for cleaning and maintaining the outfit at no cost to the employee. However
the employee must provide the dark coloured pants or skirt themselves because it doesnt count as special clothing.

8. Deductions:
What deductions must you pay (or have come off your cheque)?
You must pay deductions required by law (eg. Income tax, EI, CPP).
What deductions are optional (your choice) to have come off your pay cheque? Provide examples.
Other deductions may be made if the employee agrees in writing, such as cash shortages, breakage, damage to
company property or loss resulting from a costumer leaving without paying.
9. Statutory Holidays:
What are the two (2) conditions that you must meet in order to be paid for a statutory holiday?
1. Have been employed for at least 30 calendar days.
2. Have worked on at least 15 of the 30 days before statutory holiday.
How much do you make per hour if you work a statutory holiday?
Time and a half for the first 12 hours worked and double time after the 12 hours, and an average days pay.
10. Leaving the Job:
Do you have to give your employer advance notice that you are quitting your job?
No you dont need to do so, but the employer will appreciate it if you notice them.
Why would it be a good idea to let them know?
Youll leave a good impression for the employer if youre coming back to work for them again. You can possibly
use the employer as a reference and by letting them know they can quickly make changes and find someone to fill
in your position.
What does being laid off mean?
Being laid off means youre terminated. This can be due to reasons that are not related to your performance, such
as staff reductions.
When would you get terminated?
Its the employers decision, depending on the situation.
What are some reasons that an employer can fire you? Does the employer have to give you notice that you are
being fired?

You can be fired due to performance issues, damaging companys property, violating company policy etc. A
notice is not required if
The employee has not completed three consecutive months of employment
Quitting or retiring
Dismissed for just cause
Works on an on-call basis for temporary assignments
Employed for a definite term
Hired for specific work to be completed in 12 months or less
Impossible to perform work due to unforeseeable event or circumstances
Whose principal business is construction employs the employee at one of more construction sites
Refuses reasonable alternative employment
The employee is a teacher employed by a board of school trustees.

If you are fired how long does the employer have before s/he must pay all your wages?
Final wages must be paid within 48 hours after the last day a terminated worker works.

What is a Record of Employment (ROE)?

A record of employment is a form that states how long you worked, earned and the reason for leaving that
employer. Its also used to determine the amount of benefits youre eligible to receive from Employment
11. Vacation Information:
You just started a full time job so how many weeks of holidays will you be entitled to in your first year?
2 weeks.
after 4 years
3 weeks.
12. Protecting your rights:
Why is it a good idea to record the date, time and details of an incident that may have occurred at your work?
So you have the evidence and records of the incident if further investigation is needed.
Why do you think it would be a good idea to keep a record of the days and hours you have worked?
It makes it organized, so when youre receiving your wages you can check if it matches the days and hours you
have worked. You can inform your employer if it doesnt.

13. Explain why it is your responsibility to know your rights as a worker.

Its your responsibility to know your rights as a worker because you can make sure theyre not violated by
others. Being ignorant can cause you to be exploited by the employer and other workers, such as not paying you all your
wages and making you work overtime for free. Knowing and protecting your rights ensures your safety and keep you
informed if something is not right.