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CME Globex

Access Directory
Global Leadership in the Financial Marketplace

CME Group is an entity formed by the merger of CME and CBOT. We
bring more than 250 years of expertise to the global marketplace, and
are the largest and most diverse exchange in the world for trading
futures and options. We offer the widest range of benchmark products
available on any exchange that cover all major asset classes, such as
interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, commodities, energy and
alternative investments.

CME Clearing matches and settles trades and guarantees the
creditworthiness of every transaction that takes place.

CME Group is traded on NYSE and NASDAQ under the symbol "CME."
CME Group-Certified ISV Prime Anaytics, LLC. 22 Lind-Waldock Lind Xpress 39
Trading Applications RTS Realtime Systems Group 23 Morgan Stanley 40

actant, Inc. 03 Stellar Trading Systems 24 PFG, Inc. BESTDirect 41
Online Trading
Aegis Software, Inc. 04 Townsend Analytics 25
Prudential Financial 42
alphaEdge 05 TradingScreen, Inc. 26
Derivatives, LLC.
Bloomberg Tradebook, LLC. 06 Trading Technologies 27
Rand Financial Services, Inc. 43
International, Inc.
Communicating, Ltd. 07
RedSky Financial 44
ComunyTek Consultores S.L. 08
R.J.O’Brien & Associates 45
CQG, Inc. 09
CME Group-Certified TransAct Futures 46
CTS 10 Broker Trading Applications
TradeStation Securities, Inc. 47
EccoWare 11
UBS 48
ABN AMRO Global Futures 29
FFastFill 12
ADM Investor Services, Inc. 30
FlexTrade 13 CME Group-Provided
Alaron 31 Solutions
Fidessa Financial 14
Bank of America 32
CME EOS Trader 49
Calyon Financial 33
ION Trading 16
CME GALAX-C Handhelds 50
Credit Suisse PrimeTrade 34
Marex Financial 17
Fimat USA, LLC. 35
Object Trading 18 Proprietary Trading Firms
HSBC 36 and Trading Arcades
Orc Software 19
Interactive Brokers (IB) 37 Advantage Futures, LLC. 51
Patsystems 20
Lind-Waldock LindConnect 38 Allston Trading, LLC. 51
PhotonTrader 21
The Archelon Group 52 Saxon Financials Limited 61

Consolidated Trading, LLC. 52 SMW Trading Company, Inc. 62

Cornerstone Trading, LLC. 53 TradeGroup 62

Darwin Capital Trading, LLC. 53 TransMarket Group, LLC. 63

DE Trading Corp. / 54 Van der Moolen 63
International Trading Group Financial Services

The Dowd Wescott Group 54 Willowbrook Trading, LLC. 64

DRW Trading Group 55 Wolverine Trading, LLC. 64

FCT Group of Companies 55

Fusionary Trading 56

Gator Trading Partners, LLC. 56

GHCO (Goldenberg, 57
Hehmeyer & Co.)

Geneva Trading 57

Getco, LLC. 58
The Harrison Trading 58
Group, LLC.

Infinium Capital Management 59


Kingstree Trading, LLC. 60

Optiver 60

Photon Trading Room / 61
FuturePath Trading

Welcome to the CME Globex Access Directory. This The directory presents a variety of solutions
offered by four groups of providers:
About CME Group Certification
The CME Group electronic trading environment
directory is intended to help futures traders and » Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
is highly complex and includes order routing,
trade matching and market data components.
» Brokerage Firms
trading firms identify and understand the universe Electronic trading on the CME Globex platform
» CME Group is available virtually around the clock from
of providers offering CME Group-certified front-end » Proprietary Trading Firms and Trading arcades Sunday afternoon through late Friday afternoon
(U.S. Central Time). While it is essential that the
All software applications offered or supported
trading applications and access to the CME Globex by the companies included in this guide are:
CME Globex platform be flexible and open to
accommodate the needs of many different
platform. » Certified by CME Group for compliance kinds of traders worldwide, it is also essential
with the iLink order routing interface and/or that all software programs interacting with the
Market Data Platform (MDP). platform work together seamlessly.
» Committed to keeping current with Therefore, all applications designed to connect
enhancements and changes to CME Group to it directly must successfully complete the
interfaces and functionality. CME Group certification process before being
This directory is only available online as a enabled in the production environment.
downloadable PDF CME Group and front-end providers together
To learn about the development process test all key function points in regard to
for these interfaces, please see Access for connectivity and trading. In broad terms, all
Developers at software certified for the CME Globex platform

» Properly receive and display all critical
information about the market, especially
if a particular product or the entire market
is halted during regular market hours.


» Handle connectivity to CME Group and » Be designed to accommodate new Current connectivity choices are as follows: Client INTERNETLink: With this choice, clients
manage trading sessions in the protocols products and new initiatives developed connect to the CME Group-provided front-end,
DIRECTLink: The CME Group managed
provided. This includes proper log on, by CME Group. CME Globex Trader, using a secure Virtual Private
network provides customers with the circuits,
message sequencing and weekly resets as » Be designed to quickly and easily adapt to Network tunnel over the Internet. Available
back-up connection and hardware required.
well as the graceful handling of disconnects any configuration changes, such as changes worldwide.
Available in the U.S. only.
and reconnects. in trading hours, matching algorithms or » Customer chooses a tier-one Internet provider.
» Be capable of proper order entry and size of market depth, without the need to » Bandwidth:
» Bandwidth available in increments of .5 Mbps.
cancellation, as well as receipt of both order make software changes. • T1 Frame connections
acknowledgement and fill information. » Network monitoring and support provided
• 20 and 40 Mbps Ethernet connections
About Network Connectivity by client.
» Not adversely impact themselves or other » CME Group provides carrier diversity by
While individual traders using this directory
customers. For example, one test ensures providing two circuits from different carriers. CME Globex Hubs: The hubs allow for
won’t generally need to be concerned about
that client systems can process a “trade customer-provided connections to redundant
connecting to the CME Globex platform » Router(s), modem(s) and two phone lines
bust” message generated via the Market CME Group datacenters located in Amsterdam,
(direct connectivity is usually a decision made for out of band access are provided by
Data Platform, i.e., a trade cancellation Dublin, London, Milan, Paris and Singapore.
by trading and brokerage companies), some CME Group.
from the CME Globex Control Center, to
readers of this directory will wish to know » 24x7 monitoring and support provided » Choice of local telecommunication access
ensure that the system accurately reflects
about the connectivity options available. by CME Group. providers that have facilities in CME Group
working orders.
data centers.
» Be designed and developed to ensure CME Group offers customers access to its CME Client DIRECTLink: This choice allows clients
Globex platform, Clearing System and Market » Up to 100 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth
that they do not adversely impact the CME to manage their own network connection
Data Platform from a set of network access subscription is available at all CME Globex
Group electronic markets at large (even and equipment, connecting to CME Group
alternatives that enable reliable, robust and Hubs.
though the system is designed to minimize within CME Group-approved
any such possibility, there do exist scenarios cost-efficient connectivity. Customers may telecommunications vendor “clouds.” » Connection to CME Globex Hub managed
that could flood the CME Group network connect via a CME Group-managed Ethernet Available in U.S. only. by client.
and/or processors, causing latencies for solution, manage their own direct network » Connection between CME Globex Hub
connections or access the CME Globex » Choice of AT&T, MCI and Sprint
other market participants). and Chicago managed by CME Group.
platform via the Internet. With this range of telecommunication vendors.
» Be designed to support features and For further information on network access
choices companies and users can select the » Bandwidth available in increments
functionality critical to CME Group markets. options, please contact CME Globex services at
network, connectivity method that best fits of 10, 20 and 40 Mbps.
their trading and business requirements. 312-648-4777 or e-mail
» Dual connectivity, one to each of Pricing of all
CME Group data centers.
network options can be found online at
» Network monitoring and support
provided by client.
C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

actant, Inc.

actant, Inc.
Chicago London
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality T: 312-577-0300 T: 44 20 7154 9000
Trading Functionality E:
New York Zug, Switzerland
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services T: 41 41 7295 600
T: 212-825-3087
Additional Services
General Overview Aside from published quote management,
actant dedicates itself to serving the needs of hidden quotes provide the ability to calculate
traders who make markets, maintain liquidity and compare unpublished options prices. When
and trade on the world’s leading derivatives published market prices cross an unpublished
markets. Our AQTOR product family is installed hidden quote, AQTOR generates an order on
in the world’s most sophisticated investment behalf of the trader. Our architecture aims
banking and specialist market making firms, to provide the fastest possible reaction time,
floor-base derivatives exchanges and trading ensuring maximum performance amongst the
arcades and offers stable, flexible and robust trading community.
quote management and trade solutions.
The challenge of delivering a trading solution
AQTOR supports the publication of commodity, that keeps CME Group clients competitive has
interest and index option prices. Our culminated in a powerful and functionally rich
proprietary scripting language provides a level product offering. The emphasis has been on
of quote calculation flexibility that we believe is functional integration, programmable
truly unique. With scripting, traders can bring automation and ever better quote
their own level of individuality to an automated performance, coupled with sophisticated quote
quote management application. safety algorithms.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Aegis Software, Inc.

Aegis Software, Inc.
T: 212-268-3100
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality E:
Trading Functionality
X X Internet
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services

General Overview (reserve, peg, pairs, VWAP, TWAP, etc.).
Aegis Software’s AthenaTrader is a 100 percent » Open API for custom-built algorithms.
broker-neutral trading platform designed to
» Full Level 1 and Level 2 trading.
support global equities, futures, options and FX
Multiple L2 views.
» Many direct market data feeds (CME
» Trade equities, options, futures and foreign Group, NASDAQ, Hotspot, etc.).
exchange from one screen or program.
» Montage support combines prices across
» Multiple views of baskets, lists, accounts many markets.
and portfolios and orders in the market are
» Synthetic support allows definition and
updated in real-time with market data,
trading of virtual securities.
executions, and cancels. Traders can modify
strategies in real-time as demanded by » Full support of fractional pricing (futures)
market conditions. and million pricing FX.

» Graphical, highly-customizable user interface. » Order staging for risk management.

» Dynamically share able blotter across all
» Many standard algorithms provided

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


T: 773-784-4339
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality E:
Trading Functionality
X X X X Internet
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services

General Overview » Customizable Auto-Spreader – The
alpha Edge is a high-performance trading generic behavior of the auto-spreader can
system for multi exchange and multi asset-class be easily customized for proprietary spread
instruments. It is server-based, spread-centric trading.
and highly customizable. The system was » Fast Execution – Our low-latency
architected with a focus on fast execution auto-spreader delivers sub millisecond
speeds and rapid trading system development. submission of outrights on both active
The system boasts a number of advantages. and reactive legs.
» Server Based – The server can be optimally » Cost Reduction – Rapid trading systems
located for fast exchange connectivity. development signifigantly cuts software
» Rapid Deployment – Highly configurable development costs for custom systems.
gray box solution out of the box, can be » API Availability – Significantly increase
easily adapted as a black box trading productivity of in-house software
system. The real advantage of the system development by allowing developers to
is it's ability to quickly add proprietary focus on algorithm development.
behavior. » Small Trading Firms – Can completely
» Custom Algorithm Development – outsource their trading systems
Is greatly simplified. development.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Bloomberg Tradebook, LLC.

Bloomberg Tradebook, LLC. futures
North America
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality Brian Coffaro
Trading Functionality T: 212-893-4384

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services Europe
Additional Services Richard Braham
T: 44 20 7330 7744

General Overview Connectivity, Speed, Security and Reliability Asia
Bloomberg Tradebook futures is among the » Execute or modify trades with fast, Christopher Teo
premier market access providers to the global anonymous execution and multiple order T: 65 6212 1158
futures markets, offering connectivity cancellation functionality.
to major exchanges, including CME Group, Eurex, » Take advantage of easy-to-use trading
Euronext.liffe, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris, screens, pop-up tickets, central blotter
Osaka Securities Exchange, Sydney Futures and flexible user-preference defaults.
Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange. This
Risk Management
service is offered in partnership with UBS,
» Leverage customizable risk controls.
the executing broker for the BLOOMBERG
TRADEBOOK Futures platform. » Track intra-day profit and loss.
» Access order confirmation screens prior
Global Platform to order submission.
» Gain full access to all exchange-based
» Set exposure and maximum trade ticket
trading tools.
defaults and price checks.
» View depth of market and monitor orders
within the price order book at the exchange. Innovative Solutions for Straight-Through
» Download Trade Blotter to your PC.
» Generate efficiencies, streamline order
» Access real-time feeds from your blotter. flows and minimize processing errors.
» Access a real-time API, as well as automated
allocation tools.
» Fully FIX compliant.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Communicating, Ltd.

Communicating, Ltd.
Communicating Ltd
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality 370 Old Street
Trading Functionality London EC1V 9LT

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
T: 44 (0) 20 613 4747
Additional Services

Aquarius Black Box The fully featured Futures Trading Application
The Aquarius Black Box Price Discovery and also supports all conventional market view and
futures trading application incorporates: order entry functionality.

» Price Discovery using the Aquarius High All orders are pre-validated against breaching
Performance Matching Engine the position and exposure limits set by the
» A futures trading application Risk Manager, but without incurring any delay
in order transmission.
» A distributed pre-trade risk management
system Aquarius Black Box matching technology
» A Multi-Exchange Gateway outperforms any other known price discovery
front-end or back-end host in both functionality
The Aquarius Matching Engine uniquely discovers and throughput and it can be on your desktop
and publishes all outright and all implied best giving you an edge on the world’s most
bid and offer prices across all outright and liquid exchanges.
spread markets in all contracts for which it is
configured, for a single exchange or across Aquarius Black Box Gateway currently interfaces
multiple exchanges, concurrently in real time. to all major exchanges and the gateway can
be located locally or at the clearer’s site.
Some exchanges publish some implied prices Standalone systems can also be configured,
for selected markets but only the Aquarius connected to a single exchange gateway.
matching engine is fast enough to discover
and show in real time all implied in, implied out Please contact George Ferrari at
and all implied-on-implied prices (full circular +44 (0)20 7613 4747 to explore opportunities
implied prices) for multiple contracts on multiple for using Aquarius Black Box.
exchanges. Clicking on a color-coded price field
will generate a ticket window showing the
chain of orders that would achieve the indicated
improvement over exchange-quoted prices.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Comunytek Consultores, S.L.

Comunytek Consultores, S.L.
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality T: 34 91 426 01 43
Trading Functionality
X X X Partial E:
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services Internet
Additional Services

General Overview » Support of market-making activities on
Comunytek’s Plug’n Trade product is an real and “virtual” securities:
integrated STP platform for trading, quoting • Easy integration of price engines.
and clearing in organized financial markets.
• Management of calculation parameters:
It is designed as a set of pluggable modules,
spreads, skews, volumes, etc.
where each installation can be configured
• Automatic rules for quote stopping,
using just the required functionalities. The most
volume replenishment, etc.
relevant features are:
» Real time alarms and profit and loss position.
» MultiMarket and Multiproduct
» Basket Trading.
(Fixed Income, Equities, Derivatives and
Cash, Energy, Weather). » Automatic trading strategies.

» Support of Direct Market Access to major » Excel interface for prices and
exchanges: CME Group, Euronext.liffe, user-configurable trading strategies.
Euronext, Eurex, Eurex USA, ICE, Meff,
Professional Clearing Terminal,
MexDer, MTS, Senaf.
Fully User Configurable
» Highly efficient Order Management » Intelligent, rules-based assignments,
System (OMS). give-ups and give-ins acceptance.
» Real-time risk management for » Order matching and automatic allocations.
sophisticated pre and post-trading filtering.
» Allows manual entry of slips
Professional Trading Terminal for non-electronic or unconnected
» Graphical, fully user-configurable: clearing houses.
market information, aggregate market » Excel interface for massive assignments
depth, orders and fills blotter. and splits entry.
» Virtual market and trading on “virtual”
securities (the same security traded on
several exchanges).

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

CQG, Inc.

» Order Ticket – place orders and track Contacts
CQG, Inc.
their status. France
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality » DOMTrader – trade using mouse, keyboard T: 33 (0) 1 44 88 21 00
Trading Functionality or combination of both.
X X X Germany
» Orders and Positions window – a month T: 49 (0) 69 920 7920
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services of trading activity at your fingertips.
» No Charge! CQG does not charge round T: 81 (0) 3 3286 6633
trip fees for orders executed from the CQG
General Overview CQG Trader Russia
Integrated Client. There is also no activation
CQG is the industry’s highest-performing, most For the trader who does not require a technical T: 7 495 795 2410
fee for the order routing functionality.
cost-effective solution to integrate market data, analysis tool, CQG also provides an order
United Kingdom
technical analysis and order routing. Its data execution platform. It has the speed and
T: 44 (0) 20 7827 9500
coverage includes futures, options, fixed income, reliability of the charting product in a quote
foreign exchange, and equities exchanges and trading platform. United States
worldwide, as well as debt securities, reports T: 800-525-7082
and indices. CQG’s innovative trading interface Easy installation
Additional hardware is not required. There is Internet
complements its market data and analysis
a simple configuration.
tools. CQG’s latest innovation, TradeFlow bars
and studies, provide unprecedented visibility CQG Integrated Client
of the inside market. CQG Integrated Client combines the power
of CQG’s analytical charts and tools with fast,
Easy installation
reliable order execution at no extra charge.
Additional hardware or software is not required.
Decisions can be executed faster than ever
The trading functionality is available within the
before. The order execution platform has
latest version of CQG Integrated Client.
earned a solid reputation through decades of
High Speed Execution reliable performance, providing traders with:
» CQG’s order execution solution is as fast » Accurate charting and analysis tools.
as that of any ISV in the industry, and in
» Time and sales.
most cases, it’s faster.
» Time, price and news alerts.
» Several different methods of trading
functionality, including keyboard trading, » Ability to easily execute, modify and cancel
are available depending on the FCM. trades.

» Real time order management is also available. » TradeFlow Charts – Show the electronic
market aggression by graphically displaying
volume hitting the bid or lifting the offer.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


CTS – Cunningham Trading Systems
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality 141 W. Jackson Blvd.
Trading Functionality Suite 211A
Chicago, IL 60604
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 866-379-1289 – Main
X 312-939-8950 – Main
312-939-0164 – Support
General Overview » Advanced server-side order types:
F: 312-939-8511
CTS is the creator of the T4 trading platform. • Trailing Stops
T4 is a lightweight, high-performance futures Internet
• OCO – (One Cancels Other)
trading system intended for professional and retail
traders alike. This fully hosted system provides • Auto OCO

global access to multiple futures exchanges. » Advanced server-side order scheduling:
• Market mode activation
» Fast, stable and secure
• Time activation
» Easy to use
• Price activation
» Internet or direct connection
» Real-time: » Simplified order and account views

• Order submission
» Fully customizable screen layout

• Quotes
» Flexible pre-trade risk management

• Profit and loss
» Use T4 with your present broker
or clearing firm
• Position Updates
» Access to all available exchanges at
» Single Click Trading
no additional cost
• Limit
» Free trading simulator
• Stop (live market/real time)
• Stop Limit » Open API
• Market

• MIT – (Market if Touched)

• GTC – (Good til Canceled)

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality 222 West Adams
Trading Functionality Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60606
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 312-469-7500

EccoWare, Ltd. – London
General Overview EccoRiskManager
Also available as an add-on to the EccoPro 40 Bank Street
application is the EccoRiskManager which, Canary Wharf
EccoPro provides direct exchange connections,
with the simple addition of an SQL database, London
enabling traders to use the system without the
enables real-time pre-trade and post-trade E14 5DW
additional cost of servers or new hardware.
When directly connected, EccoPro frequently risk management of EccoPro users without T: 44 (0) 20 7894 8910
outperforms similar systems in busy or any of the performance degradation. E:
fast markets, without the slowdowns often
EccoTrainer Internet
associated with server-based systems.
The EccoTrainer is a simple, yet highly effec-
EccoSpreader tive, way to train new traders, test out a new
Ecco is probably best known for the EccoSpreader market or test out a new trading strategy
add-on module which is a genuine market without the risk of trading real money.
leader in inter product automated spread trading.
Eccoware LTD
The EccoSpreader track record of cross-product
EccoWare offers a unique and innovative trading
and cross-asset multi product spread trading
system – EccoPro – that delivers speed,
places it well ahead of other products available.
reliability, ease of use, is simple to install,
Now with eSpeed Cash vs. CME Group Futures
provides excellent support and includes a
for TED Spreads.
range of functionality that is second to none.
Additional Services
A groundbreaking add-on module to the EccoPro
Also take advantage of these services from Ecco:
system is the EccoAPI, which allows third-party
applications to directly access the functionality » Auto Spreader
within the EccoWare product suite. The EccoAPI » Auto Spreader Legs
has been used as an interface for everything
» eSpeed Cash vs. Futures
from futures and options market-making
systems in Excel to C++ arbitrage machines.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

FFastFill FFastFill Middle Office Solutions:
» Order matching and allocation application
FFastFill, Plc.
automates a firm’s clearing process. 1-3 Norton Folgate
» Post-execution risk management tool monitors London E16DB
client trading activity, executed through T: 44 0 20 7665 8900
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality
multiple, trading front-ends in real time. F: 44 0 20 7665 8905
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality » Web-based client portal automates statement E:
delivery, dramatically improves two-way
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services Software Development Center
communication with clients and seamlessly
Additional Services Vaclavske namesi 55
X X X integrates with any industry standard
110 00 Praha 1
back office.
Ceska republika
General Overview FFastFill managed applications and services Contacts
FFastFill is the leading provider of application include: Chicago T: 42 02 2142 5519
services and solutions to the global derivatives FFastFill, Inc. F: 42 02 2142 5518
Managed application services
community. FFastFill services and solutions 30 South Wacker Drive
» High-speed, front-end trading platform Internet
utilize the latest developments in technology Suite 1716
for futures and options.
to automate trade flow processes across a Chicago, IL 60606
firm’s front, middle and back offices. » Full trading functionality with
scalping window. T: 312-637-7090
FFastFill solutions encompass electronic order F: 312-637-4374
» Browser-based Web trading application.
routing, clearing, risk management and back E:
office reporting as part of an integrated, yet » Live market training tool with real-time
modular-system architecture. FFastFill application price feeds.
services provide institutions with cost savings » Rapid and flexible access to CME Group
in their administrative and IT departments and other major European and U.S. deriva-
while significantly reducing or eliminating the tives
investment costs associated with maintaining exchanges.
their own technology infrastructure. » Third-party software integration
All FFastFill services are delivered against a via FIX, COM and BIC.
contracted Service Level Agreement (SLA) that » Global order book displays executed,
can be tailored to an institution’s business partially executed and working orders
requirements. This quality of delivered service on a real-time and historical basis.
has been enabled through the deployment » Pre-trade risk management monitors
of a uniquely engineered and totally managed groups and individuals with limit and
software and technology infrastructure. cash-based risk controls.
» CME Group FX futures on Reuters Dealing

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality T: 516-627-8993, ext.2
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality E:
Tech Support
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 516-627-8992, ext.1
X X E:

General Overview Key Features of FlexFutures include:
» Ability to create and integrate customized
FlexTrade’s FlexFutures trading solution is a
customizable software platform and front end algorithms and trading strategies while
designed to manage all facets of futures trad- maintaining complete market anonymity
ing and the risk-management needs of both and confidentiality.
buy-side and sell-side institutions. FlexFutures » Trade through multiple brokers from a
comes fully loaded with many rules-based single front end.
trading strategies, including Volume
» Single-click or auto trading for spreads
Participation and Time Slicing, as well as
and other multi-legged trades.
synthetic and contingent order types that are
designed to minimize market impact, reduce » Highly customizable GUI that allows
slippage and minimize risk. traders to view the markets in a wide
variety of ways.
» Electronic trade blotter for managing
voice-brokered transactions.
» Open architecture that provides APIs in
C, C++, Java, .NET and COM for black box
trading and full integration with in-house
order- and risk-management systems.
» Full integration with the FlexTRADER, FlexFX
and FlexOPT trading solutions providing for
multi- and cross-asset class algorithmic
trading in futures, equities, foreign
exchange and options from a single screen.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Fidessa Financial

Contacts New York
Fidessa Financial
London Fidessa
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality Fidessa 17 State Street
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality 2 Suffolk Lane New York, NY 10004-1501
London United States
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
EC4R 0AT T: 212-269-9000
Additional Services
X X X United Kingdom F: 212-943-0353
T: 44 (0) 20 7929 9200 E:
General Overview One Integrated Industrial Strength Platform
F: 44 (0) 20 7929 9201 Internet
The Fidessa product suite is a world leading Multiple asset trading on the Fidessa platform
solution for multi-asset trading systems, market reduces the need for organizations to deploy
data and global connectivity. duplicate infrastructure, support staff and
data, as well as reducing ownership costs and
With around 85 percent of the world’s tier one
simplifying compliance.
equity brokers as clients, Fidessa’s high-
performance, resilient, low-latency Integrated Market Data View
infrastructure provides unparalleled global Users are offered a single combined view
connectivity for both the sell side and buy side. of market data regardless of whether they
trade cash, derivatives or both.
Connectivity and Order Routing
Fidessa’s sophisticated multi-user, multi-asset Advanced Trading Tools
order book system allows users to route flow Fidessa fully supports VWAP, DMA provisioning,
internally to the most appropriate execution List Management, Pairs, ADR and GDR,
venue or desk. Fidessa connects to more Algorithmic and Basket Trading, as well as RSP
than140 brokers, 600 buy-sides, 76 services and IOI’s & Trade Adverts.
exchanges/networks supporting both cash and
derivatives instruments while also providing
order flow from it’s community of 8,500
screens at around 200 institutions globally.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


Contacts Toronto
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options GL CONSULTANTS, Inc. 161 Bay Street – 27th Floor
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality
Trading Functionality 261 Madison Avenue – 16th floor Toronto, Ontario M5J 2S1
New York, NY 10016 CANADA
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 212-599-0510 T: 416-572-2338
X X F: 212-599-0509 F: 416-572-2201
E: E:
General Overview » Market Connectivity, electronically trade
GL TRADE is the leading software vendor on 90 equities, derivatives, options and Chicago Internet
offering a complete STP solution, the GL commodities markets worldwide and GL CONSULTANTS, Inc.
STREAM Front to Back Solution. GL STREAM monitor trader activity in real-time to 440 South LaSalle – 22nd floor
Front to Back Solution is a comprehensive, manage market risk. Chicago, IL 60605
modular solution covering the entire order flow » Post-Trade Management, automates trade T: 312-386-2400
from client connectivity, order management, allocation, netting and fees calculation F: 312-386-2448
trading, market access and post-trade with real-time confirmations, matching E:
management. and clearing.
The GL STREAM Front to Back Solution covers GL TRADE has 1,000 employees in 26 offices
the life cycle of an order across five areas: worldwide. It services more than 3,500 clients,
including 500 international financial institutions.
» Client Connectivity, dedicated order capture
using FIX, external networks, the Internet
and GL NET order routing network for all
types of executions, either Direct Market
Access or discretionary orders, complete
with client risk management capabilities.
» Order Management, total sales-dealer
relationship management featuring
powerful rule-based, multisite order
routing, position keeping and crossing
» Trading, an innovative trading system
providing advanced trading tools for
Program Trading, Index Arbitrage, Market
Making and Fast Trading, complete with
APIs for customization.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

ION Trading

Contacts Tokyo
ION Trading
London Level 27 Shiroyama
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality 30 St. Mary Ave. JT Trust Tower
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality London EC3A 8EP 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-6027
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
T: 44 207 398 0207
Additional Services E: T: 81 (0) 3 5404 8488
X E:
New York
375 Park Avenue, Internet
General Overview Cross-Market Functionalities
Suite 3501
ION Trading is the market leader in providing The platform supports integrated trading tools
such as Multi Market Spreader, Auto Hedger New York, NY 10152
high-performance trading solutions for
electronic fixed income markets. ION’s and Market Aggregation. T: 212-906-0050
proprietary software, MarketView, is the E:
Straight Through Processing
solution of choice for the largest investment
From front to back office, normalized data
structures allow seamless feed of trade data
Multi Market Interface GUI from a variety of markets.
Traders can access more than 40 markets from
Customer Integration
a single, customizable front-end.
The system provides a range of Open APIs for
Fixed Income Coverage various programming languages including C,
The platform supports all fixed income products C++ and Java. Adapters for standard messaging
including cash, futures, repos, money market, platforms and databases are readily available.
interest rate swaps and credit default swaps.

Product Support
Support of all CME Group product categories:
Equities, Interest Rates, FX, Weather, NYMEX
e-mini NY, Chemical and OneChicago futures.

CME Group Functionality
Access GLOBEX (Market Data) and iLink 2.0
(Order Execution and Management) through
a single software component.

Support of all CME Group order types, as well
as enhanced Stop/StopLimit and HoldUntil

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Marex Financial

Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality Marex Financial
Trading Functionality 155 Bishopsgate
London EC2M 3XA
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 44 (0) 20 7655 6070
General Overview
EasyActiveTrade (“EAT”) EAT is fully customizable. Configure windows
EAT is a fully functional, multi-exchange/multi and tickets to size, values, types, colors and
product trading system. Trading futures, fonts according to your personal preference.
options, bonds, equities and FX on a pre-trade,
Call 44(0)20 7655 6070 to arrange a full
fully risked managed basis, EAT is deployed
demonstration of EAT.
from a client specific EasyRouter installation.

Trade CME Group through EAT over the
Internet, a private network or dedicated line.

Pre-trade risk management (including options),
makes the most of margin requirements using
a single “pot of money” offset across asset
classes. EAT also guarantees rapid speed to
wire – even when pre-trade is risk managed.

EAT’s advanced professional functionality
includes a Spread Matrix, tradeable Watch
Windows, real time P&L, a Strategy Wizard and
Options Trading Window. You may also create
and save profiles containing your favorite
contracts/instruments making them readily
available as when you wish to trade them.
Optional extras include EasySpread Pro, an
intuitive arbitrage/spreading tool that requires
no specialist programming knowledge.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Object Trading

All Object Trading products are integrated Contacts
Object Trading
using a choice of comprehensive and open Sydney
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality APIs, and are supported across all hours Object Trading
Trading Functionality of market operation. Object Trading’s range Suite 4, 13a Narabang Way
of distribution partners also offer local Austlink Corporate Park
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services FCMs cost-effective access to international Belrose NSW 2085
Additional Services
marketplace execution/clearing services. Australia

T: 61 2 9450 2999
General Overview » Price servers – low latency, high volume F: 61 2 9450 2744
Object Trading delivers high-performance, price subscription and broadcast. E:
white-labeled trading solutions for capital » Connectors – access other order routing
markets, institutions and professionals and data vendor networks.
T: 44 0800 028 4121
worldwide. With existing clients including glob-
» Strategy management – configurable E:
al investment banks, brokers, market
rules-based platforms for complex trade
makers, and other trading system vendors, our Chicago
strategy automation, inter-exchange,
server-based product performance sets the T: 866-215-2022
standard in every marketplace we serve. E:
Flexible, reliable and high performance – all » Remote gateways – allowing secure and
fast access anywhere via private or public Internet
in one simply integrated server-based product.
Object Trading’s FrontRunner solution suite
» Open APIs – FIX, C++, COM, .NET, Java.
gives you the flexibility to integrate multiple
Easy integration of components within
trading applications, buy/sell-side counterparties
market making, arbitrage or
and execution venues. Seamlessly integrate and
proprietary/program trading systems.
manage all your screen and program trading
order flow, distribute live prices locally or globally, » Tools – market simulation and trading
and access multiple pools of liquidity from the test tools.
one multipurpose infrastructure investment. » Bespoke solutions – customized market
making, arbitrage and other trading
FrontRunner solution suite components include:
» Exchange gateway and shared order book
FrontRunner solutions may either be deployed
servers – supporting specialized order
in-house or provided as a managed Direct
types and contingencies, regardless of
Market Access (DMA) service through our
native exchange capabilities and across
international ASP service provision partners.
supported exchanges.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Orc Software

Contacts Orc Software London
Orc Software
Orc Software Stockholm (Head Office) 135 Cannon Street, 4th floor
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality Birger Jarlsgatan 32A, 5th floor London EC4N 5BP, UK
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality P.O. Box 7742
X X X X X T: 44 20 7942 0950
SE-103 95 Stockholm
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services Sweden Orc Software Toronto
Additional Services
65 Front Street East
X T: 46 8 407 38 00
Suite 300
F: 46 8 407 38 01
Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1B5, Canada
General Overview Orc Trader is the front-end of choice for
Orc Software Chicago
Orc Software is a leading international supplier professional traders and risk managers. The T: 416-364-9227
190 S. LaSalle Street
of technology for advanced market making, application meets the demanding requirements
Suite 1610 Internet
trading and brokerage. With clients in 33 set by the market to handle large trading
Chicago, IL 60604, USA
countries and offices in 16 key cities, Orc volumes, fast execution and comprehensive
develops, markets and supports an advanced risk management. Orc Trader is highly flexible T: 312-327-8555
product range for the international financial and customizable with a wealth of automated
Orc Software New York
markets. trading functionality.
420 Lexington Avenue
From automated trading to click trading, the The Orc Futures application enables you to Suite 2007
sophisticated Orc System platform gives you execute complex strategies with minimal input. New York, NY 10170, USA
serious edge and provides direct access to more The automated trading function in Orc Futures
T: 212-507-0000
than 100 electronic markets across multiple allows for single contracts as well as
asset classes. With Orc technology, customers combinations to be automatically traded in one
can find more trading opportunities, develop or multiple markets, which together with the
more complex trading strategies and deliver conditional spread order functionality, offers
higher profits on each trade. significant edge for traders active in arbitrage
and other spreading strategies.
Orc Liquidator is a high-performance
server-based trading platform that allows you
to, with extreme performance, automatically
trade and make markets on the 100 – plus
electronic marketplaces that are supported by
the Orc System. Liquidator provides the ability
to quickly design trading styles in order to
capture short-lived market opportunities –
across products and across markets.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


Contacts Sydney
Chicago T: 61 (2) 9293 2523
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality T: 312-922-7600
Trading Functionality
X X X X London T: 81 (0) 3 3668 9372

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
T: 44 (0) 20 7940 0490
Additional Services
New York
T: 212-425-2680

General Overview Trading tools Singapore
Patsystems delivers tailored solutions built from Pro-Mark – a next generation front-end T: 65 6216 0454
modular components, to enhance derivatives for high-volume professionals
trading performance and trade processing.
IQ-Trader – a new front-end for technical
We work in partnership with our customers traders who use charts and analytics
to create robust systems that align with their
J-Trader – Patsystem’s front-end for online,
business strategies. These can range from a
multi-exchange, real-time access to futures,
plug-and-play module to address a specific
options and forex
issue such as real-time post-trade risk, to com-
plete high-performance trading systems with Credit Trader – a complete trading and risk
global market access. management system for credit derivatives

Futures and options brokers worldwide distribute Patsystem’s trading applications are distributed
Patsystems’ technology to thousands of end by a global network of third-parties, i.e. brokers
users who range from independent traders and other intermediaries. For a full list, see
and arcades up to large financial institutions ‘Our clients’ on
and global brands.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


and order sending has been simplified to reduce Subscriptions to PhotonTrader
time to develop. Less code needs to be written. Please contact PhotonTrader at 1-877-746-8663
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality In addition: or e-mail with questions
Trading Functionality or requests regarding the PhotonTrader platform.
X X X » The interface is extremely fast: The average
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
execution time for an order sent to CME Contacts
Additional Services Group is 50 milliseconds. FuturePath Trading, LLC.
X Damon Pavlatos, COO, Partner
» Robust Automated Trading Systems and
multiple languages easily interface with the 209 West Jackson Blvd.
General Overview » Recommended for subscribers who trade Suite 600
Photon API.
PhotonTrader is the front-end trading application from multiple locations and who accept Chicago, Illinois 60606
» Expert staff programmers are available to assist
of FuturePath Trading, LLC., an NFA-registered the responsibility for their local access and
you in achieving your trading system goals. T: 312-987-2060
futures brokerage headquartered in Chicago. ISP connections.
PhotonTrader executes in 2/10’s of a second » Implemented in as fast as 10 minutes.
and faster, provides customizable, one-click Internet
» Log on in less than 10 seconds.
trading modules, is fueled by Sun Microsystem
Servers, and has fully redundant architecture, PhotonTrader > Direct

making it exceptionally fast, reliable and PhotonTrader Direct provides access to global
flexible. PhotonTrader connects a user, either electronic futures exchanges using PhotonTrader’s
directly or through the internet, to global is trading software over a frame relay or T-1
futures exchanges, including: CME Group, data connection between the customer site
Eurex and Euronext.liffe markets, the and selected futures exchange. Features:
Montreal BDM, ICE, SGX, HKFE and the SFE. » Targeted for larger volume traders and
PhotonTrader > Internet those who require higher-speed connectivity.
PhotonTrader Internet provides access to global » Cost-effective.
futures markets using PhotonTrader’s trading » 28 T1 lines that can be fractionalized.
software over the Internet. PhotonTrader is an
» Backup for direct connections via
application-based trading program, more stable
Internet connectivity.
than typical, Web browser-based programs.
Features: PhotonTrader > API
PhotonTrader’s API works with all .net 2.0
» Targeted for subscribers who do not require a
languages, C#, VB, C++, J#. It conforms with
high-availability or a fault-tolerant connection.
.net programming guidelines. All of the classes
» Cost-effective. are organized in a hierarchical object-orientated
model, which makes data access easy. The
Adapter is built with an event-driven architecture

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Prime Analytics, LLC.

Prime Analytics, LLC.
Prime-Analytics, LLC.
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options 111 West Jackson Blvd.
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality
Trading Functionality Suite 1356
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services John Kelley
T: 312-986-7425

General Overview It has applications designed for traders in the pit Joe Campbell
Prime Analytics is a financial software firm that or in electronic markets, for traders using print- T: 312-986-7424
develops systems for trading professionals in ed option tables or handheld devices, for risk Internet
the derivatives industry. The firm has offices in managers in both trading firms and clearing
Chicago and Tucson. The goal of Prime firms, and for brokers following the markets for
Analytics since its inception has been to clients. Integrating a state-of-the- art front-end
develop, market and support the most trading application with a variety of risk
comprehensive, sophisticated and integrated management tools allows complete flexibility to
derivatives trading and risk management research, trade and manage risk in any type of
platform in the professional trading community. situation. We welcome you to explore and
The ProOpticus‘ System is Prime Analytics’ compare ProOpticus’ features to any of our
solution for connecting the trading professional competitors. We believe that, regardless of what
to the global marketplace. It is a complete area of the trading industry you are in, Prime
trading and risk management platform, Analytics has the complete solution for the
offering solutions for traders, brokers and risk trading professional in the ProOpticus‘ System.
managers of all types and in all places.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

RTS ASP Solution Chicago
RTS Realtime Systems Group This service enables RTS customers to connect RTS Realtime Systems Inc.
to multiple global exchanges via a single hub 311 S. Wacker Drive
using the latest network technology and high Suite 980
RTS Realtime Systems Group performance exchange connections. USA – Chicago, IL 60606
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options Product Demonstration T: 312-630-9006
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality
Trading Functionality An in-depth product demonstration can be E:
arranged by calling or e-mailing your nearest
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services New York
RTS office.
Additional Services RTS Realtime Systems Inc.
X X X We would be pleased to discuss any of the range 61 Broadway
of RTS services, including training programs, Suite 2770
General Overview eRTD > Internet Trading Solution consultancy and personal support needs. USA - New York, NY 10005
RTS’s premium trading front-end, the RTD This multi-exchange and multi-asset internet
(Realtime Trading Desktop), is designed for: trading platform offers retail brokers, day traders Contacts T: 212-328-0330
and institutional customers a cost-effective and Frankfurt E:
» Investment banks RTS Realtime Systems AG
innovative trading solution. Further RTS locations in: Amsterdam, London,
» Brokers Rembrandtstr. 13
RTD-API Paris, Stockholm and Sydney.
» Market makers D – 60596 Frankfurt/Main
The RTD-API allows for flexible and functionally Full address details of RTS offices and RTS
» Hedge funds rich communication between the RTD system, T: 49 (0) 69 61009 0
Distribution Partners can be found on our Web site.
» Day traders/locals worldwide exchanges and in-house applications. E:
The RTD provides a comprehensive solution RTD FIX-API
for trading on different exchanges worldwide The RTD FIX-API offers central access to all
from a single window. Trading speed, reliability, integrated exchanges in RTD with a single API,
a proven track record and world-class trading based on the FIX protocol standard.
functionality have made RTD an outstanding
RTD Connect
product in the industry.
RTD Connect allows access to exchanges
RTD offers numerous features for the via clearers, brokers or affiliated companies,
professional trader including: without individual exchange membership.

» RTD Spreader, a cutting-edge solution for RTD Tango
trading spreads across multiple markets Tango is a fully automated and server-based
» RTD Dartboard for the futures trader algorithmic trading system including
back-testing. The creation of algorithms does
» RTD Quote Machine for automated quoting
not require extensive programming skills.
» RTD Electronic Eye, an automated market Traders can manage hundreds of strategies and
watch tool change parameters on the fly.
» RTD Basket Trader for Eurodollar Strips,
Packs and Bundles.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Stellar Trading Systems

» Buy and sell side FIX connectivity
Stellar Trading Systems
» Stop and OCO order types across all
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality exchanges
Trading Functionality
X X » Satellite office and remote trader support

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services » Hot-failover fault tolerance across all
Additional Services servers and exchanges
» Server support for Linux and Windows

General Overview Stellar Risk Management Contacts
The Stellar Trading System fulfils the Stellar provides industry leading pre-and post- Steve Thomas
needs of the high-frequency, high-volume trade risk control. The risk manager is presented Stellar Trading Systems
professional trader. with a concise overview of all account activity, One Whittington Avenue
while drill-down functionality provides detailed London EC3V 1LE
Stellar blends the latest technologies with
information when required. Visual, audible, and
extensive experience to create a scalable, T: 44 0 20 7664 6450
email alerts inform the risk manager of limit
high-performance, institutional-strength E:
warnings and potential breaches.
trading platform.
Stellar Front End
We work in partnership with client firms to
Complete customization of the look and feel
understand their requirements, responding to
of Stellar is possible, allowing a trader to suit
functionality requests and tailoring the system
his own personal style, or to ease the migration
where necessary to produce the ultimate trading
path from a legacy system. The interface has
solution. Whether deployed in a 20 or 100 −
an emphasis on speed of order entry and
plus trader operation, Stellar delivers excellent
performance throughout the busiest of market
conditions. Stellar prides itself in being the best Key Features
of breed. » Connectivity to all major European and U.S.
derivatives exchanges
Stellar SpreadMachine
The Stellar SpreadMachine provides automated » Built for fast and sustained order throughput
working and execution of user-defined cross » Ideal platform for automated or
product/cross market strategies. Strategies can algorithmic trading
be multi-legged with any number of legs » Fully hierarchical user/group modeling
working in the market. SpreadMachine and limit setting
strategies are traded seamlessly alongside
» Comprehensive open API and Excel interface
exchange-listed products.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Townsend Analytics

Contacts Boston
Townsend Analytics
Chicago Townsend Analytics
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality Townsend Analytics 225 Franklin Street, 26th Floor
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality 100 South Wacker Drive, 20th floor Boston, MA 02110
Chicago, IL 60606
T: 617-217-2025
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 800-827-0141 E:
X T: 312-621-0141
RealTick Technical Support Townsend Analytics Europe
General Overview force in revolutionizing the way the world
Monday through Friday Level 6, Tower 42
RealTick, created by Townsend Analytics, is the trades by consistently developing innovative
7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Chicago Time 25 Old Broad Street
electronic trading industry’s premier multi-asset, tools, data and infrastructure “firsts” that have
London, EC2N 1HN, United Kingdom
multi-broker, multi-route and multi-currency become market standards in the financial services T: 800-997-9630
market data, analytics and direct-access trading industry. These include the first real-time T: 312-453-0300 T: 44 20 7877 0091
platform. RealTick delivers real-time market financial software under Microsoft Windows, E: E:
data, news, research and analytics; sophisticated the first product to provide real-time streaming
New York Internet
trading tools; unrivaled access to exchanges data over the Internet, the first integrated
Townsend Analytics
and ECNs; and risk management tools to solution for NASDAQ trading rooms; and the
555 Madison Avenue, 11th Floor
institutions, broker-dealers and professional first Windows-based direct-access trading
New York, NY 10022
and retail traders. RealTick’s advanced technical solution. Townsend Analytics also developed
design is supported by state-of-the-art data Archipelago and the Archipelago Exchange, the T: 212-679-9000
centers and a redundant network for market nation’s first all-electronic, fully open exchange. E:
data and orders. For more than five consecutive The firm has engineered trading, content and
years, RealTick has powered brokerage firm users data, exchange and risk management solutions
to the top of rankings by Barron’s and Euromoney. for broker-dealers, money managers, asset
managers, hedge funds and mutual funds
For more information, visit
worldwide. Townsend Analytics is a wholly
About Townsend Analytics (TAL) owned, independently operated subsidiary of
Townsend Analytics is a recognized leader in Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (ticker symbol:
technology driven trading solutions for the LEH). For more information, visit
global capital markets and demanding market
makers. For more than 20 years, the
Chicago-based company has been a pioneering

RealTick is a registered trademark of Townsend Analytics.
C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

TradingScreen, Inc.

Contacts France
TradingScreen, Inc.
United States
Options Market Enhanced Options T: 44 (0) 207 400 9770
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality TradingScreen, Inc.
Trading Functionality 30 Irving Place, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003 Asia
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services TradingScreen, Inc. Japan
Additional Services T: 212-359-4100
Arome Akasaka Building, 3rd Floor
X X E:
2-21-12, Akasaka, Minato-Ku,
141 W. Jackson Blvd. Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan
General Overview » STP tools, which include OMS and Prime
Suite 1572
TradingScreen is a leading global provider of Brokerage integration. T: 81 (0) 3 3568 2022
Chicago, IL 60604
connectivity, electronic trading platforms and » A flexible range of execution management E:
T: 312-447-0100
straight-through processing for banks, brokers, tools that suit a broad range of client
Europe TradingScreen Hong Kong
traditional asset managers, hedge funds and needs, available on an ASP basis.
TradingScreen (UK) Limited Bank of China Tower, Level 30
proprietary trading desks, all on an ASP basis. These tools include:
Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn 1 Garden Road
With offices in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo
TradeSmart – a highly sophisticated London WC1V 7JH Central Hong Kong
and Hong Kong, TradingScreen brings to
GUI to support the sophisticated needs
its clients the unique ability to trade multiple T: 44 (0) 207 400 9770 T: 852 2251 8240
of traders.
asset classes across the largest network E:
of international brokers and banks. TradeExcel – a Excel-based strategy
building tool. TradingScreen Paris E:
The TradingScreen platform features: 47 Avenue George V
TradeFIX – our premier FIX Gateway Internet
product that brings the ability to trade all 75008 Paris
» Full integration between internally deployed
and customer deployed screens. asset classes across all brokers to our
» Support of all steps of the trading life cycle, clients.
from Indications of Interest (IOI) to trade TradeDealer – a sophisticated tool
allocation. for the sell side to receive orders from
» Support of a full range of trading styles: TradingScreen clients.
Direct Market Access, Discretionary Trading,
algorithmic trading strategies (VWAP, TWAP,
etc.), Basket/List Trading, Reserve and Pairs
trading, Notice of Executions (NOE’s) and
Request for Quote (RFQ).

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Trading Technologies International, Inc.

Contacts Geneva
Trading Technologies International, Inc.
Chicago – Corporate Headquarters T: 410 22819 1750
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality Trading Technologies International, Inc.
Hong Kong
Trading Functionality 222 South Riverside Plaza
X X X T: 852 2166 8665
Suite 1100
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services Chicago, IL 60606 Singapore
Additional Services
T: 65 6248 4575
X T: 312-476-1000
E: Tokyo
General Overview X_TRADER Pro incorporates advanced T: 81 3 4360 8301
New York
Trading Technologies (TT) develops capabilities and automated trading tools that
T: 212-313-5300 Sydney
high-performance trading software for extend the power of X_TRADER. Trade
T: 612 8215 1575
derivatives professionals, including the world’s inter/intramarket spreads with Autospreader, Houston
premier exchanges, money-center banks, execute complex automated trading strategies T: 713-821-1436 Internet
Futures Clearing Merchants (FCMs), proprietary with Autotrader and apply smart order routing
traders, independent traders, securities technology with Navigator. X_TRADER Pro also
T: 44 20 7600 2121
brokers, hedge funds and other trading provides free access to TT’s complete suite of
institutions. The company’s software and more than 30 plug-in products and the Frankfurt
services provide direct access to the world’s X_TRADER API, so you can expand the T: 49 69 2972437 0
major derivatives exchanges including CME functionality of X_TRADER Pro with our
Group. Headquartered in Chicago, TT off-the-shelf tools or customize and create your
maintains offices in New York, Houston, own applications to meet your unique needs.
London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Other products on the X_TRADER platform
Tokyo and Sydney. include the TTNET application hosting service,
X_RISK risk management software, TT Trainer
About the X_TRADER Platform
trading simulator and FIX connectivity tools.
X_TRADER, TT’s flagship order entry product,
is among the most used futures trading
platforms in the world. It incorporates
single-click trade execution, high-speed
connections to the world’s largest futures
exchanges, real-time fill and position details
and MD Trader, a vertical market depth display
that allows immediate reaction to market ebb
and flow. Traders can access multiple markets
simultaneously via high-speed connections to
the world’s leading exchanges.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D I S V T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality Phillippe Thomas
Trading Functionality 708 Third Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services USA
Additional Services
X X X T: 212-991-0811
F: 212-991-0813
Product/Service Description These flexible solutions are also available in E:
ULLINK is a leading provider of FIX Facilities Management (we host and support
connectivity and trading solutions. the entire solution in the customer’s name)
Its core solution, the UL BRIDGE connectivity or through our global FIX hub, the UL NET.
and order routing platform, enables customers
to manage connectivity and order routing to With offices in New York, London, Paris
all destinations through a single point. Clients and Hong Kong, we support clients across
connect their existing applications to the time zones.
platform, select their destinations in an
extensive library of plugins, and start
trading. With more than 260 ready-to-trade
connections to favorite destinations (brokers,
exchanges, order routing networks and
trading applications, in all formats and all
asset classes), we help our customers build
environments that relieve them from technical
dependence on a specific vendor.
In addition to this unique connectivity
solution, we offer turn key DMA and care
order architectures, a full order management
system with dedicated sales and dealer
interfaces, exception management, best
execution and algorithmic trading across
the globe.

CME Group-Certified Broker
Trading Applications
C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

ABN AMRO Global Futures

Further Contact Information Sydney
ABN AMRO Global Futures
Chicago ABN AMRO Futures
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality ABN AMRO Incorporated Level 21, ABN AMRO Tower
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality Global Futures 88 Phillip Street
540 W Madison Sydney 2000, Australia
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services Suite 2501
Additional Services T: 61 (2) 8259 2400
Chicago, Illinois 60661
T: 312-992-8000
ABN AMRO Futures
General Overview provides fast and direct access to 13 major
London 12th Floor, Shiroyama Hills, JT Mori Bldg
ABN AMRO Group Companies have markets worldwide. Access is provided as
ABN AMRO Futures Ltd. 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku
membership in every significant futures, desired via secure Web link, direct line, or API
199 Bishopsgate Tokyo 105
securities and options exchange worldwide, writes (C++ or FIX 4.3). Other product features
London, England EC2M 3XW
providing market intelligence and client access include: T: 81 (3) 5405 6410
to more than 40 exchanges. Experienced T: 44 (0) 20 7678 4228
» Real-time updates Hong Kong
service teams and accessible product specialists
» Full market depth Singapore ABN AMRO Futures
are available 24/6 in futures, options, and
ABN AMRO Futures Cheung Kong Center, 39th Floor
equities; utilizing both proprietary and » Shared order books
63 Chulia Street 2 Queen’s Road Central
market-leading technologies to deliver timely » Profit and loss display
Level 2 Central Hong Kong
market insights and expert support in
» One touch Stepladder order entry windows Singapore 049514
identifying and executing trading, hedging and T: 85 (2) 2700 3120
for multiple accounts
risk management strategies in all markets. T: 64 6231 8060
Electronic transaction solutions are » Multiple product quote widows
“client-preferred,” involving either ABN AMRO » Quick activity windows showing the day’s
Global Futures’ cutting-edge, proprietary OMS trade history
execution and ABACUS position management Registration for OMS
systems, or leading vended technologies. Please contact Michael Aufmann, Head of NA
Customizable solutions are readily available. e-Sales, for further details and to customize
your electronic trading solution with ABN AMRO:
OMS is a flexible modular trading application, T: 312-992-8070
designed for either a desk trader who manages E:
multiple accounts or a local trader who manages
their own account. OMS is currently used by
hundreds of clients, ranging from large
institutional users to individual traders. OMS

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

ADM Investor Services, Inc.

Contacts ADMIS Hong Kong Limited
ADM Investor Services, Inc.
If you are interested in learning more about Suites 2210-12, 22nd Floor, Jardine House
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality ADM Investor Services and our electronic 1 Connaught Place, Central
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality trading platforms, please contact: Hong Kong
ADM Investor Services, Inc. Eric Wong
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services 1600A Board of Trade Building T: 852 2537 3770
X X 141 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60604
General Overview exchanges. Our customers can choose from
Ron Grossman
For more than 27 years, ADM Investor Services. the following state-of-the-art front end trading
T: 800-243-2649
has provided comprehensive futures clearing applications:
services to retail, commercial and institutional
customers through a network of Introducing ADMIS International
Brokers, branch offices and affiliated companies » Rolfe & Nolan Edge
10th Floor, Temple Court
around the world. ADMIS has a long established » Pats/J-Trader 11 Queen Victoria Street
reputation for providing clients with swift, London EC4N 4TJ
ADMIS has its own in-house technical support
accurate trade execution and our electronic
staff available to assist you in finding the Mark Fox Andrews
trading platforms continue this path.
right trading tools to suit your trading needs. T: 44 020 7716 8000
ADMIS’ Internet-based order entry systems put Per trade commissions at ADMIS are always
the global marketplace only a click away with competitive. ADM Investor Services: We trade
our rapid order routing capabilities and instant the world online.
access into all major exchange electronic
execution platforms, including the CME Globex
system. A market order entered into our
electronic order entry systems by you on your
PC will be filled and the confirmation sent back
to you in under a second. Many of our systems
are versatile, Java-based execution tools able
to meet your demanding electronic trading
requirements that include market depth trading
and real-time market data. They are easily
downloadable and multi-platform (Window/Mac)
with access to ALL major floor and electronic

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


Alaron Futures and Options
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options 822 West Washington
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality
Trading Functionality Chicago, Illinois 60607

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services T: 800-275-8844
Additional Services E:

General Overview » Real-time quotes and charts
Alaron Futures and Options is a global » News
brokerage firm providing access to futures
» Park orders for later use
markets around the world for institutional and
retail clients. Because customers’ needs are » Easy to cancel trades
varied, Alaron provides a choice of trading » Check up to the minute buying power
platforms and expert execution support. » Enter price checks
Alaron’s trading platforms include:
» Help desk 24 hours a day
» Strategy Runner » Real-time simulated trading
» AlarOnline » Block order function (not all systems)
» J-Trader
Alaron Trading Corp. is a clearing member of
» CQG Trader CME Group and OneChicago, LLC. Alaron
» Ninja Trader offers trading in all U.S. futures, futures options
» X_Trader and most foreign markets. Additionally, trade
foreign exchange and cash metals at Alaron.
Product features include:
Alaron offers broker-assisted, self-directed,
» Enter trades online and in all electronic
managed futures and systems trading.
markets and receive fills in seconds
» Your account is marked to market continuously
» Web-based trading; no software
installation required
» Automatic routing to CME Globex, E-CBOT,
NYMEX ACCESS, Eurex and Liffe

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Bank of America

Bank of America
David Brent
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality T: 212-497-4446
Trading Functionality

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services Internet

Futures Trading at Bank of America » Flexible margin capabilities
As an investment professional, you expect full » Multi- or single-currency settlement
access to a wide range of futures products
» Global, institutional client focus
and services. To facilitate institutional clients,
there is a need for a robust, flexible, global Access to a Global Research Network

infrastructure. Drawing on more than 20 years » Commodities
in the futures industry, Bank of America has » FX
expertise in futures clearing and execution and
» Rates
prime brokerage services.
» Debt
Flexible Execution Across Futures and » Equities
Options on Futures Products
Comprehensive Reporting and Inquiry
» Global 24-hour execution strategically
Services Delivered via:
located in New York, London and Tokyo
» Secure, Web-based reporting and
» Access the markets via Bank of America’s
query tools
Electronic Trading Services portal or your
» FTP, e-mail, fax and other means
preferred trading system
to meet your needs
» Smart order routing available through
», our Web-based
the Financial Information Exchange (FIX)
consolidated Prime Brokerage
Protocol or proprietary API
reporting platform
Global Clearing Customized to Meet
Sophisticated Business Requirements » Automated trade reconciliation tools

» Clearing services offered on more
than 50 global exchanges
» Consolidated futures and options on
futures clearing

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Calyon Financial

For more information on our electronic trading Asia
Calyon Financial
solutions, please contact: Guillaume Roux-Chabert
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality
Contacts T: 852 2826 1015
Trading Functionality
X X X Americas E:

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Marc Lorin
Additional Services
T: 312-762-1760

General Overview » Orc Europe
Calyon Financial, a subsidiary of Calyon » FIX – for proprietary black box and order Nick Garrow
Corporate and Investment Bank (Calyon), is one management solutions
T: 44 20 7550 2484
of the world's largest listed derivatives brokers
» APIs E:
and provides institutional clients with access
to more than 60 markets globally. Calyon is These solutions are supported on a 24-hour
part of the Credit Agricole Group, one of basis by dedicated e-brokerage technical teams
the world's largest banks in terms of capital, located in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
giving our customers AA-rated financial One of the major advantages of the Calyon
security and backing. Financial e-trading product suite is the range
Calyon Financial's global e-brokerage team of STP solutions we support and our capability
is dedicated to providing our institutional to offer tailored and turnkey solutions which
customers with a range of electronic trading meet the requirements of our institutional
and STP solutions. As one of the leading customers. Our STP product suite covers the
brokers in electronic trading, we offer our areas of real time trade reporting, trade
customers a choice of front end applications allocations, FIX API's, FIX based trade
for access to the CME Group including: notifications and numerous connections to
major back office and other order
» Strategy Runner management systems.
» TT X_Trader
Additionally, Calyon Financial has a suite of
» Patsystems ProMark and J-Trader proprietary order handling algorithms and
» GL Trade GLWIN customized order routing to non-exchange
» CQG destinations. We also provide enhanced
pre- and post-trade risk functionality.
» FRONTIERS – our proprietary front
end providing access to CME Group and
Asian derivatives exchanges

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Credit Suisse PrimeTrade

Contacts Tokyo
Credit Suisse PrimeTrade
New York T: 81 3 4550 9455
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality T: 212-325-5319
Trading Functionality
X X X London
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
T: 44 207 888 4859
Additional Services
T: 61 2 8205 4333

General Overview
PrimeTrade provides users with secure and direct
access to the world's electronic-listed derivatives
exchanges utilizing Credit Suisse’s global
memberships. This user-friendly system provides
clients with the ability to trade in any listed
derivative market from anywhere in the world
utilizing advanced functionality.

If you have your own GUI or OMS, we can easily
meet your connectivity needs. PrimeTrade is
compatible with FIX and supports post-trade API’s.

If it is straight through processing that you require,
PrimeTrade is fully integrated with PrimeClear,
offering real time transaction processing and
settlement. Using a single platform to deliver
critical information for both your front and
back office will increase control and efficiency.
Why look anywhere else for your listed derivatives
trading and clearing needs?

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Fimat USA, LLC.

Definition of FIX: The Financial Information Contacts
Fimat USA, LLC.
Exchange Protocol is a “language” that defines Fimat USA, LLC.
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality specific kinds of electronic messages for 181 W. Madison Street
Trading Functionality communicating securities and futures Suite 3450
transactions between two parties. FIX defines Chicago, IL 60602
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services only the format of the messages and the
Additional Services T: 312-578-5010
session-level interaction between two
applications – it is not a software application in Internet
its own right.
General Overview » Electronic order routing via FIX connection,
Fimat is part of Société Générale Securities to non-electronic markets. Fimat refers to all companies or divisions of
Services, which offers a full range of securities » Fully integrated into Fimat’s global clearing companies owned directly or indirectly by
services ranging from execution, clearing, network (one account reference to trade Société Générale that include the “Fimat”
delivery and settlement, to custody, trustee, anywhere around the world). name. Only Fimat USA, LLC., is a member of
fund and portfolio administration, as well as the NASD and SIPC. Fimat International Banque
» Professional technical and functional
employee Share Plan Management. Fimat S.A. (UK Branch) is a member of the LSE and
global help desk.
Group consists of more than 1,600 staff in does not deal with or for private customers
24 market places and is a member of 45 Fix Features and Benefits (as defined by the Financial Services Authority).
derivatives exchanges and 19 stock exchanges » Provides true computer to computer FIX Fimat International Banque S.A. (Frankfurt
worldwide. In 2005, Fimat achieved a global access to exchange trading systems. Branch) only conducts business with market
market share of 5.3 percent. Figures quoted for 1. For Automated Trading Programs professionals and institutional customers.
Fimat volumes and market share apply to
2. For Proprietary Front-End Screens Only Fimat Canada Inc. is a member of the
major derivatives exchanges on which Fimat
» Direct exchange connectivity currently CIPF. Not all services are available from all
is a member.
available for all major listed derivatives Fimat organizations. Consult your local office
Front-end trading applications markets. for details
» Direct screen access to trade on the world’s » One physical FIX connection can accommodate
largest derivatives markets. multiple FIX traders and multiple exchanges.
» Direct FIX exchange access for our » All FIX traders can view/modify order status
client’s proprietary trading screens and/or on GUI provided by Fimat.
automated trading programs.
» Implementation includes a certification
» Dedicated line, Radianz financial extranet process and access to Fimat’s FIX Project
or internet VPN/browser connectivity. Management Team.
» Comprehensive risk system: risk is calculated » Fimat can create custom FIX solutions –
on a pre-trade basis for all customers drop copy, auto cancel, etc…
connected to our systems.
» FIX 4.2 – 4.4 compliant.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


Contacts James Ashley
Americas Head of Sales and Marketing
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. Europe and the Middle East
Trading Functionality 452 5th Avenue
X X X X T: 44 20 7991 5758
New York, New York 10018
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services James F. Etzkorn
Head of Marketing – Chicago
The Hongkong and Shanghai
T: 312-429-3735
Banking Corporation Ltd.
General Overview HSBC Global Futures is a core business of the E:
1 Queen’s Road Central
Futures Direct, HSBC’s front-end trading HSBC Group, one of the largest and most
George Maganas Hong Kong
platform, provides institutional clients access to respected financial organizations in the world.
SVP – Institutional Marketing
CME Globex and other exchanges worldwide. Comprehensive futures execution and clearing Craig Roberston
T: 312-429-3761
As the starting point of HSBC’s straight through services combine with cross product research Head of Futures Asia-Pacific
processing solution, Futures Direct is a flexible and coverage to give our institutional client
T: 852 2822 3022
and easy to use system that combines robust base unparalleled access to global markets. Europe and the Middle East
technology with global support. Screens are HSBC Bank plc
fully customizable and offer a variety of order 8 Canada Square Internet
entry options. Futures Direct also delivers full London E14 5HQ
order management capabilities; clients can view
all activity and pass the book internally or to
HSBC execution desks around the world. HSBC
customers also enjoy 24 hour trade, technical
and operational support and service.

Clients can connect to Futures Direct either
through either via a VPN or the Internet
(Internet Explorer required). Futures Direct is
downloaded from HSBC servers, avoiding the
necessity of client site installation. System
security is provided by 128 bit encryption
and password protection. There are no
monthly fees.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Interactive Brokers (IB)

Network Connections Canada
Interactive Brokers (IB)
Advisors, Brokers and Institutions can connect 1800 McGill College Avenue
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality to the IB trading system through the public Suite 2106
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality Internet, an Extranet provider or dedicated lines. Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3J6
Contacts T: 514-287-0242
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services United States
Hong Kong
One Pickwick Plaza
Suite 1512,
Greenwich, CT 06830
2 Pacific Place
General Overview Trader Workstation (TWS)
T: 203-618-5800 88 Queensway
Futures: GTC (native), GTD (simulated), GAT This easy to use order management system is
Admirality, Hong Kong
(simulated), iceberg (simulated), limit (native), written in Java and is available for Windows, 440 S. LaSalle St.
market (simulated), market-to-limit (native), Macintosh and Unix systems. Traders enter Suite 2450 T: 852 2156 7907
stop (simulated), stop limit (native) and trailing numerous ticker symbols in a spreadsheet-like Chicago, IL 60605
stop (simulated). Options: limit (native) and interface for stocks, options, futures, single
T: 312-542-6900 Gotthardstrasse 3 OST
GTC (simulated). Accounts: independent stock futures and exchange-traded funds.
E: CH-6300 Zug
traders, advisors, institutions and brokers. Once a product is entered in the TWS, real-time
market data can be displayed on the screen. Australia T: 41 41 726 5078
General Overview
You can enter orders with a few clicks of the Level 25, 56 Pitt St.
Interactive Brokers’ trading platform, the Trader London
mouse. Order entry is fast since TWS does Sydney
Workstation (TWS), provides direct access to 10 Arthur Street
not require a ”time-consuming” order ticket New South Wales 2000
the CME Globex electronic trading platform. 1st Floor
window and multiple products can be traded
Please note that TWS also provides access to T: 61 2 9240 5143 London EC4R 9AY, UK
from the same screen. In addition, numerous
37 market centers in 14 countries, and direct
movable and detachable trading page tabs T: 44 207 283 5070
access to over 40 markets in 13 countries for
allow traders to arrange their portfolios.
trading stocks, options, futures, forex and ETFs. Internet
Application Programming Interface
IB offers an Application Program Interface (API)
Trade futures and futures options through the
to its Trader Workstation that may interest the
IB TWS for $2.40 per side.
technically inclined. Through the API, traders
Interactive Brokers offers two pricing structures and trading technology vendors can link into
for futures. Bundled, which is a fixed rate per our system using Java, C++, ActiveX, Excel,
contract, and unbundled, which more closely and Visual Basic to customize their trade order
matches the pricing structure of the exchanges, interface and trading strategies.
provides for volume discounts and allows
FIX Connectivity
exchange discounts for members.
Advisors, Introducing Brokers and institutions
may enter orders and receive execution reports
through the CTCI, which uses the FIX protocol.
C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Lind-Waldock LindConnect

Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality 141 West Jackson Blvd.
Trading Functionality Suite 1400-A
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 800-445-2000

General Overview » Free $50,000 simulated trading account
LindConnect is Lind-Waldock’s browser-based allows you to practice trading on
trading application that offers the freedom and LindConnect for 30 days.
flexibility of trading on any computer with an Updates
Internet connection. LindConnect provides direct Visit Lind-Waldock’s Web site at
access into our sophisticated trading engine, to find out more
and it’s free to use. about LindConnect, or contact Lind-Waldock
This dynamic online trading platform features: by calling 800-445-2000.

» User-friendly order placement and position
» Preloaded codes and specifications
for popular futures markets.
» Daily statements provided online or via
e-mail for you to review your trading
activity and present position value.
» Easy access to free quotes, charts, news
and weather information.
» Customizable snapshot and streaming
» The “Reference Shelf” keeps you informed
of exchange developments, product
news, contract specifications, margin
requirements and more.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Lind-Waldock Lind Xpress

Lind Xpress
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality 141 West Jackson Blvd.
Trading Functionality Suite 1400-A
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 800-445-2000
X E:

General Overview » Parked orders.
Lind Xpress is Lind-Waldock's proprietary, » Double-click trade offsetting and trade
downloadable, real-time trading application. reversing.
Built by traders for professional traders,
» Customizable fills and positions summaries
Lind Xpress is a fast, flexible and powerful
and customizable fill notifications.
trading platform. Lind Xpress can be
downloaded from the Lind-Waldock Web site » Simultaneous access to multiple accounts.
for free at » Real-time mark-to-market account valuation.

This functionally rich platform features: » Statements that show up to two months
of historical data.
» Access to a wide variety of markets, both
» Customizable and savable screen layouts.
open outcry and electronic.
» Integrated Web browser.
» Support for all major order types.
» Simulated trading in a $50,000 hypothetical
» Market depth – five-deep, in up to five
trading account, free for 30-days.
markets; one-click order entry from
market-depth pane. Updates
Visit Lind-Waldock’s Web site at
» Streaming quotes and real-time snapshot to find out more
quotes with one-click order entry.
about Lind Xpress, or contact Lind-Waldock
» Price alerts. by calling 800-445-2000.
» Real-time interactive Java Charts.
» Free quotes, charts and news.
» Multiple order entry modes to
accommodate different trading styles.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Morgan Stanley

We are dedicated to providing our clients with Contacts
Morgan Stanley
optimum service on a global scale. With more New York
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality than 20 years of experience providing execution T: 212-761-1093
Trading Functionality and clearing services, our Listed Derivatives :800-227-7987
team includes more than 100 sales and
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services marketing, execution, clearing and trade
Additional Services T: 312-706-4109
processing professionals globally.
Morgan Stanley’s execution desks in New York,
General Overview Passport Express – customizable streaming Chicago, London and Tokyo provide seamless
T: 44 20 7425 5532
Morgan Stanley’s global Listed Derivatives quotes pages; market depth trading views; 24-hour trading services and support.
services offer clients seamless, 24-hour access spread trading matrix; configurable order
The global Listed Derivatives Operations group
to the world’s financial markets. With blotter; real-time positions; multi-exchange Tokyo
provides trading support services from six offices
connectivity to 46 exchanges in 26 countries, legging; trading support available 24 hours a T: 813 5424 7731
located strategically around the world: New
Morgan Stanley’s execution and clearing day, five days a week. :800-341-7076
York, Chicago, Baltimore, London, Hong Kong
services are a global offering for all the
Passport Windows – single, global platform for and Tokyo.
products you trade. Our execution and clearing
multiple asset classes and regions; drag and
services are designed for frictionless Over 20 Morgan Stanley offices around the
drop functionality for customizing quote panels
straight-through processing, enabling our world provide local exchange support.
and allocating trades; multiple trade entry
clients to take control of the entire investment
methods; Morgan Stanley Smart Order Routing
process, from pre-trade analysis, to online
Technology (SORT) Morgan Stanley Benchmark
trading and trade confirmations. However you
Execution Strategies (MS BXS) – systematic and
trade futures and options, Morgan Stanley can
dynamic order execution strategies that
add value at every point in the process.
augment trader skills and improve productivity
Morgan Stanley offers three ways for our in today’s fragmented and high-frequency
clients to connect electronically to the world’s global markets. Trading support available
derivatives exchanges: 24 hours a day / five, days a week.

» Self-execution through Passport Express, Direct Market Access (DMA) – access to all
Morgan Stanley’s electronic platform for trading regions and assets classes with a single
futures and options trading. FIX session; sophisticated monitoring ensures
» Self-execution through Passport Windows, highest levels of availability and recoverability;
Morgan Stanley’s multi-asset electronic Client Flow Manager tool helps clients establish
trading platform. risk limits and monitor order and execution
information; FIX infrastructure accommodates
» Direct Market Access (DMA) via FIX message
message content requirements of vendor
order routing to send orders directly to a
provided and proprietary Order Management
specific exchange or electronic
communication network.
C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

PFG, Inc. BESTDirect Online Trading

Contact a PFG Customer Relations representative
PFG, Inc. BESTDirect Online Trading
or log on to for live and free
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality demo account openings or more information.
Trading Functionality
X X X Contacts
PFG, Inc.
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services 190 S. LaSalle Street, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603

T: 800-333-5673
General Overview » Performance summary gives you a
T: 312-775-3000
PFG’s proprietary BESTDirect trading platform statistical view of your trading day.
is one of the most user-friendly online order » Quick trade ticket streamlines trading Internet
entry systems available today. It was built with one specific market at a time.
the features that professional traders
» Join the bid or ask in one click.
demand – ease of operation and risk control.
» Order Management section shows all
Features of BEST Direct 7.0 include: your trades placed through BESTDirect –
» Multiple accounts on one screen. working, filled, cancelled or rejected
» Quote window provides real-time quotes orders are color-coded for easy viewing.
with bid or ask and option for multiple » Refresh Function maintains updated
market viewing. positions and reporting information.
» Depth of market and real-time streaming
charts for select markets.
» Real-time account status with streaming P/L.
» Real-Time price ladder highlights the “last”
in the center for ease of placing limit and
stop orders.
» Price box features drop down prices.
» Accepts Limit, GTC, stop, market and
MIT orders.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Prudential Financial Derivatives, LLC.

Contacts UK, Europe and Asia
Prudential Financial Derivatives, LLC.
Scott Mehlman Ian Anderson
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality First Vice President
T: 44 11 207 548 4181
Trading Functionality Technology Director

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
T: 212-778-3071
Additional Services E:
Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis,
New York and Canada
General Overview
Chris Damilatis
Prudential Financial Derivatives (PFDL), offers
several front-end trading applications that T: 312-588-5500
connect a user, either directly or via the E:
Internet, to the CME Globex electronic trading
platform. We currently offer software
developed by ISVs. This software is installed on
our customers’ own PCs.

Connectivity to CME Globex, and other
Electronic exchanges is provided over the
Internet via secure (VPN) software, leased lines
or through thirdparty network providers. PFDL
technology experts will work with you in order
to ensure that the connectivity option you
choose is the one that best meets your
individual requirements.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

Rand Financial Services, Inc.

Rand Financial Services, Inc.
Vickie Lambert
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality T: 312-559-8828
Trading Functionality E:

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services

General Overview The system features:
Rand Financial Services, is proud to offer » Single screen direct access to global markets
RandConnect, the finest online trading system » Futures, spreads and options
in the global futures industry. RandConnect
» Live quote feeds
provides fast and dependable access to all
major electronic and open outcry futures » Depth of market
exchanges. » 24/6 client support

It is the latest example of Rand’s commitment » Scalable
to provide clients with leading-edge technology. » Internet or direct-connection
» API availability for front-ends
RandConnect connects the user via the Internet
or direct connection to the global marketplace. » Easily rebranded
This cutting edge technology is available to both
clearing and execution clients. For non-clearing
FCMs and IBs, RandConnect can be rebranded
and deployed to any number of end-users.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

RedSky Financial

demand a larger universe of price Contacts
RedSky Financial
subscriptions at one time, we offer a hosted RedSky Financial
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality solution with direct access to our multicast 601 S. LaSalle, Suite 300
Trading Functionality price feed API. No compression. No Chicago, IL 60605
unnecessary overhead. Fast.
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
T: 312-334-8000
2. Order Entry API – We offer both a FIX and T: 888-273-3759
Additional Services
X c++ API for order entry. The challenge here F: 312-334-8008
is the tradeoff between speed and making E:
General Overview » Level II stock screen to view real time sure there is no data loss. Our software
meets this challenge. Internet
RedSky Financial is a Chicago-based broker exchange market data combined with
dealer and FCM that specializes in electronic internal book data from the major ECNs. 3. Network – our system resides on a secure
trading. We provide professional traders, hedge » TradeMonitor and Option Sheet to view private network and is constantly monitored
funds and institutions, and proprietary trading options prices and execute orders including by our system engineers. Access is allowed
groups with direct access to stocks, options, spreads quickly. only via our proprietary gateways and
futures, forex and bonds through our proprietary connections are established via redundant
» Futures window to view the depth of the
R3 trading platform. private connections.
market and enter orders for futures products.
For automated trading clients, we offer multiple » Message window to easily monitor all
APIs for order submission and price subscription. trading activity and view a detailed audit
Our APIs are robust yet easy to connect to and trail of all orders and trades.
offer the lowest possible latency and the highest
» Seamless integration with leading third-party
possible throughput. Founded in 2000, our
software vendors including eSignal, CQG
goal at RedSky is to combine industry leading
and MicroHedge.
technology with a high level of customer support.
Contact us for a demo.
R3 Platform
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
RedSky’s proprietary trading platform allows
At the core of our software is a proprietary
traders access to more than 40 markets from a
multicast middleware designed to create the
single customizable front-end. Highlights
lowest possible latency and the highest possible
throughput, all within a fully scalable framework.
» SMART routing to ensure best execution Our three-part solution includes:
and access to fragmented pools of liquidity.
1. Price Feed API – Our method of processing
» Advanced order types including Market, prices from each destination is a low-touch,
Limit, Stop, Stop-Limit, MOO, MOC, IOC, highly refined process. For users who need
AON, FOK, Reserve, Hunter, Spray, Pegged, minimal price subscriptions at one time,
Discretionary, VWAP and TWAP. we offer a c++ pub/sub API. For users who

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

R.J.O’Brien & Associates

proprietary product line and expand RJO’s Contacts
R.J.O’Brien & Associates
reach to every facet of the futures industry. R.J.O’Brien & Associates
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality 222 South Riverside Plaza #900
Trading Functionality Chicago, IL 60606

Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
T: 312-373-5000
Additional Services E:
General Overview » RJO WEBOE is RJO’s browser based
RJO embraced technology early on, and today solution. As a Web enabled application, the
offers a robust proprietary order routing product is suitable for any customer with a
network. As a core competency, RJO’s connection to the Internet and a Web
network combines direct connections to the browser. No special client configurations or
world’s largest futures Exchanges, use of installation of software is needed.
handhelds in Chicago and New York, Straight
Through Processing of electronic trades and » RJO CONNECT provides clients who have
24-hour execution on every futures exchange their own trading application connectivity
worldwide. As an added feature, RJO offers to the raw RJO order routing network and
Direct Market Access (DMA) for clients who in turn, to all of the exchanges to which
have a need for low latency connectivity to RJO has access. This solution provides a
the exchanges. highly efficient connection for ‘black box’
algorithmic traders, as well.
Additionally, RJO provides clients with four
trading options. Although all of the
For both end applications and for the order
applications boast connectivity to RJO’s order
routing network, RJO has chosen to build,
routing environment, each application offers
rather than buy, whenever possible. The
specific benefits designed to service different
proprietary nature of RJO’s solution affords
customer’s needs:
clients a customized experience without
sacrificing control and quality and allows users
» RJO Vantage is the newest application. It is
to create and transmit orders with speed and
downloadable and installed on a trader’s
efficiency. This fact has not restricted RJO
PC. Targeted to the individual, Introducing
from forging relationships with the industry’s
Broker and high velocity traders, RJO
Vantage includes streaming quotes, Depth
reputable Independent Software Vendors
of Market, click based trading, and real
(ISVs), such as CQG and Pats Systems.
time account information.
Together, these relationships round out the

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

TransAct Futures

TransAct Futures
TransAct Futures
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality 141 West Jackson Blvd.
Trading Functionality Suite 240-A
Chicago, IL 60604
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services T: 877-TRADE-03 (877-872-3303)
X E:

Bill Zimmerman
General Overview CTA’s, CPO’s and those trading multiple
T: 312-431-1288
TransAct Futures is a Futures Commission accounts: TransAct BrokerBook™
Merchant (FCM) and technology firm providing TransAct’s multi-account brokerage trading Internet
aggressively-competitive clearing, technology platform allows brokerage professionals to
and support services to active electronic futures utilize user-friendly pull-down menus and
traders and institutional futures trading clients, keywords to watch the trading activity of up
including: to 300 customers, adjust account and risk
parameters and do it all in real time.
» Large-volume individual traders
» Foreign/domestic introducing brokers Introducing Brokers and Proprietary
Trading Firms: TransAct RiskWatcher™
» Hedge funds
TransAct Futures’ assertive risk management
» CTO/CPO system offers the ability to set individual
» Banks trader gain/loss parameters that, when met,
automatically liquidate the account’s open trades.
TransAct Futures has developed intuitive and
stable software leveraging six years development
in TransAct’s own proprietary trading group.

Individual futures traders:
TransActAT™ Active Trading Platform
Compare TransActAT features and performance
to those of the other top trading platforms and
you’ll find that TransActAT is similar to most, but
faster, more stable and streamlined than many.
Ideal for active futures scalpers, inter market
spreading, arbitrage and position traders.

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S

TradeStation Securities, Inc.

TradeStation Securities, Inc.
TradeStation Securities, Inc.
Options Market Enhanced Options
CME Group Supported
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality T: 800-808-9336
Trading Functionality
X X X X Internet
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services

General Overview trading software tools, historical and streaming
TradeStation supports trading in equity index real-time market data, and direct-access
futures, currency futures, interest rate futures, order-routing and execution. The TradeStation
agricultural commodities, and industrial electronic trading platform also offers
commodities as well as other markets. state-of-the-art advanced order placement
The platform provides tools for customizing, functions, powerful automated and manual order
back-testing and real-time automation of placement capabilities, and numerous advanced
trading strategies in these and other markets. charting and analytics features.

For the client or small group with a desire for
personal and customized training, TradeStation
Securities offers one-on-one or small group
training sessions for EasyLanguage and Strategy
Automation. Other services and solutions are
available by request. In addition, TradeStation
offers nationwide live and Web-based training
classes and written learning materials.

TradeStation Securities, Inc. is a leading online
brokerage firm that serves the active trader and
certain institutional trader markets. The company’s
core product/service is TradeStation, a Direct
Market Access (DMA) electronic trading platform
that enables traders to test and automate
“rule-based” or “quantitative” trading strategies
across multiple asset classes; namely, equities,
equity options, futures and foreign currencies
(forex). The TradeStation electronic trading
platform seamlessly integrates powerful strategy

C M E G R O U P - C E R T I F I E D B R O K E R T R A D I N G A P P L I C AT I O N S


futures trading functionality including packs, Americas
bundles, butterflies and specially designed Darrell McConnell
Options Market Enhanced Options
Futures Spreads Options
Making Capabilities Functionality currency futures trading screens. T: 312-525-6607
CME Group Supported
Trading Functionality SwisKey: a secure, browser-based, electronic E:
execution and portfolio order routing solution, EMEA
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
providing access to financial and commodity Paul Orchard
Additional Services
X futures markets on more than 50 exchanges T: 44 20 7567 4461
globally. E:
General Overview » We offer customized economic data analysis
FIX: Clients are able to connect trading and Asia Pacific
UBS provides global coverage for institutions on demand and provide feedback on global
risk applications to route multi-product orders Tony Donnelly
UBS is one of the best capitalized financial economic data and its impact.
globally through a single connection to UBS, T: 61 2 9324 2280
institutions in the world, with invested assets » Whether it’s watching important price leveraging UBS exchange memberships and E:
of USD 1.7 trillion and a market capitalization targets or keeping clients aware of technology.
of USD 75.6 billion. information affecting their business, our Internet
All UBS applications are designed with advanced,
Growth in the U.S. is major part of our strategy. proactive approach to account
straight-through-processing technology, linking
The acquisition of Paine-Webber and, more management leads to positive results.
our clients trading and risk systems with
recently, the Capital Markets division of Charles » Our clients enjoy a single point of contact
operations and settlements.
Schwab and ABN AMRO’s U.S. Prime Brokerage for all of their account management needs,
business, means we are now also one of the which means quick responses and fast Contacts
fastest growing investment banks in the Americas. problem solving.

Our first priority is our clients’ success. As an » We have, and continue to invest in,
integrated firm, UBS creates added value for leading-edge execution technology to provide
clients by drawing on the combined resources rapid access to all screen-based markets.
and expertise of all its businesses. As an Customized trading solutions: UBS offers a
organization, UBS combines financial strength complete range of trading solutions, tailored to
with a global culture that embraces change. each clients needs, featuring customized
connectivity solutions, global direct market
UBS was awarded the Best Global Investment
access, FIX connectivity, order routing, post
Bank award by Euromoney in 2004.
trade analytics and STP capabilities.
UBS Investment Bank is the right Bloomberg Tradebook: A futures’ trading
execution partner application offering the complete package of
» Our front office staff specializes in market data, news, messaging, analytics and
gathering and interpreting time-critical futures trading in one, FIX-enabled application
information from a wide array of sources, delivered over a secure, global network. You can
enabling our clients to make informed trade directly on CME Globex from your
trading decisions around the globe. Bloomberg screen, giving access to advanced
CME Group-Provided Solutions

CME EOS Trader

CME EOS Trader

Options Market Enhanced Options CME Group Customer Service
Futures Spreads Options
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality
T: 800-331-3332
Trading Functionality
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services
Additional Services

General Overview Benefits
The best way to access electronic CME Group » Access to user-defined spreads - Define
futures and options markets is through CME and trade unique combinations and
Globex Partners (link to CME Globex partners instruments on the fly
page), comprised of ISV and FCM front-end
» Credit controls - Administrator access to a
trading system providers. If your FCM or ISV
variety of risk management parameters
does not currently support some of the
enhanced functionality (particularly for options) » Fast order entry
available on CME Globex, you may want to
» Shared order book
consider CME EOS Trader.
» Real-time market data
CME EOS Trader is a web-based front-end
system provided by CME Group. It provides » Basic futures order entry
comprehensive electronic access to options
» Customizable workspace
markets for CME Group Interest Rate, Equity,
FX and Commodity products. It also provides » DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) Link to
basic access for trading CME Group futures as Microsoft Excel
well as NYMEX products.
» Automated bookkeeping feature with
CME EOS Trader makes trading CME Group clearing and account balances
options electronically easier than ever. Connect
over the internet and enjoy direct access
through CME Globex, virtually 24 hours a day.
Get unsurpassed liquidity and transparency.
And take advantage of enhanced functionality
not available on the legacy CITRIX System.


CME GALAX-C Handhelds

CME GALAX-C Handhelds

Options Market Enhanced Options Tom Clark
Futures Spreads Options
CME Group Supported Making Capabilities Functionality
Trading Functionality
Laura Giacomino
Application Hosting Network Provider Consulting Services 312-930-8259
Additional Services
Brian Linker
General Overview
On the CME Group trading floors at 20 South
Wacker in Chicago, traders can access CME Internet
Globex products through the CME GALAX-C
electronic handheld trading system, an applica-
tion and hardware provided by CME Group.

CME GALAX-C handhelds support direct access
to futures, options and spreads available CME
Globex. It is available in wireless PDA and Tablet
PC formats and

Benefits of CME GALAX-C handhelds

» Trade any instrument listed on CME Globex,
including CME, NYMEX and COMEX products

» Submit Limit and Fill and Kill (FAK) orders

» Cancel by price level, contract, all bids, all
offers, or global cancel

» View the five best bids and offers and Net

» Send and receive Request for Quotes (RFQ)

» View and trade the underlying futures on
the options and spreads screen

Proprietary Trading Firms and Trading Arcades
P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

Advantage Futures, LLC. Allston Trading, LLC.

General Overview Our broker dealer entity, Advantage Securities General Overview Contact Information
Advantage Futures is a full service FMC. We are LLC, provides clients with access to the Allston Trading, is a proprietary electronic Allston Trading, LLC.
the highest volume electronic clearing firm and government securities market. trading firm that trades in financial markets One Financial Place
the highest volume interest rate clearing firm. around the world, 24 hours a day. Our 440 South LaSalle Street
If you would like to find out more about how
We are also clearing members of LIFFE, Eurex, employees leverage cutting-edge technology, Suite 1211
Advantage can help support your individual
The Intercontinental Exchange, the London sophisticated strategies and extensive Chicago, IL 60605
or group trading, please stop by or contact us.
Clearing House, the Montreal Exchange and the knowledge to make profitable trades.
T: 312-663-7111
Clearing Corporation. Advantage can facilitate Contact Information
Allston is committed to developing its already E:
trading on almost all domestic and foreign Advantage Futures, LLC.
substantial electronic trading capabilities in a
futures exchanges either through our direct (Corporate Headquarters)
mindful and evolutionary manner and we are
clearing memberships or through relationships 30 S. Wacker Drive
always looking for exceptional individuals to
we maintain with multiple carrying brokers. In Suite 2020
contribute to this growth. Currently, our talented
2005, Advantage cleared more than 210 million Chicago, IL 60606
team consists of experienced traders, trader
futures and option
T: 312-756-6300 trainees, software developers, financial engineers
contracts for our clients.
and quantitative analysts, information technology
141 W. Jackson Blvd.
Advantage has an unwavering dedication to specialists and operational staff.
Suite 1920
client service and provides our customers with
Chicago, IL 60604 Please visit for additional
outstanding technology infrastructure and
information on our company and open positions.
support. Our state-of-the-art networks ensure T: 312-347-4800
If you are a bright, analytical and motivated
that electronic trade data is delivered with
1501 W. Warren Ave. team player, please feel free to share your
utmost speed and reliability.
Downers Grove, IL 60515 resume with us and kindly include a short
Advantage provides trading arcade facilities in blurb on why you are interested in trading
T: 630-353-2715
our downtown Chicago CME Group offices as and describe a recent personal achievement.
well as in Downers Grove, IL. Clients find ample Advantage Futures Professional Trader Sales:
accommodation among over 50,000 square Susan Cloud Mike O’Hara
feet of Advantage Futures office space. Our John Conolly Mike O’Malley
Downers Grove facility, with 10,800 square Terry Duffy Tim Toohey
feet, provides professional traders with the ulti- Kevin Globe Bill Weldon
mate in convenience, comfort, high speed elec- Anthony Guerrieri Jim Zellinger
tronic connectivity and rock solid Jeff Kaplan
system stability. The facility is complete with a
health-club-quality exercise room and many
other amenities. This is a fully redundant facility
with multiple direct exchange connections
and a natural gas generator.

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

The Archelon Group Consolidated Trading, LLC.

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Contact Information
The Archelon Group is a leading market maker Archelon, LLC. Consolidated Trading is an aggressive Consolidated Trading, LLC.
in exchange-listed derivatives in the U.S. and 200 S. Wacker, 24th Floor organization with very determined employees. 440 S. LaSalle
Europe. We trade equity and index derivatives, Chicago, IL 60606 Consolidated Trading is involved in various parts Suite 3400
including options, futures, exchange-traded of the trading industry with market making Chicago, IL 60605
T: 312-461-0300
funds and interest rate products. activities at CME Group, CBOE and the AMEX.
F: 312-648-9625 Whitney Lamberson
As the trading industry continues to evolve,
Our goal is to bring together quality people T: 312-260-5427
Megan Loutfi, HR Manager Consolidated stays ahead of the competition by
using advanced technology to compete with E:
constantly expanding our presence in various
integrity in world markets. We seek to facilitate E:
markets. We utilize the latest technology and
trade through risk-neutral trading strategies T: 312-461-0300
update our trading strategies as needed, which
based upon arbitrage and portfolio
Internet provides continuous challenges as well as
management theory. Our traders combine expansion and employment opportunities.
real world market experience with leading-edge
technology to find and exploit profit As Consolidated continues to grow, we are
opportunities in the markets. always interested in hiring qualified individuals.
As a relatively young firm, we have established
Market making is a dynamic business, requiring
a very well-respected reputation and our
highly energized individuals, sophisticated
presence is known on all of the exchanges in
analysis, seamless communication and teamwork.
which we trade. We offer a challenging,
We consider these attributes to be core Archelon
fast-paced and enjoyable environment for
strengths that we look for in all of our employees.
individuals who are extremely motivated.

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

Cornerstone Trading, LLC. Darwin Capital Trading, LLC.

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Contact Information
Cornerstone Trading is a Chicago-based trading Cornerstone Trading, LLC. Darwin Capital Trading is a fast-paced To learn more about Darwin Capital Trading,
firm established in 1993. We facilitate 440 South LaSalle Street and growing prop firm in Chicago, tailored e-mail Michael Joubert at
professional traders and market-makers trading Suite 1900 to ambitious, hard-working individuals eager
in all major futures, options and stock markets. Chicago, IL 60605 to learn about and prosper in the fixed-income
Our business model focuses on streamlining derivatives industry.
T: 312-431-7300
the trading operation for experienced traders.
F: 312-431-7334 Darwin’s primary focus is the U.S. yield curve,
We provide our traders with the advanced
E: and we actively pursue good risk-reward
trading tools, technology and support necessary
opportunities in everything from CME Group
to operate a successful trading business. Internet
Eurodollars to CBOT U.S. Treasury futures
Cornerstone specializes in advanced trade and cash Treasuries on Espeed. All of our
research technology to optimize and refine trading is executed electronically.
trading strategies before implementation.
We separate ourselves through superior
Historical daily and/or tick data for most
technology and training. Our sophisticated
financial products is available to query and
market-tracking tools monitor the U.S. bond
back-test. Our technology experts and
market around the clock, and we run regression
programming staff are available to assist in the
analysis on all relevant yield-curve spreads to
research and development of your own trading
determine real-time buying or selling
ideas. We also host black-box and grey-box
opportunities. Our retention rate as we enter
trading systems.
our fourth year is 90 percent, and ideal
Put your trading ideas to work. Contact us today. candidates possess advanced degrees in math,
computers or economics.

Our motto (as told to NBA star Jermaine O’Neal
by former Indiana Pacers GM Isaiah Thomas):
“Whether you fail or succeed here is entirely
up to you. If you fail, it’s because you didn’t
want it badly enough. If you succeed, it’s
because you wanted it more than anyone else.”

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

DE Trading Corp./International Trading Group The Dowd Wescott Group

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Contact Information
We are a trading firm that specializes in the Loren H. Newman The Dowd Wescott Group is a sub-accounting Dowd Wescott Group
trading of electronic interest rates, commodities, International Trading Group clearing member of Fortis Clearing. The Dowd 30 S. Wacker Drive
currencies, stocks, stock index futures and energy Wescott Group clears trades for professional floor Suite 1108
T: 847-724-3215
markets. We dedicate ourselves to teaching, and electronic traders at CME Group. The Dowd Chicago, IL 60606
training and mentoring our traders. Traders Wescott Group clears and financially backs
Michael Dowd
manage company capital and are compensated proprietary traders on the trading floor and
T: 312-638-5189
on a performance basis. Our state-of-the-art electronically through memberships and ECMs.
trading facilities are supported by a full-time
Michael Dowd and David Wescott are managing
professional staff. Dave Wescott
partners of the Dowd Wescott Group. Michael
T: 312-638-6501
Savoca is Executive Vice President responsible
for business development.
Mike Savoca
T: 312-638-6505

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

DRW Trading Group FCT Group of Companies

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Contact Information
The DRW Trading Group is an aggressive, DRW Trading Group Founded by Roger Carlsson in 1984, FCT North America
dedicated organization engaged in many 10 S. Riverside Plaza, 21st Flr. grew from a single Chicago-based office into FCT Group of Companies
different aspects of the trading industry, Chicago, IL 60606 an international organization with offices in 150 South Wacker Drive
including market making and proprietary Chicago, London, Montreal, Toronto, Suite 805
T: 312-542-1000
trading. As the industry progresses, both in Melbourne, Kiev and Shanghai. FCT conducts Chicago IL 60606 USA
terms of new products and ways of proprietary trading, arbitrage and market
Michael Rathberger
transacting, we expect the future to present us making activities on futures, futures options,
T: 312-424-3054
with both great opportunities and challenges. and equity indexes on leading exchanges
The DRW Trading Group is ideally positioned to worldwide. FCT is a clearing member of CME
capitalize on this dynamic period. Group, LIFFE, and ICE as well as member firms Europe and Asia-Pacific
of both CME Group and Eurex. FCT Group of Companies
Along with employing many experienced
Dauntsey House
traders, the DRW Trading Group is comprised FCT offers a uniquely entrepreneurial
48 Frederick’s Place
of trader assistants, information technology environment where each trader is allowed to
London EC2R 8AB UK
personnel, software developers, a research develop his or her own style, trade and ideas
and development team, and financial and yet trade within a team atmosphere. FCT Rahul Kanodia
operational staff. understands there is not one way – but many T: 44 (0) 20 7964 9865
ways – to succeed in our industry. Whether you E:
As the DRW Trading Group continues to grow,
are an experienced trader, new to the electronic
we are regularly seeking qualified individuals. Internet
environment or new to our industry as a whole,
We have an established reputation as a
our dedicated staff of industry professionals is
sophisticated and successful trading firm and
here to help you ensure success.
offer a challenging, fast-paced environment
for motivated, creative individuals.

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

Fusionary Trading Gator Trading Partners, LLC.

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Contact Information
Trading, playing and earning money… Fusionary Trading Gator Trading Partners was formed in 2002. Timothy R. Paul
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Center We are a proprietary and market making firm Gator Trading Partners, LLC.
Trading is an individual practice. No formula
30 South Wacker Drive, specializing in electronic futures trading. The V.P. Portfolio Management
can be applied to everyone. Fusionary applies
Suite 1420 futures industry is rapidly progressing toward 175 W Jackson
an individual and personal approach to trading.
Chicago, IL 60606-7404 screen-based trading, and Gator is at the Suite 420
All programs are designed by Alan Rottman
forefront of that movement. Chicago, IL 60604
who has successfully traded in the pit and T: 312-835-4600
electronically since 1983. Gator currently employs more than 40 traders. E:
Our traders manage individual portfolios in
Whether it is futures, options or equities, our
fixed income, commodity and equity markets.
group will work with you and your needs to
Gator, in conjunction with O’Connor &
best utilize each trader’s personal strengths.
Company, is establishing a new standard
Fusionary combines the wisdom of the ages for screen-based trading.
with modern trading practices to enhance skills.
As Gator Trading Partners continues to grow,
Organization, efficiency and discipline are the
we are always looking-talented individuals who
cornerstones of all training and practices.
want to become part of an exciting industry.

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

GHCO (Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co.) Geneva Trading

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Our goal
GHCO fosters innovation, achievement and 141 W. Jackson Geneva Trading’s foundation as a proprietary As an electronic trading firm, Geneva is committed
a team environment for the best and brightest Suite 1701A trading firm is in the knowledge and experience to providing its traders with cutting-edge
professionals. We value every individual’s unique Chicago, IL 60604 of our management team. Our continued technology and the most reliable access to
contributions and promote each team member’s success lies in passing on that knowledge to global financial markets. In today’s competitive
John DeMartino
personal and professional growth. Professional the individuals we select, teach and develop. marketplace, our technology is second to none
T: 312-356-6040
ethics, tenacity and resilience win the day every Since 1999, Geneva has trained hundreds of in the industry and part of the critical edge we
time. The work is fast-paced and challenging, individuals with and without trading experience, provide to our traders.
but the rewards and opportunities are limitless. Internet: providing them the proper trading tools and
Our goal is simply to generate income from methods needed to succeed and excel in today’s
Proprietary trading at GHCO offers the right the trades and strategies we execute. Traders
dynamic global markets. At Geneva’s headquarters
individual the opportunity to excel in a vital we bring on board help us accomplish that.
in Chicago and offices in Dublin and Gibraltar,
and constantly invigorating career. You’ll join a There are no hidden fees or agendas. We make
our proprietary traders execute trading
team of traders, located in Chicago, London money when our traders make money, so we
strategies across every time zone.
and New York, who have made GHCO a major give them the tools and information they need.
player in the global marketplace. Apprentice program Contact Information
We look for highly motivated, self-sufficient We offer a structured, extensive training program As Geneva continues to grow, we seek bright,
individuals who are energized by competition. that teaches individuals without trading experience competitive individuals with a demonstrated
Like athletes, our traders are resilient, the methodologies that have made us successful. willingness to take on big challenges – and
goal-oriented people capable of split-second Geneva’s apprentices learn about the contracts win. If you’d like to become a part of our team,
decision-making. They share a code of ethics, we trade on exchanges around the world and please send your resume and a cover letter
a respect for one another’s abilities and a how to use fundamental and technical trading to
genuine love for the industry. instruments to identify opportunities, avoid pitfalls
and manage risk. If you have a competitive
On the customer side, our customers benefit nature and strong computer and quantitative
from the latest technology for accessing markets, skills, you may be suited to our training program.
obtaining market information and retrieving
personal account details, while enjoying a Experienced traders

superior level of service. If you are a successful proprietary or independent
trader who wants to move to a firm where
you are in a partnership with the management
team, Geneva is the place for you. We promote
and foster a cooperative team building approach
that allows seasoned traders to challenge
themselves as well as diversify into new markets
and strategies.

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

Getco, LLC. The Harrison Trading Group, LLC.

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Contact Information
Getco is a proprietary trading company that Getco, LLC. The Harrison Trading Group, is a proprietary Harrison Trading Group, LLC.
leverages its trading methodologies and 141 W. Jackson Blvd. trading company that dynamically participates 601 S. LaSalle St.
technological resources to optimize results by Suite 210 in many global markets by employing a wide Suite 200
daily trading equities, futures and fixed income Chicago, IL 60604 variety of trading strategies and utilizing numerous Chicago, IL 60605
products. Getco fosters an environment of instruments. It is a bold, nimble, fast-growing
T: 312-242-4600 T: 312-327-4000
teamwork and respect that allows for continued organization that actively engages in floor-based
E: F: 312-327-4001
exceptional performance, making Getco a great open outcry trading, as well as electronic direct
place to work. Note: To increase your visibility, when sending trading and broker-assisted trading.
your resume, please write the type of position
Harrison Trading Group understands that the
followed by your full name in the subject line.
trading industry is in a constant state of evolution
For example, “Electronic Trader – Jane Smith.”
and change so we invest heavily in technology,
people and ideas.

With an eye toward the future, we have committed
ourselves to building a substantial electronic
trading infrastructure and are regularly seeking
qualified individuals from the fields of information
technology, software development, quantitative
research and development and operations
to help support and grow this area.

Our trading staff consists of experienced
professionals that utilize time-tested proven
strategies and methodologies, but we are
always looking for experienced traders with
new innovative trading ideas as well as bright,
creative and motivated individuals with an
ambition to trade.

Our environment is fast-paced, challenging
and demanding, but very rewarding for those
individuals with a dedication to succeed.

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

Infinium Capital Management KC-CO II, LLC.

General Overview We trade futures and options on equities, General Overview Contact Information
Infinium Capital Management is a proprietary currencies and fixed-income products in both KC-CO II, is a Chicago-based trading firm that KC-CO II, LLC.
capital management firm based in Chicago at electronic and open outcry markets. Our strategies has had a strong presence in the derivatives 10 South LaSalle Street
CME Group. First started in 2001, our firm was are traded locally, via open outcry, on the floors industry since 1986. KC-CO is a private, Suite 2300
built on an experienced foundation of trading, of CME Group and Chicago Board Options member-owned firm trading exclusively for its Chicago, IL 60603
software development and financial modeling. Exchange (CBOE). Electronically, our strategies own accounts. The firm primarily makes markets
T: 312-762-2800
Infinium’s strategy and culture draws upon the are traded on exchanges around the world - in index and interest rate options on the three
experiences of our founders and the business CBOE, LIFFE, Eurex, Eurex US, BrokerTec, Chicago derivatives exchanges, both on the
lessons learned through a variety of successful eSpeed, Archipelago Exchange, New York exchange floors and over electronic interfaces.
startups and careers. The founders share an Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Hotspot, KC-CO is an inactive clearing member of CME
entrepreneurial past, having built and sold a Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGX), Group.
variety of companies and technologies both in International Commodity Exchange (ICE),
The firm has a strong history of promoting
and out of the financial markets. and the Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT).
its trading assistants to firm traders after their
Infinium has experienced rapid growth and With a management team dedicated to extensive training both on the trading floor,
tremendous opportunity since our early days investing in our employees and an inviting in trading strategy meetings and during
as a startup. Beginning with a team of only culture unique to our industry, Infinium supplemental classroom sessions.
four, our firm currently includes more than 85 is proud to be recognized as one of the
KC-CO utilizes proprietary trading and risk
talented people. Built on a foundation that fastest growing trading firms in Chicago.
management software developed and
initially competed in one product segment on
Contact Information maintained by in-house information technology
one exchange, we currently trade hundreds of
We value personal integrity, empathy and and quantitative research personnel.
products competing on dozens of exchanges
competitive drive. We are available to answer
around the world. We rely on proprietary
any questions you may have directly at
software and financial models, decades of trading
312-601-7846. If these qualities describe
experience and fundamental analysis to make our
you, please send your resume to
decisions. Our money management and asset
allocation models seek to preserve capital by
positioning ourselves in situations with defined
risk and unlimited upside.

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

Kingstree Trading, LLC. Optiver

General Overview Contact Information General Overview trading methods.
Kingstree Trading, was founded in the summer Laura Parker Optiver was founded in 1986 as a market
We also demand a constant search for knowledge
of 2000. Trading diversified futures markets E: maker in equity options on the European
and new theories. This is an excellent opportunity
across a range of strategies, Kingstree has Options Exchange (now Euronext) in
for bright, analytical individuals to join a
developed an entrepreneurial culture for Amsterdam. The company has since grown
challenging and often demanding business.
dedicated traders. The selection process is highly into a leading independent global arbitrage
competitive, focusing on both personal and group, with offices in Amsterdam, Chicago We offer formal, hands-on training in
professional qualities and skills. We welcome and Sydney. From the outset we placed a Amsterdam, a challenging and dynamic working
inquiries from individuals looking to develop strong emphasis upon thorough understanding environment and excellent remuneration
a successful career in our industry. of the dynamics of derivatives pricing and including a guaranteed bonus of Eur. 25,000.
markets. This remains crucial. Combined with after the first year of working for Optiver for
cutting-edge information and analysis those who have relocated to the Netherlands
technology, it has led to the development of (check our Web site for conditions that apply).
highly sophisticated arbitrage strategies – A bachelor’s degree is required (positions
effectively trading momentary anomalies in available as well for Masters degree students)
the international marketplace. and you should have excellent numeric and
analytical skills and an interest in financial
Optiver is now the largest derivatives trading
markets. We prefer candidates with no previous
group on both the Australian Stock Exchange
working experience.
and the Amsterdam Exchanges.
Interested? Please visit our Web site for more
Optiver regards teamwork as highly important.
information and send us your resume and
It encourages mutual respect and an appreciation
cover letter.
of one another’s qualities. It is crucial for the
effective exchange of knowledge and information. Contact Information
All the teams at Optiver cooperate closely in De Ruyterkade 112
lines of communication short. At the individual 1011 AB Amsterdam
level, close cooperation between traders is The Netherlands
required since their positions are matched.
We are always looking for new market
makers/traders to strengthen our trading team.
As a member of the Optiver team, your role will
be to price and trade financial options, build
and maintain positions in derivatives and equities,
and improve models, risk management and

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

Photon Trading Room/FuturePath Trading Saxon Financials Limited

General Overview Contact Information General Overview » Trading strategies
The Photon Trading Room Please contact Jeff Quinto at 312-987-8124 Saxon Financials is one of the UK’s leading » Electronic trading methods
(, part of or at or visit electronic futures trading companies.
» Simulated trading
FuturePath Trading, has been designed to
At Saxon, we embrace the continual revolution » Live market trading
compete favorably in terms of both speed to
of the trading environment and aim to constantly
the market and technology with any trading » Trading review with improvement
adjust our product capabilities, technology and
room in the world. With both an actual and » The psychology of trading
processes to provide an environment that gives
virtual futures trading room, traders may trade
our traders an edge in the market. Contact Information
on site at our Chicago location, 209 West
Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Illinois, Suite 600, or We provide value by focusing on the following Should you be interested in joining the
from their own home or office. As an arcade, concepts: team, please send a present CV, or resume and
traders will put up a modest amount of money cover letter to
» Offering the fastest connections and most
and keep all of their profits and bear all of their
competitive deals.
losses. Coaching at all levels is provided.
Beginning traders can receive coaching » Recruiting, training and retaining traders
throughout the day; more experienced traders within a team-oriented environment.
may want to meet just once or twice a day; » Providing a professional and principled
and the already successful trader may just want working environment that offers
to bounce around ideas and strategies. traders excellent support and a global
Whatever the trader’s futures and options knowledge network.
trading level, we will work to coach each trader
Most importantly, by creating the most
to be the most consistently profitable trader he
stimulating environment, we hope to make
or she can be.
Saxon the first choice for all successful traders.

Saxon training program is highly respected
within the industry. By providing in-depth
training and hands-on trainee management we
have had great success in developing first time
traders into successful market participants. We
typically recruit on a quarterly basis to join our
3-month training program. Led by our
experienced training manager, the program
covers the following:

» Fundamental analysis
» Technical analysis

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

SMW Trading Company, Inc. TradeGroup

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Contact information
SMW is a dynamic trading company that We are accepting applications and resumes. TradeGroup trains, mentors and funds both T: 312-729-0750
engages in the training of traders in commodity You may fax or e-mail your resumes. Resumes new and experienced traders. If you are a new E:
futures and options markets. SMW has more can be faxed to 312-663-1317. E-mail resumes trader, TradeGroup offers unpaid internships
than 25 years of experience in the commodity should be sent to the attention of Dr. Sidney where you learn to trade by using our real-time
field and we are active on all major exchanges E. Kaz, Please include simulators, availing yourself of our library,
in Chicago and New York. a cover letter stating your interest. watching our instructional videos and attending
daily instructional sessions.
SMW’s goal is the development of successful Internet
floor and electronic traders for commodity When you become net profitable on the simulator,
futures and options markets. We have TradeGroup may hire you to trade our capital.
developed innovative programs for meeting Where we train people how to trade profitably. If hired, the incentive fees are generous.
the needs of floor and electronic traders.
TradeGroup provides the capital and training.
SMW is offering opportunities for
You bring your earnest hard work, serious
entrepreneurs and proprietary traders.
effort, competitiveness, creativity and nothing
Choose the path that best fits your goal.
else. If you have what it takes, you should have
a great career in trading. If it turns out that
you don’t … you will have spent a little time
finding that out.

Our traders have the highest probability to
succeed in the highly competitive world of
electronic trading. Please join us.

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

TransMarket Group, LLC. Van der Moolen Financial Services

General Overview » Identification of other personal areas General Overview Contact Information
TransMarket Group is a global private electronic of achievement Formerly The Curvalue Group, now taken over We have opportunities for individuals with
trading company trading with more than 150 » Please forward your electronic by Van der Moolen nv (VDM) at the beginning proven market experience to join our highly
traders in nearly a dozen key global financial correspondence including cover letter to: of 2006, we are one of the last leading successful trading and management teams.
centers in the U.S. (Chicago, New York), independent trading groups in Europe with over For further information, please contact:
England, Australia, Spain and India. 200 professionals acting in various markets.
Contact Information Andy Beckwith
Today the people who built the group are
For more than 25 years we have been an TransMarket Group, LLC. E:
focused on exchange-related activities and are
innovative provider of value-added services to 141 West Jackson Boulevard
successfully active on the global equity and
traders of the global financial markets by Suite 1930
derivative exchanges in the following business
providing risk capital and market access to Chicago, Illinois 60604
activities: market makers, day traders, direct
individuals for the purpose of trading the global
Internet market access providers, electronic and voice
financial markets. Our employees trade on all brokers, and front office and back office service
global exchange-listed derivatives, equities,
providers. The primary goal of the group remains
commodities and exchanges and selected cash College Recruiting: Please send cover letter
to use its ten years of experience on the
markets. We are currently accepting and resume to:
electronic markets to the direct benefit of all
applications for recent or upcoming college
its participants and ensure them to be successful
graduates for all of our global office locations.
and profitable under all circumstances.
We welcome you to visit our Web site,, for further VDM is planning to open a Chicago office
information on our company and the in 2006. Divisions within the group include
employment opportunities we offer. If you have options market-making, proprietary trading,
discipline, enthusiasm, creativity, a commitment client facilitation and brokering.
to teamwork and a passion for learning, and
are interested in exploring a career with
TransMarket Group, we welcome electronic
applications only to TransMarket Group’s
Recruiting Team via the Career Center section
of our corporate Web site.

Please include the following:

» Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) indicating
cumulative and major GPAs
» Standardized test scores (SAT/ACT or

P R O P R I E TA R Y T R A D I N G F I R M S / T R A D I N G A R C A D E S

Willowbrook Trading, LLC. Wolverine Trading, LLC.

General Overview Contact Information General Overview Contact Information
Willowbrook Trading is a privately held Willowbrook Trading, LLC. Wolverine was established in 1994 as an equity
enterprise with an infrastructure set up to provide Willowbrook, IL 60527 index options market-making firm on the CBOE.
capital and/or connectivity to successful The two founders, Robert Bellick and Christopher
T: 630-522-1268
professional futures, options and stock traders. Gust, developed their derivatives expertise
Willowbrook Trading considers itself a facilitator, at O’Connor & Associates, a global leader that
or conduit, for successful traders to conduct specialized in proprietary options trading.
their business so the professional can
Wolverine has built a highly successful, global
concentrate on the trading process and
market-making business that trades, equities,
function. We provide capital and au courant
equity options, equity index options, equity
facilities so the trader can enjoy their quality of
index futures and equity index options on
life and family. Our goal is to provide state-of-
futures, and commodity options and futures,
the-art trading platforms and networks, a
such as weather and interest rate products,
strong capital structure, along with trading
which include cash bonds and swaps.
relationships all around the world, to allow our
team of traders to be the most successful Wolverine has offices and physically trades on
traders in the proprietary and trading arcade all U.S. floor-based options exchanges as well
business. as all U.S. electronic exchanges. In addition,
Wolverine has an affiliate in London currently
Willowbrook Trading believes that to be
trading on three electronic exchanges.
successful, teamwork and trust needs to be
the foundation of our business. It is with this In ten years, Wolverine has grown to a global
commitment that we can provide our team of firm employing close to 200 trained professionals.
traders with the tools to be highly successful.
Wolverine hires intelligent, motivated, decisive
people who like a fast-paced and challenging
environment. We look for team players: people
who know that the team working together
will be more successful than the individuals
working apart. We also look for people who
reflect another key trait of the firm: integrity.

Futures trading is not suitable for all investors, and involves the risk of loss. Futures are a leveraged investment, and because only a
percentage of a contract’s value is required to trade, it is possible to lose more than the amount of money deposited for a futures
position. Therefore, traders should only use funds that they can afford to lose without affecting their lifestyles. And only a portion
of those funds should be devoted to any one trade because they cannot expect to profit on every trade.

All references to options refer to options on futures.

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not be considered investment advice or the results of actual market experience.

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