Cisco Multiparty Licensing
Keep Your Organization Connected and Productive
Today’s office is diverse, fast-paced, and unconstrained by geography.
But it’s still as important as ever for employees to connect and
collaborate. Maybe it’s a one-on-one meeting between co-workers in
separate offices. Or a brainstorming session with members of several
different teams. No matter the situation or where people are located,
being able to connect in a face-to-face environment is critical. You
need to give your employees access to the video technology and
communications tools that make these connections possible.

Now it’s easy, with Cisco Multiparty licensing for Collaboration Meeting
Rooms (CMR) Premises. With cost-effective and easy-to-scale
licensing, you can simplify video collaboration and make high-quality
unified communications and video meetings part of everyone’s
Benefits daily routine.
• Empower your entire
organization to work together Deliver Personalized, High-Quality Multiparty
Video Collaboration
with business-quality multiparty
video collaboration that helps Cisco Multiparty licenses are perpetual, all-in-one multiparty video
licenses. They are available in two options: Personal and
clients, partners, and customers
Shared (Table 1).
connect face-to-face.
• Increase productivity with • Personal Multiparty licenses, included in Cisco Unified Workspace
Licensing (CUWL) Professional, each designate a single named host
video, audio, and content-
who can hold multiparty meetings at any time, for any number of
sharing tools that help you
innovate and make better
• Shared Multiparty licenses are available a la carte, and each
decisions faster.
supports one concurrent meeting. They can be shared among any
• Improve accessibility to planned number of users, offering an effective way to use shared-room
meetings and impromptu systems. You can even get a discounted price on Shared Multiparty
collaboration sessions. licenses if purchased with room systems. This price includes the
Cisco Communications Manager TelePresence Room system
• Personalize and secure the
registration license.
experience with customized
profiles and PINs.

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Whether participants are Suite (TMS). All meeting Cisco TelePresence® Server with participants can meet instantly from any standards-based. for high efficiency and simplified maintenance any number of participants. you no longer Tied to a named host Yes No need to calculate the number of port Availability Included in Cisco UWL A la carte or discounted licenses required to handle everyday Professional with room system meetings . from a mobile or desktop solution enabled by the Cisco Cisco TelePresence Management Jabber® platform. simply by increasing your Support for impromptu Yes Yes server capacity. At-a-Glance Designed to Scale with Your Whether you choose Personal or Shared Multiparty licenses. up and upgrades to the available capacity of the Table 1. standards-based video endpoints and with Business Edition 6000 or 7000 Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business Series (BE6000 or BE7000). Select an entry-level Maximum resolution 1080p30 (full HD) video 1080p30 (full HD) video and content and content solution with the Cisco TelePresence Server on Multiparty Media 310 or 320 Single. for a chassis-based Cisco TelePresence® Included New customers buy with Management Suite (TMS). nce Cisco Multiparty licenses include personalized CMR.Remote participant connectivity solutions that can be deployed on Cisco Unified Computing System™ -. video- Cisco TelePresence Conductor. enabled device.everything is licensed per Minimum order 25 named host licenses 1 shared host license meeting now. © 2015 Cisco and/or its affiliates. they can join a meeting from any location. As usage grows. TMS. Media Sessions. Feature and Function Cisco Personal Cisco Shared Multiparty Multiparty With this centralization. • Convenient centralized management of all Multiparty licenses. All rights reserved.  Cisco Multiparty Features and Comparison of License Levels Cisco TelePresence Server video conferencing platforms deployed. Meetings can scale easily to include Personal and Shared. Expressway Rich system. within the limit of available the limit of available Server platforms. just add new Cisco TelePresence Maximum conference size Unrestricted. Or try Cisco TelePresence Server Mobility Services Engine Rich Media Sessions for B2B or Included Included B2C (MSE) with the 8710 or Multiparty Media 820 blade. Jabber® Guest) (Cisco UCS®) servers or reside jointly • Interoperability with third-party.. Single. Easily scale each of XE. within Unrestricted. Starter Pack deployment. any user can host a present in the conference? meeting TelePresence Server on dedicated hardware. hardware capacity hardware capacity You can also choose Cisco Does a named host need to be Yes No. You can provide every user with a dedicated. or from audio-only devices. and Microsoft Lync/ Additional features include: Skype for Business interoperability license. and Skype for Business/Lync these platforms as user numbers interoperability grow. TMS Provisioning working on a desktop or mobile device or joining the call from a room Extension (TMSPE).e. . which enable: products are available as virtualized -.* All Cisco TelePresence • Cisco Expressway Rich Media Session (RMS) licenses. which is protected with a PIN.or multiple.or multiple- screen endpoints screen endpoints appliances. escalation from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) *N  ew customers purchasing Shared Multiparty licenses will require a Starter Pack license.B2B and B2C connectivity (i. which includes Cisco TelePresence Conductor and TMS licenses. it’s simple Business Growth to set up meetings.

8510. Item Steps to take New Customer ordering Unified In CCW place order using CUWL-11X-K9 or Workspace Licensing . To view a list of Cisco trademarks. Cisco and the Cisco logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates in the U. 3) After Sales Order Number assigned.  Cisco Shared Multiparty Ordering Item Part Number Shared Multiparty (Top Level) a la carte licensing TP-SMP-K9 Shared Multiparty License for 1 Concurrent Meeting LIC-TP-SMP Shared Multiparty Starter Kit includes Conductor & TMS LIC-SMP-STARTERKIT with 25 devices (recommended for new customers) Purchase with TelePresence Room endpoint (SX/MX/IX) Shared Multiparty License for 1 Concurrent Meeting LIC-TP-SMP-EP Shared Multiparty Starter Kit includes Conductor & TMS TP-SMP-K9 with 25 devices LIC-SMP-STARTERKIT Table 4. and other countries. please visit cisco. 300 series) SL2SMP. vTS. Table Table 2. 5) Within 48 hours via e-delivery new Conductor Licensing PAK sent to email specified in Sales Order. All rights reserved. convert to SMP (Current UCSS or SWSS Support Contract required) Migration Program expires July 26. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. Premises.  Ordering Multiparty Licensing cmrpremises. Existing TelePresence Server screen 1) Place new zero dollar order using TP-SMP- license ( go/trademarks. or PMP-Basic or (Current UCSS or SWSS Support PMP-Advance upgrade. Once verified. order placed on Compliance hold by Cisco.x or later Existing CUWL Pro customers to add 1) Place new zero dollar order using CUWL- Personal Multiparty or have Personal PMP-K9. 2016.S.  Cisco TelePresence Platforms Item Part Number Cisco Multiparty Media 410v CTI-410v-vTS-K9 (Server) CTI-410vB-vTS-K9 (Blade server for chassis) Cisco TelePresence Server MSE 8000 Chassis CTI-8000-MSECH-K9 Cisco TelePresence Server Multimedia 820 CTI-820-MEDIA-K9= Blade for MSE 8000 Cisco TelePresence Server Multimedia 310 CTI-310-TS-K9 Cisco TelePresence Server Multimedia 320 CTI-320-TS-KI © 2015 Cisco and/or its affiliates. Multiparty Basic or Advanced today 2) Choose CUWL-New. 4) Go to A2Q http://tools. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. (1110R) C45-729835-08  12/15 . and submit new PMP/SMP A2Q providing SO# and current SWSS or UCSS contract number(s) to verify entitlement. and 4 to order the licenses that work best for your nce Collaboration Meeting Rooms business user count must Contract required) match UWL Pro Support Contract users Or covered. or 8420 PLU) 2) Choose screen license or MCU PLU to SMP.Top Level for CUWL-10X-K9 PRO . go to this URL: www. At-a-Glance Next Steps Cisco Multiparty Ordering Information To learn more about Cisco Use Tables 2. order will be released by A2Q. or MCU (5300.