"La Negra" began singing to life from the age of 15, his main inspiration was
the love of his parents in the midst of poverty. In 1960 She joined with other
artists with the New Cancionero movement that gathers letters with joys and
sorrows of daily life.

In 1972, "Hasta la Victoria" was released, an album full of songs loaded with
social and political content. There were times when a few composers and also
singers like Mercedes Sosa wanted to collaborate to achieve a more just and
equitable world.

A coup to the democratic government silence the voices of several artists in
1976, the form of poverty, war and multiple personal threats She moved to
Europe, but returns in 1982 to Argentina for the struggle of freedom and
democracy. In 1984, lived the euphoria of the return to the democracy, after a
dictatorship and a war. Mercedes returned with "Is it possible the South?", In
which are intermingled hopeful songs, folk rhythms and Latin American song.

For her to sing music was like love towards a person, her expression, fluency
and singing went hand in hand with the feeling of each song. All his life I
struggle with his song for peace and free thought.